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Untaming the Heart

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**** Strip ***

As they pulled onto the highway he turned and gazed at her beautiful body. They had waited all week for this, a night out on the town, and Taylor was dressed for the occasion. She had worn her black mini dress, a dress she knew he particularly liked. It zipped up the front from the hem to the neckline, and clung to her body like a glove, showing every curve of her sleek form. She had only zipped the garment halfway, letting her 36D’s appear to be busting out of the outfit. Her long blonde hair gently dr*ped around her shoulders and rested on the exposed upper half of her breast. Her slender legs glistened in the soft blue glow emitted by the dash lights. She always used body lotion, which produced a nice sheen on her body, reflecting the firm muscle tone of each limb.

Michael turned his eyes back to the road and drove a few more miles. Then he took a deep breath and turned to her again. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” he blurted. He gazed back at the road, his heart beating fast waiting for her response.

“What?” she asked as she sat up in the seat. She started to smile in anticipation. “What kind of surprise?”

Michael began to grin as he tried to find the right words to explain his deviousness. It had occurred to him a couple of weeks before while they were partying at a local swing club. During the night the couple had began to discuss the subject of fantasies and he had shared several erotic desires with her. She, on the other hand, had been reluctant to share a sexy scene with him. Whether embarrassed or afraid he might think badly of her, she had only giggled and grinned when asked about what her fantasies were.

As the night wore on, and alcohol took its liberating affect, Taylor became more open with her thoughts. Sitting just below a stage at the club the couple found themselves gazing at a lovely young woman as she spun around a dancer’s pole. She had obviously been a professional dancer at some point in her life, showing great skill and ability as she glided along the metal in full grace. Taylor turned to her husband and sheepishly whispered, “That’s one of my fantasies.”

Michael looked at her surprised, “You mean dancing on the pole?” He turned back to the dancer, watching as the girl slowly peeled skimpy layers of clothing off her body and dropped them near their table.

“Yes, well, stripping” Taylor answered. “I don’t think I could dance on the pole as good as she does, but I love it when people are watching me. When I dance here I get turned on seeing guys watching me. It’s kinda sexy.”

Michael knew this to be true. Several times he had watched his wife perform a sexy striptease for himself and their friends at the swing club. She was a bit of an exhibitionist though only in a secure setting with people she was comfortable with. “Yeah, but dancing as a stripper or pole dancer is different than dancing for people you know here,” he remarked. “Strippers have to dance for anyone.”

“I know,” she replied. “I bet I could do it.”

Michael raised a brow at her remark. “You would dance for money?”

“Hell yeah,” she quickly answered. “Those girls make good money and it would be a turn on.”

It was then that the wheels in Michael’s brain began turning. There would be nothing better than making her fantasy come true and he would love watching his wife strip for a total stranger. After a couple of weeks working on the Internet, he set his newly hatched plan in motion. He was determined to give his wife a night that she would never forget.

“What’s the surprise!” Taylor asked in an urgent tone. She had now turned in her seat facing Michael as he kept his eyes glued to the road. Her legs were spread apart and he could plainly see her tiny black thong panties she wore beneath her dress. “Tell me!” she demanded.

Michael sported a grin on his face, one he imagined a wolf might display after stealing a sheep. He took another deep breath and asked, “You know how you said at the club how one of your fantasies was to be a stripper?”

Taylor nodded slowly with a bewildered gaze.

“Well,” Michael stuttered, “I placed an ad on a stripper’s web site advertising your services.”

Taylor looked stunned. “You did what?” she asked in a low murmur. Her smile faded and her brow lowered. “Tell me that again,” she said in a monotone voice.

Michael was trying not to laugh. His heart was racing and his breathing became a little more rapid. “Hear me out on this,” he said. His voice was in a higher pitch, a clear indication he was on the defensive. “The choice is completely up to you. I placed an ad showing your body, but not your face, advertising personal stripper services. Your name in the ad is Tracey and your rates are $300 for 30 minutes. I would go in as the bodyguard and make sure everything is OK”

Michael continued explaining that the ad had received several responses and he had booked one event that night for an out-of-town businessman who was in town on his birthday. “Now the choice is yours,” he said trying to keep a straight face. “You said this was your fantasy, so now here’s your chance. You can go and strip and make $300, or I can call him and tell him we can’t make it.”

Taylor sat in the seat with a shocked look on her face. They had always played sexy games, but never one so elaborate. “Oh my God,” she mumbled. “I can’t believe this.” She sat thinking how mad she was that he had put her pictures online and advertised her as a stripper on the net. She hoped he was telling the truth about not showing her face and using a fake name. “Oh my God,” she repeated.

Michael sat stoically concentrating on his driving. He wondered if he had made a mistake. Maybe her fantasy was just something she never really wanted to act out. He didn’t say a word.

Taylor’s mind began to wander, thinking of the possible scenarios that could play out. She really did think it would be exciting and sexy, and their lives had been a bit boring the past few months. But she was also mad that Michael had taken it upon himself to set this in motion. “For thirty minutes?” she asked as she gazed out the passenger side window.

“Yes,” Michael replied excitedly. “And I’ll be there the whole time.”

Taylor sat silent for a minute or two. Her body was already tingling from the thought of exposing herself to a stranger. It was a strange feeling, a mixture of excitement and terror. It would take every amount of courage she had to go through with it. She looked back at her husband and said, “OK, let’s go. But you better be there. And I’m still mad.”

The huge grin reappeared on Michael’s face and he felt himself become a bit aroused at the prospect of the evening. “This was really gonna happen,” he thought to himself. “I can’t believe this is going to happen.” He slumped down in the seat, setting his arm on the car door’s window frame.

It took another 40 minutes for the couple to arrive at the hotel. It was the Embassy, an upscale hotel, one they would never have been able to afford on their own. Already Taylor felt apprehension. She had dressed appropriately for a night out at the swing club, but she felt a bit slutty having to walk through the lobby of the ritzy Embassy Hotel. Michael was carrying a small duffel bag and as they walked through the rotating door they were awed by the grand lobby atrium. A fountain stood in the middle of the glass-arched room with large plants scattered strategically about ornate Victorian furniture. The couple walked hurriedly through the lobby, making their way for the elevators. Taylor tugged at her short dress as the walked, attempting to keep the sexy garment from working its way upwards, exposing her firm buttocks.

Taylor thought the elevator would take forever. It seemed an eternity as she watched the floor lights slowly move down to the lobby level. Michael stood calm and composed as she continued fidgeting with her dress, constantly adjusting and keeping her small purse positioned just below her stomach. She dared to look around and noticed two separate men eyeing her. One, a man seated in one of the Victorian settees pretending to read a newspaper, the other, a hotel employee behind the front desk. He looked at her and smiled. She quickly looked down and gave a little snicker.

Just then the elevator bell rang and the doors opened. Taylor hurriedly stepped in, not even waiting for the doors to completely open. She tugged at Michael’s arm, pulling him in after her. “What floor?” she asked quickly. Michael looked at her and only smiled. He then reached forward and pressed the “23” button on the elevator pad. Again it seemed forever for the elevator doors to close. She could still see the man on the settee peering over his newspaper at her. Slowly the doors closed and she could feel a slight lurch as the elevator shot upwards.

Within only a few seconds they were on the twenty-third floor. Again the bell rang and the doors slid sideways. Taylor was more patient now, out of the full view of the people in the lobby. Slowly she took a deep breath and stepped into the long hallway. Michael could only grin as he walked behind her. The area was softly lit with wall lights between each room door. The shades on the lights were shaped like flowers and their reflections made strange designs on the walls. “What room,” she asked.

“2316,” Michael replied. He looked down the hallway at the various doors. Gaining a sense of direction he motioned to Taylor and said, “This way.”

The hallway floor was covered with a red carpet, which featured an intricate design of flowers and vines. The décor gave the couple the illusion that they were in some grand hotel from the twenties or thirties. Taylor couldn’t believe how quiet it was. As the couple walked, silently counting the room numbers, hardly a sound could be heard. She could, however, feel her heart pounding in her chest. Suddenly they were at their destination, room 2316.

Taylor whispered, “I can’t believe I am doing this,” as Michael knocked on the door. She looked in both directions down the hallway, looking to see if anyone was watching. Then they heard a click and the door slowly opened. On the other side stood a well-dressed gentleman, sporting a suit and tie. He was an older man with blue eyes and graying hair, distinguished in appearance. “Good evening,” the man said. “Please come in.”

Michael walked in first, slowly followed by Taylor. Her heart was racing, she was so nervous. It all seemed like some kind of movie to her, not like this was really happening. “I am insane,” she thought to herself.

Michael spoke up, “How are you tonight sir?”

“Great,” the man answered. “Y’all please have a seat and relax. Do you want something to drink?”

Michael shook his head “No,” but Taylor spoke up saying, “Yes, I’d love a drink.”

The man smiled and said, “Well I have Jack, Jim, and Crown. Which would you like?”

Taylor answered, “Jack and Coke will be great.”

“Coming up,” the man answered. Slapping his hands together he walked over to the room’s mini bar and began tossing ice cubes into two small glasses.

Michael then spoke up, “My name is Jeff and this is Tracey. I’m here just for her protection.” Taylor made a face at Michael, holding back a giggle at his choice of names for the evening. Michael looked back and gave a wink.

The man shook his head, “I totally understand Jeff. Nice to meet you Tracey, my name is Kevin.” Kevin didn’t look up and continued mixing the drinks, pouring a generous amount of the bourbon in each glass. “Y’all live here in town?” he asked.

Michael answered, “Yes, all our lives. Where are you from?”

“Texas,” Kevin announced proudly. “I’m a doctor up here for a seminar. Just happened to be scheduled during my birthday and my sister thought it would be fun to hire this beautiful lady for me.” He laughed and said, “It’s her that’s actually paying for it. She’s a crazy woman.”

Taylor smiled and leaned back against a wall next to the TV stand. She was trying her best not to tremble. She had never been so nervous. “Can I go through with this?” she thought to herself. “It’s too late now, I have to.”

Kevin walked back over to Taylor and handed her the drink. “Thank you,” she sheepishly said as she grabbed the glass with both hands. Kevin turned, drink in hand, and walked to the other side of the room, grabbing a chair and sliding it out into the open. Taylor looked at her drink and in one motion downed the whole thing. She squinted her eyes as she felt the burn from the liquor in her throat. It tasted awful and was exactly what she needed.

As Kevin sat in the chair Michael reached into the duffel bag and pulled out a small boom box. He walked over to a small table and reached down, plugging the unit into a wall outlet. He turned to Kevin and said, “OK, it’s $300 for thirty minutes. It’s full nude and you may touch and make requests, but no sexual contact.”

Kevin nodded and said, “I understand.”

Michael looked at Taylor and said, “Tracey, are you ready.”

Taylor smiled and shook her head. She dropped her purse where she stood and walked to the center of the room where Kevin was seated. Just then Michael pushed the “Play” button on the boom box and his selection of music began. It was one of her favorite songs, #1 Crush by Garbage. It was a slow sexy tune and she easily found herself swaying to the music.

Standing with her back to him she stood about five feet away from Kevin, and timidly began thrusting her hips back and forth. Closing her eyes she turned seductively and gently slid her hands down the side of her body. She was still a little apprehensive and tried to imagine herself working for a high-class strip club. She took a step back drawing closer to her seated client and reached downward, grabbing the hemline of her dress. Slowly she tugged at the garment, letting it ride upwards, slightly exposing her sexy ass.

“You’re very beautiful,” Kevin whispered. “Very, very sexy.”

Taylor smiled and continued with her dance. Again she turned, this time facing Kevin. She moved her hands upwards, across her tight belly to her perk breasts. It was obvious that her dance was arousing Kevin, a fact confirmed by the ever-growing bulge in his pants. This began to arouse her desire. Her now erect nipples were clearly outlined through the dress’s thin fabric. As her hips continued to thrust with the beat, with both hands she cupped each of her breasts, pressing them together.

She let out a soft moan as she gazed into Kevin’s eyes. Whatever reservations she had before were now fading as she was becoming lost in the excitement of the moment. She pulled her hands up and linked her fingers together behind her head. She then arched her back, pushing her large tits forward and letting the bottom of her dress ride up again, exposing her black thong panties.

Kevin sat mesmerized. He made no attempt to touch her, only watching her beautiful body twist and twirl in rhythm. Taylor looked at him and blew a pouty kiss. Then, keeping one hand behind her head, she led the other down to her chest, finding the top of her zipper. She ran her tongue across her lips and slowly pulled the zipper downward, exposing more and more of her soft flesh with each gentle tug. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting her chest pop through the open gap in the dress. She continued pulling at the zipper until the garment flung open fully.

Michael sat on the couch on the other side of the room, his eyes glued to his incredible wife. “She is so damn sexy,” he said to himself. “My God she’s sexy.” He reached down to adjust himself as his member grew watching the seductive scene. He was careful not to distract either Kevin or Taylor as the play continued.

Taylor persistently inched closer to Kevin. She gave him a sultry look then lowered one shoulder, letting the open dress slide down one arm. She then lowered the other shoulder and instantly the dress fell from her arms, landing at her feet. She was now standing before the stranger clad only in her thongs and a pair of black high heels. Sliding her hands down the side of her body she moaned and again ran her tongue across her lips. She paused for a minute as the song started to fade to its end. But the next song quickly took its place, “Wicked Game,” another of her favorites. Michael had done a very good job picking the music.

She quickly found a new rhythm, pulsing her body with the sexy tune. Pulling her arms across her chest she slowly worked her way to each breast. She could feel the cool air in the room blow lightly across her bare skin. Her nipples were hard as stone, not from the breeze, but from the pure ecstasy she was feeling. Her body tingled, her heartbeat raced, she felt herself growing increasingly wet as she watched Kevin’s eyes study every inch of her body.

Teasingly she tugged at her nipples and blew Kevin a kiss. She then cupped each breast and pushed them upward, never taking her eyes off of him. At the same time she lowered her head and stuck her tongue out, licking the protruding tips. Kevin’s eyes widened, “Oh wow,” he said in a disbelieving tone. Taylor smiled and slid her hands down her smooth stomach. As she did, she pushed her arms inward, again forcing her soft tits to squeeze together.

Taylor pushed her hips in and out to the beat, and slowly guided her hands to her skimpy thongs. She lightly slipped one finger inside each strap of the garment, pulling the tiny strings up and out, away from her body. She then leaned forward, letting her tits swing freely in front of Kevin, and pushed the item down to her knees. Letting the garment slip to her ankles, she stepped out of one side, then playfully kicked the panties up, letting them land on Kevin’s head.

Kevin sat there for a few seconds, letting the panties sit where they had landed. Then, reaching up, he grabbed the item and held it to his nose. He took a deep breath, taking in her sweet scent, and stuffed the panties in his suit coat pocket. He looked at her and winked. “You’re so incredibly beautiful.”

Taylor now danced bare before him. The only part of her body not exposed were the thin straps on her high heels. For several minutes she swayed back and forth, now dancing only a few inches from Kevin. She turned, now showing her backside to her aroused client. She looked over her shoulder as she watched him peering at her glimmering flesh. “This is so hot,” she thought to herself. Slowly, she bent forward, keeping her back arched, and grabbed her ankles. She moved her head down, glancing at Kevin from between her legs and seeing the huge grin on his face. She then reached up and gently began to rub her moist mound.

Slowly Taylor raised upright and again turned facing Kevin. She was so turned on. Again she reached to her dripping mound and slowly began rubbing herself. She could see Kevin’s eyes growing wide, his face flushed as he watched her probe herself. She could feel herself growing even more wet with each stroke, her body temperature rising, butterflies building from deep within her body. Suddenly she stopped and gave Kevin a wink. Raising her hand to her pouty lips she then gently licked the tips of her fingers.

“Holy shit!” Kevin blurted out. “You are so hot.” He couldn’t contain himself any longer. Grasping his suit coat he quickly pulled it off and tossed it over to the bed. He then reached up and loosened his tie. For him the room was suddenly sweltering as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Slowly he reached forward and gently caressed Taylor’s smooth hips.

“Mmmmmmm,” she groaned as his hands probed her body. She walked up to the armless chair and grabbed the backrest on each side of his head. Stepping across Kevin she positioned each leg to the sides of the chair, straddling his body. His hands slipped behind her, clutching each cheek. She pushed forward, strategically placing her tits in his face and slowly began to grind her hips, sliding against his body. She could feel his manhood stiffen as she pushed into his lap. She could smell his musky cologne and the feel the stubble on the side of his face. He was breathing heavy as she continued to squeeze her body against his. Leaning down she pressed her head against his chest and slowly slinked upwards, again letting her large tits envelop his face. She could feel him kiss her chest, and probe her flesh with his tongue, as she pushed upwards in the chair. She continued, almost standing upright while straddling his lap, his tongue tasting her skin along the way.

Kevin looked at her. He was nearly eye-level with her bellybutton and he buried his face in her stomach, continuing to lick the sweat that was now starting to form on her body. Her sweet mound was now on his chest, grinding and pushing into his body. He could smell her perfumed body, “Strawberries,” he thought to himself. “She smells like strawberries.”

Taylor reached down, grabbing Kevin’s tie and loosened it from around his neck. She giggled as she pulled the silky cloth over his head. She twirled the item over her head as she leaned back in the chair, letting her wet pussy press against the huge mound attempting to break free of his trousers. He held her tight, still clasping at her ass, making sure she didn’t fall from his lap. She then placed the tie over her own head and tightened it around her neck.

She hadn’t even noticed that a new song was playing on the boom box. It was “Fade Into You” yet another of her favorites. She raised up and stepped out from around the chair, quickly turning and sitting back in Kevin’s lap. She leaned back into him, as his arms wrapped around her body. She rested her head on his shoulder, against the side of his face. She raised her arms above her, one grabbing the back of the chair while the other grabbed the back of Kevin’s hair.

Kevin could feel the warmth of her skin through his shirt. Her golden hair caressed the side of his cheek as he leaned forward, kissing the nape of her neck. His hands probed her naked flesh. Her legs were spread wide as she sat again straddling his form. He reached down and gently ran his hands up her body, starting at her inner thighs. Reaching her pussy he could feel it dripping with excitement, her lips pink and moist, the heat from her body radiating from within. Feeling his touch she arched her back, again teasingly pushing her mound against his wanting member. He continued, slipping his hand upwards, across the sides of her belly to her chest. He moved his hands forward, tossed the tie to the side, and gently rubbed each breast, making a point to draw tiny imaginary circles around each nipple with his fingers.

Leaving one hand with his new found treasure he slipped the other evermore upwards, gently but firmly grasping Taylor’s neck. He then slipped his other hand down, back to her soaking mound. Lightly, he rubbed her as he increased his grip around her throat.

Taylor let out a, “Ahhhhh … UHHMmmmmm,” as she felt his probing hands. She pushed even closer to him and gripped the back of the chair with an intense hold. She closed her eyes and turned, softly blowing in his ear. “Ummmm Doc. You’re so horny aren’t you?” she teasingly whispered.

Kevin only nodded. “This was the best birthday present ever,” he thought to himself. “I have to remember to get Sis something extra for Christmas.” He released his grip around Taylor’s neck and moved his other hand down her body, again rubbing her inner thigh.

Michael had remained quiet the whole time silently watching as his once shy and timid wife let herself go in her fantasy. He could tell things were getting more intense, but he remained silent. It was all up to her, this was her fantasy and he would let her take it as far as she wished. He knew one thing though, when they got home he was going to fuck her until she couldn’t walk anymore. He was so turned on he was actually hurting.

Taylor again arose from the chair, dancing seductively in front of her seated watcher. She ran both hands down to her pussy, letting two fingers massage her clit. Moaning and squealing she looked at Kevin and rolled her tongue along her teeth. Suddenly she turned, with her back to him, and dropped to her knees. In an instant she had rolled her body backwards and stood on her hands, now facing an amazed Kevin. She then slowly let her legs fall against the backrest of the chair, one on each side of his head. Kevin helped steady her body as she inched herself closer to him, sliding her juicy pussy closer to his lips.

Kevin leaned forward and stuck his tongue deep into her mound. Her juices were sweet and warm and he buried his face as deep as it would go. For several minutes he worked feverishly. He could feel her wetness dripping down his chin as he probed, lapping his tongue wildly across her clit. Then he could feel her body tense and her breathing become more rapid. This made him even more vigorous, and he lapped up her juices in a controlled frenzy. Suddenly, Taylor let out a yell and her body locked. She tightened her legs around his head and groaned in delight. Kevin could feel her body pulse and her pussy swell.

Michael sat in disbelief at the vision before him. “Oh my God. Did she just have an orgasm?” he asked himself. He never even knew she could get in that position. Though he silently asked the question, he could already tell by her body movement that that was exactly what had just happened. There was no doubt now, Taylor’s fantasy was very exciting to her. He wanted nothing more than to rush over to her and plunge his throbbing dick deep inside her. But he held himself back. This was about her.

Taylor took one foot and pushed against the back of the chair, performing a cartwheel to upright herself. Wasting no time she turned back to Kevin and straddled his lap. Her hot fluids were dripping down her inner thighs and wet Kevin’s trousers as she pushed her throbbing cunt against his bulge. Raising her hands to his shirt she slowly started to unbutton it. Working her way to his waistline she stopped and slid her arms inside, wrapping them around his body and pressing her hot flesh against his.

Kevin trailed his fingers up Taylor’s back, letting his manicured nails trace lightly across her skin. She could feel goosebumps form across her body with his touch. It was then that the music finally stopped and Michael stood up and announced that the 30 minutes were up.

Taylor looked disappointed as she rose from the seat, pulled the tie from around her neck, and looked back to the floor for her dress. Kevin sat in the chair and stared up at the ceiling. He let out a deep sigh and said, “That was amazing.” He looked at Taylor as she attempted to situate her dress and zip the garment back up. He stood and walked over to the bed, reaching into his coat pocket, and produced a small white envelope. He handed the bundle over to Michael without saying a word.

“I have an idea,” Kevin suddenly announced.

Michael looked inside the envelope and nodded at Taylor. He gave Kevin an inquisitive look. “What’s that?” he asked.

“I’d like to buy your services for the rest of the night,” Kevin said. “We can go out to a club or something for some dancing, then back here for some more fun. What do you think? I can pay you, say, $3,500.”

Michael looked over to Taylor as she gathered herself. Her jaw was hanging open in disbelief. She looked back at Michael and started to grin. Michael nodded and sat back down on the couch. He thought to himself, “This is going to be a night to remember.”

*** Daring Games ***

Taylor pulled close against the pole as she ground her hips in rhythm with the music. She could feel the cool metal as it slipped slowly between her thighs. An intense overhead beam of light mixed with the club’s lingering cigarette smoke to bath her in a blue haze, blinding her to her surroundings. Though she was unable to see beyond the stage, she could feel the numerous eyes upon her, and this only excited her more.

She traced her hands down the side of her body, her black mini dress clinging tight and revealing every curve of her form. Turning, she leaned back against the pole as she raised her hands over her head. Clutching the brass rod she tilted her head back, her long blond locks draping delicately ever lower down her back. She pushed her chest outward, arching her back and slightly spreading her long slender legs. She let out a soft moan as she slowly slipped one hand down, across her soft breasts, to her rippled belly, and below.

Michael and Kevin sat mesmerized. They had been at the club a few hours and the whole time they could barely keep their eyes off the sexy dancer. To Michael there was no one else in the club, accept him and his sexy wife. He watched as she reached down, grabbing the hem of her dress. It was then that both men noticed, she was not wearing anything beneath her slinky outfit. Instantly Michael felt his manhood begin to swell, his temperature rise, his body tingle. “She is so beautiful,” he thought to himself. Kevin sat, slack jawed in amazement.

Taylor reached between her legs and, just for an instance, teasingly began to rub herself. Raising her head up, she gave a sultry look, winked, and blew a pouty kiss. She then brought her wandering hand gently to her lips, and softly licked the tips of her fingers.

Michael about fell out of his chair as he strained to watch the scene. He could hardly believe his eyes. His body was aching for her. As he reached for yet another cigarette he noticed his hand trembling with desire. He wanted her with every ounce of his being.

Kevin kept an intense gaze as well, following her every move as she spun around the pole. “Wow,” he exclaimed. “She is absolutely incredible.”

Suddenly Taylor stepped away from the pole as the song faded to its end. Stopping at the edge of the dance floor, she gathered herself and adjusted her dress. Then, turning to where Michael and Kevin were seated, and began to grin.

Slowly she worked her way through the maze of tables and chairs to Michael and Kevin’s table. Lifting one leg, she stepped over Michael, straddling his lap and pushing her breasts into his face. “Excuse me sweetie,” she teasingly whispered as she pulled her other leg up and over his. She then plopped down in the chair that sat between the two men.

“That was awesome baby,” Michael stuttered. “That was sexy as Hell.”

Kevin nodded in agreement. “It was pretty fucking awesome.” He then looked down at his half empty glass and took another puff on his cigarette. Grabbing the glass he quickly downed the remaining contents and as he rubbed Taylor’s thigh. “What do you say? Let’s get out of here.”

Michael grinned and looked at Taylor. “That sounds like a plan,” he said as he reached for Taylor’s coat. “But first, I think Taylor needs to do something.”

Taylor turned and looked at Michael. She could tell by his devious smile, he had something planned. “What do you have in mind?” she asked.

Michael looked at Kevin and almost laughingly said, “I think Taylor needs to only wear her overcoat on the ride to the hotel.” He continued in a chuckling voice, “Well, she can wear shoes too.”

Kevin’s eyes widened. “I like the way you think. Yes, she’s way too hot for clothes.”

Taylor’s brow raised slightly. She smiled as she looked at Michael, then to Kevin. She knew what her naughty little perverts wanted. Leisurely she tugged at her dress, pulling its front zipper downward inch by inch. The garment slipped slowly down her chest, soon revealing her perk nipples. Suddenly, as it pulled past her large tits the dress dropped, momentarily catching at her hips, then spiraling down her long legs to her ankles.

Several passing patrons of the club stopped in their tracks as they surveyed the happenings at Michael and Kevin’s table. Even dancers on the dance floor shaded their eyes in hopes of catching a faint glimpse at Taylor’s beautiful essence. Michael and Kevin stood silent as she gently took her long leather coat and wrapped it around her. Opting not to button it, she held the center with one hand as she reached for her purse. “Are we ready?” she asked.

Michael and Kevin only nodded as they worked themselves out from around the table and followed her out the door.

As the trio waited outside the club for their taxi Taylor handed Michael her purse. “Will you hold this for me baby?” she asked as she sat down on the front entrance steps. “MmmHmm,” he muttered, still in amazement at his wife’s daringness. As he looked down at her he could see the bottom of her coat gently blowing open in the cool night breeze. The tantalizing flickers of her bare mound made his heart race. He took a deep breath in an effort to calm himself.

Just then the cab pulled up to the curb. Kevin opened the back door as Michael piled into the back seat. Taylor quickly followed with Kevin sitting next to her. “To the Embassy,” Kevin told the driver. “Yes sir,” the cabby returned in a thick Jamaican accent.

As the van wove its way through the downtown streets Michael reached over and slightly opened Taylor’s coat, rubbing her inner thigh with his hand. The cab driver asked, “So, how is everyone tonight.”

“We’re great,” Kevin answered. “How are you tonight?”

“Good mon,” he replied with a grin. “I’m always good mon.”

“Hey, you see this girl here,” Kevin asked the driver. “This girl is a wild woman. We’ve been chasing her around the parking lot before you got there. She was naked as a jay bird.”

The cabby laughed. “Ya mon?”

“Oh yeah,” Michael added. “Hell she’s naked now under this coat.”

Again the cabby laughed as he peered into the rearview mirror, “You are crazy white people.”

Taylor, though a bit of an exhibitionist, found herself becoming flushed. She giggled as the two men teased the cab driver. Without looking she could tell her face had turned red as a tomato. Though the teasing was embarrassing, she felt it to be a bit exciting.

“You don’t believe us?” Kevin asked. “Look.” Just then Kevin slid one hand around Taylor’s shoulder and slowly pulled open the coat. Her bare flesh was randomly revealed as the taxi passed the city’s streetlights. As the coat opened Michael trailed his fingers up Taylor’s thigh and began rubbing her moistened mound. Taylor leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes. As she felt his probing fingers she relaxed and slightly opened her legs.

The cabby alternated his sight between his rearview mirror and the roadway. He grinned from ear to ear revealing one gold tooth, surrounded by a mouthful of pearly whites. “Hehehe,” he snickered. “You are really crazy white people.”

“I told you,” Kevin snickered. “She’s wild. She’d never wear clothes unless we were here to put them on her.”

Taylor let out a hardy laugh, followed by a quick snort. She quickly covered her mouth as she continued to chuckle in a muffled tone, trying not to involuntarily snort again.

Just then the cab pulled into the front entrance of the Embassy Hotel. The driver almost looked disappointed that his fare was over. “Have a good evening crazy people,” he chuckled.

The lights to the hotel’s entrance were bright and Taylor quickly pulled her coat closed. Kevin opened the door and took hold of Taylor’s arm, helping her from the van. She grasped her coat low with one hand and pulled it together tight around her chest with the other. The breeze, blowing down the skyscr*per lined avenue, was strong and threatened to blow the lower part of her coat upward in a revealing fashion. She hurriedly made her way to the revolving doors to the inside lobby.

After paying the cabby, Michael and Kevin soon followed after her. It was nearly 3:00 in the morning and only the hotel staff could be seen scattered about he room. Kevin then motioned her to the left side of the room to a group of elevator doors. She tried to walk inconspicuously toward the lifts as she continued to clutch at her leather frock.

Once at the elevators Kevin quickly pushed the “23” button and the threesome waited as the device made its way down to the lobby. Taylor thought to herself, “This is taking forever.” Just then they noticed an Indian man pushing a vacuum cleaner through the lobby.

As the man moved closer to the trio Kevin began to snicker. “Hey,” Kevin whispered. The man paid no attention. “Hey,” Kevin said in a louder voice. The man then looked in their direction. “She’s naked under this coat.”

Again Taylor laughed and snorted. Unthinking, and again embarrassed, she pulled her hand up to her mouth in attempt to not let it happen again. But as she held her mouth closed she realized she had let go of her coat, letting the item spread open and exposing her 36D’s.

Michael and Kevin broke out in laughter as they watched Taylor turn away from the man and try to readjust her coat, her giggles uncontrollable. As she did the elevator bell rang and one set of doors slowly slid open. As the three boarded the elevator they looked back at the man in the lobby. He gave only a blank stare as the doors slowly closed shut and the lift lurched upwards.

As the elevator slowly passed floor after floor Michael and Taylor gazed out of the glass window overlooking the city. Michael moved around behind her and slid his hand around her waist, slipping inside her coat. He pulled her close and gently kissed the nape of her neck.

Breaking the silence Kevin spoke up. “I think she is really hot now. I think she needs to lose the coat.”

Michael once again began to grin as he turned Taylor around to face him. “Now I like the way you think.” He reached down to take hold of her coat, but suddenly felt the elevator stop. Michael stepped back just as the doors opened and a man and two women stepped inside.

It was obvious to Taylor that the man and women had been out on the town as well, with one of the women slowly swaying from side to side attempting to keep her balance. Whether it was alcohol, or something else, one thing was for sure, they had the munchies, a fact proven by the enormous amounts of food each held in their arms.

Taylor spoke up as she looked at Kevin, “Mmmmm … I’m hungry.”

The girls laughed and giggled. “Oh my gosh!” one woman said in a loud voice. “We have been partying all night and we are starved. We walked down to this all night deli and bought hotdogs and hamburgers.” The woman tried to maneuver while holding four foil-wrapped packages.

Kevin eyed the woman and asked, “What do I have to do to get one of those hotdogs?”

Again the women giggled and laughed as the man stood against the elevator wall, glassy-eyed and looking half-awake.

“I don’t know. What are you willing to do for a hotdog?” the woman teasingly asked.

As Kevin opened his mouth to respond the elevator bell rang and the doors opened. “Oh damn, this is our floor,” the woman announced. As the man and other girl stepped through the doorway, the woman pushed Kevin against the wall and kissed him hard on the lips. The woman then winked and handed him one of the warm silver packs.

As the doors closed, and the elevator once again lurched upwards, Kevin turned to Taylor and said, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Taylor smiled. “You got me a hotdog. I can’t believe you got me a hotdog.”

With an evil grin Kevin pulled the hotdog to his chest. “I’ll trade ya,” he playfully exclaimed.

“Trade me,” Taylor asked. In a seductive tone she inched towards him. “What do you want to trade?”

“I’ll trade the hotdog for the coat,” he quickly answered. Taylor smiled, and as she began to open her coat, again the bell rang and the doors slid sideways. “Damn,” Kevin blurted. “We’re at our floor. We’ll fix that,” he said as he turned and punched the “2” button on the elevator pad. Slowly the doors closed and the three could feel the room drop downwards. “Now, where were we?” Kevin asked.

Taylor raised her hand up to her mouth and nervously bit down on her index finger. With her other hand she pulled out of one side of her coat. Letting her other hand drop to her side, the garment then slid down her back, her catching it as it bunched around her hands. Slowly she gathered the item with one hand and presented it to Kevin, holding the other hand out in wait.

Michael stood in the corner of the elevator, gazing at Taylor’s beautiful body. Her bronze skin glimmered in the light, which highlighted every muscle, every sexy curve. Kevin stood amazed, somehow he thought she would plead her way out of this challenge, but there she stood sporting only her high heels and a seductive smile. Hesitating for only a second he took the coat and handed Taylor her food.

Neither Kevin, nor Michael, said a word as the elevator continued its trip down to the second floor. They watched as Taylor leaned against the wall and seductively devoured her prize. She didn’t even flinch as again the bell rang and the doors opened. Luckily for her there was no one waiting to board this time. As the doors again closed Kevin once more pressed the “23” button and the three felt gravity change as the lift started skywards.

Finally arriving at their floor the threesome stepped out of the elevator into the dimly lit hallway. Taylor was still eating as she nonchalantly strolled past the seemingly endless row of doorways. Kevin and Michael walked behind her, watching her firm ass bounce with her movement. Her long blond hair dr*ped down the middle of her back.

As they walked Michael felt his pants were about to rip open. He was so hard watching his beautiful wife stroll naked through the hallway. He was in complete awe at her new uninhibited nature. The only thing he knew for sure was he wanted to fuck her until sunrise.

As wild as Kevin thought he was, he had never met anyone as alluring as Taylor. He had always been the crazy one, blurting out whatever came into his mind. Now he found himself dumbfounded. He had no idea what to say. The only words he could gather were, “Oh my God!”

Reaching the room Kevin quickly pulled out the key card and opened the door. Taylor entered the doorway and turned, keeping both men just outside the room. Reaching up, she grabbed the top of the doorway with one hand as she gently trailed her fingers along her breasts with the other. Slowly she traced the outline of her erect nipples as she gazed at her wide-eyed voyeurs. She then reached out and grabbed both men by their shirts and tugged them into the room. As the door silently closed Taylor whispered, “Now is when the fun really begins.”

*** The Hunger ***

As Taylor walked across the room she gazed at the two men. She peered over her shoulder as she seductively made her way to the king-sized bed that overwhelmed the upscale hotel suite. Her sleek nude form shimmered in the warm glow that emanated from a lamp sitting on the nearby nightstand. Slowly she sat on the side of the mattress and leaned back, scooting her body to the center. Leaning on her elbows she raised up and blew a kiss at her onlookers. Tossing her hair back she giggled and ran her tongue across her lips.

Michael and Kevin stood mesmerized. Slowly they moved closer, Michael walking to the left side of the bed while Kevin made his way to the right. Taylor again laid back, resting her head on one of the large pillows that were piled against the headboard. She pulled up one knee as she slid her hands down the side of her body. Gently she slipped her fingers along her inner thighs to her increasingly moistening mound. She let out a slight moan as she began rubbing herself, glancing at each man, and giving each a wink.

“I think I need a drink,” Taylor said as she continued to play with herself. “I want a Martini.”

“Uhm … I can order room service,” Kevin replied. “But if I do, you have to do something.”

“What,” Taylor asked.

Kevin smiled, “You have to answer the door to get the drinks.”

Taylor grinned and gave a slight giggle. “Make mine straight up then,” she laughingly said, never stopping her finger’s movement. She blew Kevin a kiss as he sat on the edge of the bed and reached for the phone.

It took only a few minutes for the hotel staff to reply with the order. Michael and Kevin had sat quietly, watching the sexy blonde play with herself and tease them mercilessly. Soon there was a knock on the door and both men sported a wide smile on their faces. They couldn’t wait to see Taylor’s reaction.

Taylor quickly climbed out of the bed and made her way towards the door. Pausing for a second she turned, facing the two men who still sat on each side of the bed. Slowly she raised her hand to her pouty lips and ran her tongue along the tips of her fingers. She gave a wink and turned back to the doorway. Opening the door only partially, she peeked her head through the opening. She could see a Middle Eastern man standing in the hallway, carrying a tray holding three drinks.

“I have an order for 2316,” the man said as he peered at the woman behind the door.

“Yes,” Taylor replied. “Would you bring them in and set them on the table.” The man nodded as Taylor slowly opened the door, keeping her body strategically placed behind the doorway. The man paid little attention to her as walked into the room. She slowly closed the door and followed behind him as he walked to the table.

The man looked at Kevin and Michael sitting on the bed. “Good evening gentlemen. How are you tonight?”

“Oh we’re fine,” Michael answered. “We’re really good.”

Kevin only smiled as he watched Taylor, standing fully nude behind the man. He couldn’t wait to see his reaction when the man realized what was going on.

“Thank you,” Taylor told the man. “This is for you.” She reached to the table and grabbed a five-dollar bill and handed it towards the man.

Turning the man smiled and began to say “Thank you,” but stopped in mid-sentence. It was then that he noticed Taylor’s firm nude form standing in front of him. He looked at her then tried to avert his eyes. “Th ... th ... thank you,” he stuttered as he took the bill from her hand. He too began to uncontrollably smile as he turned and fidgeted with the trey. “Will there be anything else?” he asked.

“No,” Taylor answered with a faint smile. “I can’t think of anything else, sweetie.”

The man smiled and attempted to head towards the door, but suddenly bumped into the table and had to quickly grab the glasses to keep them from falling over. “Excuse me,” he laughingly said as he wiped his forehead. He tried not to glance at Taylor, but couldn’t help himself. Keeping his head down he moved his eyes upward, taking in her sexy shape. He then awkwardly made his way towards the door and fumbled with the doorknob few seconds before being able to open the door. “Thank you,” he again said as he pulled the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed Michael and Kevin burst out in laughter. Taylor only grinned as she grabbed a glass and made her way back to the bed. Climbing back to the center of the mattress she sat back against the pillows and began sipping on the drink.

“You are a wild woman,” Kevin blurted out. “You are absolutely unbelievable.” Kevin quickly began peeling out of his clothes, first pulling off his shoes and socks, then unbuttoning his shirt and pulling out of the garment. He then loosened his belt and trouser buttons, letting the items drop to his ankles. Soon he found himself standing naked beside the bed as he gazed at the luscious woman. She took a few more sips from the drink and then reached over, setting the glass on the nightstand. Again she smiled as she slid her hands downward, finding their way to her moistened mound. Her tanned body twitched and squirmed as she rubbed tiny circles around her clitoris. He could see her close her eyes and push her head back into the pillow, as she continued her movement in an ever-increasing motion.

Michael pulled back, receding away from the bed. He enjoyed watching his beautiful wife and decided to sit in the cushioned chair, next to the bed, to survey the erotic scene. He too began to strip out of his clothing, first working on his shirt, then stepping out of his shoes and removing his pants. As he sat in the chair he watched as Taylor pulled up her other knee and slowly began grinding her hips in a seductive rhythm. He slid his hands downward and pushed his briefs down to his ankles. With a slight kick he tossed the item into the pile of clothes that had formed in the floor.

Michael thought back on the night’s events. First he had watched his somewhat timid wife strip for a total stranger. Then the woman, who had been shy about public exposure, had rode in a cab wearing only an overcoat, and then walked through part of the hotel wearing only a pair of high heels. Now she had answered room service totally nude. His excitement was apparent, as his member stood hard and erect. His desire for her had not waned throughout the evening, with his member aching and throbbing in anticipation. He wanted her badly, but restrained himself to savor every aspect of her daringness.

Not able to contain himself any longer, Kevin slowly crawled onto the bed, positioning himself at Taylor’s feet. Gently he reached down, taking her by the ankle and raising her left foot to his chest. Taylor scooted a little closer to him as he pulled her foot up to his mouth and tenderly began sucking her toes.

“Aaaahhhhh,” Taylor groaned as Kevin took each small digit between his lips. She loved the feel of his tongue as gently licked and probed. She felt her heart begin to pound in her chest, her body becoming flushed, her breathing increasingly more rapid. “Oh God,” she blurted as she felt his lips kiss their way up to her ankle, then to her lower calf. Her body tingled in anticipation. She arched her back, pushing her perk breast upwards, her nipples fully erect and hard.

Michael looked on as Kevin inched his way closer to Taylor’s dripping pussy. He watched as he slowly kissed his way to her inner thigh, stopping every so often to playfully nibble and her sweet flesh. He could tell Taylor was aroused, her body tensing and contorting as Kevin moved closer to his eventual goal. As Taylor casually glanced over to Michael, he gave her a wink and slowly began to stroke himself.

The sight of Michael pleasuring himself only intensified her yearning. She loved watching him masturbate and that, coupled with Kevin’s gentle assault, was driving her crazy. Suddenly she let out a loud “Uuuummmmff ... Aaaaahhhhh,” as she felt Kevin’s tongue probe around her clit. She raised her hands over her head and clutched at the headboard and pillows as he gently lapped her sweet dripping mound. Reaching down with both hands she grabbed Kevin’s hair, pulling him closer. She could feel his hot breath upon her skin. Pulling her legs up, she dr*ped them around his back and arched her pelvis upwards.

Kevin’s assault began with a gentle kiss and a soft lick. She tasted sweet, her juices dripping from inside her. He leaned in, burying his face in her mound as he slipped his hands across her belly to her firm breasts. Slowly he took each nipple between his finger and thumb and teasingly twisted them. His nose pressed against her clitoris as his tongue delved deep within her. He slowly moved his head up and down, letting his nose rub back and forth against her clit as he ran his tongue deep inside her vagina. He could feel her temperature rise and her vulva swell as he began to move faster and faster. He raised his head slightly, letting his tongue probe upwards. He could feel the soft skin of her labia as it rubbed across his lips.

Taylor could feel butterflies building in her stomach. She was tingling from within. Her heartbeat raced, and her breathing was intense and labored. She could feel the juices building from inside her. She pulled hard on Kevin’s hair, wanting him deeper inside her. She could feel him move his head up and begin to work along her clit. Faster and faster he licked, moving his head from side to side as he worked. Suddenly she grabbed at the sheets on either side of her and let out a scream of delight. “Aaaahhh … MMmmmmm!” she yelled as her muscles locked and her body pulsed. She was in the throws of an unbelievable orgasm.

Michael could tell by his wife’s scream that she was in ecstasy. He knew her body language, her tells, and knew she was having the time of her life. He continued to rub himself, but only slowly. He knew he could explode just watching her.

Raising up to his knees Kevin sported a sly grin. He watched as Taylor twisted and writhed in the bed in delight. Wasting no time he slid on top of her, eventually staring eye to eye with the beautiful blonde. He was hard and needed no guide to find his way to her wanting pussy. She was warm and wet and it took only a slight effort as he slid inside her.

He was thick and stiff and Taylor could feel him plunge inside her. She thrust her hips up into him, taking him as deep as possible. She could smell his cologne as she ran her hands along his chest. Wrapping her legs around his back she interlocked her ankles and rhythmically began grinding against him. “Oh God,” she said in a soft tone, her body moving in conjunction with his. “Oh God,” she again whispered, “You feel so good.”

“Mmmmmm … Tracey,” Kevin said as he gazed into her eyes.

Taylor giggled as she looked at Kevin. She smiled and said, “Tracey is only a stage name sweetie. You can call me Taylor.”

Kevin smiled as he looked at her. “O.K. … Taylor.” Never stopping his motion, he leaned down and whispered her name over and over, “Taylor …. Oh Taylor.” He thrust his hips in and out, taking long strokes, and pushing deep. He could feel her moistened pussy growing more and more wet. Reaching down, he pulled her legs up, resting her feet on his shoulders. The new angle gave him more access, allowing him to penetrate even deeper into her dripping mound.

Reaching up Taylor began tugging at her own nipples. Kevin’s pace had quickened and she found herself gasping and moaning as he plunged deeper and deeper. She could feel his balls as they slapped against her ass. She looked over at Michael, still sitting in his chair and stroking himself. “Oh God,” she thought to herself. “This feels so fucking good.” She tried to grind her hips with Kevin’s motion, but found she was unable to move as he pushed her legs up. She could hear Kevin’s breathing as he took long breaths in time with his strokes.

Again Taylor felt a tingling sensation building from within her. “Mmmff … Mmmff,” she grunted as Kevin thrust faster and faster. She felt herself begin to swell, a rush fill her body. Reaching around Kevin she grabbed at his back. Suddenly she squinted her eyes and took a deep breath. Again she screamed, “Aaaaahhhhh!” as she tensed her body.

Kevin let out a, “Oh my God,” as he felt the hot gush of liquid flow past his pounding cock. “She’s squirting,” he thought to himself. “This is so damn hot.” He could feel the stream running down his leg and puddle on the sheets below. He could feel Taylor’s body tremble and shake, her heartbeat pounding. This only caused him to resume his assault with even more vigor.

Michael couldn’t take it any longer. Seeing Taylor wriggle in delight had about pushed him to the brink. He wanted her and he wanted her now. As he walked to the edge of the bed Taylor looked at him and gave a sultry smile. Kevin grinned and rolled over to her side. Taylor then sat up in the bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees, her head hanging just over the edge of the mattress. Michael knew what she wanted as he stepped up to her and caressed her long flowing hair.

As Kevin sat up on his knees and positioned himself behind Taylor, she reached up taking Michael’s hard cock to her mouth. Slowly she ran her tongue around his head. “You’re so hard,” she whispered as she licked around the stiff member. She could feel Kevin behind her, first rubbing her throbbing pussy with his fingers, then guiding his thick cock deep inside her. She looked up at Michael as she took his prick into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue around its end.

Michael reached down, grabbing a handful of Taylor’s hair in each hand. He leaned his head back, staring up at the ceiling, as he took in the sweet sensations produced by her tongue. She had only taken him in part way, his long cock reaching the back of her throat. She paused for a few seconds, his penis still in her mouth, as she took a few deep breaths. He could tell she was preparing herself, fighting the involuntary gag reflex. Then, in a sudden fury, she pushed her head into his body, sliding his dick deep into her throat.

Michael took a deep breath and held it. He stood still as Taylor slid back and forth, letting his member delve deep inside her. Her rhythm was aided by Kevin’s increasing motion. With his hands firmly grasping Taylor’s hips, Kevin was pounding harder and harder from behind.

With only muffled whimpers emanating from within her, Taylor rocked back and forth. Her large breasts swayed with the motion as she was pushed and pulled from behind. She leaned hard against Michael, only pushing away every few seconds to take a long deep breath. She could feel him swell in her mouth as she continued swirling her tongue around him. Keeping one hand on the bed she reached down and again began to rub around her clit.

Continuing his penetrating thrusts, Kevin leaned forward, reaching his hand underneath Taylor and lightly caressing her breasts. Her skin was smooth and soft, though her workout was now producing small beads of perspiration all over her body. He pumped her for several minutes, slapping her firm ass from time and listening to her muffled moans.

Suddenly Taylor pulled away from Michael and leaned up halfway. “I want it baby,” she whispered to him. “I want to do it.”

“You want to do … it?” Michael asked with a sheepish grin.

Taylor only nodded and smiled. She looked back at Kevin and grinned. “Lay down sweetie,” she told him. “I want to do something I haven’t done before.”

Kevin looked back with a bewildered smile. “O.K. sugar,” he answered as he pulled back, and laid down across the center of the bed.

Taylor reached up and gently stroked Kevin’s throbbing cock as she crawled over him, straddling his chest. She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. Her hair gently trailed across his chest as she slowly slid back, her wet pussy slipping across his stomach. She reached down and guided his cock into her soaking pussy. She pressed down and slowly began to grind.

Michael had reached into Taylor’s purse and retrieved a small bottle of lubricate. After rubbing a generous portion along his penis he climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind her, between Kevin’s legs. He reached around her with one hand and tenderly cupped one breast, while his other hand lightly trailed along her back. He then reached down and guided his throbbing member to her ass. Taylor stopped her motion as he penetrated her, slowly pushing his way in, only an inch or so at a time.

Taylor winced and grimaced as Michael’s cock slowly entered her. She took long deep breaths as she tried to push against him. “This is so hot,” she thought to herself. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Kevin laid on the bed perfectly still. He watched Taylor’s face scowl with the pain as Michael slowly entered her. He reached up and rubbed her breasts as they gently brushed across his chest.

Michael gently pushed his way into her, soon reaching his limits. He leaned forward and whispered, “I’m all the way in baby. It’s all up to you now.”

Slowly Taylor began to rock back and forth, taking tiny movements at first, then moving to longer and longer strokes. The two men locked their position, letting Taylor move at her discretion. She could feel both men swell as her action increased. She felt unbelievable, the feeling of the two large cocks inside her at the same time was driving her insane with delight. What pain she had been feeling was now drowned by the pure ecstasy she was experiencing.

“Oh God. Oh God,” she screamed between muffled grunts. She pulled up, letting each cock slide to just the edge pulling out of her, then she pushed back hard, letting each member travel as deep as possible. Her moans were soon joined as Michael and Kevin began to join in the strange chorus. For several minutes she slowly increased her motion, becoming more and more rapid.

Kevin was trying not to erupt as he felt Taylor grind against him. He could feel the pressure from Michael’s cock as she slid back and forth. He bit down on his tongue in an effort to curb his excitement.

Michael too attempted to contain the intense pleasure he was feeling. All night he had been teased and taunted by Taylor’s daring actions, now he didn’t know how long he could last. She felt so good. He felt as though his fuse had been lit and he would explode at any moment.

Taylor could tell both men were at the brink, but she too was on the verge of pure bliss. She had never felt so good. Her body was on fire. She closed her eyes and in an almost frenzy like state pushed her body forward and backward in a violent motion.

Suddenly she felt her body tense, her muscles lock. She pushed her hips down hard against the men and held it. “Ooooohhhh God! … Aaaaaahhhh!” she screamed as her body jerked and squirmed. She shook and trembled as she as she took a long, deep breath. “MMMMmmmmmmaaaaahhh!” she screamed.

Kevin and Michael couldn’t resist any longer and both nearly simultaneously erupted inside her. Taylor could feel both cocks pulse and squirt inside her. Michael had tensed his body and was grasping hard at Taylor’s hips. Kevin had also locked his body, pushing his hips upwards and driving his prick as deep as it would go. She could feel the hot cum squirt out from her ravaged holes, the pearl liquid oozing and dripping down her legs.

Taylor soon collapsed onto Kevin’s chest as Michael pulled out of her and plopped down on the bed beside them. Taylor soon rolled over and positioned herself between the two men, spreading her legs and laying them over each of the men’s legs. As the threesome lay on the bed, panting and gasping for air, Taylor felt her heart beat pounding in her chest.

“Well, that was awesome,” Taylor said between breaths. She rolled over to Kevin and, with a pouty smile, whispered in his ear. “So sweetie, same time next week?”

The End

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