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The other day with a college buddy

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The other day my college buddy called and asked if he could stop over he was going to be in the area and wanted to stop by for a few drinks. I said sure but because it was in the evening I told him he should probably plan to stay the night, if he was going to have more than 1 or 2 he agreed and thought that was a good idea. When we both drink we really drink and with the laws now a days you can?t be too careful. He went shopping for some munchies and stopped at the liquor store to make sure did not run out of anything. After we hung up I jumped in the shower, because it was a hot July day and I was cleaning the house and was sweaty. As I said in my first post I told him I was a nudist and now did not bother to get dressed.

The door bell rang and he came in, helped him with the packages and put the food away and made a few some drinks, we both like a drink called a b52, which are like eating potato chips, you just can?t have 1. We sat down and talked about everything and nothing. After about the third drink we were getting hungry and needed something to eat. I said I have premade Barbeque ribs and we had to just heat them up in the microwave. I did warn him they were kind of messy and might stain his clothes.

Since he did not have a change of clothes I suggested he take at least take his shirt off and could wash up later. Barbeque sauce washes off of skin better than clothing, he said he had a better idea and he just went nude, that way he could jump right in to the shower and wash everything off and the clothes that he was wearing he needed to keep clean for a interview he had the next morning. He neatly folded his clothes and put them on the chair in the bedroom so they would not get dirty or wrinkled. We both ate a rack of ribs and as fiat would have were a total mess. We cleaned up the dishes and through the bones away, and I said I would jump in the shower first a then he can I jumped into the shower did a quick lather and rinsed off. Got out dried up and went in to the living room, telling him that it was his turn. I put a clean towel on the sink and he showered and came back in to the living room. When he came back into the living room he asked if I minded if he stayed nude as the only clothes he brought were the ones he wore here, I said but of course and told him when ever he was here he could ware or not ware what ever he wanted, since most of the time I was nude and never needed to ask.

We both proceeded to have several more drinks and were watching TV. After making a drink for us both, he asked if I had a robe or pair of shorts that he could borrow, he wanted to go outside and smoke a cigarette, told him he did not have to bother he could light up right here and gave him a ash tray, and I occasionally smoke a cigar and might even join him. He commented he never smoked a cigar and always wanted to. With that I got up and opened my humidor and took out 2 cigars out, cut them and gave him one. I was going to introduce him to the fine art of how to smoke a cigar and after that one cigar he would not need to smoke another cigarette for the rest of the night. After a few minutes of instruction he thought it was the best think he had ever done, and was a real bonding moment, both finishing our cigars. By this time we had finished the bottles from the other night and opened the ones he brought.

Apparently this was a real turn on for both of us because we both were hard as a rock, between being nude drinking and the cigar was beyond stimulation. He said we need to take care of this, and that he had a surprise for me, but we both had to shave our pubs off first, I was for a while completely smooth when I dated this girl from college, and loved the feeling but it was to much to keep up, I went in to the bathroom and got out my razor and shave gel and lathered up, carefully shaved everything off and rinsed off the remaining shave gel and washed everything just to make sure. He went in gave him a disposable razor and some shave gel, With in 10 minutes he was done and we both were smooth, God I wanted to play with him and have him lay on top of me right then and there he looked so good. Once we were both dried and everything felt smooth he told me to go and lay on the bed and he would be right in, With in a few minutes he came in with a can of whipped cream and some chocolate syrup this was starting to get interesting. Told me to get a towel and put in on the bed and lay on top of it so we did not get the sheets full of whipped cream or syrup. Then he spread my legs and started to put the whipped cream and syrup all over my rock hard dick and balls. When I was covered he began to slowly lick and eat everything off with his tong driving me totally crazy just as he was about to lick the last bit off he put more whipped cream on my dick slowly licking it then he took my dick and balls in his mouth and sucked them until I could not take it any more, I blew such a load that he nearly gagged and I thought there would be nothing left in me and would never cum again, I all but passed out. He then wiped his face and then placed his lips on mine and deep thought kissed be which was like heaven, the combination of the whipped cream and the syrup mixed with my cum was tasted so good I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We cleaned our faces and I was about to get up and clean my parts when he said it was his turn to cum. I thought he wanted me to do the same to him. But he had other plans, He then knelt on my bed and started to pour the syrup all over my chest and legs along with his, he then laid right on top of me and started to move around, the syrup was both slippery and sticky making me hard again, he kept grinding his dick into mine and kissing right on the mouth. After about 10 minutes of this I could feel his dick start to pulsate and his face was straining then he grabbed the back of my head and locked his mouth so tight against mine and let out a loud moan and came so hard I thought it could never stop, with in seconds I knew I going to cum for the second time and did about the same as the last time. We were both drained and sticky from being covered in syrup and cum, we both un stuck each other and went in to the shower together and got cleaned up with him washing me and I washing him. Both of us dried off went back in to the living room and had a few more drinks.

Being totally drained, after I finished my drink I was going to bed. He said he was to and came in to join me. I we both fell asleep then I felt a weird feeling in my ass and I woke up trying to figure what it was, only to find out he had gone to the kitchen and got a bottle of oil and was fingering my ass with half of his hand inside of me, I was a bit startled but the feeling was to enjoyable to make him stop and just turned to give him a better position. Seeing I was awake he asked how I felt and told him what ever he was doing not to stop. Then he asked if I ever had it up the ass? I replied no, that he was the only guy I had ever done anything with and was new to this bi thing. Taking his hand out of my ass he then leaned over my back and poured some oil on his dick and told me to relax ever so slowly, he entered my ass with his dick, then laid on my back. It felt weird but loved the feeling, and then he started going in and out and asked me if it alright if he came in my ass, if not he had to pull out very shortly he was about to cum, but wishing he could, told him go for it. With that he thrusted me 3 times and came it felt so good that cum was oozing out of my ass, I did not want him to take it out, but he went soft, and had no choice. We both lied back down and went to sleep, only to be awaked a few ours later, by his cell phone. The interview he had that day was moved to another day we fell back asleep and woke up at about 3 in the afternoon both still a little spent from the night before.

He asked if I had plans for the rest of the day, and I told him other than taking a shower and watching tv no. I told him he could stay if he wanted, his eyes lit up and he did. Before I got out of bed I started to jerk off as I had a hard on, he stopped me and said he would take care of that, with that he began to give me another one of his terrific blow jobs.

Becoming bi and being a nudist does have its perks. My new motto is a orgasm is a orgasm no matter how you get it. More to follow

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