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The night the no no's were broken

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This is the second real life story I have posted. Hopefully I can do a little better in describing the events as they happened.

It all started one afternoon while I was killing time before going to work. I got onto my computer and went into a local chat room. I never chatted much in these rooms. I would mainly go for amusement purposes only. Some of those people are really crazy, but anyways. I got into a conversation with a woman that lived aprox 30miles away. She then started sending me personal messages. We started sharing information about things we both like in life and so on. She went on to tell me she was married and had 3 kids. That was no problem for me. After all we are just talking.

After a few weeks of chatting we decided to swap pictures. She liked what she saw in me and I liked what I say in her. Nothing too revealing, it was just an everyday picture. She (Tina) was about 5?7 125lbs 34c with just past the shoulders dirty blonde hair. She went on to tell me she had a belly ring and that her clit was also pierced. That peaked my attention in a heartbeat. So I started asking questions about her pierced clit. She went on to tell me how sensitive she is now and that she can make herself cum if her jeans are tight enough and she moves a certain way.

So one morning I got online just to see if Tina was around. She was and she sent me a personal msg asking if I would come over and meet her. Nothing sexual planned or intended. Just wanted to meet one another. So I said sure and we made plans to meet. She gave me the directions to her house. So I drove 30min to her house and pulled in her driveway. I walked up to the door and knocked a few times. I never got any answer. So I hung out for a few min and knocked again, still no answer. S I headed back home. Awaiting me when I got home was an email from Tina saying she was sorry she had to run to get her sick child from school. I figured it was an excuse, but I accepted her apology. So we kept in contact for another month. Then one night when I got home from work (10pm) I saw Tina online. She messaged me and asked if I had any plans for tonight. I said nope none at all. She then went on to tell me her husband was sitting there on the computer with her. She then asked if I wanted to come over and have a 3sum. I thought for sure she was joking so I asked if she was serious. She said she was. I then asked what the intention of having a 3sum was (I have never been in a 3sum before) She said it sounded like fun and they wanted to try it. I then said well I don?t have a problem and that I?m willing to try this as long as her husband is ok with it and that I?m strictly straight. She said yes he is fine and that there would be nothing happening between him and me. I then went on to ask what are to dos and don?ts. She went said they are both clean and free and that protection wasn?t need. She also said there would be no kissing, anal or Cumming inside of her. I said that?s fine. After all I?m new to this experience so I?ll try it. I proceeded to drive over to their house again. This time I was greeted by her husband at the door. He shook my hand and said ?nice to meet you? and invited me in. We walked into their living room and Tina was they?re just wearing a long white t-shirt. She was looking really hot. She had just gotten out of the shower and her hair was still wet and I could see her hard nipples piercing through her shirt. I immediately started to get a hard on. We sat down for a few min and had a get to know one another conversation. Then they invited me up to their bedroom. Once their Tina sat on the bed and asked us how long we were going to keep our clothes on. We then started undressing and Tina pulled her t ?shirt off. She had had nice tanned skinned and perky breasts. I then hopped on the bed and she motioned me to lie down. I laid down and she grabbed my hard cock and started sucking on it while her husband went down on her. She licked my cock up and down both sides and placed my entire cock into her mouth and sucked on it. She then began rubbing my cock with her hand as she sucked on. I was doing everything I could not to cum. As her husband was licking her pussy she began to moan as she sucked my cock. I reached over and started rubbing her nipples. Her husband then sat up and Tina got on her hand and knees and he started fucking her from behind while she sucked my cock. My cock was just throbbing as she sucked away on me.

Tina then pulled away from her husband and laid on her back. He positioned himself next to her head to she could suck on him. It was now my turn to go down on Tina. She spread her legs wide apart. I started at her belly ring and worked my way down. When I got to her pussy I noticed her pierced clit. I starting tickling her clit ring with my tongue and sucking on it. She was wiggling all over so I placed my hands on her hips and started licking her some more. I then worked my way down and started fucking her with my tongue. She was so went and tasty. I then sat up and rubbed to head of my cock on her pierced clit. She then reached down (while sucking her husbands cock) and guided me into her. I then started fucking her with slow long deep strokes. After about 30seconds of that she started to cum. So I started fucking her faster and faster and harder. She then came all over my cock. All this time she was still sucking on her husband cock. After she came I lost all control and was ready to cum. My cock was throbbing and I could feel the pressure building. I pulled out and shot my load all over her stomach. She reached down and rubbed me and then rubbed my cum all over her stomach. I then proceeded to go back down on her and fuck her pussy with my tongue while I recuperated. As I licked her clit she began to cum again. This time her husband came also. He pulled out of her mouth and came all over her chest. We then stopped and decided to take a breather (it was 90 degrees and they had no air). Her husband left the room to get a couple glasses of water. While he was gone I heard a pager start going off. He came running back to the room to get the pager. It turns out he is a volunteer fireman and was getting called out. He threw his clothes and said, ?I will be right back, don?t do anything I wouldn?t do?. After he left Tina got up and finished getting the water. She came back to the bedroom and handed me a glass. She then asked if I liked it so far. I said oh yes and complimented her. She then asked if I was ready for more. I said yes, but shouldn?t we wait for your husband? She said nah; he just said not to do anything he wouldn?t. I said ok, Tina then leaned forward and laid an long wet kiss on me with lots of tongue (that was no no #1 no kissing) She then laid down and asked me to lick her pussy again. She said she felt so great when I was doing that. So I went down and started licking her pussy and sucking on it. I then began blowing on her pussy lightly. That just drove her crazy. I then reached over and got an ice cube out of the water glass. She said ohh no. I told her she would like it and to trust me. I then placed the ice cube in my mouth and rubbed her pussy with it. She started moaning load and was all wiggles. The ice cube was melting fast so once it was all gone I fucked her some more with my tongue. I then pulled my tongue out and worked my way down to her asshole. I then circled her asshole with my tongue. She was now going crazy. I pushed just the tip of my tongue into her asshole and she just screamed OMG. I then reached over for another ice cube. I placed it into my mouth once again. This time I put my mouth over her pussy and slid the ice cub inside of her with my tongue. I pushed the ice cub in and out of her until it was just about gone. I then sat up and placed my hard warm cock inside of her. When I slid my cock into her she just screamed again. She couldn?t believe how good it felt from her pussy being cold and then placing my warm cock into. She said she had never felt anything so could. She then flipped me over and got on top of me and started riding me hard. She then started Cumming again all over my cock. We she did so, it also made me want to cum. She could feel me getting harder and harder. I then told her I was going to cum. She then got off of me and went down on me. I started Cumming in her mouth (no no #2 no Cumming inside). She swallowed every last drop of me. After this she went and cleaned up and little and waited for her husband to return. About 30min later he returned. He came to the bedroom and asked what he missed. Tina said nothing and that I was a perfect gentleman. Tina then asked her husband to lie down and she went down on him. I got behind Tina and licked her pussy. I wasn?t done licking her asshole so I started licking her asshole again. This time I pushed my tongue in a little more. I heard her mumble OMG with her husband dick in her mouth. She then climbed on top of her husband and leaned all the way forward and asked us both to fuck her. So she placed her husbands cock in her pussy and I got behind her and slowing put my cock into her ass. She moaned and screamed the entire time. I slowly worked my cock in and out of her ass while her husband fucked her pussy. She then yelled OMG I?m going to cum. That immediately made all 3 of us cum. She came all over her husbands cock. He came inside of her pussy and I came in her ass (no no #2 & #3 no Cumming inside, no anal). By then we were all worn out for the night.

Since then Tina and I have talked and that?s it. She said she enjoyed it all. She thinks her husband was a little jealous because she has never done anal before. She said it was my fault for licking her asshole. She said that got her so turned on she couldn?t help herself.

This was my first 3sum. Hopefully it won?t be my last J

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