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The Neighbor (MFM) anal DP

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The Neighbor:

My Girl and I have a fantasy that we really want to figure out a way to make into a reality, and I?m hoping that me writing and submitting this story to SLS, may in some way help it along.

We currently reside in Southern Cali, in a beach city. We rent an apartment that is populated with various aged people, but most of us have lived here for a number of years. Although we do not really socialize with our neighbors, we have gotten to know each other by default almost. M(my girl) is 32, 5 feet 8 inches, sports a very sexy body, with the most perfect ass I have ever seen. Doesn?t matter what she wears, her ass is noticeable. It must reach out 4 or 5 inches from her back, perfectly rounded, like an upside down heart. Brown hair and hazelish eyes, the perfect sized tits with prominent nipples that poke out when she is aroused. Then there is her tiny little pussy, clean shaven, and tightly packed away, with no flesh protruding at all. Once she spreads her legs you can see her inner folds splayed like a flower, and her tiny clit peeking from the hood. What a site it is to see her pussy all wet and gleaming. I love how she tastes, and how much she loves to have her pussy licked. There is no way to explain the intensity with which she will grind her wet pussy on your face when your doing a good job and licking it as she wants you to. Often she will grab the back of your head with both hands as she begins to gyrate her hips against your face, making sure you cant stop until she has filled your mouth with her cum. It is fucking an incredibly erotic experience to have her grind her clit on your tongue as her pussy gushes.

I am Chris, age 39, scorpio. That should explain my sexual appetite, but, for those who do not understand, as a scorpio male, your first thought of the day as well as your last thought of the night will almost always be sex related. Not to mention the way a scorpio can find a sexual innuendo in even the most innocent statements or activities. As the ruler of the genitalia, scorpio?s are blessed with a passion that most others find unattainable. Yet, it does come with a price. Most people do not think about sex nearly as much as we do. I have such a nasty mind, I am always thinking about sex in some capacity. If you are not like me, let me tell you it is a chore. If I had it my way, all people would walk around naked, so that sex was on their mind as much as it is mine. That might give people just a glimpse into the world I live in. You see I believe that sex is an activity that like any other thing, you should want to be good at it. I am very competitive, and so I fuck as if there are judges waiting to score my efforts. Ive mentioned in the other stories I have written, that while Im not a porn star, I do have a 7? cock with some girth, and due to my overwhelming sexual appetite, I have ?learned? how to use my cock to maximize what Im working with, and extend myself beyond the average male?s 5 minutes of fame. To a very respectable 25-30 minutes on a regular basis.

So, now that I have given you our background, perhaps you can see why I find this fantasy so appealing. Our neighbor is the quintessential ?average guy?. He?s about 6 feet tall with a little pot belly, a decent looking guy, around 40 I would guess. He is married to a nice lady, but I just don?t think they have good sex, or maybe they don?t have much sex at all. M and I often will assess whether we believe a couple has good sex or not based upon their body language or the way they interact with each other. These are usually very obvious signs as to whether people enjoy sex with each other. So, we have decided that our neighbor is probably not having much sex and if he is, it certainly isn?t ?good sex?. This is how we started down this road, we want to be of service and show him what good sex is really all about. We are in this lifestyle because I feel it would be a travesty for me not to share with at least a few people in the world what an amazing fuck M is. So, we look at this as a good deed.

So, back to the neighbor, will call him T. I believe given an opportunity to have her slide her mouth on his cock and face fuck her, would be an offer he could not refuse. Im sure then he would be inclined to taste her tiny, smooth, shaved pussy which he would fall in love with as she ground on his face and gushed in his mouth. Knowing all to well that his cock would feel as if it were going to explode if he doesn?t get in her tiny cunt soon. Then all bets are off. Once he gets his dick inside her extremely wet pussy, as she pulls him deep inside, and tells him to fuck her hard and deep, there may be nothing that will stop him from wanting that again and again.

Here is a scenario that I have been pondering???.

Im considering putting this here story on his windshield or somewhere that I know only he will get it. Allowing him to read this might take the initial shock out of a direct offer which may be declined because of an innate shyness or discomfort face to face. But, a story that leaves him no doubt about what we want and how he can make it happen seems the most non threatening way to peek his interest and allow him time to think of how erotic and satisfying it would be. So here?s what I see??

As he is going to work, he notices the paper stuck under his wiper blade and as he goes to yank it off and throw it in the trash, he notices his name written on the underside and realizes it is a note written to him. As he is getting in the car and he begins to read it, he stops and looks around as he reads the title, his interest has peaked and he quickly gets in the car and proceeds to drive to work. Trying to read as he drives or hoping for a red light so he can read some more. Finally he hits a light and proceeds to my description of M and he starts to feel that stirring in his cock as it begins to grow. Just as he? starts to understand who wrote the story, and the possibilities his cock jumps in his pants as it strains to be freed. T finally pulls up to his place of employment making sure to park far enough away as to not be bothered while he finishes reading the letter.

That night I am outside as he walks by he makes a knowing gesture toward me, that he is interested in making this happen. I quietly acknowledge and tell him to come on over. After making sure the "coast was clear", soon he is lightly knocking on the bedroom door as I quietly let him in to a candle lit room with M naked on the bed softly running her finger over her clit. They make eye contact as she asks him to please bring his cock over to her mouth, she has wanted to taste his cock for a while now and wishes to wait no longer. He glances at me and I nod and also invite him to do so. As he unbuttons his pants and takes off his shirt he is suddenly naked sporting a rather thick cock. M liccks her lips as she lunges and takes his entire cock down her throat.

T's eyes roll back as M starts to slide him in and out of her mouth. Im so fucking excited just watching her go to work on his cock, I see how bad she wanted him in her mouth, and her moaning around his cock as she continues to take him to the hilt again and again. I proceed to slide on to the bed where I can get a better view as he starts to fuck her face slowly pulling his cock to her lips before he strokes it to the back of her throat.

As I start to run my tongue up and down her slit, making sure to not touch her clit, i know I'm driving her crazy as she pulls his dick out of her mouth just long enough to reach for my head and grind her clit on my face. After she lets me up for a breath, I silently offer T a taste of her sweet cunt.

After he drives his cock into M's mouth one last time, he pulls out and proceeds to devour M's tiny, wet pussy. He goes right for her clit and softly sucks it into his mouth just before driving his tounge inside her. Apparently he's doing a good job, because M started to moan louder and louder as she pulls her head up so she can watch T tounge fuck her legs start to get that familiar tremor, a sure sign she is close, M screams out T's name as she grabs his head with both hands she grinds her pussy on his face. Just then M makes eye contact with me as she fills T's mouth with a rather large gush.

T swallows every drop as she forces him away from her sensitive lips. Then M reaches for my cock as she asks T to fuck her, she says "I've been waiting to get that dick inside me, now fuck me". In one single stroke he buries his cock deep inside her. As he started to stroke in and out, M stuffs my dick in her mouth to muffle a scream. As T starts to fuck her harder she swallows more of my dick and I tell him not to stop because she is sucking my dick better than ever before. It didnt take long maybe 5 mins for her sweet pussy to be too much and T was spraying all over her chest. He must have cum for a whole minute before slumping to the ground in lust filled exhaustion.

I couldnt believe what I just watched and like a man on a mission I spun her around and drove my rock hard dick as hard as I could into her pussy as I began to fuck the shit out of her, a good 15 mins have gone by and I look over and notice T has recovered and looks as if he wants back in. So I have him lay on his back as I place M on his cock. I watch as she starts to move her hips with such rythm and grace. Soon she is sliding his dick as deep as she can as I push her down on his chest I lube her ass and insert a finger while T is in her pussy. After a short time, I ask her if she wants two dicks and she answers by pushing her ass up towards my cock.

I slide in without too much hassle and we quickly have her screaming, "OOOOHHHHH FFFFUCCCCKKKK" as she once again shivers through an intense orgasm just before I shoot my load deep in her ass. Immediately T loses control and unloads deep inside her pussy.

All 3 of us roll over completely exhausted...........That was the last thing I remember as I fell into a deep sleep. Wow........amazing.

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