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The Pleasure Van, Tess Hunts Alone

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Steve and I (Tess) have been looking for something that would really be different. Up until last week he has always found other men for me to play with. I have never really been that convinced that I am as hot as he says that I am. Well, Ben, a friend of his has a really nice van that he has equiped with 4 cameras and sound in the back. By sound I mean microphones to record along with the video recorders he has under the bed/deck he has in the back. It is set up so that with the flip of a switch all the cameras begin recording and the mics go on. There is a nice soft light in the back so that everything is seen good. Friday night came around and we managed to get out and Steve had picked up the van. I wore a black string thong and cupless push up bra under a sheer black blouse and skirt (yes I love black). We had our Nextels set up so we could communicate in a hurry if we had to. I got in the van and Steve drove his car and followed me a little ways back. We headed into South Carolina on I-85 just after dark. While I was driving I slipped off my blouse so just the cupless pushup bra was all I had on top. Whenever I got next to an 18 wheeler I turned on the dome light and was beginning to think no one was interested. Three trucks just let off the gas and fell behind. No one it seemed was interested. We got well towards Greenville and I was beginning to give up but he told me to go just a little while longer. I had to pee so we stopped at a convenience store, I put on my blouse and went in. I only buttoned it with the two bottom buttons so that almost everything was showing if I turned or leaned the right way. Steve came in to but acted as if he did not know me so we both walked around the store. I went in to pee and came out. Steve had gone back to the car. I got a drink and while I was doing that a few guys came in from Clemson. They were in a car coming back from a party in Greenville or something. Anyway, I made sure they saw me and even bumped into one so that his arm hit my titties. He apologized but I told him it was okay. That gave me my chance. He was stadning there with two other guys, they were all fairly good looking. As I walked by them he apologized again for elbowing my titties. I stopped and looked at him and said, "It is really okay, they are perfectly okay, you did not hurt them at all, see?" With that I reached out and took both his hands and put them one on each tit. "See, they are fine. Don't you think?" I smiled. "Yeh, really nice he stamered. His hands dropped, I stepped to one of his friends, "Don't you think they feel fine?" I asked him pulling his nads to them. "Yeh, great to me lady" he told me as he massaged them. Ah this one is catching on I thought. Then the 3rd guy stepped, "Can I feel them?" he asked. I just stuck my chest out to him and he grabbed them hard. "Hey, easy I told him, don't bruise them." "Oh sorry<" he said. I took my drink and walked to the counter to pay for it. There were 9 guys in all in the little group and they were in two cars driving back from Greenville. THey were now paying lots of attention to me, gathering around close so that I was easily bumping into them. It was obvious some had a few drinks and there were signs that cocks were growing in tight pants. I turned to go and two were in front of me, they just stood there as if frozen. I reached out and grabbed and hard cock that was in front of me..."That could go off if you aren't careful," I said so the group could hear. I looked around and noticed they were all getting stirred up. "Anyone wanna follow me to the next rest area I think I can help you all out," said and walked out. THey hurried and got their things and I waited i the parking lot, sure enough the two cars pulled behind my on I-85 and followed. I drove to the rest area and pulled off, going over to the darkest part I could find. I pulled off my bra nad threw it in the seat so that I had on the blouse with the two bottom buttons and the skirt ( a wrap aorund that I had fixed to close at only the top with velcro) and I got out. They had parked a little ways off I guess to be sure it was not a set up or something. There was a nice breeze blowing so I let the blouse and skirt catch it and open somewhat. The skirt exposed almost all my legs and the blouse was openeing nicely. THey had walked towards me this horney group of college guys and I met they in a darkened place near the edge of a area that had trees. I looked and Steve was about 20 yards away in the car. I knew his cock was hard and that gave me a shiver...I was already wet between my legs. I walked up to the guy that had first bumped me since he seemd shy and told him and the others, "Well, you guys seem to be a little bored tonight." They all said they were. I opened my blouse all the way and threw my arms around the shy one and kissed him deep. He seemd startled but soon was running his hands all over my titties. They were all gathered around and some were touching me, grabbing a boob as they could and my ass had hands on it too. I stopped the kissing and stood back, "Well guys, if you really want to play, come on the the van with me." "all of us?"one of them said. "Yes, all of you, I am very hungry tonight." They all looked at me as if they could not believe it. I stepped back to one that was near to me and grabbed his bulge. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants letting loose a nice size toy. I took it in my mouth and began deep throating him, They all gathered around close and again I felt hands all over me. After a few seconds I was rewarded with a load of cum. I got up, licked my lips. "Now, do we go to the van and have some fun or what?" I turned and walked to the van, they followed. I got in the back and flipped the switch and made room for some to bet in the back, a couple others got in the front and eventually there were all of them in surrounding me. I tokk off the blouse and the skirt came off from someone pulling it off...the thong was actuclly grabbed and torn off. ONe of them had managed to get his cock out and pushed me down, ramming hard into my soaking pussy...after 3 or 4 strokes he came....I sat up while another was going to mouth me. "Look guys, this is not a quickie fest. I want some serious sex here, not a bunch of college guys that jump on and shoot a load and leave me. You guys are gonna fuck me and do it good or you can get the hell out now." THey looked at me then one got up on the edge and pulled off his shirt and then his pants, his boxers were tenting like a monster was trying to get out. I pulled them down and it popped out into my face. It was really hard and bulging. I took him in my mouth and slowly took it down my throat. He moaned and soon there were hands all over me again. fingers found my pussy and ladi me back down, legs spread my jock entered my..slowly teasing my pussy. He looked down at me, "How is this lady, good enough?" Then he rammed me really hard, all of him sinking deep into my pussy, I let out a cry of pleasure.."Oh yes, now fuck me good, fuck me all of you" I was moaning. I grabbed a cock for my mouth and began sucking what was put to my face. I was devouring one after another and each rewarded me with a hot load of cum. Somehow one had managed to get under me and I was sitting on his cock, hands pushed me forward and one entered my ass.. now I was really going nuts...I felt cum hitting my back..and turned to get the rest in my mouth.."No one wastes any cum tonight guys," I demanded. It is in the pussy, the ass or the mouth, Understood?" "Shut her up Bill" one said and my mouth was filled with a bulging hard cock...As one would unload it was replaced with another in the place it had filled. Steve told me this went on for almost two hours. Finally they were all having limp cocks and I was sucking half hard ones, still getting some to reward my efforts. They were saying thanks lady and getting dressed. MY pussy was dripping cum and if I squeezed some it ran out onto the bed. THere were several trucks that had been parked near to the van and (steve told me later the van was rocking like crazy, the truckers had been talking on the CB and he told them to go join in if they wanted to) so as the last college guy left a tall bearded trucker showed up as he was closing the door. He never even spoke he just stood at the door and pulled out a long hard rod which I took in my mouth...He moaned a lot and told me how good it was, he had been with this load for the whole night. He turned me around and got in on the bed and took my pussy from behind. loading it up again with a load of cum. He got out and there were two more standing against the van, they got in and stripped, one pushing his cock down my throat and the other into my ass...I began to say something and the one in my ass slapped my as hard, "Shut the fuck up" he said and kept fucking my ass. I felt a sting in my ass as he plunged deep. I began to speak again and agin his hand came down hard on my ass. "Look slut, shut the fuck up, just take the cock, there is more on the way." Again I began to talk, hoping for another stinging slap and sure enough it came. This time he pulled out of my ass and told his partner, hold her down, this slut needs to do as she is told. His belt was in his hands and then he began slapping me hard. My ass was stinging, his belt went across my ass and was even hitting my pussy lips making them engorged and hotter...finally he stopped. "Now look lady, lets make this easy, you keep your mouoth shut except to suck cock and just do as you are told. Whatever comes in the door you either suck it or fuck it, do you understand?" I moved my head to let him know I did. "Good he said, now finish sucking this as he pushed his cock into my muth. I did, it was rough, he pushed hard into my face with it. His friend was behind me fucking my ass. THen another cock was in me, short and thick, but it felt good...suddenly something was pinching my titties hard, the nipples were hurting, I managed to look and claps were put on them, big strong ones that really hurt. I began to protest but the belt came down again. Again I was entered and again cum filled me. After a long time there was no one there. Steve was next to me, kissing me, feeling me all over gentley. He had taken off the claps and was massaging my chest and hipss. I woke and kissed him slowly. "Well he asked me, are you finished or do you need more?" I was in a daze. He got me up and had called his friend to come get the van. As I got out of the van a SC State Trooper was standing near smiling. Thanks a lot Tess, that was really grate. I looked at him and at Steve, "You sucked him off twice." Steve told me. We both got in his car (Steve's) and drove to a hotel. I collapsed on the bed and Steve laid down next to me. Somehow I took his toy in my mouth and sucked him slowly, swallowing his cum...The next thing I remember is the sun in the window. We got breakfast and left for Georgia the next day.

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