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Tree Trimming Party, MFM

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This year I decided to put up a Christmas tree to help celebrate the holiday season. So in order to make the monotony of decorating the tree a little more fun I decided to throw a little party and have everyone help trim the tree. It was a small group that ended up coming over, three guys, Brian, Rick and myself, and one girl, Lisa.

We were all having fun putting up the lights and decorations, talking, snacking on finger foods and having drinks. Rick had decided to make margaritas; he had some new recipes that he wanted to try out on anyone willing. Lisa was drinking wine. After we finished decorating the tree we just hung out and talked and continued drinking. It was quickly approaching midnight when Brian decided to call it a night and head home, little did he know what he was about to miss out on, but I had no idea what was about to happen either.

After Brian left, Rick, Lisa and I decided to play some card games. We tried a little black jack, poker, but settled in playing ?31? more than the others. We decided to incorporate a little drinking into the game, losers had to do shots and of course the winner could as well should they choose to do so. The shot of choice became Tequila. Before long we were all well on our way to getting knock down drunk, so we decided to pull back on the shots. Then it happened, the idea of the loser taking off an article of clothing had been put out there but no one had taken it any further. Until I lost the next hand, I took my shirt off and waited to see everyone?s reaction, Lisa?s more so than Rick?s.

Lisa raised an eye brow at me and the game continued. It wasn?t until she lost the next hand that things got really interesting. She looked at Rick and I and then shrugged her shoulders and pealed off her shirt, exposing her shapely breasts inside a very sexy pink bra. The game was on. I lost the next hand and my pants in the process. The game continued for a while with each person taking turns loosing hands and then loosing a piece of clothing. I was the first to loose all my clothes, Lisa leaned over to peak at me in my birthday suit. We played a few more hands until everyone was naked. At that point Rick asked what next, and so I suggested that if Rick or I lost that we would get to give Lisa a kiss and if she lost she would give Rick and I a kiss. Everyone agreed and the game continued. The first hand took a while for someone to lose, the anticipation was growing, as was my hard-on, which was getting harder to conceal under the table. And then it happened, I lost the next hand. We were all sitting on the floor around the coffee table, I began to work my way around the table to where Lisa was sitting, and she was obviously getting a little nervous as to what may happen. As I drew closer she leaned in to give me a kiss, without warning I gently pushed her on her back so she was lying on her back. I spread her legs and began licking her pussy, she resisted until my tongue found her hardening clit and then she began to moan with pleasure. She kept saying ?stop?, ?oh that feels good?, ?no?, ?oh yes right there?, until she completely relaxed her legs and stopped fighting as I continued to lick her. She was getting very wet with her own juices as I continued to lick her in all the places that she likes. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the pleasures bestowed upon her. Rick was content to sit back and enjoy the show being put on in front of him. That was until Lisa invited him to join us, Lisa reached out and began to stroke Rick?s leg and as she did he moved closer and began to gently caress her upper body and then he leaned over and kissed her. As he leaned in she reached for his ever growing hard-on and began to stroke him as they kissed and I continued to lick her.

Lisa was moaning and enjoying being the center of attention from two guys, a first for her. I slowly worked my way up her stomach and began kissing and nibbling her right nipple. About the time I was circling my tongue around her nipple Rick was doing the same to her left nipple. As I moved up to kiss her she reached for my hard-on and began to stroke me as our lips met. At one point she had a hard cock in each hand and each of us caressing her body and nibbling on her nipples. Needless to say she was hot, very wet, and ready to have a cock in her. She tugged at my hard-on pulling me closer to her face and pushed Rick?s hard-on down towards her pussy. As he entered her, quite easily, I slid into her waiting mouth. She took me deep in her mouth as Rick was sliding deep in her pussy at the same time, she moaned with pleasure. As she lay on her back with Rick sliding in and out of her dripping pussy I was sliding in and out of her mouth with my rock hard cock.

I pulled back to watch as Rick put her legs over his shoulders and gave her everything he was worth, slamming into her pussy over and over again. I caressed her breasts and body while Rick was deep in her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was still as wet as when it all started, based on how sloppy her pussy sounded when Rick slid in and out of her. Just as Rick began to slowly thrust into her, she looked at him and said, ?cum in my pussy?, and with that Rick unloaded deep inside her pussy. As he slid out of her and sat back me and said to me, ?I want you, now?, she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, sliding my cock deep inside her cum filled pussy and said, ?this is what I?ve been wanting? and then slammed her pussy down on top of me, instantly covering me with her juices and Rick?s cum. I could feel their juices running down my shaft and on to my balls as she slid up and down on me with every stroke. She leaned over on me and said ?I hope you liked watching him fuck me, now I am going to fuck you until you cum inside of me?. Then she slowly pushed herself as far down on me as she could, I could tell she was positioning herself to hit her favorite spot, the spot that makes her squirt when she cums, the spot I like as much as she does. She pushed down, slowly grinding her hips on my cock, hitting her favorite spot over and over again. I lost track of how many times she hit that spot again and again, then she stopped, held her breath and I felt her cum start to run down my legs and she let out the sexiest moan imaginable, she lifted herself up and began to cum hard, squirting cum all over my cock and stomach. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her face flushed with lust and the release of her orgasm. Her sweat glistened in the fire?s light as she collapsed on top of me. We kissed and she smiled as she said to me, ?you have the greatest cock, now when are you going to cum in me?? we sat up together facing each other, still hard as a rock and buried deep inside of her. I looked over her shoulder at Rick, he was stroking his now hard cock, I spun her around on my lap so she could see him. I pushed her up onto her hands and knees, which in turn put her face right in front of Rick?s cock, she wasted no time in taking him deep in her mouth. As she started taking him in and out of her mouth, I positioned myself behind her and slowly began to slide into her tight ass. She moaned as I slid deep inside her ass, she was so wet from all the cum that there was no resistance as I slid into her ass until my hips met her ass cheeks.

It didn?t take long before we got into a rhythm together, as she took him deep in her throat I would slide almost out of her, as I slid deep in her ass she almost had him out of her mouth. Occasionally I would slide out of her ass and into her pussy, which was still dripping cum, and then back in her ass again. Each time she moaned Rick got closer to cumming in her mouth. Finally as I was deep in her ass, she moaned and took him deep in her mouth, this time he exploded, she moaned more and that made me explode deep inside her ass. I felt her hand tickling my balls as she fingered herself, and then she squirted some more as she came right after us. By this time she had lost nearly all control of her body and became very relaxed as her body continued to convulse from another powerful orgasm. She barely swallowed any of Rick?s cum as she was in such a daze from her orgasm, she squeezed Rick?s cock and all the cum she could out of it and rubbed his cum around her mouth and face using his cock. As I slid out of her ass I watched as my cum slowly dripped from her well fucked ass until it joined with the cum dripping from her pussy. We lay together for a while enjoying the heat from the fire. I was gently massaging Lisa?s legs while Rick massaged her back as she lay on his legs. She moaned as we helped her relax even more. It wasn?t long before she started to drift off to sleep, with that, I picked her up and carried her into the bed room, laid her in bed and covered her up. I climbed into bed next to her and she rolled over into my arms, her hand caressing my chest and stomach until her hand found my now growing hard on. She looked up at me and said, ?you ready to use this again?? and with that she pulled me on top of her and guided my now rock hard cock into her well lubricated and well fucked pussy. Then she said, ?Now fuck me nice and slow?. It wasn?t long before she was cumming again and again until she had had enough and told me to cum deep inside her. I pushed deep inside her as I exploded and then collapsed on top of her, she wrapped her arms around me, we kissed, and fell fast asleep.

We slept soundly until morning, but that?s another story?

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