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My husband and I went to the Island to meet our friends and have a few drinks WE had no idea what would take place on this night. Let me first say that we are in our early 40’s and try to stay in decent shape we do look a lot younger than we are. I am 5’ 3” 128 lbs red hair blue eyes and 34 b and Bill my husband is 5’ 11” and 185 brown hair piercing blue eyes and a he has in my opinion a HUGE cock it’s as big around and long as tall neck beer bottle. I think it’s nice not to big but not to small. It gets me wett thinking about him teasing me with it!

We took the Ferry to the Island it was a beautiful day about 89 sunny, and no breeze. On the way we called our friends Mark and Stacy, they had sailed their boat down to spend the weekend. We let them know we where heading to the bar they where already a few drinks ahead of us when we got there. The bouncers asked us for ID and I gave them a kiss on the cheek (they made my day). We found Mark & Stacy (Stace for short) it was so great to see them as we had all had a very busy summer, hugs around and I will say she was looking very hott my husband always made comments about her. Stacy’s very hott 5’6 and about 125 lbs white blonde hair and a 36 b she really looks good in a bikini (or nothing at all). Mark is just as hott about 6’ and 205 dark hair and eyes, dark complexion looks like he tans all year, I always tell him he could be on the cover of GQ or Playgirl! I will say he is only average in size and he is always talking about it. Stacy has even made comments to me about his size.

They are a year older than us my husband actually went to school with Mark and we have had a GREAT friendship ever since.

They had our beer and a shot of Jaeger lined up for us and said we had to catch up so bottom’s up! By the time we got that one down there was another round in front of us now I am not a shooter type of girl (especially @ 11 in the morning) but we had the whole day to explore and run around so no big deal. We all settled in and started chit chatting about the summer and what we did and they both told us they had something on the boat they couldn’t wait for us to see! The anticipation was putting me on edge I could hardly wait!

Well we had another beer and decided we would play tourist for awhile before heading out to the boat. Before we left the bar Stacy invited me to the restroom we told the boys we’d be right back, she put her arm around me as we walked. We had to wait a few minutes before we could get in and Stacy looked at me and said how good it was to see me, and how good I looked she gave me a big hug rubbing her hott tits into mine she whispered in my ear that she had a real surprise on board for me and she could hardly wait she was so excited! She kissed me like never before! This was more than a friendly kiss on the cheek this was a really hott deep wett kiss her tongue running up and down mine and as she did she was squeezing my ass (this was a little much for me right there in public, we live in a real small town and know lots of people). We went in the restroom did our thing and before we left she kissed me again and just said she couldn’t wait!?

Now if this doesn’t make you wonder… I know she was getting hott cause her nipples where getting hard and it wasn’t ‘cause she was cold! My mind was going wild at this point I had no idea what this “surprise” was but I couldn’t wait either. Let me tell you that my husband and I have very hott sex and many times while he is fucking me he whispers to me “open your mouth and suck that big cock while I fuck you” or “suck that juicy pussy for her while I fuck you”. He has quite an imagination in bed and it always gets me going. He often asks me if I would like to get fucked by 2 guys at the same time, he has also told me he’d like to watch me get fucked so he could suck my clit! Thinking of this always gets me hotter then hell and then he talks about Mark & Stacy. We have spent many holidays and weekends with them in the past. Stacy and I have put on a show or two for the boys and got them real hott and we watch each other fuck but going all the way wasn’t ever really discussed. At this point those thoughts began to run through my mind maybe I was going to get the real thing tonight?! The anticipation was killing me!

We met up with the boys and they decided to get a golf cart Stace and I sat on the back.

As we got ready to take off Stacy said she was hott and she flashed these 2 guys that where at the cart stand! I was like “Oh my G! I can’t believe you just did that” she said “wish I didn’t have to where ANYTHING I’m hot”. We all said at the same time take it all off! (laughing) She said “that’ll be later!”???

We took off and the whole time we where riding she was pinching my tits and rubbing my thigh sticking her fingers inside the leg of my shorts, inching it further and further up the inside of my leg, I know she could feel how hot I was getting all of a sudden she said “look at that!” as I turned to look she shoved her hand all the way up my leg and put her other arm around me. She had her head on my shoulder and was whispering in my ear “mmmmm I want you… I want to taste you I want your pussy in my face riding my tongue, I want to eat you till you scream and cum all over my tongue, I want you so wet you beg us to fuck you”. She kept whispering, only now she had finger inside me tickling me, rubbing my clit I was glad I had shaved, obviously she was to as she whispered “mmmmm Jules I love a shaved wett pussy, I can’t wait for you to rub it in my face, I want Bill’s cock inside me while I make you cum, would you like to suck Mark off while I eat you?” Oh My G! It was all I could do to contain myself its broad daylight I got this hot-ass chick whispering in my ear that she wants to eat my pussy and make me cum all over her tongue; she had her fingers rubbing my clit! All I could do was say mmmm yessss! Again the anticipation of what was about to occur was running through my mind?? I was starting to get really turned on. We drove around the Island on the cart and came back by the docks and the hot chics on the boats half naked where everywhere. Stace was hootin-n-hollerin’ at them! “Show us your tits!” and “Nice Ass”! She was getting a little carried away we where all laughing! I will say she got the show (lots of hotties on the Island).

We stopped to use the facilities again and Mark & Stacy went first Bill and I stayed with the cart I asked my Bill if he was having fun and what was his take on the big “SURPRISE” for the evening. He said he was unsure about it but he couldn’t wait sounded like it was gonna be fun!

Stacy and Mark came back and said o.k. your turn and Stacy threw something at Bill as he caught it he said “what this?” Mark said at the same time “it’s her thong and I get Julie’s too! She had to take them off cause they where soaking wett!” As Bill and I walked up to use the head he said “what the Hell is that all about?” I said “while we where riding around Stace had her fingers in my pussy and was whispering in my ear all the things she wanted to do to me!” “I gotta tell ya I’m soaked too!” He looked at me with this dumb look. I said “see ya in a jiff I know what I gotta do!” I went inside found a stall and took off my thong it was soaked as well in fact my thighs where wet too!

I tell you my mind was reeling trying to figure out their “surprise” for us, however I was starting to put 2 and 2 together or so I thought! While I was thinking of how the evenings events may go I was sliding my fingers up to my wett pussy as I touched it, it was over I wasn’t leaving until I made myself cum I had to! I was already soaking wett with anticipation! I was so hott it was a matter of minutes or so I thought before I made myself cum! I came so hard it soaked my fingers I was in the stall leaning up against the wall the whole time I was Cumming oblivious to those people coming in and out or waiting to get in I was grunting and breathing so hard it was absolutely an incredible feeling! As I left the stall I got a few looks but I left in a hurry!

We got back to the cart and I tossed Mark my thong and Stacy grabbed it saying “hey that’s mine I was the cause of this!” I said “OH NO these are for you and I shoved my wett fingers in her mouth and kissed her real deep for about 5 minutes right there! I was rubbing my cum filled fingers all over her face and in an out of her mouth how do I taste? Mmmmm Yummy she said how bout more? Later I said. The boys said they wanted another drink before we went to the boat so we went to the Boardwalk and sat on the deck and had a couple more beers. The talk began to get really hott now from both Mark & Stacy they where telling Bill that they had this “surprise” mainly for me but it’s really for everyone!

Sooooo!? We said “what is it?”

Stacy jumps up and comes around to Bill puts her arms around him and nestles her tits around his head and starts rubbing them up and down his neck saying “ya know we had a couple of weekends over here when Mark asked me to go to the bar and pick up a little hottie and bring her back to the boat with us and Oh My what fun that was, then We picked up this hot couple and then 2 couples”! She continued “it was the thought that turned me on the most the thought of getting my clit licked and getting fucked at the same time”! She then looked at me and said “you’re my couple for the night”!

Instantly my mind was like OMG! I had no idea they where really getting into this I had no idea how much women really turned her on, I do have to admit that they turn me on too but really only ever in a fantasy! (soon to be a reality). Shoulda seen the look on Bill’s face grinning from ear to ear he told her he wasn’t sure she could handle him and Stace said “not to worry I’ll have plenty of help”!? at this point I wasn’t sure how to take all of this talk, I looked at a Mark and as I opened my mouth to speak he said “ya know this has always been something she well…WE have wanted, we’ve always wanted more than just friends from you two, and well you two really turn her or I should say “US” on”!

I didn’t know what to say or think at this point. I was excited turned on and my mind was having all these visions of what was to come! I couldn’t believe that what Bill and I had fantasized about was about to become a reality! Stacy started to run her tongue up and down Bill’s neck sucking and licking him saying she wanted to have him fuck me so she could suck all of my cum off of his big cock! I said OK-OK we have got to get out to the boat because one there where to many people that knew us and 2 I was hott and getting hotter by the second! It was all I could do to contain myself from wanting to have her right there!

Well we took the water taxi to the boat and thank God we where the only ones on board as we rode out Stace was on Bill’s lap rubbing her ass in to his crotch and I was on Mark’s doing the same! Mark had his hands all over me squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples through my tank top and then he slid them right up underneath and undid my bra! I thought about the taxi driver but probably wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before and he didn’t know that I wasn’t Marks’ wife and vise-versa.

The short ride was to long but I was really turned on at this point and there really wasn’t much talk till we hit the boat this is where it was gonna be real EXCITING I thought!

We get on board they have a beautiful custom sail boat with all the comforts. I was looking around for the “SURPRISE” and then thought that maybe I already knew what it was?! Before going below Mark asked if we’d like another beer all agreed he hollered below “Hey Cheri,”! Bill and I looked at each other like WTF? Stacy chimes in with “this is our new roommate, she works with me and she and her husband have been on the outs for a while and till she can figure out what they are going to do she has moved in with us”. Well let me tell you I thought that Bill was gonna cream his shorts right then and there and I will say I wouldn’t have blamed him! Up from below comes this 30 yr old drop dead gorgeous tanned dark hair dark eyed beauty that had a neon orange thong bikini on that was at best see through. She was standing on the stairs and said “Yes Master” Mark said say hello to our guests. Cheri said “Hello” as she stuck out her hand “I’m Cheri”… “You must be Julie & Bill I have heard sooooo much about you two”!

We said “hello” but I’ll have to tell you I couldn’t keep my eyes of this girl she was incredibly sexy all over tan just like she came right out of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition beter yet PENTHOUSE. She stood there at the top of the steps and Mark asked her to get everyone a beer and she said sure “Master”? Master? I thought hmmmm…. What’s up with that?

Well she came back with beers for every one and said to him “is there anything else Master needs”? “Well as a matter of fact you can go put on some music and a movie” as she turned she said “yes Master”. As she went below Stace says “I suppose yer wondering what’s up with this”? Bill and I looked at each other and then back at Stace and said “Uh yea” this is where Stacy and Marks’ true colors began to shine.

Stacy starts by saying that when she was in College she and her roommate had lots of girl fun “girl fun” I thought. She went on to say that she really enjoyed the touch, the smell, the taste of a women and that Cheri was hers, ours, and theirs for the weekend to do with what, how, where, when and for as long as WE wanted. Whatever WE wanted? She said that Cheri was incredible at eating pussy and Mark said she is the best at sucking cock, and then she looked at him and said we’ll see about that!…

We didn’t know what to think or at this point how to get the ball rolling so I said “well then, now that we got that off our chest what’s next?” Mark said “Jules what would you think about Stace and Cheri fucking Bill?” I-I didn’t know what to say and before I realized it Mark said “would you mind it if they fucked YOU too”? Bill was just sitting there with this shit eatin’ (well rather pussy eatin’) grin on his face. Bill says “that’s what I wanna see honey make them put on a good show for us”! Well at this point Stacy stood up and told Cheri to pleasure her! Stacy stood in front of Bill I was watching as she started to undress OMG she is sooo incredibly hott her tits in my opinion are perfect and that trimmed blonde bush of her’s very nice I could see she was wett and she started to rub her hands all over squeezing her titties, holding them out for Cheri to suck on one then the other when she had one of them in her mouth she took her hands and started rubbing her wett pussy she stuck her fingers in her mouth and then back in her pussy she pulled them out they where dripping she stuck them in my mouth and said “this is what you do to me”! Stace and Cheri pulled Bill up off the seat and started rubbing him all over Cheri ran her hand up the inside of his shorts to grab his cock, this look of horror on her face as she screamed OH MY GOD! She stood up backing away from Bill… Mark said what’s the problem SLAVE? “MY GOD Mark”! Cheri said. Mark smacked her hard on her ass he said how dare you! I am Master! YOU address me as MASTER! And smacked her again! Yes Master Cheri said. Now what seems to be the problem Mark said?

As Cheri began to speak her voice was trembling she said “Master said that Bill’s cock was a little bigger, b-b-but this, this is huge”! While she was talking to Mark, Stacey was taking Bill’s shorts off they hit the deck and there it was, that nice big fat cock of Bill’s getting harder from Stacy rubbing him, she grabbed him by the shaft and shook it at everyone laughing at Cheri! Indeed she was right it is HUGE comparatively speaking.

Mark said “Yes Slave and guess what your gonna get fucked in the ass with it”! MMMMMM Stacey says “I want it too! I want Jule’s pussy all over it! I wanna stuff that big cock in my mouth and suck all her sweet pussy off of it! With that I said “well don’t just stand there”!

Bill grabbed a hold of Cheri’s thong bottoms untied it and her bra she was real apprehensive and couldn’t keep her eyes off of Bill’s HUGE cock! Bill looked at her she was licking her lips and he said “Slave suck my Cock, I want it all the way down your throat to my balls”! Stacey come over here and give her a hand getting this done! Slave on your knees Stacey said. Open your mouth I got up at this point and said Ya know Slave I think your gonna have fun with this watch this Stacy I said. I got behind Cheri and grabbed her head holding it still and stretching her mouth open ok Bill I said go for the hole! Cheri’s eyes wide open Bill brought the big inflamed purplish-red head of his cock to her lips, I pulled her mouth open wider as he tried to force his way in her mouth it was stretching to the limit her eyes wide open Bill put a hand on top of her head and one behind to kinda tip it to get the angle right and there she had it he was able to force the head into her mouth!

WOW! Mark said. Stacy and I where behind her now massaging her neck and throat as Bill begin to slowly move it in and out mmmmm Stacy said you like that don’t you Slave obviously Cheri couldn’t talk. “Bill?” Mark said I want you to make that disappear, make her take it all the way down her throat! Bill was laughing shit Mark I don’t know anyone who can do that! I just want her to know what it will be like when you fuck her in the ass with it! Stacy said well I hope she doesn’t get it all!

I said I think there is plenty to go around!

Finally Cheri’s throat started to stretch as did her mouth to accommodate his size and Bill was getting into a rhythm gagging Cheri and holding it for an extra second!

Well I could hardly keep my eyes off them as Cheri – Oooooh Cheri was taking Bill’s big cock down to his balls! She was really getting into it or “it” into her! Bill’s cock was glistening with her saliva and every time he pulled it out more would run down his shaft to his balls! She was making these grunting, groaning, gurgling noises and running her hands up and down his wett shaft! Stacy said whoa whoa not to fast I want him to have a really HUGE load !! get him worked up SLAVE but don’t suck him off!

Stacy moved behind me as I was intent on watching Cheri suck Bill’s huge cock she was rubbing and pinching my nipples as she whispered in my ear she ran her tongue up and down my neck and said “do you like to have your pussy sucked?, I bet you would like it if I did it, I love pussy almost as much as cock”. She stood behind me and pulled my shirt up an over my head mmmm she said feeling and pinching my nipples I can’t wait to taste you! Then she reached around me and unbuttoned my shorts to the floor they fell. Before I realized what was happening I felt her hands all over me finding their way to my wett pussy as she teased lightly and brought her fingers to my lips I took them inside and sucked them and got them all wett, mmmm she whispered I want you… all of you!

Then she stuck her fingers in her pussy running them in and out rubbing her wett clit. When she pulled her fingers out they where dripping wett she stuck them in her mouth then mine and fucked my mouth with her pussy soaked fingers! She tasted so good and she looked at me and said that’s how wett you make me!

She said “it’s soft and wett like my tongue would you like a taste”?

Laughing she rubbed her pussy soaked fingers in my face and pinched and twisted my nipples! OMG this feeling my knees where getting weak with excitement!

I looked over at Mark he had this huge bulge in his shorts that looked as though he needed some help with, but I couldn’t move because Stacy was all over me now!

She was saying how she wanted me before anyone else!

OMG I was getting into this really digging it this was some of the best foreplay ever! And I really couldn’t believe I was getting into another woman about to have her way with me I was so getting turned on I was moaning with each suck, lick and pinch of my tits!

I was getting so hott I glanced at Mark who now had his cock in his hand he’d taken his shorts off and was stroking his cock while he watching both Cheri and Stacy! As Stacy continued her teasing session on me I whispered yes yessss oh yes tease me more I want to feel your tongue inside me!

She moved me to the seat and laid me down I spread my legs as she scanned my body she stopped and stared straight at my pussy she was mesmerized by the sight neatly trimmed and sopping wett red and swollen lips waiting for her tongue!

Bill likes it trimmed damn-near bald I can’t go quite that far but close enough. She started by licking up my thighs flicking her tongue back-n-forth flicking her tongue on my clit using her fingers to scoop the wettness she had caused and licking it from her fingers saying mmmmm you taste sooooo good and its soooo hott!

I want to taste more of you! I started to slide down onto the bench and spread my legs further apart as I did Mark got up and came over to watch her.

She kept kissing my pussy sticking her tongue in for a flick of my clit then sucking it all OMG I was sooo turned on I really was about to cum my nipples where so hard I spread my legs out further and grabbed hold of her head and rubbed it into my pussy harder! Harder I said she pulled away long enough for me to here her say “yes that’s it tell me to eat your pussy! I wanna here you talking dirty to me while I make you cum all over my face”! I grabbed her head and fucked her tongue!

Mark was stroking his cock while she continued on me I looked at him he smiled I motioned him closer he knew what I wanted and stuck his cock right in my face I opened my mouth for him and he started to fuck my mouth with his cock! OMG I was breathing so hard I could hardly stand it Stacy said “yes that’s it suck that cock while I eat you”! “Suck his cock all the way to his balls make them full and hard I want to watch him shoot his big load all over your tongue when I make you cum so I can share it with you”!

OH MY GOD I couldn’t believe the feeling!

At this point I really lost track of Bill and Cheri but could hear him grunting and groaning and her slurping and pumping him, I was lost in my own pleasure! This was all going so fast I never could have believed this could happen to me (us) for that matter but I was loving ever minute of it!

Mark started to grunt a little louder now and I felt he might be getting close so I took him out of my mouth and started to rub his hard wett cock all over my face and tits mmmmm he said you do that’s so well!

All I could say was OH MY GOD Stacy mmmmm yes suck me some more I…I ooohh yes I want to cum and Mark said that’s it Stace get her there keep going baby make her scream for you I want to watch you make her cum! Make her cum all over your tongue I want to tatse her too!

Holding her head still I was riding her tongue to ecstasy I really couldn’t believe this feeling I had never felt like this before! Absolute heaven! Mark just kept encouraging her yea Stace go that’s it Honey she’s almost there do it do it eat her pussy suck her clit!!

Mark grabbed my leg with one hand and spread me further open for Stacy and with his other reached out to spank and rub my clit! I grabbed his cock and began to pump and suck him like never before and all I could hear was oooh yea Stace keep going almost there yes yes oh oh oh he started to moan his cock twitched and the first little shot oh god Jules your making me cum he said!

With that my flood gates where opened!

Mark continued my clit spanking! My pussy was so engorged! Stacey had a finger inside me working it in and out all I could do was moan with my mouth full of cock! And With those words I started to moan mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm I pulled him out and he squirted across my tits!

Mark said watch honey shes making me cum!!! I’m cumming all over her tits! And then I did too uh uh uh ugh ooh ooh mmmmm was all I could get out and I squirted all over Satcy’s face! She was a champ she sucked me through my whole orgasm never stopping!! She pulled her head up just in time to see Mark’s last shot land on my face! Oh, oh, OH MY GOD holy shhhh! WOW that was THEE best blow job ever Mark said!

This was incredible I had never ever felt that way before my whole body shook!!

Stacy started cleaning me from between my legs licking all the way up scooping with her fingers Mark’s cum and licking them sharing it with me! When she reached my face she gave me the deepest wettest longest kiss ever and said that I was incredible! And she couldn’t wait to do me again! She told me she had never seen a woman have a squirting orgasm nor had she ever tasted it but that it was INCREDIBLE and INCREDIBLY hott! I told her I had never known myself to squirt when I came that obviously it was her!

As we sat up to catch our breath Cheri was still going at Bill’s huge cock at this point Bill was covered in sweat and Cheri’s face was red from the stretching of it to accommodate Bill. Bill was really getting into her talking really nasty to her and the more he said the faster she pumped and further she tried to take him down her throat she was trying to engulf his whole shaft it was just to fat and long but she was working hard at it! I really think it was the biggest I had ever seen him and it was dripping wet from her saliva!

Bill said “Hey Stace whaddya think about yer little slut slave? She’s really gettin’ into this! Look at her go!”

Stacy said more like it’s getting’ into her! We all chuckled Cheri was trying to say something but couldn’t every few strokes she’d have to pull it out and take a breath and then she would try and take it all again! I have to say she was really trying but just couldn’t quiet take it all!

Mark got up behind her and started talking to her “ooh nice slave to handle such a big cock” He was tweaking her nipples twisting and pinching them! All she could do was moan mmmmghf a slight muffle! He had one hand on the back of her head and the other on Bill’s ass and as Bill started to reenter her mouth Mark pushed them together forcing more of this huge cock done her throat! “Yes yes slave that’s it take this huge cock, work it feel it stretch you apart, just like when you take up your ass!” Stacy and I sat there mouth and eyes wide open not saying a word just watching. I got up and grabbed an arm and Stacey grabbed Cheri’s other arm we held them straight out and now it was Mark forcing Bill’s huge cock into her!

As Bill’s huge balls bounced and swayed in front of her Stacy reached between his legs to massage them, they looked like tennis balls full and getting hard. Mmmmm Stacy said now that’s what I call a load! Can’t wait to watch “Slave” try and swallow all this! Ha ha she may need a little help! It was all I could do to keep from grabbing it myself and sucking him off! His cock is so nice and I love to try and drink it all but it is usually more then 2 swallows and its so big I always have to pull it out so I can swallow and then the rest is all over my face and tits!

Stacy kept messaging his balls and the more she did the louder Bill moaned mmmm,mmm, yes that’s it, yessss its getting closer! Bills huge balls were getting really tight now I could tell he was about to let loose with a huge load, I was getting wett just thinking about it I reached down between Cheri’s legs and slipped a couple fingers inside her swollen pussy she squeeled she was incredibly wett, wetness running down her lips, I slipped 3 fingers inside her god she felt good wet and tight! I kept working my fingers inside her and she was so wett I got my thumb to slip into her tight little ass! She was bucking like crazy moaning with Bill’s huge cock in her mouth!

Bill started to shake in the knees I wish you could have seen his cock! His head was this red purple color and it was so swollen and tight! His balls so full I knew he was about to explode uuuuhhhgggg oooh ggggoooddddd I’m going ttttt-cum and with that Mark shoved him as far as he could down Cheri’s throat and she started to choke and as Bill started to pull out you could see his first shot! It filled her mouth and statre to dribble down her lips as he started to twitch again Stacy grabbed a hold of his pulsing spurting cock and started to pump it! He shot again, this time he shot up her nose and all over her face WOW I was about to cum myself! This was so intense Stacy started to pump him harder and Bill shot again this time all over Cheri’s chin and it was dripping all over her tits I just wanted to lick it off!

I kept working my fingers in deeper and harder I could tell Cheri was about to cum and boy did she it was like a waterfall all over my fingers!

Mark and Stacy where oohing and ahhing over the amount of cum spurting from Bill’s huge cock! Stacy grabbed Bill’s cock and began to rub it all over Cheri’s face and nipples continuing to pump him as she did! The final spurt landed right in Cheri’s open mouth and with that Stacy let him go and shared a really wett sensual kiss with Cheri their tongues twisting and licking each other God I could no longer wait I had to have some myself I wanted Cheri’s tits I started licking them sucking all Bill’s cum off of them and Cheri, Cheri was so turned on by all of this she just sat back on her knees! Mmmmmm,mmmmm was all she could muster.

Bill flopped down and let out a huge sigh wow! Was all he could say and Mark the same Mark said damn Bill looked like Niagra Falls that was THEE biggest load I have ever seen! Bill said that was probably one of the biggest loads I ever had!

Stacy looked at me sucking Cheri’s tits off I had cum all over my face she said here let me help and started licking as well I was so turned on dripping wett I think we all where at this point! Mark sat down next to Bill has cock standing tall and needing some attention and Bill’s was still ready for more.

Stacy looked at me and said look at this and pointed looks like round 2!

I said round 2 I don’t think 1 is over yet!

And Cheri, poor little Cheri she was so turned on cum all over her face and tits she didn’t say a word yet (don’t think she could). She leaned forward grabbed both cocks and started working them up and down! Mark whoa now “SLAVE” I think its time for a little pussy whaddya think Bill? Bill said with this big smile on his face yeah I think I’m gonna work that ass of hers over! Cheri’s eyes grew wider, but Master do I have too? Do I have to? Mark said, SLAVE “YOU” will do what ever anyone wants for as long and as often AND as hard!

Cheri looked at Stacy and me she said Stace you told me a little about Bill but never told me how huge his cock is! I don’t think I can take it in my ass!

Stacy said SHUT-UP SLAVE do as you’re told we’ll make it fit!

With that Stacy got up and grabbed Cheri’s ass and spread her cheeks apart she said looks good to me, me too I said (smiling)!

Bbbb-ut I don’t I can’t that thing is gonna tear me apart! Cheri said.

Mark and Stacy got up and grabbed and arm and a leg each of Cheri picking her up they turned her around so her ass was facing me and Bill. Mark said hey Jules grab her ass and spread her cheeks so we can set her down on Bill’s big cock! I said Cheri baby (SLAVE) you’re in for the ride of your life!! You’re gonna LOVE this! I reached down and spread her ass apart like Mark asked. I slipped a couple fingers inside her wett pussy worked them in and out, pulled them out and rubbed the wetness all over her tight little ass! Oops stuck a finger in her ass it slipped right in she bucked a little bit I pulled it out as fast as it went in!

Mark and Bill both said I think shes ready!

Cheri started crying out again no no Master no please!

Mark just looked at her and said you need your mouth filled and with that he stuck his cock in it to keep her quite!

Grabbing Bill’s big cock I started to rub the big inflamed head back and forth and around Cheri’s wett pussy lips and spanking her clit with it. It was making this wett smacking sound she was really soaked and this teasing was getting to her as well…

Mmmmmm, yes that’s it mmmmm yes let me feel that big cock up against my clit! I took the head and inched inside her stretching her lips wide open OH MY GOD oooh, its nearly to much ohhh! She yalped! I was getting his huge head all wett with juice so I could force him up her sexy tight little ass I could hardly wait to see this! I was getting so turned on by my playing! Thinking about it really gets me going!

As I pulled his head out it made this popping slurping noise WOW Bill said she’s really gonna get it! Mark I thought YOU might have been able to break her in a little!

Ha ha Stacey said! Bill said gee I think maybe someone needs to suck it a little bit or get some lube something anything, any takers?

I thought about the sight I was about to get when Bill forced his huge cock up Cheri’s tight little asshole and how she was going to start screaming and that someone will have to keep her quite!

So I thought for a second and said hey Mark why don’t you give SLAVE here a little something to suck on to keep her quite! Mark got in front of Cheri and stuck his cock in her mouth. Stacy and I will grab a leg and spread her out for Bill!

Mark said sounds good to me! He got up and in front of Cheri he started rubbing his cock all over her face smacking her with his hard cock.

Cheri had her mouth open with her tongue out at this point and Mark grabbed her head and tilted it a bit and then pushed his cock right in!

Bill then stood up behind Cheri and had his cock in his hand flopped it on the small of Cheri’s back and let it slide down to her asshole, he started slowly at first inching it in he got the head almost fully engulfed Cheri was trying to scream the look of pain and pleasure on her face and Mark just kept working her mouth up and down his cock he had a hand full of her hair!

Bill reached up and grabbed Cheri’s nipples, he pinched and twisted them hard as he began to enter her ass she was trying to buck around a bit and Stacy and I had a hold of her legs up off the floor and spread open! Bill then let go of her tits and put his hands on her shoulders and forced his huge cock deep!

Cheri spit out Marks cock and this huge UUUUUUUUGGGHHHH! Mark’s cock was trying to fill her mouth but he just couldn’t at that point it was to much for her! Bill’s cock was not quite half way in, he still had about 5-6 inches to go and then he thrust all the way! OH MY GOD Cheri was screaming at this point! OOHHH OWWWWW this is killing me! Mark stuck his cock back in her mouth as I was about to say shut her up! Bill started to slowly pull out and then bury himself deep Stacy reached around and tweaked Cheri’s clit slowly for Bill in and out the sight was AWESOME her sexy little asshole was FILLED all the way to his balls wrapped tight! I had often tried to take him but just couldn’t (I really wanted to though).

Cheri was working Mark’s cock at this point damn near like it was her last.

Bill said he wanted to sit her down on his lap and with he did we picked Cheri up as Bill sat back lifted her so she was on him!

Now if you can get the picture here’s this sexy little Slave girlfriend of Stacy’s (we had never met) On Bill’s huge cock with Mark’s cock in her mouth sucking him like there was no tomorrow and Stacy and I watching this whole thing!

I didn’t know who to grab first Stacy as hot as she is Mark or Cheri I wanted to feel someone or something!

I reached down and started to rub my clit I was soaking wett from all this action! I sat back and had my fingers deep inside myself I was so horny I needed some cock a tongue anything at this point!

Stacy looked over at me and said you too huh? You getting turned on Jules? MMMMmmm yesss was all I could say. With that again she came to me only this time she had a big double headed dildo in her hand sucking one end and shaking the other at me!

I could already feel it! She took the wet end from her mouth and entered me with it oooh yea “fuck me baby” was all I could say Stace I want you, fuck me with your big cock! She forced the double dong deep in side me then pulled it out as quick as she entered me! Oh god yes give it to me baby! She stuck the wett end in her mouth mmmmmmm she said as she slipped it between her lips you taste so sweet I want your nectar Jules she said I’m going to make you cum again! I want your sweet pussy all over my cock! With that I got to my knees on the seat my ass in the air and said yes Baby fuck me, fuck me with your big fat cock! Make me cum all over it! She stuck the head in slowly then started the back and forth motion, she had me close already! Then I looked over my shoulder and she stuck the other end inside her, her hand working it back in forth inside us both! I grabbed my tits and started squeezing them pinching my nipples pushing back against her every thrust! She reached around and started to rub and tease my clit Oh GOD this was exquisite pleasure! The sights and sounds of all of us the hard breathing, the slapping of balls against a sexy tight little asshole the slurping all of it was just more than I had ever dreamed of!

Stacy bent forward as she drove her cock deep inside me she whispered Jule’s? I’m feeling it, I feel my big hard cock fucking you, sliding deep inside you your getting it so wett I want your cum all over it!

Yea baby I told her yea that’s it fuck me with your big cock give it to me give it all to me!

I want to be your little slut! I want you up my ass baby, I-I-I want your big fat cock up my ass! I said. God I couldn’t believe what I just said she had me right where she wanted me talking dirty to her telling her what I wanted her to do (she didn’t need any help there). But the mere fact I told her to fuck my ass with her cock!? I couldn’t believe it!

I looked over my shoulder at Stacy, she had this big grin on her face she wanted me all along and knew she had me! All wett, on my knees, and wanting to get fucked by her!

She slowly began to remove her cock it was sliding through her hands as she did it was soaked from me!

She had removed the whole thing and started rubbing it up and down my ass tickling me with it!

C’mon Jules she whispered! Let me hear you, talk nasty to me….let me hear you talk like the dirty little slut you are! Tell me again what you want me to do to you!

Oh baby I want your big fat cock up my ass! All the way to your balls I said! That’s it Jules let me hear you again! I said give it to me baby I want your big huge fat cock up my tight little asshole give it to me I’ve been so bad I’m such a dirty little slut for loving you!

With that Stacy began her entry into my ass. OooooH God yyyeeeessss I said yessss that’s it give it to me I LOVE IT UP MY ASS STACE! Please don’t don’t stop until you make me cum!

She was pushing into me and me toward her until there was just a little bit left sticking out of my ass she got on and started to ride me! GOD what a feeling as she started to move it back and forth in and out of me! I was bucking and screaming oh fuck fuck fffuckk meeee! Yes! I need your cock Baby give it to me! Cum inside me I want to feel you explode inside me!

She had 2 fingers in my pussy working them in and out hard and I had my hand on my clit spanking it!

That fat cock up my ass her fingers in my pussy and me spanking my clit was ALL to much!

I clamped down on her fingers and cock, she knew I was about to cum and when I started she started to remove everything her cock her fingers and I let out with a screaming fit and said OH MY GOD I’M CUUUUMMING! and I started to squirt and squirt all over her fingers and cock and my fingers too my GOD what an orgasm I thought it was impossible to have such a thing a squirting orgasm but now I know it is true! 2 times in the same night!

Whole shit I said as I rocked through it that was incredible AGAIN Stacy!!! She smiled and said you know how much you and I both wanted this!

She kissed me and I told her I LOVE YOU thanks and I had always dreamed of something like this but never thought it truly would happen and more especially how it ALL happened!

The rest of Mark & Bill with Cheri…

Poor Cheri, I don’t know if she was getting into them but they where sure getting into her!

Bill’s huge cock was buried up to his balls in her sexy tight little ass and Mark was forcing his cock down her throat she had a hand on his cock pumping it and the other spanking and fingering her swollen red pussy!

Wow I whispered in Stacy’s ear look at that sight yeah she said what I wouldn’t give to be here she said! Wow Stace YOU think you can take Bill’s cock like that I know I can she said!

All we could hear was mmmmmmmmghf from Cheri with her mouthful and both Mark and Bill where covered in sweat Bill bouncing her up and down and Mark fucking her mouth!

Bill looked at Mark and said Hey Mark any more SLAVES around Mark laughed and said maybe 2 looking at US!?

Bill’s balls where looking a little full and hard and I could tell he was getting close and Mark started his famous breathing hard I knew it was time. We knelt next to them and I started to message Mark and Bill’s balls and Stacy had her hands and tongue all over Cheri! Licking and biting her nipples and sucking the sweat off her body I tell you this little girl was hott and loved to getting fucked!

Stacy said ooh my little SLAVE SLUT Cheri you like this don’t you all this attention you’ve always wanted it like this haven’t you, you always told me you never had it like this at home!

Cheri was grunting now trying to talk with Marks’ cock in her mouth mmmmmghf was all she could get out!

I said what’s this slave girl got her mouth full? Got something to say SLUT? I asked and pulled Marks dripping wet cock from her mouth I smacked in the face with it.

I couldn’t believe I was talking like this I was really getting into this I think as much as Cheri!

MMMM Cheri said yessss I love it ooh how I love Masters cock down my throat its so warm and hard!

I love to get fucked Master please don’t stop my treatment I need it so bad I have been such a bad uugh!

Bill thrust hard up her ass as she continued her riding up and down his huge cock!

I started to pump Mark’s cock and could see his enflamed head swelling as Cheri began to try and talk some more I stuck back in her mouth mmmmghf! Mark yess slave that’s it suck Masters cock!

Stacey had her fingers and tongue going crazy all over Cheri at this point. Wow what a sight!

Cheri’s little pussy was literally dripping! Swollen and red wanting to be filled!

I said to Mark lay her back on Bill and fuck that tight little pussy of hers! Yea Mark give it to her good!

With that Mark pulled his cock from her lips and shoved her back onto Bill. Stacey and I grabbed a leg each and spread her apart for Mark it was a bit of a struggle but he got his cock to slid inside of her she started to scream at this point and once again needed a mouth full to keep her quite! Stacey stood up over them and stuck a nipple in her mouth!

Oh my what a sight! I was so turned on I got Stacey’s dildo and started playing with it while I watched them all work her over!

Cheri was panting and grunting talking to them oh yess please make me cum Master yess I love it give me more I want to cum! I have never had it like this before! Oh oh Master please! I want you in my mouth I want Master’s sweet cum down my throat! Mark and Bill where about at their limit when Mark pulled out of her pussy! Stacey immediately jumped down between her legs and started licking where Mark had left off they where all dripping wett!

Bill was really pounding her know her titties bouncing and swaying with each thrust and Mark was moaning as he stuck his cock down her throat! I made myself cum again just watching the performance!

Bill let out this long groan and told everyone he was about to blow and Mark as well!

Mark said OH MY GOD and with that had a shot down Cheri’s throat and as his next shot started he pulled out just in time for him to blast her in the face!

Bill grabbed a hold of Cheri around her waist and stood up he flipped her around with her ass in the air and him buried deep with last thrust he went off! OHHH GOD she screamed yessss fill me up! Fill my ass with your cum! Fuck me harder Bill! Yes I want it I want to feel you filling me and with those words Bill pulled out phwoop! and his last big shot landed on her puckered wide open hole!

OH my I came again with all this action I really could not believe all this was going on! This was way wilder than anything I had ever imagined!

I couldn’t believe our friends I don’t know how it ended up this way and the fact I loved watching Bill’s performances!

Stacey, what a dish she is so incredibly hott and Cheri I’m not sure who’s hotter!

Then theirs Mark dripping wett with sweat glistening in the light panting he’s even sexier than I thought!

What a night! And the weekend had just started! I really got my mind opened as well as other things!

I don’t know what else to say but IF anyone has only ever thought about this type of fun and never acted on it your time has cum to experience the fun! And PIB may be the place!

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