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The Rain made for a Pleasant Return Home

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It had been a very long week for Kathy, 34, an elementary school teacher. She was 175 miles from home, nothing but a four lane interstate in front of her and a lot of rain. "Torrential" downpours were predicted, and this time, the weather men got their predictions correct.

It had been hot, very,very, hot,humid when she left 150 miles back, and she had changed into her favorite, cut off jeans,very short by the way, a low cut tank top, pink, sandals and nothin to inhibit her, so,no bra, no panties, "I am finally going to be comfortable,dammed it," she said to herself, knowing that truckers would be looking at her legs and clevage as they went down the road. The thought gave her a "tingle."

Now, 175 miles from home, in her Tahoe, the rain was coming down hard, in sheets and she had only driven about a mile and a half in 30 minutes. Only once in her life had she driven in worse rain, that was in Oklahoma on a May 3 when they had a record number of tornadoes in one evening. "Thank God this is just rain, and I am not having to fight the tornadoes too," she thought, running her hand under her cutoffs feeling of her pussy,witch was itching for a fuckin. She hadn't been fucked for over a week now and she was a wanton woman.

She saw lights and signs, she had lucked out. A motel, restaurant,casino, all under one roof. Kathy pulled into a full parking lot, forgetting how she had nothing on underneath her short and shorts, and ran into the restaurant and found a vacant table.

Suprisingly, she thought, remembering she had on no undergarments, she didn't get soaked,having gotten under the awning pretty quickly.

Pot roast with potatoes and carrots with pie sounded good, she told the young waitress, and a cup of coffee, "I may be here a while," she said.

As she finished eating, she looked up and there was a couple she met at her conference, Jerome, a 33 year old black male, muscular, "handsome," she thought,"for a black guy," and Judi, a white gal, about the same age, 5 ft 4, perfect tits and an ass just right.

"Hey the interstate is closed down about 19 miles up the road," Judi said. "You get you a room, might as well gamble and spend the night,get started when it is daylight and maybe the rain will quit," the red headed teacher she met only days before, added.

"No, I was hoping it would clear up and I could get home," Kathy smiled, "but, I guess it's not to be, dayum it."

"Well, we got a room, they had only a few, it has two beds, of course we need only one," she winked, "so you are welcome to take the other one, we would feel very bad if you didn't," Judi said.

"Oh, I couldn't. You two need your 'time alone,' I know it's been a long week, you two need to catch up on some quality time without a stranger around," she smiled, trying to turn down a wonderful offer. Actually, Jerome was turning her on!

Judi, like Kathy, had on cut offs and a low cut top and sandals, and if Kathy had money to bet, she had on nothing underneath either.

Jerome, well, his blue jean shorts were tight and she could see a big bulge right there in front, and it was hard for her eyes not to stay drawn to that bulge.

"Nonsense, here is a key card, we have two, you come up when you are done, don't argue with us," Jerome said, almost demandingly. "We insist! It isn't safe out there!"

"Well, all right, it has been a long week and I am tired, I might play one game and come right up," Kathy smiled, "if you are in bed, I will be quiet, I promise," Kathy added.

"Oh, nonsense, we will be up a while, I just hope we aren't 'too' noisy for you," Judi giggled, kissing Jerome on his cheek.

Kathy and Judi actually had roomed together once at a conference a few years ago. She knew Judi was a little less "conservative" when it came to sex, meaning there were things she would do, that Kathy wouldn't, yet, it was exciting.

"Ok, now,no sex without me, oops, I mean in front of me," Kathy teased, not sure if that was proper since they were being so gracious. But, all three got a good laugh from her comment.

Kathy was excited! This wasn't planned, she just hoped she got to see that huge black cock of Jeromes! "If I could just see him use it, that would be enough to give me an orgasm," the 34 year old divorced teacher thought to herself.

She finished her pie, and went into the casino and played a couple of games, actually winning two hundred dollars and spent only $15, so she did well.

"I think I'll quit while I am ahead," she told the man handing out the money, and headed toward the room, having a horrible thought, "My night clothes are in my tahoe, dayum! Oh well, I will sleep in these, unless of course, we all end up naked," she thought, smiling, realizing her pussy was wet already.

She heard nothing when she opened the door, so Kathy thought they might be asleep,so she kicked off her sandals as quickly as she could and tip toed through the little foyer, "God, this is a big ass room," she thought, and entered where the two beds are and gasped!

Jerome and Judi were standing one in front of the other, smiling, talking lowly. Jerome had his hand on Judi's mid drift, Kathy could see her ring in her belly button, a "real turn on," she thought. Jerome had his handon the bottom of Judi's shirt and for a second Kathy thought she'd get to see how nice Judi's tits were, but "not yet," she realized.

Jerome bent over and kissed Judi and Judi put her arms around him and kissed him passiontely, wrapping her legs around his thighs, she was off the floor. Kathy noticed how nice Judi's feet were, "perfect,I wish my feet were that perfect," Kathy thought to herself.

Judi got her feet back down on the floor and went to her knees and pulled down those tight shorts Jerome had on and Kathy, for the first time in her life, saw a "huge, gigantic, monsterous,black cock! It has to be 12 inches," she thought, gasping hard. And Judi had the whole thing in her mouth. For a couple minutes Kathy was wishing so badly that was her, but she was enjoying it so much, she didn't realize Jerome had seen her, and motioned for her to come over there. Judi still hadn't seen her.

Jerome pulled his cock from Judi's mouth and pushed Kathy down on her knees and stuck it in her mouth, it was then that Judid realized Kathy was there.

"There you are sweetie, we tried to wait on you," Judi said smiling.

It was hard for Kathy, who hadn't sucked on a cock anywhere close to that big for 15 years, when she went out once with an idian who played football where she was attending school, she loved the feeling of that long,thin, black cock.

When Jerome pulled his cock from Kathy's mouth he said simply, yet firmly, "you two get naked now!"

Kathy, pulling her shirt off was watching Judi closely and Judi was watching Kathy just as attentively. Soon, all three were naked on the same queen sized bed!

Judi really caught Kathy by suprise kissing her passiontely on the lips. Kathy had never,ever, been kissed on the lips by another female and she suprised even herself, and returned the kiss, inserting a great deal of tongue into Judi's mouth.

Jerome was very busy, fingering Judi's pussy, but stoppping from time to time to finger the young Kathy's pussy, which was just literall soaking the sheets.

"All right, Judi, you eat her pussy," he demanded, almost harshly. And Judi moved herself around to where she could.

Kathy thought about resisting for just a second saying "N----," and could say no more, with the warm tongue of this school teacher with whom she roomed once several years ago, doing some sexual magic on her pussy. She was squirming like she had never squirmed before.

"Oh my God! My God, that feels so good, eat me slut," Kathy said, not realizing what she had said, exciting Judi even more, and her action with her tongue became more deliberate as Jerome had his huge cock in her ass which had lubed with ky jelly while she had began doing her "magic" on Kathy.

Soon, Judi rolled over and had Kathy return the favor and though Kathy had never eaten another female's pussy, she did it like a pro.

"Dayum, lick it bitch, lick my cunt bitch," Judi screamed, much like Kathy, in so much of an orgasmic state, she didn't realize what she was screaming.

Jerome, well, he had lubricated Kathy's ass, which by the way, had never been fucked, only her pussy.

"Oh God,OH God!," Kathy screamed, but didn't seem to miss a lick on her female friends pussy while Jerome thrust his big black cock in her ass.

Jerome took turns fucking the two women all night long. About the time his cock would go limp, one of the two would suck it back into hardness.

Kathy, who had never fucked a black man, or had sex with a woman, when recalling her fuck fest, said, "Wow, awesome, these two have got it happening! We must stay in touch!," she screamed.

Judy smiled, "sweetie, that will be no problem.

"And all that rain. It made for a pleasant trip home," Kathy smiled, once again being pounded by a big black cock.

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