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The Main Event

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The Main Event

Neal and Angel have just come in the house, both sweating . They just finished playing basketball in the driveway and finished up with a round of Horse. “I beat you Angel, now you need to pay up. We had the bet.”

“Fine, you win. I have to do what you say for the next 24 hours. What do I have to do? Better not be anything stupid, like barking or some stupid shit.”

“Nope, tonight the guys are coming over for our poker game. You have to wear what I say and serve us drinks, snacks and be our go to girl. Plus, you have to call me Master.”

“Haha. No way in hell I am calling you master. Your fucking crazy.”

“Fine, but you have call me sir, and be very nice and flirty with the guys. First though your first duty is to service me before you take your shower.” He opens his shorts dropping them to his ankles and exposing his cock to her. Angel just grins, pulls her top off, gets on her knees putting the tip of the cock in her mouth. It twitches at her touch and swells as she takes it all the way down. She runs her tongue along the underside of his cock pulling her head back till it is almost out then takes it back in. Her head moves up and down the shaft as she expertly sucks his cock. Neal just groans as she brings him to his climax. He warns her that he is going to cum soon and she just continues to sevice him with her expert blowjobs. Soon he released his load down her throat, she swallows the load and milks him till he starts to go soft. “Wow, damn that was good” She gets up her tits fully exposed, her nipples hard due to the cool in the house. “Are you going to pick out my clothes, I get the big shower.”

“I will lay the clothes out on the bed for you. The guys will be here in a couple of hours. “

Angel gets into the shower still horny and thinking about Neal’s friends. Tim, Alan and Danny are all very good looking, hard bodies. She gets to openly flirt with them all. Angel decides that she is going to expose a little more then normal. She shaves her leg and trims up her pussy hair leaving just a little strip that points to her pussy. She gets out and fixes her hair and makeup going for that fuck me look. She enters the bedroom and finds that Neal has bought her a new outfit that has a loose fitting micro-skirt , a very plunging neck line that goes down to her belly button and her favorite pair of stilettos. Neal has excellent taste thanks to my training she thinks to herself.

Angel comes downstairs after getting dressed and finds that he has set up the poker table in the living room. She clears her throat making him turn around. His mouth just drops open as he takes her in. He almost cancels the poker game but he has been planning this for weeks and she has no idea what she is in store for. “Wow, hun. You are stunning. This is going to be fun tonight. “

The guys begin to show up one at a time and is greeted by a very hot and sexy Angel as she answers the door. Tim is the first to show up , then Alan. Alan is about 6’2 220 pounds, dark haired with a smooth shaved face.

Alan enters the room staring at Angel as he walks by talking in general. “Al called. He can’t make it. Something about girlfriend is on fire and he needs to put it out.”

“Alright, we can play with just three I guess. Let’s get started. The table is in here and Angel is the go to girl tonight. Angel can you bring us a few drinks.”

She walks in already carrying four beers in her hand, “Way ahead of you, I assume everyone wants a beer.”

The trio sits down playing some poker, Angel exists the room for a minute to get everyone a fourth round. She is beginning to feel a little tipsy and has been openly flirting and very touchy and feely of the guys. She enters the room with the next round, she gives all a beer and sits on Neal’s lap as they continue playing the last hand. His hand is on her thigh and moving up. At first she tries to resist, but she is so horny she lets her thighs part just a bit. She turns her head to look at him as he is teasing her and is treated to a deep passionate kiss. His hand moves up her thigh and begins to rub at her clit. She moans into the kiss and spreads her legs farther apart allowing him easier access. She is close to cumming , when the kiss breaks. She looks around her suddenly remembering that they have guest. To her surprise Tim and Al both have their cock out. She stares at each in turn, licking her lips. Neal stands up lifting her as he does. She is placed on the table and laid back. Neal reaches up her skirt, her hips just hanging off the edge. He pulls the panties off her , sliding them down and is suddenly kneeling between her legs licking at her pussy like this is his first time. She closes her eyes as her pussy is attacked. Her shirt is opened and two sets of hands are on her tits, rubbing, massaging and pinching her nipples. She opens her eyes and sees there are two hard cock near her. She takes one in each hand and begins to stroke each one. She begins to moan as her pussy is eaten by her husband and both tits are now being sucked by her husband’s best friends. She suddenly cums, her body shaking. When she comes down off her high, she lets them know that she needs some cock now. The guys lift her off the table and lay her on a soft rug that is in the living room. The rest of her clothes are removed leaving her fuck me shoes on. The guys strip and get on their knees. Neal turns her over and places her on her knees and easily slides his large cock into her wet pussy. She gasp as it enters her going in all the way. She then realizes that there is another cock in front of her. She takes it in one hand , guides the cock into her mouth as licks the head all over then sucking it all the way down. Al moans as he enters her mouth. Tim lays on his back and moves under Angel mauling and sucking her tits as they swing back and forth from Neal ponding her from behind. Angel is in sensory overload with so much going on. Neal is fucking her from behind, Al is fucking her mouth and Tim is sucking both tits. After a minute or so she is not sure and cumming at least two more times, Neal pulls out of her, Tim slides out from under her and Al pulls his cock out of her mouth. She remains there a minute. Tim then kneels in front of her sliding his cock in her mouth. Neal slides under her and licks and sucks on her clit. Al seeing a pussy open slides his long slender cock into her pussy. Angel goes into sensory overload once again.

New sensations begin to overwhelm her as she has never had her clit sucked, pussy fucked and given a blow job all at once. Neal slides out turns around and gets back under her. She feels Al pulls his cock oout which is replaced by Neal’s cock that fills her up yet again. Then she feels Al pressing at her ass with the tip of his cock. She has been fucked this way once before with a cock in her ass and pussy and it was great then. She braces for the pain she felt the first time. Al slides into her ass easily while Neal is still in her pussy. They soon get in a rhythm together and begin to fuck her to new heights. She is now constantly cumming it seems. She sucks on Tim’s cock with new energy takng it all the way in. All three guys are now fucking her in ways she has never been fucked before. Her lust goes into over drive. Suddenly Tim begins to swell in her mouth as she feels the other cocks begin to swell that are also violating her in wonderful ways. She feels Neal and Tim cum at the same time filling her pussy and mouth get filled up . Al grunts and fills up her ass a moment later. All three guys coming set her own climax off as she cums very hard making her black out.

She awakens a little later in her bed the room dark. She is naked and sore in all the right places. She realizes that it was not a dream. She turns over and sees Neal next to her in bed. She is not sure how long she has been out. She grabs his cock and brings it to life and brings Neal to his senses.

Soon she is crawling on top of him and …..

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