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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Threesum With A Twist".


Threesum with a twist

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Living a wild threesome fuck fest has been a fantasy of mine for a long time and when my babe asked if I was interested in sharing another sexy babe with her I had no objections at all. My fantasy was to take my babe by force and encourage her to lick a long haired beauty's hot pussy. I wanted her to be submissive to my needs as we role-play a hot threesome bi babe fuck fest.

It was an awesome Saturday night. We'd been out for dinner and drinks and before I knew it we were sitting back in our apartment chatting to an escort that we had arranged to meet us that night. For some reason she knew exactly what we wanted and before long just like in a fantasy we were in the bedroom and I was giving my submissive babe one of the best erotic spankings ever imaginable.

Damn I was horny and I knew she was too especially with another girl watching everything we were doing. I looked across just as the horny babe watching us was dipping her fingers into her honey pot and with every spank she flicked her fingers across her clit making her twitch and moan along with Candice.

With every spank Candice's smooth mound rubbed against my throbbing cock and I knew I had to have two babes soon…. But not yet…I wanted to savour this very special session

Candice's hair was in my hands as I rode her hard. My cock pounded in and out of her pussy with incredible wet sloppy sounds. The slap of our bodies seemed to echo along with her moans and wails as I rode her faster and faster.

I pulled hard on her hair and she reared up and arched her back. I held her face forward with her reigns so that she couldn't drop down to the bed. She was panting and screaming now as my cock slammed deep into her, my balls slapping across her clit with each thrust. I took all of her hair in one hand and spanked her ass hard just to hear her squeal.

The other girl waited, playing with her pussy as she watched. She loved watching us fuck. As her fingers slid deep into her shaved pussy, she spread her lips so I could see her honey nectar dripping down. She smiled as I watched her and slid two fingers deep into her pussy finger banging it hard and fast for me. I pulled on Candice's hair harder and slammed my cock in as fast as I could, making her scream even louder.

Finally Candice was moaning and groaning and I knew she was about to experience a wild orgasm. I motioned for the other girl that this was the time. She slid her ass across the sheet and was in front of Candice, pussy raised slightly. Candice was whimpering and my pulling of the hair became a grabbing of her mass of long hair and pushing her face into the other girl's wet pussy.

Between the horny hooker and I we manage to face plant Candice into a sweet dripping pussy. She didn't hesitate as her tongue lashed out lapping at that wonderfully pink cunt.

Candice even shocked me as she took to licking pussy like a duck takes to water. With the way the horny hooker was moaning as she pressed her slit harder against Candice's tongue I knew she was enjoying it too. I couldn't help myself I fucked and spanked and fucked Candice some more. I could feel that familiar stirring in my balls beginning to happen and from behind me I heard the front door close with a slight bang.

I thought perhaps the wind had blown another door shut but with footsteps coming from behind and my cock buried deep inside my babe's hot pussy I briefly glanced behind me just in time to see a tanned stud smiling back at me.

He stripped naked as fast as possible and when he said hi to the horny hooker I knew then that she had invited him. The thought that passed through my mind at that time was the more the merrier until I felt him on the bed behind me.

I continued pounding into Candice as she continued licking the horny escort's hot pussy; she was oblivious to what was happening around us. With the guy kneeling behind me, I suddenly felt his hand playing with my balls…

"What the fuck?" I looked at the horny hooker who had the cheekiest smile on her face…

"Enjoy!" she gasped… "You wanted something a little different, so you've got your wish!"

Whatever this guy was doing sure felt good. He pushed me forward so I was almost lying over Candice. Her moans of pleasure were a real turn on especially with this guy behind touching me in all the right places.

His fingers caressed my balls before tracing a path up to my puckered hole. I'd never been touched there before and the way I was feeling was a little daunting but I was eager for him to keep playing with me. I felt him spread my cheeks and as he did so I felt his soft but firm tongue licking around the outside of my ass.

Oh shit! He was rimming my ass and I was fucking enjoying it. I could hear myself moaning as he tongue fucked me long and hard. Before I knew it he managed to slip a finger into my tight hole and slowly he began to finger me.

How I stopped from blowing my load at that point in time was beyond me. With two horny babes and guy who some how managed to appear in my threesome bi babe fuck fest fantasy was almost too much. I wasn't sure if I could hold on much longer….

I felt the mystery guy moved a little on the bed behind me, it was then that I realised that he wasn't just pushing his fingers deep inside me. I could feel the head of his cock pushing against my backdoor. I tried to cry out "No!" but he grabbed my hips and thrust forward, the head of his cock piercing my anus like a hot poker.

I grabbed onto Candice and held her tight, the guy behind me wasn't moving, my ass felt like it was on fire and I wasn't game to move. The horny escort looked up at me and smiled, she told me to relax and to enjoy this special moment.

Meanwhile Candice was still munching on a hot pussy burger which turned me on immensely, in fact I managed to focus on the way she wiggled against me every time she licked the horny escorts hard clit… the way she moved and the way she moaned were what did it for me. I began to slowly move back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of Candice's tight pussy and at the same time I was able to set the rhythm for my ass fucking.

When he knew I was relaxed and going with the flow he began to move back and forwards faster and faster until the entire length of his cock was buried deep inside my tight ass.

Within moments I was fucking Candice harder and harder slapping her ass again and again as the mystery guy did as I did until we couldn't hold on any longer. My balls were on fire as I felt the first wad of cum shoot deep inside Candice's juicy pussy. The mystery guy pulled out, fisting his cock showering me with his hot man juice.

The horny escort screamed as she climaxed holding Candice's head tight against her gushing pussy ensuring Candice didn't spill a drop.

For a moment the four of us stayed the way we were and it was as if we were all suspended in time. When we collapsed onto the bed, I looked from the mystery guy to the horny escort to Candice and wondered who had added a twist to my threesome fantasy…

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