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The Inquisitor (Chapter 30)

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High above the princess as she tore through the books held within the dragon-hold, the Queen smiled as she lay upon the tufted cloth and awaited The Inquisitor. In her mind, she followed the sequence of events that must take place this day. Tonight was the High Moon, and if she met with success in her plans, not a soul in this realm, or any other, could ever unseat her.

But first, she must find release. Where was that damned fool? she thought. She needed to relieve her pent-up desire in order to focus on her plans. At present, her mind was overwhelmed with desire, enflamed by the strange music which had so affected the ladies of the castle.

At last she heard the scratch of his boots on the stone floor, and she smiled to herself. He drew close to the table, a sinister smiled under his white and gold mask.

"Behold, my Queen." said He. He began to unwrap a large bundle, wrapped in sumptuous indigo silk. From the bundle he drew a very large device and then a smaller one, and held them up for her to see. Her eyes, and her cunning smile, grew wide as she stared at the larger implement.

The device was fashioned from translucent blown glass. It was long and cylindrical, and throughout the glass were swirled softly colored red strands and trails. The tool began with a large oblong sphere, about the size of a small egg. From there, it swirled out in a graduating spiral, with little round beads of glass fused onto its outer ridges at intervals. Its length was a little shorter than a man's forearm, and it's larger end was nearly as big around. To it's base was fused some sort of bracket, which she assumed must fit into some sort of machine.

"Oh my." cooed the Queen, clearly impressed. She found it amusing that she could still be surprised by his inventions. She beheld the tool for a few moments, drinking in it's possibilities.

"And this as well." said He, showing her the next implement. Though not nearly as large as the first, this one was also quite formidable. Made from the same clear and red-ribboned glass, this one mirrored the large egg shape of its twin, but did not spiral larger beneath it. Instead, it smoothed down into a short rod shape, ending in a large flat disk. The Queen noted with relish a small insectine device embedded within the smaller device. Noting her gaze, The Inquisitor flicked the side of the tool, and the little machine inside began to beat it's wings, and the device hummed with it's own life.

"Lie back, my Queen." He directed, and she laid her head back. He came around the table in between her legs, and began to play there with his fingers, He made soft little circles around her engorged lips with the soft pads of his fingertips. Round and round they went, one hand playing upon her slick button, the other gently exploring her wet sex. Firmer and firmer, until all at once, his finger slipped inside, quickly followed by another. While he slid the two into her and then out and then in once again, his other hand and fingers stimulated her clitoris.

The fingers began to make wet noises as they slid in, another, and then another, the four inside stretching her delightfully. She was already greatly aroused, and began to moan deeply, pushing her hips down on his thrusting fingers. Her wetness slid around his many fingers, and down between her cheeks below.

"Yes, my tormentor!" she moaned. "Put them into me, make me sopping!"

The fingers playing upon her slick button gave way to his probing tongue and mouth. He latched onto her and licked and sucked while his fingers slid in again and again. Her hips ground against his masked face, the golden filigree rough against her smooth skin. She bucked against his mouth, and her moans increased as his long and pointed tongue slipped in and out along with his fingers.

He looked up from between her legs, his dark eyes beneath the mask meeting her, looking down at him from between her large heaving breasts. Smiling, he asked, "Does that please you, my Queen?"

"Oh yes!" she moaned. "Prepare me with those fingers... aaah yess, and the thumb as well!" As she squirmed his thumbed joined the rest of his fingers, slipping about inside of her, drawing all of them together like a point, before flexing them out, wider, wider, until her walls drew them completely in. She cried out as she stretched round his slick hand, her hips bucking faster and harder as his mouth returned to lash her once again.

As he suckled at her clitoris, he would bring his hand nearly out, stretching her wide, before sliding them back in slow. Into her, slowly withdrawing, and slowly deeper in went his fingers and palms. Her sex was soaking with her own wetness, added to by his mouth upon her.

Slowly, he withdrew his thrusting fingers, but kept exploring her with his long tongue. The Queen squirmed against his mouth, and he made her second opening slick with her own juices. Slowly, his fingertip explored her, finding her receptive as he inserted his finger slow and steady.

"Ooooo..." she moaned deeply. "Oh yesss, you dirty slave! Slide it in me!" He smiled as he forced another finger into her from behind, making it wet inside as well.

As she moaned and squirmed, he raised up from her, withdrawing his fingers. The Queen made a coy pout, but only for a moment, as he began to introduce the humming device to her. "Oh!" she moaned. "Oooh, slow, my tormentor, slow... I am not ready back there."

"That is too bad, my Queen, for you will take all of it!" he replied. Slowly, he gave her the humming, throbbing tool. It's shape slid further inside her, stretching her as it continued into her. Wider, wider still, the smooth egg shape stretched her around it's rounded sides. She quivered as it reached it's widest, her rear slowly becoming accustomed to it. She moaned hard as it began to slim and diminish, until he at last pushed it deep into her behind, until it's disk held firm against her quivering cheeks.

He stood once again as the Queen lay on the tufted cloth. What a sight she made, her back arched, her hips high, her feet flat upon the padding, her arms pulled high above her head by the restraints, her poor rear stretched by his humming glass device. Though she moaned and writhed upon the soft padding, her fierce eyes stayed fixed upon him, and the intense look of pleasure danced upon her face.

"Ooo... You like seeing me like this, don't you, slave." She hissed. "Your master, tied and twisted with your fat rod up my ass?" Though she possessed the strength to tear her restraints from their mounts, she relished in her false captivity.

"It is my duty to serve you, my Queen." said He. "And that is what I intend to do." he added with a sinister smile.

He left her to lie upon his tufted table, terribly aroused from the huge device's insertion. Her nipples stood out hard and pointed, and her thighs quivered with delight. In a moment, she heard a series of clanks and scr*pes as he began attaching a new device to the foot of the table.

Though much of the new invention was obscured from her view, the Queen saw a long device now stood ready between her wide-spread legs. From her vantage on her back, she could see a long wooden rod, with a spiral groove running along its length, disappearing into a series of gears and clockwork. The Inquisitor stood to the left side of her table, and she could make out the handle of a large cranking mechanism near him. Somewhere underneath the table, she knew that crank would connect into the machine poised before her moist and exposed sex.

To a peculiar fitting on the end of the long wooden rod, he fitted the huge spiraling glass device he'd made. It locked into place, and the Queen realized with anticipation it's large bulbous end lay ready to slide into her, close enough to nearly touch her wet opening.

From beside her, he began to speak.

"As you know, my Queen, I have tortured countless scores of your prisoners. I have found that when a certain procedure is explained to them they find it all the more terrifying, and often confess even before I have administered it."

"So it is with this device, Shall I tell you what it will do to you?" He noted with delight how she squirmed on the table before the huge glass implement. "Yes, I think I shall."

"You see, my Queen. This glass tool waits but for a single turn of this handle." For effect, he turned the crank a bit, and the thick rounded end of the device extended to touch her slick opening. To the Queen's surprise, its glass tip was extremely warm. "Ah, I see you've discovered one of this device's secrets. I've had it in the fire most of the day, and the glass holds the heat very well, doesn't it?"

The Queen only managed a weak affirmation as she wiggled herself against the warm glass.

"As you might have guessed, my lady... when I turn this handle, it drives this long shaft here, which in turn drives the device between your legs. The more I turn, the deeper it will go. Were you not my Queen and master, I could tear you in half with it if I chose to... But I think you shall be able to accommodate it, don't you?"

As he spoke her began to slowly turn the crank. The large bulb began to slowly rotate and work it's way into the Queen. She moaned deeply as it stretched her around its girth. Slowly, ever so slowly, it wound its way inside her, it's huge rounded tip stretching her, stretching her until it was within her. Her hips and legs quivered as it's rounded end found purchase, and the spiraling arms began to work their way in as well.

She found to her immense delight that the little beads of fused glass hit exactly upon her secret spot with each turn of the handle. Each time one of the heated nubs found their mark, a new jolt of pleasure shot through her. As he turned the crank, the spiral arms began to widen, further, further,

"Oh yes!" she cried! "OOO, it's getting so big in me."

"Ah, my Queen..." said He. "T'is only just a few turns. It will get much wider still." To this he turned the crank again, and another widening arm slipped inside, its nubs thumping at her secret spot.

The warmth of the huge device, it's tiny nubs, its stretching of her began to build her excitiement. With each revolution, it stretched and filled her even more. Now the device began to encounter the smaller device inserted into her other opening. Their sizes met inside her, separated by her two openings. With each turn, they created new waves of exctasy as they interacted through the thin membrane separating them. By now, much of the device had rotated deep inside her, filling her with warmth and stimulation.

Reversing directions, her backed the device out some, before returning it again. The huge tool wound into her, deeper, deeper, wider and wider. Outside, an otherwise cloudless sky began to darken with dark heavy clouds above the castle. Lighting flashed hot from within them, at first sporadic, quickly becoming relentless.

The Inquisitor stretched her again and again, until the Queen was writhing upon his table, the entire girth of the device well inside of her, while it's counterpart stretched her from behind. The massive device inside her, expanding her opening even more than the princess's two hands sliding within her before. Her cries had become an unceasing cacophony of deep moans and squeals. Her arm tore her restraint free from it's mount, seizing his hardened member. She pulled it from its robes, stroking it hard and long, her thumb rubbing firmly against his opening.

He turned the crank yet again, ramming the device home deep inside her, seizing her erect nipple and squeezing it hard, Even the Queen, with her voracious appetites, could withstand the rising tide no longer, and her muscles tightened around the devices in paralyzing wave after wave. Outside, the crash of thunder was one long rolling war of sound and pressure above the castle, hot flashes of lightning striking all about. A man unlucky enough to be caught out in the field burned instantly as one of the bolts sought him out. Hot and salty seed shot forth from the Inquisitor's flogged cock onto her round breasts.

The Queen came again and again. Her body convulsed on the devices, her inner walls tight as a fist around its huge spiraling mass. The tool within her backside hummed with all it's might, and she came over and over again, stretched to her limit by his ingenious device.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the waves subsided as he began to withdraw the device. Each time the nubs hit upon her secret, another jolt shot through her as she bucked upon his table. At last, it withdrew from her, leaving the device in her rear humming madly. At last he dislodged the machine from the table and moved it away. Stepping round the table, he slowly pulled out the smaller device from her behind. A new orgasm racked her again as the bulbous end of the tool stretched its way out of her. Outside, the dark clouds began to break up and float away on a freshening breeze.

The Inquisitor smiled down at the Queen, who lay panting on his table. Her blond hair was wet with perspiration and her kin shone with tiny beads. Her eyes were closed and the deepest smile of contentment creased her face.

At last she managed a weak reply as her finger lazily trailed in his ejaculate spread across her milky breasts. "Very good, my tormentor. You have indeed served me well." she said as she popped the last bit of his seed into her mouth.

He busied himself putting away the devices and machines while the Queen unsteadily undid her restraints, rose and dressed. As he wrapped the large spiral device, he noticed it had cracked from tip to base from her strongly tightening inner muscles.

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