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The Violation of Me part 2

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It's been 2 weeks since our first meeting, and I'm missing it already. We talk online several times, and I tell him that I had such a wonderful time, and love to do it again. He gets me talking, asking me if I like to be fucked. I say, you fucked me already with your hand, so maybe we should. Then I make the biggest mistake in my entire life. I tell him, hell you and all your friends can fuck me next time. Then I laugh, but he wasn't laughing, he was listening and plotting. Finally it was the day that we were going to meet up again, I was so excited. Went right over to the gym, and jumped into the pool. We swam for not as long this time, I wasn't there to swim, I wanted to get right into it. So I got out and headed to the showers. I figured this would tell him that I was ready. He came in and went right to his knees and started to lick my cock. I opened my legs wide, because I could feel his hand on my ass. He was more aggressive this time, rougher, more serious. With cock being sucked and ass hole being filled, I just held onto him and took it all in. I was thinking, hey you've never kissed me. And he looked up and said, I don't kiss. Then I heard another voice ring out. But we will! I look up and its 5 other guys standing in the doorway, all naked and all horny. There cocks all looking up to the ceiling told me that. Tom got up and walked over to the side of the shower. Then I had 5 guys all over me, grabbing my ass, cock everything. They never introduced themselves, but they knew their jobs, knew them well. One said ok grab some wall. I thought I was being arrested. So I had both hands on the wall and legs spread open wide. The big one came up to me and said, Tom said he had a great time with you and you can take a lot of punishment. Before I could respond, he said good, because you are going to take on a lot more punishment tonight. And they all laughed. I got to admit I was really scared, but that feeling didn't have long to be around. Because I had a hand in my ass. OMG, his hand was like twice as big as Toms. They all were amazed that he got it inside me. Then I feel a cock ram inside of me. I wanted to scream out, but nothing came out. Then another went to his knees and started to suck me off. They all took turns banging my ass. Each one would say , yes, you like this don't you, like being fucked in the ass, huh! All I could do is moan and cum. Then they took me over to the benches, one guy was laying there already. They directed his cock in my ass, and I rode him like a horse. He was really pounding my ass, thrusting forward, and pulling my ass back at the same time. Then I felt something touching my ass, before I could find out what it was, it was inside of me. I has 2 cocks in me at once, they all hoot and yelled about that. And they all had their time double penetrating me. Then one said , hey, all his holes aren't filled yet, fill that hole. So one came around and shoved his cock into my mouth. I've never sucked a cock before, but got a crash course that night. Cum shot into my mouth, I started to gag, they said , no , no , no, swallow that cum. So I did, it wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world to taste. A little salty for my tastes, but I had plenty of practice. Each and everyone came over and cummed into my mouth. And all this while I'm being double teamed in the ass. I don't know how many times I cummed, I stopped counted after 8 times. The name of my story was taken from what they were saying to me as soon as they started to fill all 3 holes. They would yell out, The Violation of Chris. All I knew was I will watch out next time, think before I speak. I guess the old wise saying is true, Watch out for what you wish for, you just might get it! Because I did wish for it, they they gave it too me, in spades. After the 3 hour violation was over, just to say me ass still hurts today. I haven't been with a guy since, I'm not saying I wont, but it's like a drug, and I'm a drug addict. I want it, I need it, but I'm trying to stay away from it, for how long , who knows.

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