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Trick or Treat (MMF)

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Halloween night started like any other night. I came home from work and Vickie was busy cleaning up the house and getting ready for the annual visit from the Trick or Treaters. As I was changing, Vickie informed me that Ron was coming over for dinner and she hoped I didn't mind. Ron was a friend of hers from work who was single and had nothing to do that night. V felt bad for him and invited him over to join us for some Chinese food and help hand out some candy.

Ron arrived shortly before dark and the three of us sat in the living room for some pleasant conversation. We each took turns answering the door as the kids came knocking. At around 7pm, we started dinner. V surprised me by preparing some margaritas to go with dinner. We ate and drank and by 8pm the flow of kids had virtually stopped. V suggested we play cards and she suggested we play a card game we learned in China. Ron didn't know the game so we played a few practice rounds. Once he got the hang of it, we started playing for real. V surprised me yet again by suggesting that the loser lose an article of clothing. Holy shit! Here was my shy quiet wife of 22 years suggesting we play strip poker! I guess the margaritas had affected me as much as V, so I agreed. Ron was in agreement as well, so the game began.

I lost the first hand and also lost my shirt. Ron lost the next round and his shirt as well. V's luck however changed and she lost the next two rounds. First she lost her shirt and when she lost the next round, Ron and I requested she remove her bra. She was hesitant at first but we reminded her that rules were rules. She slowly took off the straps but was holding her bra up against her boobs. Ron reached over and unsnapped the back. She was surprised and leaned back causing her bra to fall away exposing her tits. I quickly snatched the bra away. My wife doesn't have huge tits but she has the most unbelievably large dark nipples ever. Both Ron and I simply admired her beautiful tits. Ron then looked at me and said "I hope you don't mind if I just stare at your wife's tits." I looked at the smile on her face and just said "go right ahead".

I still couldn't believe I was sitting here with another guy playing cards and staring at my wife's tits. A few more rounds and Ron and I were down to our underwear. Ron was sporting quite the bulge in his and mine was just as big. V didn't miss an opportunity to "accidentally" brush against our bulges. V lost the next round and it was her turn to remove something. She was topless and just had on a pair of lounge pants. She was again hesitant to remove it. I don't know if it was the margaritas or my horniness or maybe both, but I said "Fuck this shit", got up and went over to V and pushed her back on the sofa. I told Ron to hold her down as I proceeded to remove her pants for her. Ron, of course, took every opportunity to squeeze her tits and pinch her very sensitive nipples. I practically ripped my underwear off as I got between her legs and slid my cock into her very wet pussy. I looked up and saw that Ron had managed to free his cock and get V's lips wrapped around it. So there we were, I was sliding my cock in and out of V's pussy while she sucked on Ron's cock as he continued to pinch her nipples. V was moaning and Ron just kept repeating "Oh my God" over and over. The whole scene was surreal to say the least and I couldn't believe I was fucking my wife while watching her suck another man's cock.

After a while, Ron asked if we could switch. I withdrew my cock from V's pussy and he took his cock from her mouth. He ripped his underwear off and moved around between my wife's legs. I offered my pussy juice moistened cock to V which she hungrily sucked into her mouth. As she did, Ron slid his cock into her soaked pussy. I asked him if she was wet enough and he replied "she is sopping wet". V was doing quite the number on my engorged manhood as Ron started to increase his motion. Soon he was pounding V with such force that she was moving several inches along the couch. Ron just kept saying "thank you" over and over again. I couldn't believe that I was watching another man fuck the shit out of my wife in front of me. V was a real trooper she moaned as Ron fucked her but never stopped giving me the most incredible blowjob of my life.

We switched again and Ron quickly placed his cock into V's mouth. This time I decided to taste my wife's well fucked pussy and I put my head into the proper position. She was unbelievably wet. She moaned as I ran my tongue along her pussy and tasted her very sweet juices. After a while I focused on her clit and started running my tongue back and forth across her pleasure button. Ron had started to fuck her mouth and was moving his hips back and forth at a rapid pace. The combination of my tongue and Ron's cock quickly brought V to the summit and she started cumming very loudly. Thank God no kids were coming to the door any more because someone would have certainly called the police. V screamed out loud as her body was rocked by a very intense orgasm. It was so intense she squirted pussy juice all over the couch.

Ron couldn't hold it any longer as he saw my wife cum that he started squirting buckets of hot white cum all over V's face. She recovered quickly enough to grab his cock into her mouth to take a deep drink from the exploding fire hose. I couldn't take it any more and plunged my dick into her very wet pussy and fucked her like a demon. In no time, I was squirting buckets of my own cum into her already wet pussy grunting like some wild beast. As I pulled out, I noticed Ron was still hard as a rock and he wanted to fuck V some more.

He sat on the couch and got V to straddle him. She lowered herself down onto Ron's cock and they both began a steady slow fucking. V was riding Ron's cock, lowering herself down to get as much of his cock into her as she could. Watching this made my cock spring back to life in no time. Since this was already a wild evening I decided to give V her first (and mine!) DP. I slowly moved myself behind her and started to lubricate my cock with her plentiful juices. Ron never missed a beat and just kept fucking her with a steady rhythm. I thought V would freak out as soon as she realized what I was doing but she just looked back at me with lust filled eyes and just said "be gentle". I almost blew another load right there.

Ron figured out was I was doing and stopped long enough for me to slide my cock into V's ass. She was so lubricated and relaxed from both the sex and the alcohol that I slid effortlessly into her ass. I held it in place for a few minutes to let her get used to it and then started a slow fucking motion. Ron started fucking her as well and he matched my motion. It was very weird yet totally erotic feeling his cock inside my wife. We kept up our synchronized motion and soon V was screaming for us to fuck her harder. I asked her how it felt and all she said was "shut up and fuck me harder". It didn't take long for her to reach another intense orgasm which caused both her pussy and ass to contract and throb all at once. Ron started cumming first. "Oh my God I'm cumming, I'm cumming" was all he could say as he shot his load into my wife's pussy. That sent me over the edge and I unloaded into my wife's ass with several grunts.

It was quite amazing as we pulled our cocks out of V and I saw the cum just ooze out of her pussy and ass. Ron got up and got dressed and thanked the two of us for a wonderful evening. He and V exchanged a deep kiss and he and I shook hands before he let himself out. I turned to V and gave her the most passionate kiss ever. She then asked me how I liked my treat. I didn't answer her. I just smiled, took her by the hand and led her to our bed where I proceeded to lick her pussy clean. This certainly turned out to be the best Halloween ever.

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