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The Inquisitor (Chapter 11)

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For a long while, the princess remained where she stood. She feared to move, expecting to turn and find the Queen's beautiful face just in front of her own. At long last, she mustered her courage and fled back down the passage. After many twists and turns, she found a small stair leading down into the darkened courtyard.

As she burst into the open air, she breathed a great sigh of relief, filling her lungs again and again, trying to slow her breathing. As her senses returned, she noticed watchfires had been lit along the fortifications on the high walls.

Many men moved to and fro, and she could also see shapes through the torchlit arrow ports. Sounds of metal and machines echoed down into the courtyard. In the gathering gloom, she thought she caught sight of the man she'd met in the library.

As she watched him moving from battlement to battlement, her eyes suddenly fell upon the masked face and deep red robes of the Inquisitor. Just as the Queen had done, he was staring directly down at her, his eyes boring directly through her. Very slowly, he bowed his head slightly to her, before turning to face an underling and dispatching an order.

The princess stood for a moment, bewildered, before hearing running footsteps behind her in the garden. She turned to see the maid Chrysanthemum hurrying toward her.

"Come, my lady!" she called, reaching the princess and grasping her gently but firmly by the hand. "We must away!" The pair hastened from the courtyard, and quickly down the winding stair.

They hurried down the long, winding stair, and through the darkened chamber of delights. Into her chambers they rushed, only to stop short in surprise. The Inquisitor was already waiting for them, sitting calmly on the princess's bed.

They wondered how he could have reached her chambers so quickly, only just having been seen on the battlements. The princess cast a wondering look to her maid, who only shrugged, before giving a swift curtsy to the Inquisitor.

"Good evening, my dears." he spoke. "Please, enter and be calm. Your breath is very fast from your hurry."

He lounged, rather than sat, toward the foot of her bed. As always, he was wreathed in his crimson robes; his face hidden by his mask. His hood was down however, and the princess was sure his hair was even more streaked with white and grey than the last time she'd beheld him.

The eyes that shone from beneath his mask seemed weary, and his beard was now almost completely grey. Though he seemed worn, he still exuded such a strong presence, that his apparent aging hindered him little.

"I trust you have heard about the coming of... visitors." spoke he. "I have seen to the castle's preparations, but still there is much more to do. However, there is a little time to attend personally to your evening lessons, my princess."

As his silky voice wrapped 'round her, she felt her excitement grow. That soft, sensual fragrance again drifted about her chambers, and it's scent filled her lungs, sending waves of arousal through her like a pulse. Apparently, it affected the maid as well, for the princess could see her nipples, dark and hard beneath her bodice.

Slowly, the Inquisitor stood and approached the one chest in the room the princess had found locked. From within his robes, he produced a strange key, and silently unlocked its latch. It swung open upon its hinges, revealing a plush red lining. The princess and maid approached the chest, and gazed at its contents with curiosity.

Within the chest lay three objects. The first closely resembled the device the princess and the maid had made such good use of recently. A massive phallus, only this one was sculpted entirely of smooth, transparent glass. Within it, they could see a beautiful winged insect. Its shell was brightly colored green, and shone in the light.

Also within the chest, was a smaller device, shaped into a oval ball. Within it, the princess could see another bright winged object. The princess touched the ball gently, and immediately the insect awoke, its wings causing the entire device to vibrate.

So quick were its wings, that the device hummed even faster and stronger than those from his tuning fork machine. As the smaller device hummed, the insect within its larger neighbor also began to thrum its wings.

The final object within the chest was another, smaller chest, this one bearing another strange lock. The princess and the maid stood silent, listening to the hum of the devices, both knowing their purpose, and each growing more and more anxious to feel it's vibration within themselves.

"My Lord," asked the princess."What wondrous contraption lies within this last chest?"

The Inquisitor's eyes darkened. "That is for another day, my princess." he replied.

His eyes warned them not to question it further.

"Now," he said, striding back to the bed, carrying the large device. "Come and show me how your lessons are proceeding."

The maid led the princess back to the bed and began to disrobe her, as the princess did likewise to the maid, Soon they stood naked, hands playing along the other's skin, mouths finding nipples, fingertips finding excitement below.

"That is good, my princess." He purred. "Let me see you suckle her. Yes, that's is good. Let her feed you." As he spoke, the maid directed hot streams of milk into the princess's waiting mouth.

Soon they fell upon the bed together, the princess sliding down to find the maid's steamy crescent waiting for her.

She lapped at the maid, getting her wetter and wetter. Every so often, she would cast a glance at the Inquisitor. She could tell she was pleasing him. Already he had opened his lower robes, and his great cock stood stiff and hard.

"Now, your fingers!" cried the maid, already nearing an orgasm. Her moans grew higher as the princess filled her with them, while her tongue slurped greedily between her legs. At last her whole hand slipped within, and the maid came hard upon them.

"Very good, princess!" he praised. "You are indeed learning fast. I am sure your talents will serve you well in the coming days. Now, once your lusty maid has regained her senses, I want you to lie with your back upon these pillows, and spread your legs wide."

The princess did as he commanded, opening her legs wide before him. Her opening was already slick from her own excitement at pleasuring the maid. She was sure she would at last be receiving his large member, and she quivered in anticipation.

But to her surprise, he directed the maid onto her hands and knees before the princess. The maid gladly began playing amongst the princess's dark hairs, fingertips playing along her wet lips.

He gave over the large device to the maid before circling around behind her, his thick staff leaping with his heartbeat. The maid brought the glass phallus close to the princess's wet, lower lips. The princess could feel it's frantic vibrations against her, and almost came with its first plunge into her.

Slowly, the maid slid it in and out, its hum resounding through her entire body. Deeper she plunged it; sliding it back out, and back in again. Her lips and walls stretched 'round the huge device, its smooth surface slick with her wetness.

As the princess was pleasured by the maid's strokes, the Inquisitor mounted the maid from behind. He slid his huge cock into her again and again, slow but strong and deep. The maid moaned with glee as he drove into her.As he moved within her, he reached 'round to slather his own fingers with her saliva, before sliding a thick finger into her ass.

The maid pounded the glass contraption into the princess faster and faster as the Inquisitor withdrew his own member from her, only to slowly slide it deep into her waiting ass. Into her he slid over and over, as she gasped and moaned, all the while giving the vibrating device to the princess.

With cock deep in her ass, the maid slid her own fingers into the princess' while servicing her with the humming glass rod. All at once, they climaxed together, the Inquisitor withdrawing his cock to shoot hot spurts of semen upon the maids back.

Even as her own quivers continued, he commanded the princess to lick the maid clean. Not a drop shall remain was the watchword. Though a bit repulsed, the princess obeyed.

Getting to her knees, she bent over the maid and extended her long pink tongue. Her tongue sank into the fluid, salty and coppery. Remembering her own oath, she cleaned the maid, till at last, not a drop of his essence remained.

Though her stomach threatened to revolt, she managed a sly smile at him, before the maid attacked her with kisses.

As they rolled and played together, he stood slowly, closing robes around himself and returning the device to its chest. The princess had the strangest notion that his beard was darker and less grey than before.

He noticed her gaze, but said nothing, only closing the chest and locking it. When he was done, he laid the strange key upon a small table near the bed. The princess knew it was now hers, and she relished the thought of using the great vibrating glass rod when next the chimes sounded.

He took his leave, reminding the maid to once again bathe the princess, and prepare her for her night's rest. He seemed almost in a rush to leave them. Though his demeanor still was a bit unnerving, his mouth had a pleasant smile, and his eyes kind beneath their mask. He bade them good night, and left without another word.

After he had gone, the princess noticed tiny sparkles along the path he had walked. She left her bed to inspect them closer. She found he had left bootprints of very fine white sand where he had walked. Looking round, she found tiny grains of the same white sand on the strange key he had left.

Her mind puzzled upon her strange discovery, but the maid soon distracted her with touchings and teasings and promises of another lusty bath.

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