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Vegas Threesom MFM

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This story starts out the day we left for our first Vegas vacation together. Sandi was very excited because she has been looking forward to this trip for a long time now. She packed all her sexy cloths and was planning on just relaxing and having a good time. As I was putting the bags in the car I noticed a small bag I had not seen before so I asked what was in it and Sandi said it was a surprise and I would have to wait. This made me very excited because she can be adventurous when she wants to be. As we are getting in the car to go to the airport I couldn't help but notice how hot she looked in her sun dress she specifically bought for the trip. The whole way to the airport my mind was running wild with the thoughts of the next few days. We arrived at the airport early and began to go through security. I kept fumbling the bags because I just could not stop thinking about how hot she was. As we were getting through security and walking to our departure gate I noticed the eyes watching my beautiful wife in her new dress and her gleaming with confidence which made her 10 times more attractive.

The trip on the plane was uneventful and gave me the opportunity to daydream of the next few days.

We arrived at the Vegas airport and got in a cab for the Venetian hotel. The room was great and we started to unpack and have a couple drinks to unwind from the flight. I was eager to go to the casino but Sandi wanted to freshen up before hand so I told her I would meet her at the bar where we came in. I had been sitting at the bar and had a couple drinks when Sandi came in.

As she entered the bar, I watched several others at the bar turn to watch her entrance. She was wearing a white eyelet halter sundress which made her look both innocent and sexy and showed off her 38C breasts. She made her way over to the bar and sat down a couple stools from mine. I realized she was wanting to play our "stranger in a bar" fantasy. She ordered a margarita from the bartender and as she went to pay, I heard myself and a gentleman two stools down from me offer to pay. Sandi smile shyly and said we could take turns as she planned on enjoying several more. She then made her way to the empty stool between our new "friend" and me. As she sat down on the stool her dress rose up slightly to reveal her sexy legs. She then introduced herself to me and the gentleman on her left who said his name was Eric. As the three of us made conversation and finished our drinks, we decided to move to a table where we could be more comfortable. Once seated at the table with our drinks, Sandi turned to me and asked if this was my first time in Vegas; as she did so, she made it a point to cross her legs so that I could see she was not wearing panties. She then turned to our new friend and leaned forward to ask him the same question being sure he was able to get a good look at her breasts.

As she was awaiting Eric's answer to her question, he was having difficulty not being to obvious as he was admiring the view she so graciously offered. Now at this time our new friend was not aware that this sexy lady was my wife and I decided to let it go for now. Sandi was really playing the part and seem to be enjoying the attention. This was extremely exciting for me and a side I don't usually get to see with Sandi. She was now on her 3rd Margarita and being very touchy feely with me and Eric. As the evening progressed, everyone was getting along and seemed to be more like friends than first time acquaintance. We were all sitting rather close together at the booth and the conversations were getting more risqué. As Sandi was alternating her conversations between myself and Eric, she would kind of lean into the one she was talking to and putting her hand on our legs. She then slightly turned and directed her attention to Eric and put her hand on my now hard cock and was rubbing it through my shorts. Eric was not aware that this was happening but soon caught a glimpse of what was going on under the table.

I was getting extremely turned on and wanted to just throw here on the table and fuck her right there in front of Eric and everyone. Just then Sandi excused herself to go to the bathroom and slid across the booth past Eric getting very close and brushed her breast against him as she passed. We both watched as she walked away until she was out of site. Eric and I just sat for a second then I asked what he thought of Sandi. He said she was remarkably sexy and thought that one of us was going to be lucky tonight.

He said that he noticed her hand on me when she was talking to him and to my shock he said she had done the same to him. I didn't notice this happening but instead of getting upset or jealous, I found myself very turned on. I then decided to let him in on our little secret and told him that she was actually my wife.

He was a little disappointed at first but then I told him not to worry that Vegas was sin city. He smiled and then Sandi returned. She said "What have you to been talking about?" You both look like a couple boys up to something." I said we were just discussing having drinks back at the room in the hot tub.

Sandi smiled shyly and she was up to it if we both were. We left the bar and grabbed an elevator up to our room. As the three us rode the elevator up to our room you could feel the sexual tension inside the elevator. I was thinking to myself how glad I was I went with a deluxe suite with the hot tub. When we got to the room, I opened a bottle of wine while Sandi excused herself so that she could "freshen" up. While Sandi was in the bathroom, I invited Eric to have a seat and we chatted some more. When Sandi came back in the room, she was wearing the sexiest black sheer teddy that I had ever seen. Sandi came and sat on the sofa and asked me and Eric to join her. We each sat down beside her and then I gently started kissing her neck making my way down to her breasts. I stopped briefly to look and Eric and tell him it was ok. Eric followed my lead and we both took one of her erect nipple in our mouth and began to suck on them which must have really turned her on because she let out a soft moan. As we continued to suck on her breast I noticed Sandi's hand had made it way down to her pussy and she was starting to gently rub her clit. I was shocked to see Sandi so uninhibited and this made my cock grow instantly hard. Sandi removed her hand from her pussy and moved it to my throbbing cock; stating she was going to have to take care of that. Sandi got up from the couch and kneeled down in front of me undid my zipper and released my cock from my boxers. She gently stroked my cock with her hands and then took it in her mouth; proceeding to fuck my cock with her mouth; stopping every so often to tease the tip of it with her tongue. I then noticed that Eric had removed his pants and was moving close to Sandi. Sandi also noticed this and with her free hand she began stroking Eric's cock. I knew that he was about to experience the best hand job of his life. Eric moaned deeply as Sandi continued to stroke his cock. Sandi then looked up at me shyly and asked if it was ok if she gave Eric a turn. I told her it was fine as it was her turn to receive a little oral gratification. As she moved over to Eric and took his cock in her mouth, I got up from the couch so that I was standing directly behind her.

As I moved behind her, I could not believe I was watching my beautiful wife with another mans cock in her mouth. I quickly got down behind her and started rubbing her pussy and ass through the thin material.

I pulled the teddy aside and started to finger her soaking wet pussy and she began to moan and move her hips accepting the pleasure she was receiving. I lay on the floor and pulled her pussy down to meet my mouth as I began to assault her pussy with my tongue. I had very rarely seen her so turned on and this wet. Her juices were running down the inside of her velvet soft inner thighs. As I was licking her, I could hear Eric moaning and I realized he was about to release his load. I quickly rose and watched as he came in thick streams all over Sandi's tits. She finished Eric off with the magical hands she seems to posses and turned and looked at me with a complete look of utter lust. I turned her around and led her to the king size bed and began sucking on her perfect tits. I once again darted my tongue in her pussy and Sandi was thrashing around and telling me she loved it as she had her first orgasm. I couldn't wait any longer and moved up and began to fuck her hard.

With all this going on Eric regained his self and moved over and started sucking her tits again as I sank all my cock in her. Sandi was obviously enjoying the attention and started stroking Eric back to get him hard.

I was in some kind of karma sutra dream and did not want it to ever end. Sandi was lying on her back and while I was fucking her she once again took Eric in her mouth. He was not as long as I was but was much thicker. Eric and I looked at one another and decided to change places. The whole time Sandi did not miss a beat and released Eric and quickly took me in her mouth and hand. I could tell she was shocked because this would be the first time she had anyone but me inside her since we met but the lust took over quickly as Eric began by sucking on her clit and putting a finger in her pussy. Eric then rose up and slowly pushed his thick cock in her, stretching her lips and filling her pussy. Sandi let out a loud moan as Eric started moving in and out. It was unbelievable watching Sandi in such a state of ecstasy. She started saying "Yes, Yes, oh god fuck me". Just then she climaxed again and stroked my cock the whole time. It was like some kind of signal because as Sandi orgasmed, Eric tightened up and pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her belly and tits. This sent me off and I also came all over her tits. Sandi took both our cocks in her hands and stroked every bit of cum out. With cum all over we cleaned up and had some more to drink. As Sandi laid there with a provocative smile on her face I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed it. She was still completely naked on the bed and to my surprise Eric was sporting wood again. This started a chain reaction. Eric and I moved over to the bed where Sandi was laying and she looked up with two hard cocks staring at her and I said round two?

Sandi said she wanted to clean up first so why didn't we join her in the Jacuzzi tub and help her. After the tub had filled with water and the jets were pulsating, the three of us got in the tub. Eric and I both took the washcloths and lathered them up with soft and began gently washing her body. Sandi moaned softly enjoying the gentle caresses as we began lathering her up starting at her back and moving to her breasts. Sandi moved forward closer to the jets in the Jacuzzi until her pussy was resting against one of them. Sandi moaned deeply as the pounding water was pulsating her clit. She slowly started arching closer to the jet; and gyrating like she was fucking it. By the way she was moaning, we could tell that she was really enjoying herself. Eric and I looked at each other and moved closer to her until we both had a tit in our mouths. As we sucked her breasts she moaned deeply and said she was coming really hard. Sandi began to shake as her orgasm hit her and then went she went completely limp. Once she regained her strength she said we should probably get out and dry off. Once we got out of the tub, Eric and I gently began drying her off. While I was drying her off, Sandi kneeled down on her knees and took Eric's throbbing cock in her mouth and began to suck it; sometimes taking the whole thing in her mouth. Since I was already behind her, I began fingering her pussy and could feel her clit was hard as a rock. Sandi moaned deeply with pleasure as I stuck my finger in her pussy and began fucking her with my finger. She started thrusting harder and moaned that she wanted both me and Eric to fuck her at the same time. Eric looked at me and I nodded my ok as he proceeded to lie down on the fluffy bath rug. Sandi straddled herself over him and then slowly mounted him and began riding his cock. While she was riding his cock, she moaned that she wanted me to fuck her at the same time. I couldn't believe my ears since anal sex was always a touchy subject with Sandi and something we rarely did. I decided to take it slow since I knew it may be uncomfortable for her. I noticed some bath oil on the side of the tub and open the bottle and poured some slowly down her ass cheeks. I then began rubbing her ass gently to relax her and then popped a finger into her ass. I felt her ass tighten at first but then she relaxed her ass muscles as I slowly pushed my finger in and out of her. Sandi moaned with pleasure and told me she wanted to feel my large cock in her so I gently entered her ass stopping briefly to give her moment to get used to it being there. Once I had my cock completed in her tight little ass, I began to pump it in and out of her gently at first; until Sandi screamed with pleasure telling me to fuck her harder. I could feel her arch her ass back against me as I started pounding my cock in and out of her ass. Sandi began to moan deeper and started fucking both me and Eric harder. She suddenly screamed that she was going to come and wanted us to come at the same time. Eric began to moan and pulled his cock from Sandi and told her to finish him off with her hand. As Sandi began stoking his cock with her hand, she moaned that she was coming and started jerking Eric's cock off harder until he groaned and started releasing his load. As Sandi's body began to shake I pulled by cock from her and quickly stood beside her. Sandi grabbed my cock in her hand as I exploded all over her breasts. Once we regained our composure and were dressed again, Eric realized it was time for him to leave to give us time alone. After he had left, I gently pulled Sandi in my arms and told her how much I loved her and I was proud of her for coming out of her shell.

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