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Tim and the real life swingers

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Tim and the real life swingers

My story has very few of the typical erotic story cast. I play with normal middle aged people. Some of them are attractive, but most of us have somewhat soft and droopy bodies. There are some pretty big dicks in the group, but mine isn’t one of them. But I sure do have a good time.

I’m Tim, 59, and my fuck-buddy is Marti, 54. We have having sex for about 8 years and been swinging for about 7. We both are happily married, but not to each other. We love our spouses, but we fully understand the difference between sex and love. We both have tried to convince our spouses to get involved in the lifestyle without success. Frankly, I think we might have tried harder if we both weren't well pleased with our opportunities for recreational sex together. We live in small cities about 200 miles apart and that has both limited our play opportunities, but offered enough for us to have plenty of fun.

We have become connected to a swing group in a third town that’s not to far away. They have bar meets every Friday and I gather it’s not unusual for there to be an after-party, but we only get to see them at house parties 2-3 times every year. We like the group members a lot and the parties seem to be getting better.

One of our first parties with them was at John’s house well into the country on the far outskirts of the city, but convenient for us, because that made our drive shorter. We didn’t really know John and his wife and it may not have been great for their relationship since the next thing we heard about them was that they had split. Every couple does swinging for different reasons and a good relationship will stay that way and a relationship that’s in trouble won’t be cured.

There were 25-30 couples at John’s house, plus 3-4 single women and 6-8 single men. The upstairs of the house had one big room that had about 6 mattresses scattered around, plus a big sofa. There also was a sex swing that someone had brought over, plus a Sybian. There were a couple of downstairs bedrooms used for the party, but they were for people who closed the doors. We like sex in the open, group play and nudity, so we didn’t pay much attention to those. One other thing that we never saw in use, unfortunately, was a row of hanging sheets in the backyard that had 8-inch holes cut out, clearly meant to be gloryholes. Maybe someone will think of that at a future party.

The couple we know best from the group was at the party Frankie and Fred- everyone refers to them as F&F. I did a lot more watching at that party than at others, but Frankie saved the day for me. Within a few minutes after we arrived, she was sitting in a chair, sucking my dick with that wonderful mouth of hers as I stood in the middle of the group. I didn’t cum that time, but it still was wonderful. This gives me a moment to separate real life swinging from a lot of stories I’ve read. Most guys are not able to cum repeatedly over a short period, certainly not the middle aged guys I know. Viagra truly is a miracle drug, but it has its limits. And every woman is not a trim 5’2”, with pert 36DD breasts and super bodies. Frankie has a potbelly and a lumpy ass, but she’s pretty and sweet and very sexy and attractive.

Within an hour, there was a great scene in the upstairs party room. It was a sexy setting, not because of romantic lighting, the bright ceiling lights were on. It was sexy because of all of the great sex going on. I found myself standing near the center and as I slowly turned around clockwise I here’s what I saw.

 Two fully dressed couples sitting on the sofa enjoying the great view.

 A mattress with two couples, side by side, fucking each other’s spouses. I didn’t recognize either couple, but it was plain old fucking.

 The sex swing with a slightly geeky looking guy sitting in it. He wore glasses and seemed a little embarrassed, but he had a huge dick. This one was close enough to the big dicks I read about in erotica, but the guy was no Greek god. His wife stood by chatting with three women who were taking turns kneeling and sucking that huge cock. It was pretty sexy to see. I don’t anticipate ever taking a cock in the ass, but when things fall together for me to jerk off a guy or even suck cock, it would be interesting to try one like that.

 Next were two mattresses in a corner, once again with couples doing each other’s spouses. This time I did know one couple, Steve and Barbara. He’s very popular with the group and gets fucked a lot. He’s very medium in stature, he doesn’t have a big dick, he’s mostly quiet, but he’s a friendly, charming guy. Barb is pretty enough, but she’s nowhere near the charmer Steve is, but she seems to like sex OK and when Steve charms a woman, she fucks the husband. Now that I think about it, Steve was fucking and Barbara was having her pussy licked.

 Here’s another aside comparing erotic stories to real life. Nearly everyone shaves. There’s a certain amount of pubic hair around, but not much. Most pussies are completely bald. MMMMMM  The last mattress had Vivian and some guy, fucking away. Vivian is one of the most attractive women in the group. She has Asian heritage, but it’s not easy to say what her ethnic background is, Hispanic? Arab? Native America? She also is a popular partner for the guys. I’m sure she prefers guys much younger than I am, but maybe someday…

 Our last stop is back in front of the sofa where Marti and Frankie are playing with the Sybian. Sybians have several attachments, most of them are typical dildos, but one is a double attachment. It’s meant for one to fill a woman’s pussy while the second fills her ass, but Marti and Frankie have decided to ride it together. They’ve lowered their pussies together onto the two pink protrusions and they both are shrieking as the Sybian roars away. Marti doesn’t do much bi play and Frankie was just realizing that she likes bi a lot, but they sure had fun.

Let me move to a more recent party- just a few weeks ago. Artie and Cathy are frequent hosts of parties for the group and they came through again. They have a nice suburban home in a regular neighborhood with big enough lots that the neighbors can’t hear orgasm screams, well, as long as the windows are closed. At the last minute, Marti had to back out. In-laws were visiting and decided to stay longer than planned. She decided not to tell them that she had an important sex party to attend with her fuck buddy, but not her husband.

That sort of problem arises sometimes for our relationship and we just don’t worry about it. We know we’ll get to a club or another party before too long. However, this time, I had arranged to visit my adult daughter in the town where the party would be and decided to attend as a single. Every impression I have is that my daughter- she’s 30- has similar attitudes to mine about sex and someday, I might connect her to the lifestyle, not to be involved with her myself, but because she’d like it. That’s another story. I went to this party as a single.

Artie and Cathy host good parties, but this one was very good. Their major contribution is their home- that’s saying a lot- and their charm. Others from the group join in to do pre- and post-part clean up. People are pretty respectful of the place and everyone brings food, ice and drinks. In fact, the worst problem is the amount of food that gets thrown out. When I arrived alone, lots of people asked where’s Marti and there was disappointment that she couldn’t make it, but there was no problem that I was there as a single. Total attendance for the night was about 20 couples, 2-3 single women and 6-8 single guys, including me. It’s not unusual for there to be a lot of non-players at these parties, but participation was higher than usual. Artie and Cathy have a pool, but it was too cool to use this time. There were three outdoor seating area where people gathered, one was for smokers around a small fire pit, one was on a secluded porch that often has playing, but I didn’t notice if there was some this time. Indoors there is a big-screen TV showing NASCAR- not my thing- a family room with tables of drinks and food, plus sofas, two small BRs for private play a social room with a pool table, a big master BR with a big bed and a sofa and, finally, a DR with mattresses instead of a table.

The DR wasn’t in use when I arrived, but the rest of the house was busy. I made a round to say hellos to old friends, apologies from Marti and smiles to people I hadn’t met or didn’t remember. Since I didn’t plan to stay long, I didn’t waste a lot of time getting to the master bedroom, home base for hardcore sex. Sure enough, there were about six bodies on the king bed and a couple more people standing or kneeling on the floor, but participating. In the middle was a sexy old friend, Sheri. She and Tom had only been in town for three years, but they were quickly major players. I don’t know all of the details, but Tom has special oral skills and techniques with toys that make calm women into screamers. Another woman was Marie whom I’d met, but didn’t know well. A third woman on the bed was Debbie whom I never had met before. Debbie’s husband is TJ. I met him early in the evening in another room, but didn’t realize until later that they were a couple. There were men there, too, but I didn’t pay close attention to them. Well, I did say hello to Luis whose dick was in Debbie’s cunt. Another half dozen people were around the room, standing or sitting and watching the action. One of them was Donna who is a full 6’2”. I’m 6’5” and enjoy being around tall women. Donna and I will play someday.

I wandered around the whole area one more time, but headed back to the master bedroom where real sex was happening. I put my clothes in a corner and joined the spectators circling the bed. There had been a few changes in who was fucking and sucking whom, but is was the same basic group. Very shortly, Marie looked my way and said, “You can’t have much fun way over there.” That seemed to be good advice, so I moved over to kneel on the bed and place my balls in her mouth. That was a very good idea, because she sucked them very firmly, but gently. At that moment, Luis was eating Marie’s pussy, but he very shortly moved up to fuck her hard. That distracted her a little, but she continued to suck my cock while I leaned forward toward Debbie and Sheri who were lying in opposite directions with their breasts more or less next to each other. As usual, someone was pounding Sheri’s cunt and our host Cathy was eating Debbie’s and both were receptive as I sucked one’s nipple, then the other’s. In most erotica, the writer would expound on the women being 36-24-36 with taut bodies, but none of these women were at all like that. All three were voluptuous with plenty of curves and that sexy attitude that matters most of all.

A few minutes later, I had my chance to do something that had been on my mind for years. As the evening went on, there were people were coming and going and cumming on the bed. It was great fun to watch and be part of it. Then I noticed that Shari was sucking a dick, but her pussy was available. I circled the bed to get in position and saw the swollen, dark red lips with the well-worn hole in the center, I had to get a taste of that nasty thing and it was great. Almost as soon as I began to suck her clit, she began to cum. I think eating pussy is one of the best things I do, but that fast reaction was hers, not my tongue. I don’t care, I just wanted that pussy. After a few minutes, it was time for the next step and I slid my elderly dick right in. It was wet and warm and within a few minutes of slamming it deep, I came hard and wet. I had been waiting and waiting to fuck Sheri and I was right to anticipate the pleasure. But then one of those things that happen in a group grope came along. One of the new players who had joined us on the bed was getting Luis’ best fuck when she let out a shriek. Not a prolonged orgasm, but a howl that made the hole room jump. Everyone quickly broke into laughter, but my dick was out of Sheri and I moved aside for a guy I didn’t know, but whose desire for Sheri’s pussy was very familiar.

I spent some time wandering the house nude- the semi-official rule is when it comes off, it stays off. That made it very pleasant to move through crowded passages and rub my dick against clothed and naked bodies. As the evening wore on, there was more and more action to watch. My friend Nick is a great guy who is an organizer for the group- people call him Uncle Nick. He and his wife don’t play as often as many of the rest of us, but he has some fun along the way. I watched Nick talk with Al who was unfamiliar to me, but who was very interesting because he seemed to be the center of attention for two women. I soon learned that Robin was Al’s wife, the other was her sister, Heidi. I watched as Al seemed to instruct both of them to engage in activities with several men and women at the party. While Nick and Al stood and talked, Heidi kneeled and quietly sucked Nick’s cock. She was very gentle and the two men continued the conversation with a brief falter when Nick grimaced. The reason was obvious when Heidi showed those of us nearby that she had a mouthful of Nick’s cum. She held the little white pool on her tongue for us to see, then swallowed it and walked away.

From the place where Al and Nick stood, they could see the mattresses in the DR where Heidi was among a small group that soon grew to about 10. One of my favorite couples, Mary Beth and Brian, joined in, but as they walked by, Mary Beth very briefly took my dick into her mouth for just a moment- thanks to Viagra, it was still pretty firm. She then dove into the mini-orgy, but it was a nice reminder of the last party at Artie and Cathy’s. Brian and I had taken turns fucking Marti on the big bed, but I had moved aside to watch him put his cock deep in Marti’s ass. It was a very enjoyable sight, but it seems Mary Beth wandered into the room and watched us. When she realized I was simply watching, she slipped onto the bed and gave me a superior BJ. I hadn’t expected her to do that and it was an arousing surprise, but boy could she suck! Marti always enjoyed that group and it was a shame she missed the party, but I had no regrets about attending without her. Our mutual goal is to get the other one fucked as often as possible, so I give her credit for my great night. We hope to get to a club within the next couple of weeks and I’ll do my best to find a couple of nice guys to put their cocks deep into that sweet cunt.

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