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The woman down the street

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Growing up, my parents had parties at our house all the time. The older us kids got, the longer we got to stick around at the parties. I will never forget a party when I was 15. I started noticing my parent's friends more and more the older I got. One couple a few doors down never missed my parent's parties. The wife was a very beautiful woman we called Aunt Pat, even though we were not related. Drinking in the 70's was the norm and they did it alot at my parents parties. One party I will never forget started out like all the others, me and my brothers being stupid and told to shape up or go to bed. I had to use the restroom and knocked before opening the door. Nobody said anything so I thought it was unoccupied. I open the door and there was aunt pat putting on makeup. She said to come on in and use the toliet, she didn't mind. I stood in front of the toliet and took out my cock and started to pee, trying hard not to look at Aunt Pat to see if she was looking at me. When I finished she said hey let me look at your cock, i haven't seen a young man's cock in a long time. Just the thought of showing this beautiful woman my cock made it very hard. Aunt Pat looked at me and down to my cock and then walked over and cuffed it in her hand. She asked me if I ever thought about her? I told her yes all the time. She got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. Right then someone knocked on the door, it scared the shit out of me. Aunt Pat yelled and said I am using it. The voice on the other side of the door was her husband Glen, he yelled back but I need to pee. I was really shitting now, oh my god he is going to kill me. Aunt Pat said don't worry baby he will be ok. She opened the door and let Glen in, he looked at me and her and said kinda young wouldn't you say? I could not believe what I was hearing, at that time I had no idea what a swinger was and they were ones. At 15 the only thing sexual I ever thought of was seeing a woman's tits and that is about it so I could masterbate. Glen started to pee and I just stood there with a cock getting smaller and smaller as I stood there. Glen looked at his wife and said I think you need to suck that thing to make it bigger. She started sucking my cock again and all I could do was look at Glen. Glen looked at me and said kid don't worry you don;t tell me don't tell. As his wife was sucking my cock I noticed Glen started playing with his cock. I tried not to look but it was huge, oh my god I couldn't believe how big it was getting. Glen noticed me starring at his very big cock and asked me if I ever thought about sucking cock? No sir I said. Well how about you try it while you fuck my wife? I never had a gay thought in my mind until that moment. I said yes. I sat on the floor and Aunt Pat laid down on top of my cock, Glen came over and shoved his cock in my mouth, I had no clue how to do both. Since Aunt Pat was going up and down on my cock and then concentrated on sucking Glen's cock. I grabbed a hold of it and started stroking it as it when in and out of mouth. The more I stroked and the bigger my cock got. Then all of the sudden Glen came in my mouth, it was a rush of liquid coming down my throat and I couldn't stop it. As I started swolling the cum my cock exploded inside Aunt Pat. Oh my god it was the most erotic thing ever. Aunt Pat told me clean up her husband's cock, so I licked and licked until he stopped cumming. I sat there dazed and amazed. Aunt Pat said she was proud of me and Glen said we need to do this again. A few days after the party my mom said Aunt Pat and Glen needed me to help me with some things at their house and needed me now. When Aunt Pat answered her door she had a robe on and asked me in. As she closed the door she took the robe off and exposed her naked body. She then started taking my clothes off. When I was completely naked Glen came downstairs naked as well. he looked at me and said you ready to fuck again boy, I smiled. We went into their living room and there were two other couples all naked. Aunt Pay explained to me that she told their friends what happened and both couples said they would love to have sex with a 15 year old boy. We sat and talked first and the let me smoke and drink which was very cool for a 15 year old. I sat there smoking a cigarette with a hard on as one of their friends came over and started sucking my cock, she was not as pretty as Aunt Pat but it didn't matter. the weird thing was I kept thinking about Glen's cock I wanted to suck it again. Aunt Pat asked me later on what i wanted to do and I said with out hesitation that I wanted to suck Glen's cock. The all said they would love to watch. I walked over to Glen and started to suck his cock. As I was kneeling over I started to feel something getting very close to my ass. I tunred around and Aunt Pat has a strap on and she was trying to fuck my ass. I went back to sucking Glen's cock and Aunt Pat started fucking my ass. This was getting better and better. After making Glen come, one of the other woman asked me to fuck her. I went over to a very large woman with very and I mean very large tits. To this day I owe my lust over big woman and big tits to this woman. It was to this day the best fucking I have ever had. I kissed that woman and fucked that woman so much it was amazing. I saw those couples for years and to this day Aunt Pat is still alive and last week I fucked her again. Aunt pat is 71 years old

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