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The Inquisitor (Chapter 16)

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The day passed as the rode along. They neither hurried, nor tarried, rather taking a leisurely pace. The device inside her played about, as if by whim, but the princess knew her master held the strings. She was amazed at the wizardry of his devices, and it pleasured her as they rode.

The princess would have preferred an even slower pace, prolonging the inevitable, but the prince would urge them on at intervals. The princess and the maid spoke on many things, the guards behind them never once taking any notice, but rather plodding along behind them, tired expressions plastered upon their faces.

As the sky turned above them, its colors shifted from bright robin's egg, to now a vibrant pink hue. Dusk approached, and the outlanders' encampment loomed much larger before them.

No longer just a collection of dark shapes on the horizon, the camp appeared much bigger up close. Bright banners flew above a large number of tents, flapping in the gathering breeze. Cookfires burned in small thatches of them. A good number of horses grazed on high grass just at its outskirts. The princes could make out the shapes of men moving about the camp. Her apprehension rose with each plod of their mounts. Surely the Queen would not have her be savaged by every man within this encampment, she told herself. From the looks of it, it could be thousands.

The maid caught her eye, and whispered soothingly. "No my love, not all."

They arrived at the outer defenses just as fireflies began their skyward dance. Night had not completely fallen, but torches had already been lit. Two stalwart men abandoned their former occupations, mostly holding up their shields by leaning upon them, and strolled into the road.

One of the sentries raised his hand in salute. "Hail, noble company! Approach not if your aim be to cause mischief."

Tarquinne returned the salute. "Behold my forearm, I bear no hidden blade. By your leave, I have been sent by my liege to treat once again with your chieftain. I and my company bring no ill omen."

"Ah, Lord Tar-Quinn... your face is known to us. Please allow us to have your horses watered. They have traveled far for one day. The chieftain has indeed laid a feast for your arrival, and the watch shall set soon. Set foot on solid ground, and be welcome." The sentry bade them dismount, and left his comrade to resume his leaning.

Assured that their belongings and horses were taken care of, the small band was escorted to a large main tent, in the center of the camp. Rich laughter and song flowed out with the warm light escaping the large flap. The sentry drew it aside, and they entered the outlander's banquet, leaving their two guards outside. The maid drew the princess aside , begging a few moments to relieve themselves.

Out of sight, she commanded the princess to once again raise her skirts, and together, they withdrew the Inquisitor's training device. The maid cleaned it with her tongue before hiding it within a small satchel she carried. She grinned as she tasted the princess upon it, her eyes locked upon the princess', a lustful smile on her soft lips. Though the glass device was intensely pleasurable, the princess was glad to be relieved of it.

Inside, all conversation ceased as the trio entered. Round a large fire pit sat many men. Most were dressed in well-made tunics of heavy cloth, and thick leather leggings, though their colors and patterns varied with each man. Most had long hair, many with thick beards, but to the princess, appeared clean. Their faces had the look of seafarer's, tanned and deeply lined. Most of the eyes staring back at the strange trio were piercing blue. Though they were not arrayed for war, many weapon racks could be seen distributed around the outer walls, each bearing lances and swords, pikes and shields.

Silence reigned for an eternity. The seated men looked to the trio, at each other, and back again. At last, a bear of a man seated beyond the fire, slowly rose to his feet. His chest was broad, eyes bright, towering above the warm fire. When he spoke, his voice rumbled low like far off thunder.

"Ah... Prince Tar Quine." said he. "Welcome to your and your company on this fine night. Our last meeting was brief indeed, though I see the wisdom in your coming to us. We were most confused why no answer came to our hails or banners. I was most pleased to hear of your return to our camp. We have much to discuss. Come, the evening meal has been smoking in our fires. Break bread with us; join us in laughter and songs of battle."

Prince Tarquinne made a low, sweeping bow. "Hail, worthy kinsman. I am honored to join in your company. I bring word from my liege. When we spoke last, I came unawares of our ruler. It is my duty to discern any threat to our realm, and was joyed to find not an enemy, but mine own kin."

In a whirl of activity, servants began bringing in the evening's feast. Platters and trays laden with food were place steaming before each man in the company. Wild boar, roast duck and suckling pig, fruits and great ears of corn, and flagons of mead soon also appeared. Tarquinne took a place of honor beside the chieftain, bidding the princess and the maid to low stools behind him.

Sitting low upon them, the clothes they wore caused their large breasts to push uncomfortably high, a sight which was not lost on the men gathered round the fire. The underlings served their chieftain Tymrilll first, followed by Prince Tarquinne.

"We had hoped our cousin, the King, would accompany you this night. Our eyes have not met in many, many years." replied their chieftain.

"Alas, my lord Tymrill," began the prince. "Our king has been taken ill. It surely must have been many years since you have passed through this realm. Indeed, our King carries a terrible plague, and has shut himself away these many years in his own tower. All who draw near to him quickly succumb and die, while he himself remains. I myself have seen him only once in all of my four and twenty years. And only then, from far below in the courtyard."

A roar of disbelief buzzed about the gathering. "Oh! This news brings terrible woe to my heart, young Tar Quinne!" bellowed Tymrill. "We knew not of your kingdom's misfortune. You guessed correctly that we have not visited our kinsman in many seasons. We have not crossed these lands since the time of the last High Moon, nearly twenty and five years ago. We are sorely vexed we journeyed not sooner. Had we come before, perhaps our medicine men could have found a potion for him." To this, all of the company hung their heads.

"Do not let your heart be troubled, my cousin," soothed Tarquinne. "Medicine from the entire realm has been sent for, and sampled. Sadly, none served as remedy."

The tent was quiet for a time, the outlanders trying to come to grips with the terrible announcement, Then a low voice came rumbling over the crackle of the fire. Tymrill, the great war chieftain, cousin to the king, began to sing a somber dirge, soon quietly joined by those of his company.

As for the princess and the maid, they sat quietly and uncomfortably on their low chairs. The princess believed not a word of the prince's tale, but remained silent with Chrysanthemum. They wore long riding capes of sturdy cloth; which swept down off their shoulders, revealing their bunched-together breasts. The capes drew up into cowls, which were pulled low over their faces.

As the men sang their sad warrior's song, she busied herself quietly nibbling on the sparse food the servants had grudgingly given them. She looked round the tent once again, remembering why they had been brought here. Her sex softly ached from her long instruction with the device inside her as she rode.

She slowly counted the men assembled within the tent. One after another, she made a mental note. When finished, her count had reached thirty, not counting the huge Tymrill. A new wave of apprehension swept through her as she realized what might lie in store for her and the maid.

At last, the warriors finished their songs, and resumed the talk, while they enjoyed their meal.

"So then," asked Tymrill. "Who then rules this land, now that the King has shut himself away?"

"His wife, our Queen, has assumed his mantle. Each day finds her in hopes he can return to his throne."

From somewhere behind the gathered men, the princess was sure she heard a chortled, raspy laugh issue from the darkness in response to the prince's words, but the men paid no heed. The princess craned her head, and finally caught sight of a very old man whom she had not noticed when they'd arrived. Though well dressed, even the darkness could not mask his great age.

The cheiftain's rumbly voice broke her gaze, and she returned her attention to the talk.

"A Queen rules this land, eh?" chuckled he. "She must be a warrior as well. Even in our own lands, this realm is known as a power to be respected. Glorious tales of battle abound about your realm."

"Aye. You speak true, my kinsman," said Tarquine. "None challenge her rule. She brooks no rebellion or dissent. She may rule with a firm hand," he added. "but a fair one."

At this, another stifled chuckle rose from the old man. "Quiet, you old fool!" growled Tymrill, then aside to the prince, "Forgive our ancient shaman, Tar Quinne. His eyes have seen too many seasons, and his mind grows softer by the day."

Smirking, the prince asked, "Surely such an old man must prove a hindrance to an army on the move..."

A true look of horror passed the chieftain's face. "Take care, my young cousin. Though his years are many, that very man possesses deeper magick than any in this realm. His spells... you would do well to leave him to his own desvices."

The prince thought to himself that he might know someone with even deeper magick, but kept it to himself. Switching tacks, he asked, "So, you have brought Champions to hold games at Tournament?"

"Ah!" smiled the chieftain, "I have indeed. It is our hope to hold tournament tomorrow, the day before High Moon. I have brought a fine stable, some of our champions dine with us tonight." He pointed out several very large men, scattered throughout the company. Most were large as tree trunks, and their eyes had the look of seasoned veterans.

The princess took note of them too, but for a different reason. As she squirmed upon her seat, she could not help but notice some of them sported very large bulges 'twixt their big legs. A few had caught sight of her as well, their eyes seeking out her imprisoned breasts, and smooth hips. One smiled across at her, not an evil leer, but the still princess grew more anxious, looking away quickly. The maid softly touched her hand for a moment, whispering. "Trust in me, my love. No harm shall befall you."

The prince nodded his approval. "Indeed you have brought Champions. The Queen wishes for me to extend a welcome to you and your company. We have a splendid tournament field, and all in the realm shall turn out to see these games."

"In fact," said Tarquinne, casting a sidelong look at the princess and the maid. "In honor of your arrival in our realm, the Queen has sent you, and your company, a gift. Two gifts in fact." With this he bade Chrysanthemum and the princess to stand and remove their cowls. This was met with much cheering from the men assembled.

"Oh Ho!" chuckled the chieftain, "Your Queen is generous indeed, to send such beauties to scoundrels such as we!"

"Indeed." He smirked. "Be wary, though. This one is favourite of my liege, so be sure your men do not tax her... overly much." Said Tarquinne, gesturing to the princess. "The other is yours to do with as you wish."

Tarquinne spoke to the company, who now was paying close attention. "Welcome kinsmen and champions, my Queen sends these gifts to you. You may enjoy them for this one night alone. I am told the raven haired one... has a very talented mouth." He brought the princess forward a little, so the men could get a better view. The men cheerfully quarreled and jockeyed for who would go first.

"And champions, the first among you in tournament, shall receive another audience with this beauty!" The princess felt her stomach knot as he again pointed her out. "So take your care with her. The winner of the games shall receive her from before, the second, shall have her from behind, and the last shall have her mouth.!"

Cheers and catcalls went up from the company. They all began to clamour as to which would take the prize, which prize should be ranked as first place; some saying behind was better than before, others that her mouth was the top prize. As they jeered her, the maid softly held her hand. "Be strong, my love. Fear them not. Remember the strength you felt standing before your judgment. Allow only pleasure to reach you, think not on shame or fear."

The princess felt heartened by her words, even emboldened. She took a step forward, painting a stunning smile upon her face, her eyes alighting on some of the men who'd caught her eye before. The maid smiled at the boldness of the princess, and moved to the Chieftain, taking him by his arm. The prince took his leave, amidst cheers and gratitude. The great chieftain rose and silenced them with his hand.

"Now, my lord," she cooed. "We shall serve you first. After, your men may sample us, but honor must be paid in the first hand. But first, may I have but a word with my mistress." The chieftain smiled, and the maid guided the princess outside.

As they spoke, the chieftain parted the flap, and strode up to them. "Prepared, my dear?" his voice deep and lusty. "Yes, my lord." came her coquettish reply.

To the princess, she whispered these last words. "Remember my love, none shall harm you here. Give yourself over to pleasure alone. All will be well." And with that, she led the princess once again into the banquet tent.

Inside, the fire had died, leaving a warm reddish glow playing about the interior. Such a sight greeted her eyes. All around the room were more huge cocks than she'd ever seen. It seemed each man was bigger than the next. Taking a deep breath, they started to undress.

- - -

Their eyes devoured them as they stood naked before the company of men. A disconcerting thought about how many men were actually here crossed her mind, but she pushed it down. A strange sense of empowerment coursed through her. She would show these men, and the Queen!

The chieftain led them to a pallet of soft pillows and fine pelts. To the princess he said, "Let us find out how talented your mouth really is." He guided her down to her knees before him, his massive cock throbbing before her face.

She took his member into her mouth, sliding it nearly to its length. Back and forth into her mouth it slid, her tongue sliding around its head and shaft, wet saliva slipping down to its base.

She slid her tongue sideways along its opening, and down underneath. Stroking it with her hand, her tongue flicked at his sensitive glans, before sliding down to envelop his large testicles, sucking them softly into her mouth.

Back down her throat it went, in and out of her mouth. Its tip made a popping noise when it escaped her sucking mouth. The maid busied herself showering his face with kisses, and torturing his nipples with sucks and tickles. Slowly, she sank down to join the princess before the chieftain. As the princess continued to suck, she grasped his member by its thick shaft. She stroked it as the princess's mouth returned to its tip, the edge of her tongue sliding back and forth inside his opening.

All at once, with no preamble, his cock leapt against her probing tongue, hot semen spurting across it and into her mouth. The princess stroked faster, milking all he had into the princess's waiting mouth. A low gargle escaped his lips, and he stumbled backward, driblets of white fluid still hanging from its tip.

At last, he spoke to the gathered men. "The young prince speaks true. Her mouth is indeed a talent!" The princess was shocked to discover how excited she actually was, the taste of the great chieftain still on her tongue. She found it was not nearly as unpleasant as she had thought. In fact, she admitted to herself that she had quite enjoyed it.

"Champions of the veldt," spoke Tymrilll. "Come and enjoy these fine gifts. Those who would have carnal pleasure may find use with this one," said he, gesturing to the sultry maid, now lying coyly on the pelts. "Those she cannot handle, consider yourselves among the luckiest here, for you shall be treated to this one's fine tongue."

Watching her pleasure their fore man served only to excite the rest of them. Three men quickly took the maid. As one mounted her, his cock sliding easily into her already wet crescent, two more slid their pulsing cocks into her mouth at once.

She took them in, slurping this one and that one, as the other soldier slammed it to her. Soon another man joined in, his huge cock sliding up her ass. She cried out, but it was lost 'round the cocks in her mouth. Soon enough, she was slick there as well, and he rode it into her again and again.

She felt her excitement building, cocks sliding into her openings deeper and deeper. She felt a climax beginning and let is wash over her as the two she suckled released into her mouth. She bucked down hard against the two inside her until the one who ravished her from behind let out a cry, hot semen blasting up inside of her. He withdrew, only to be replaced by another, his member raging, and even bigger than the last.

More and more cocks she sampled. Some in her mouth, some in her sweet, smooth pussy, others deep inside of her from behind. Some men came to stand by, pulling upon themselves until they released onto her chest, her neck, her face. More men came to slide their engorged cocks deep into her mouth, sometimes gagging her as they slid in to their hilts, only to blast more semen down her throat.

The maid gave herself over entirely, her body filled up at every opening. Into her and into her rammed cock after cock. She orgasmed, and again, And again. She climaxed so many times throughout the night that she lost track, and thought her body could withstand no more. But sure enough, the waves would build again as a new partner added his own techniques to the overwhelming stimuli.

As the moans of the men and the sounds of pleasure reached the ears of the princess, man after man brought his throbbing cock to her. Each she took deep within her slathering mouth. At times, she would watch as they ravished the maid near her, the sight of her taking so many at once thrilling her more. The princess stroked and sucked, swallowed their cocks to their hilts, and would not release them until they released their hot fluid for her. She used her tongue as she had with the chieftain, seeking out their opening, pushing her sharp tongue into it as far as she could, until as last their semen jumped forth into her mouth and down her throat.

More and more men, inside the maid, inside her mouth, man after man they pleasured, their own ecstasy enhanced by each new partner. At times, she would take two men, their huge cocks stretching her mouth, other times she would stroke one man, while sucking another, before returning to the stroked. Soon her mouth was full of semen, her face wet with it. Some men stroked theirs before her until releasing onto her round breasts, their seed hot and slick. The princess found she grew more and more excited with each man's climax, until at last her own body quivered every time a new flood of hot fluid burst out.

At last, their cries died away, and each man moved away on shaky legs. The final man gave it up inside of her mouth, the last man depositing inside the maid's poor ass, and they finally withdrew. The maid's breasts and nipples felt bruised from all of the urgent sucking. She fumbled to a large pile of pillows, and collapsed upon them. She was exceedingly sore, and could scarcely stand or walk.

The princess marveled. Thirty men. They had sated thirty men! She joined the maid, enfolding her in her own arms. The maid whispered words of love against her, and they lay quiet, covered by the warm animal pelts. It was not long before a deep sleep overtook them.

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