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Tommy's First Time

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J, my boyfriend, and T had worked together for almost a year. I often took both of them dinner at work and T always bragged about how good he was at eating pussy. I would go along with his stories, not wanting him to know how turned on I was. J and I had swapped with some other couples, and even went to one of the local clubs a few times, so swinging was nothing new to us. J and I talked about inviting T over after work one night so I could "judge" how good his oral talents really were. J said he would bring him home Saturday night after work.

That night I started getting ready about 10pm. I dressed in a short black skirt and a white cotton button down blouse. No bra or panties. Around midnight, I made myself comfy on the couch and waited for the boys to get home. About 12:30 hey came though the door. J came over and gave me a kiss and went into the kitchen. I said hi to T who took a seat in the recliner a few feet away from the couch. T is usually loud mouth, high strung, and full of fire, but tonight he seemed different, almost to the point of being nervous. He sat quietly in the recliner just staring at me. J offered him a beer and excused himself to take a shower. On his way to the bathroom, J said, "Hey man, help yourself while I'm gone. I'll only be a few minutes." T looked at J and then looked at me, then back at J. J walked off to the bathroom and I said to T, "What are you waiting for?"

T looked back towards the bathroom and said "J is just around the corner. Are you sure he's okay with this?" "You wouldnt be here if he wasnt. Now dont make me wait all night." With that, T made his way to the couch. As I lay on the couch with my legs slightly parted, T came over and kneeled on the floor next to me. He put his hand on my knee and slowly slid his hand up find to my bald cunt. I pulled my skirt up to give him a nice view of my perfectly shaved pussy. I told T, "Get to work and show me what you've been talking about all this time."

With that, he crawled between my legs and started to kiss my plump lips. He then slowly spread them to expose the wet ping inner folds of my pussy. He gently started licking my clit, softly flicking it with the thip of his tongue a few times, then giving it a long slow suck. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his skilled tongue and let out a few soft moans. He started to work a finger into my wet slot as he was still sucking on my clit. He then worked in a second finger and started fucking me with his fingers while licking and sucking my swollen clit. He fucked me with his fingers for what seemed like an eternity. He quickened the pace with his fingers and tongue. I couldnt stand it any longer and I could feel the warmth swell up inside me as I grabbed his head, pushing his face into my cunt. "I'm gonna cum!" I moaned and he pushed his fingers hard into my pussy and pressed down on my clit with is tongue. He held his fingers in my cunt, feeling me spasm and squeeze him as I came. He pulled them out and licked my juices, then put them to my lips. I licked my cum from his hands and said "It's your turn now."

I got up and led T to the bedroom. I could see his cock bulging in his pants. He stated taking off his shirt while I unzipped his pants. I pulled his jockeys to the floor and ran my hands back up his legs to his cock. I cupped his balls in my hand and stated to gently lick them. I alternated between kisses, licks, and gently sucking. T started to moan as he looked down at me sucking his balls. I kept massaging his balls while I slowly kissed my way to his hard shaft. I kissed his head and licked the salty pre cum that had formed while I was licking his balls. I wrapped my warm wet lips around his cock and engulfed his entire shaft, right up to his balls. He moaned loudly and I could feel his knees start to shake. I slowly started stroking his cock with my lips while playing with his ball sack. His moans kept getting louder and louder with each new stroke. He started moving his hips and fucking my mouth as I greedily kept sucking. I felt his cock get even harder and then he announced that he was going to cum. I grabbed his ass with my hands and pushed his cock down my throat. He filled my mouth with his hot seed and I swallowed every last drop of cum. I cleaned his still hard shaft with my tongue, licking up every last bit of jism I could find.

T laid down on the bed to relax just as J opened the door and asked, "Are you guys ready for round two?" "I need a few minutes to recoup" T said. I said, "T's got me all warmed up, now its your turn to take over J."

J and I crawled on the bed next to T so he could see all the action up close. I laid J down on his back and put my freshly fucked mouth around his half hard cock. I slowly started stroking his shaft as I licked and sucked his head. Within a few minutes, he was rock hard. I was more than ready to feel a hard dick inside my wet pussy and I climed on top of J and began rubbing his head against my clit. I rubbed from my clit, across my cunt hole, then to my ass and back. J couldnt stand the teasing any longer and grabbed my shoulders, pushing me down onto his hard shaft. I could feel all of his 8" filling my pussy and I moaned as I started working his cock in and out of my sopping cunt. I noticed T watching and stroking his new hard on. I kept fucking J's cock until I couldnt stand it any longer...I was cumming hard and I could feel my pussy tighten around J's hard member. I colapsed onto J's chest to enjoy the moment.

T quickly jumped to his knees and said, "Okay, my turn now!" J started to lift me off his cock and I told him "No! I want T to fuck me in the ass while you fuck me in the pussy." Next thing I knew T had his head at my asshole, starting to press in. J started getting harder at the thought of me getting both holes filled at the same time. T slowly pushed his head against my backdoor. It had been months since my last dp, so my ass was very tight. I pushed back against T and slowly his cock entered my ass. It hurt a little at first, but then he stretched me enough that it felt wonderful. T moaned, "Oh my god, its so fucking tight" and slowly started working his shaft in and out. I loved the feeling of two cocks filling my holes and knew it wouldnt take long for me to cum. Once T was all the way inside, him and J started fucking both my holes. They developed their rythym and quickened the pace. The feeling of having my pussy and ass full of hard cocks was almost too much for me to bear. I was moaning and begging them, "Fuck me harder, make me cum...please!"

About that time, T's cock really stiffened and he said, "I'm gonna cum in your ass baby." Then I felt his hot sperm fill my tight ass, shooting more cum into me with each spasm. I felt an overwelming orgasm well up from his hot seed filling my ass. With his cock still in my ass, J's cock started filling my pussy with his cum, and then it washed over me. I came so hard I almost pushed both cocks out of me. I fell onto J's chest and T laid on my back, both cocks still in their holes.

We laid together in a heap until their cocks went soft and slid out. T started to get dressed as I laid on the bed in a blissfull state. "Thats the tightest ass I've ever fucked! When can I have seconds?" T said. With a grin, I said, "How about next weekend?"

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