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Up Christy's Ass

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So I got two fingers rammed up this Bitches asshole and her pussy is creaming like she is a dairy. Her big ass in the air, tummy on pillows, face buried in the bed, which is muffling her moans of pleasure and joy, I am slamming her asshole for all I am worth. I have just whacked her ass cheeks for all I was worth too.

Good, full palm to ass, loud noise making smacks. What We call when we snuggle together "ass whipping smacks".

She takes the pain well although she was squirming a bit. I know she loved my big hands on her rear. I brought the heat and she enjoyed every smack turning her ass a hot, bright red. Christy's loved having her ass worked and her inner thighs are slick with flowing cum. I'm loving working her and making her cum from the pain. She enjoys what many women would call too rough or painful. The pain my big hands deliver are filling her with enjoyment.

Every whack resounded throughout the room and bounced off the walls only to be met by Christy's grunts and squeals of pleasure. I almost felt like I was playing an instrument getting all of the verbal reactions from her I was. Can you say Stradivarius Ass? She enjoys taking the pain as much as I enjoy giving it to her. I smack her and she twists away from the sting. I whack again and she yelps and turns the other way. I ask her, "Is what you like, Bitch?"

She answers softly, "Uh huh."

With that I give her a really hard swat.

"What you fucking whore?" I say, "What did you say?"

I whack her again with all my might.

"Yessss! Oh Yesssssss I like it." She hisses her response through the pain on her red hot ass.

I knew she was telling the truth and have her open her legs so I can whack her wet pussy. I love it. This Bitch is reaching out with her cunt to meet the smacks my hand deliver. The pussy juice adding a loud delicious sound to each swat on her inner thighs, pussy lips and clit I give her.

No more fun for her wet snatch. Now I deliberately deliver it to a very small area of her ass to maximize the intensity on her butt. The heat from each previous whack meets my hand with the next. My enjoyment of delivering such direct pain shows itself in the erection almost painfully growing out of my groin. We were both ready for the next phase of our liason.

I flipped Christy on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed, her hot ass enjoying the burning sting and the cool of the bed sheets.

I ordered her to open her mouth. As she did I slid my dick, past her lips and tongue, into her throat, my nut sac resting on her nose and eyes. Christy's mouth went to work and as I leaned over her, fucking her face. I introduced a finger into her cunt. Then two fingers. Three and four fingers all now swimming around in her sweet cum.

Four fingers and my thumb all the way up to the top knuckles all moving around inside her. Strumming her womb while flexing her pussy open wider and that is a pretty far stretch as I have very large hands and wear a size 22 ring.

She is a good little Bitch and so she came every time I told her to. After a number of orgasms I had her cunt stretched to the point where I could make a fist. I balled up my hand inside her and began punching her womb. In and out I plunged and Christy went wild with pleasure. My dick still in her throat was the recipient of some of the most wonderful cock sucking I had ever had the pleasure to have known. She used two hands now on my dick and balls pulling and twisting and sucking at the same time. I let her know what she was doing was excellent and twisted my balled up fist in her cunt. She squealed like a pig around my dick.

After a while I found myself taking my dick from her ravenous mouth and my fist from her cunt. I went around the bed and putting the head of my dick in her cunt then looking into her eyes slammed home, balls deep with one thrust. Her resilient pussy immediately grabbed my dick and began milking it. I fed her cum from the hand that had been fisting her. Licking and sucking it she went over the top again as I stroked in and out of her my balls slapping on her hot ass cheeks.

Now this is the part of the story where you might expect me to deliver a magnificent ejaculation. Every story I read seems to end that way. The female is fucked to exhaustion, or not and gets mind numbing orgasms. The male delivers a big load of cum so large as not to be believed and everybody is happy.


I am just a normal guy over fifty and the ability of large loads of cum left me years ago. It still feels good. Great sex is a pastime. I still enjoy the shit out of it and when I get there am quite happy. For both Christy and I it is not the cumming. It is the play. How far can we go? How big can we build the explosion? How long can we prolong our excitement? Hell, I would be real pissed if I was one of you guys or girls who cum within five minutes and then was too exhausted to go on. There are quickies and they are o.k., just to take the edge off. Real sex is meant to take hours. Real sex is meant as at least a daily occurrence, minimum. Real sex requires an emotional attachment, a bonding between the partners. If not, all you have is mutual masturbation of the genitalia.

If that is what you want it is all right. You could however do it yourself and avoid all the crap you have to go through to find that partner.

Back to Christy's ass, I have decided to take it. The way I am finger fucking it she knows it is coming. She did not know I had two fingers in her. She did enjoy the attention I was giving it. My fingers went round and round, in and out while the hand slammed her hard.

She verbally responded affirmatively when I move the fingers inside her as if they were walking. Moving in behind her I slid my dick into her drippy cunt to juice it up and another orgasm hit her. I just love this multi-orgasmic woman. I also squirt about half a small bottle of baby oil in her asshole and switch my dick there.

The head pops in with ease and I hold still for a second. Christy backs up on it and I see there is no need to hold on so I slam all nine thick inches up her ass, balls deep to a litany of "Oh gods!", from her mouth.

Unbelievable! This fucking Whore is trying to get more of me up here fucking ass. Christy is cumming and grunting and squealing and slamming her asshole back on me as hard and as fast as she can. She is one large erogenous zone. I let her do all the work and hold onto her shoulders as she slams herself back into me.

Long strokes all the way out to my dick head then she slams me back in balls deep.

As I rake my nails across her back Christy has her big tits, with pierced nipples dragging on the bed. I know that feels good to her. Now, I would ask the ass fucking little Whore, If it felt good to her but, it would do no good at this point as she is totally unintelligible. I don't know what the fuck she is saying except she is enjoying it all...very, very much.

And that is the way it should be.

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