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The Neighbor

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We live in the country with no real neighbors around. Our house faces the farm land around us and we only have neighbors right behind the house. One neighbor is Bob. Bob moved in a few years ago and I have always thought he was hot. My husband knew I felt this way but figured it would never amount to anything.

Bob was always very nice and would always come over and help out if we were working on things, cut my grass if my lawn mower would break. I would always joke that I would have to settle the bill one of these days and I would playfully flirt with him.

One Friday after work Paul told me to get ready we were heading out. I asked where and he just said dress “nice”, which I knew meant show some cleavage. I found a mini skirt and a shirt that showed off my DD breasts and threw on some heals (and nothing else) and we headed out.

We pulled up to the bar down the road where a band I like was going to be playing… I was excited to see them and the outfit was perfect. They are a 80’s hair band tribute band. I got up to go use the facilities and when I came back here was Bob sitting at the table with Paul. I thought to myself, man could I have fun with these two… but knew that Bob was not on the play list. Being swingers we only play with couples even though my fantasy is to have 2 or more men ravage me all night or more.

Bob got up as I came to the booth and of course smiled when he saw the cleavage and gave me a little hug and I slid in the booth between the two. My mind was just racing with the thought but knew it would never happen… two hot men and myself… as I slid in I made a joke that man I was a lucky woman and that I liked my odds..

The men just joked. I thought for sure Bob was going to leave but he sat down next to me. The waitress came over to take our order for drinks and I got my usual Jack and lemonaid and the boys both ordered a beer. The conversation was light and a little flirty and fun and we had a great time. We ordered dinner and my mind was just lost in fantasy about having these two.

After dinner the band started to warm up and we had a perfect seat for the show. We could see the band and have our own table to sit at. All of a sudden I felt Bob’s hand brush my leg. I felt a shock of electricity go threw me and just shivered. I looked over at Paul and he and Bob were deep in conversations about bikes and hunting. Then I felt Paul’s hand go on my leg and start to rub my thigh. I decided I needed to go to the bathroom and get a little air. Paul got up and let me out and gave me a little wink. I thought this was a little strange but brushed it off. I came back and there was a shot sitting there on the table for me. Bob got up to let me in and I slid past him and took my seat. I noticed that the shot was a blowjob. “we got you a shot baby” Paul said. “ You two are naughty” I replied. “We figured you could show us how good you are at giving them” Bob said… I just gave him a look… “really, but I am SO MUCH better at the real thing” I shot back.

I took the shot just like I was suppose to … no hands and the just laughed. The conversation started to take a more interesting turn. “So you two are swingers” Bob turned to me and said. I almost spit out my drink and looked at Paul. “Yeah I told him… so what” he replied. Paul never wants anyone to know so I was a bit shocked at this. “So tell me Jodi… what is your fantasy?” Bob asked. I again almost chocked on my drink when I heard this. “well… like I said I like my odds here” and gave him a wink.

The band started to play and the lights had dimmed in the bar and there were now a ton of people there. The conversation had gone to very sexual content and I was just amazed. I was feeling really good from the drinks and the company. As I was saying something to Paul I felt Bob’s hand on my thigh and was slowing rubbing his hand along my thigh. I kept my cool not knowing what exactly to do. I knew what I wanted to do but knew I couldn’t do anything. I turned and gave Bob a little grin. “I want to dance a bit” I told the guys and asked them to let me out. “It is going to cost you” Paul said. I just smiled and got out of the booth.

Paul got up to go to the bathroom and Bob came up behind me. I turned and smiled and him and kept dancing to the band. I saw Paul come back and sit down at the table and just smile at me. Bob went off to the restroom and I went to talk to Paul.

“ok… what is up” I asked. “Nothing… just have fun honey” is all he said. I went back to listening and dancing. I felt a set of hands on my hips and someone grinding against me and thought maybe it was Paul so I pushed back and rubbed up against him. I turned my head and to my surprise it was Bob. I felt him put his hands around my waist and pull me closer to him. I turned to look at Paul and he just smiled and I could see him mouth “have fun”. I could feel Bob start to kiss my neck and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I figured it would not go any further than this.

Bob’s hands started to roam as I danced against him. I could feel him touching my ass and then my stomach, eventually finding their way to my breasts. He started kneedling them through my shirt. I turned and looked at Paul who was just sitting there talking to some cute girl he had just met. I figured … hey let’s see where this goes. I started grinding even a little harder into Bob and could feel the bulge in pants. I knew he was getting hard, so I kept on going. He kept kissing my neck and I figured at anytime Paul was going to come over and put an end to my fun.

I was getting so wet from Bob’s attention and since I had no panties I could feel it starting to drip down my leg. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and to regain my composure, figuring this would be the end of my fun but I would take Paul home and fuck him like crazy. When I returned Paul was kissing some girl and Bob came up to me, “Hey honey…how is my beautiful wife doing”. Paul hadn’t stopped kissing his new friend so I went along with it. “great…. I see your buddy here has a new friend” I said. Paul broke the kiss for a second to introduce me to his new friend. She excused herself and I looked at Paul with at WTF look.. “ Baby, I want you to go have fun tonight. I am just having a little fun myself” Paul explained, “while you two have some fun. As long as it is ok with you two”

“hell yes as long as you guys are” Bob said with a big smile. Bob and I went over to listen to the band some more. I continued by dirty dancing against Bob and could feel him getting bigger and bigger. All of a sudden Bob spins me around, grabs my hair, like I like, and starts kissing me. These kisses seem to last forever. I could feel his other hand reach under my shirt and start caressing my breast. He let go of my hair and his other hand reach down and slid under my skirt. He could tell I had no panties on and started to insert a finger in my pussy. He had the biggest smile on his face and then started to kiss o my neck and up to my ear “I want you so bad right now…. You are so beautiful and sexy. Why don’t we get out of here” is whispered. “if that is ok with you?” I just reached up and planted another wet kiss on him and let my hand reach down and caress his cock through his pants. “ I think you know my answer” is all I said.

We stopped by Paul and said we thought it was time to go. Paul exchanged numbers with his new friend and said we would call and she gave him another kiss goodbye.

Bob got on his bike and Paul and I got in the car. I was so wet from the attention from Bob. Paul reached over and put his hand under my skirt. He could fee how wet I was. “hot are we baby” he asked. “shut up, you know I am” I replied.

Thank goodness the house is only a little ways away. We pulled up to Bob’s house and he was there waiting in the kitchen with a drink for me and Paul. “how about the hot tub” he asked.

“Sounds good but I don’t have my suit” I said with a dirty little grin. Everyone laughed and Bob came over and started kissing me. Paul came up behind me and started kissing my neck and massaging me. I could feel them take off my clothes and when I was standing there naked the both stopped and told me how beautiful I was. Bob and Paul both stripped down and we all jumped in the tub. I was sitting between the two and we chatted for a couple of minutes about the fun now of being neighbors. I could feel both of their hands on my legs. Bob turned to me and started kissing me. Paul started kissing my neck and quickly moved to my breasts. He moved to the right one and offered the left to Bob, like I was some toy for their enjoyment. My hands reached down and grabbed both of their cocks and started to work up and down the shafts making them long and hard. Bob lifted me out of the water and sat me on the edge and started to eat my pussy. I was moaning and grinding against his face. Paul was sucking on my very sensitive breasts adding to my excitement.

Bob worked his tongue up and down across my slit and started inserting a finger into my pussy. I have a very small and tight pussy so this felt so incredible. I was moaning and Bob was doing a great job. Soon I was cumming all over the place. Paul stood up and said why don’t we move this to someplace a little more comfortable.

We all got out of the tub and we dried off. I took a drink of my drink and we headed to the bedroom. Once in there, Paul pushed me to the bed and started to lick me again. I was so sensitive but it felt so good. Bob came up and started to feed me his cock. It was so big and hard and I started to take it in my mouth. I pulled it out and told the guys to lay down I started taking turns on their cocks sucking on one while I used my hand to rub the other. I got them good and hard and Paul told me to fuck Bob…

I climbed up and slowly started to slide him in. It took a bit but finally got him in. I started to grind and pump his cock. We were all moaning and I was rubbing Paul’s cock with my hand.

“ oh my you are amazing feeling” Bob said and started pulling me on him even more. I got up and knelt over Paul and started to suck his cock. I could feel Bob move up behind me and start to put his cock in my pussy… I feel him pushing it in.. it felt so tight I let out a moan while I had Paul’s cock in my mouth. I could feel the another orgasm building and he kept pushing in and out. I kept sucking on Paul while Bob was pounding away from behind. We were all moaning and groaning. I felt so full and so hot and started to have another orgasm. It felt so amazing to have these great looking guys wanting me and using me.

We kept up like this for a bit and I pulled away from Bob and jumped up on top of Paul and slid him in. I had my back to Paul while I was on top and Bob layed down right next to us. I leaned over and started to suck him while Paul rocked me back and forth over his cock. Paul started to moan and could feel another orgasm coming. I just rode the through the orgasm moaning. I knew he wouldn’t last too much longer. So I got off of him and got on my knees. He quickly entered me and started pumping me while I sucked on Bob. He was close and pulled out and shot his load on my back.

He grabbed his shirt and wiped it off while I took Bob deep in my mouth. “That is it, lay down” Bob demanded “I am going to fuck you good and hard now” I laid down and Bob climbed on top of me. He guided his cock into my waiting pussy and started to shove it in all the way. He grabbed my legs and pulled them straight up and started to fuck me hard. You could hear our bodies slamming into each other. I was moaning so load and screaming from the pleasure. “fuck me,,, harder… oh god you feel so gooooood” I screamed. “your pussy is amazing you are so tight”

I could feel him going deeper and deeper. He just kept sliding it in and out. Slow, then fast and hard. I could another orgasm building but this one was going to be intense and he knew it. He started slamming into me harder and harder. “You know you want it baby… take it all” he said… “oh god yes… make me cum.. I am going to cum…. .harder baby, harder.. oh god here it comes…. AAGGGHHHH” I screamed as it hit, wave upone wave of the orgasm hit. My eyes rolled back and my back arched, and he just kept pushing in and pumping me. I tell he was getting close by the way he was moaning… he pulled out and unloaded across my chest. I thought he would be done but no, he flipped me over and pulled me onto him. He was as hard as before and pulled me up and down. Paul had come back in the room at this point and proceeded to climb up on by us. I could feel Bob rocking me back and forth on his hard cock. I could feel Paul playing with my ass. I felt him apply some gel to my ass and I could feel him press his hard cock to my hole. I knew I was going to get fucked and fucked good. Bob stopped moving to allow Paul access. I could feel him push trying to enter my ass. I felt so full and started to moan loudly. “Oh God.. that feels so AMAZING” I yelled. I started to have another orgasm from having the two in me and neither was moving. So then started to both move and soon built up a nice rhythm in and out. I was cumming nonstop. It felt so good having these hard cocks filling me up. The both kept going for what seemed like an eternity. I lost count of how many orgasms I had on these two wonderful cocks.

Finally the two were building up another load and both started slamming me hard. I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week but I didn’t care. My body was shaking from the intense orgasms these two were giving me. I could feel them both start to build and at the same time they both unloaded a huge load in my pussy and ass. We all collapsed in a head of sweat. The two picked me up and took me to the shower where they both softly cleaned me up. They then put me in bed where I layed between them both and fell asleep with a big smile. I can’t wait to see how they wake me up…….

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