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The Taxi Driver

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This is a true story that happened to my boyfriend and I about a year ago. We have talked about this night, many times, and have masturbated together reminiscing about it.

I will tell you about my boyfriend and myself we are a fun couple that are never scared to try anything and are very open with each other. He is a tall well-built man with a good body and a great sex drive.

I am told that I am sexy I have a good body, that many men find tantalizing, I have a few things going for me and that?s my body and face. I have been told that I look like the blonde actress in the film ?The girl next door? but I can?t remember her name.

People ask me if my D cup boobs are fake because they look too perfect. They are not, they are all natural.

The night started in the normal way, I was getting ready for our night out; I was extremely horny and was looking forward to the night. I showered and shaved the appropriate places, and then I dressed in my black mini skirt with stockings and garter belt and thong. I put my white silk shirt on that makes my boobs look great. I know my boyfriend likes this shirt because it falls open when I bend over, and guys get a great view. My boyfriend likes to show me off, and I do not mind it either. I like to flirt, and tease, hey I am a girl I like men to look at me.

We went to a posh restaurant in the Northwest area in Washington DC, we talked about many things, including threesomes and the most outrageous sexual thing we had done. I was getting increasingly horny by every glass of wine, as was he. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I went into the unisex bathroom and was met by a man who worked there. His whole job was to dry your hands. I couldn?t help to think how many women does he fuck in one night with the hand-drying thing. I went into the cubicle and found my pussy to be very wet, due to the conversation my boyfriend and I had just had. I took my wet thong off and put it in my purse. I went back to the sinks to wash my hands, and I felt the eyes of the hand dryer locked to my body. I walked up to him and he dried my hands with a sexual grip. I thought, I could fuck him now but I wasn?t about to leave my boyfriend up there high and dry. He dried my hands and got me horny than ever.

I went up stairs and sat with my boyfriend, I had no panties on at all and I wanted him to know that. I slipped my thong out of my purse and into his suit jacket pocket, which he pulled out immediately, just as the waiter brought us new drinks. He then put his hand on my inner thigh, and stroked my bare pussy with his pinky as the waiter asked if we needed anything else. Boy!!!, if only he knew what I wanted.

We hailed a cab and started the journey home; the driver was a Middle Eastern guy. He was quite cute, but seemed kind of forward. Nothing too bad just joking with us in a sexual way. Telling my boyfriend that I was very pretty, which my boyfriend loves to hear, I could see that both of them were getting intensely more turned on.

I thought I would take this a little further and we saw some scantly dressed girls walking along the street and I asked my boyfriend would he pay $20 to fuck them. My boyfriend laughed and told me maybe $10. Then I saw a pretty African American girl on her cell phone and I began to fill in her dialogue. ?Oh Baby don?t cum right now I?m a block away? , ? I will be worth it when I get there? We all laughed and then my boyfriend noticed that the taxi driver had his dick out and was stroking it. I was so turned on with this. I was horny and drunk as hell. I thought I would give the taxi driver a show that he would never forget. I could see the taxi driver was looking at me in the rear view mirror so I went for it. I slowly put my feet on the center part of the car and spread my legs so the driver could get a good look at my newly shaven pussy. He seemed to like what he saw; he was stroking his dick slowly, while looking at me. He could hardly drive his cab his dick was so hard, as he looked at me. My boyfriend was watching this, loving the whole show. I slipped my hands down my thighs, playing with my clit. I was so wet, I slipped my fingers in my pussy while looking at my boyfriend, who smiled at me and I placed my hand on his crotch feeling the big bulge I was so familiar with. I was sitting behind the driver so I took a peek of him stroking his dick. It was about 7? and was hard as a rock, we were still talking and messing around. My boyfriend leaned across to me and whispered that it would be nice if I sucked the taxi driver?s dick. I acted shocked, but I was so drunk and excited I lent forward and put my face down at the driver?s crotch. I slid down the space in the front seats, and got wedged between them. I took the drivers dick in my mouth and started to suck him. I was taking the whole length in my mouth when I realized my bare ass was shown to anyone driving past. This actually made me hornier. I felt my boyfriends fingers slip into my wet pussy and a finger in my ass. I was so horny I couldn?t control myself; I didn?t care who saw me. The driver had his arm over my back so I had to suck his dick and I was stuck between the front seats. My boyfriend climbed up behind me and slid his 9? dick in to my pussy. He knew I was helpless to protest, although I wouldn?t. He was fucking me so hard it felt great. I was sucking the driver?s dick so deep, and then I felt my boyfriend explode inside me, it felt great his hot cream in me. I took the drivers dick out of my mouth and sat on the back seat.

We were at my boyfriends apartment and he kissed me, and whispered ?call me later? I knew that he wanted to know if I fucked the taxi driver, I wasn?t so sure I wanted to, but I knew he wouldn?t mind if I did. I rode home in the taxi alone, the taxi driver still stroking his hard dick. I thought ?what the hell? I parted my legs and slipped my fingers into my pussy, giving the driver my second show. I really wanted him to cum watching me playing with my pussy. We arrived at my house; the driver told me he would walk me to the door. He opened my door and saw my wet pussy as I got out the cab. We walked around the back of the cab, and then he grabbed me and pushed me on to the trunk of the cab. He pulled my skirt up and stuck his dick in my pussy. It felt so good getting fucked twice in one night. He pulled his dick out of my pussy and stuck it up my ass, it hurt but I liked it. He fucked me so hard. I so wanted him to cum, I was so drunk and horny, and a stranger was fucking me up my ass. He fucked me hard, and then he exploded, nearly falling to his knees. He said ?thank you Miss? and I went into my purse and gave him $10 just for the cab ride, and he left. This embarrassed him, but amused me.

I could feel cum running down my legs from the cab driver and my boyfriend, as I walked to my house. I entered the house and was met by my roommate Jean. Jean and I have shared boyfriends at and had fun ourselves, and knew we loved each other as friends, but never made it known too anyone that we have fun on our own. Jean noticed cum running down my legs, and I told her the whole story, we share everything. She looks like me and everyone thinks we are sisters. She had been drinking waiting for me coming home and said ?looks like you need a clean up?. She ran her hand over my cum covered thighs, brushing against my pussy, that sent a shudder through my body. She put her hand up to her mouth and licked the cum of her fingers, then put her hand to my lips, ?these guys taste good? she said, and I agreed. She said you must have been a real slut tonight, I laughed and I lay down on the couch to relax. Jean went between my legs and started to lick my pussy. It was such a turn on. I couldn?t believe that I was now getting my pussy licked. She cleaned my pussy with her tongue of all the cum, and brought me to a shuddering orgasm. I went to bed and called my boyfriend to fill him in of my night?s adventures. We both came as we talked on the phone and I told him all the details.

I am glad I shared this story with other people, because it was the sexiest night of my life.

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