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The Gay Black Experience

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Unlucky me. I had just moved into my first apartment and was finally free from my parents. I had a good job at a factory and was debt free. Everything was going great until one morning I went to work and saw about a dozen fire trucks from down the street. A glow was coming right from where the factory was at. I made it half way down the street to where the firemen had blocked all the traffic. The entire factory was engulfed in flames. I parked my car on the side of the road and joined some other co-workers nearby who were staring at the flames. No one had any idea what happened. It was obvious there was not going to be any work, at least for today.

About an hour later one of the supervisors came by and told everyone to just go home and someone would be calling us to let us know what was going to happen. This was Monday and I finally received a call on Thursday. My supervisor informed me the factory was not going to re-open and we should all find other work. The only good news was we were going to received two months pay.

I started to look for another job but there were none to be found. I was not going back to live with my parents. I was able to find work at an adult bookstore outside of town and just off the interstate. I worked nights but at least it was enough money to pay the rent, car payment, utilities, and food. Not much was left over for anything else.

I had never worked at an adult bookstore before, but I had been in this one a few times before to buy a video once in awhile. I had never noticed the booths and two theatres in the back. I of course knew what went on back there but I never even bothered going back there to harass any of the customers. We never had any problems so the police never even came in to the place. Several others who worked there also knew what went on in the booths and theatre but they never bothered anyone either.

Since I didn?t have extra money to go out much, I began spending more time at the bookstore by coming in a couple hours early and staying a couple hours after my shift. It wasn?t bad, my shift started at noon and ended at 8pm. I had Mondays and Tuesdays off but found myself going there even on my days off.

After just three weeks working there I decided to hang around the booths and theatre after my shift ended. A lot of the regulars were taken back when I walked back there. They knew my shift had ended and knew I was just hanging around and not there to cause any problems. It was there I was able to watch two guys suck each other off. Watching them my own dick got hard and found I had to rub my cock to keep it from getting too much pre-cum showing through my pants. A few nights later I even got to watch one guy get fucked by three guys in one of the theatres. This is what got me hooked from that moment on.

One Friday night I was hanging around in the back when the guy working the counter came back to get me. He had an emergency at home to take care of but would be back shortly and asked if I could take over. Of course there was no problem and he headed home while I took over the counter. While he was gone this one black guy walked in and looked around for a minute. I had never seen him there before and it seemed he was a little uneasy being in there. I asked him if I could help him and he said he wanted to know where he might find a ?date? for one of his buddies. His friend was getting married the next day and the girl they hired for the bachelor party didn?t show. That was why he was in the bookstore, to get their buddy laid. I told him I didn?t know of anyone but maybe if he waited the other guy who worked there might know of someone.

He went out to his car and came back in. He said his buddies decided to wait to see if the other guy knew of any girls for the bachelor party. I watched as he walked around the store looking through the videos. I could see that the crotch in his jeans was beginning to protrude. I could tell he was well hung by the bulge that was already showing. I asked him if the guys would need any videos to go along with their stripper. He said he was thinking about it but that his friends were already so drunk that he thought they?d fuck anything with two legs.

My co-worker came back and let the guy know that he didn?t know of any girls that were strippers. I walked out with the guy and walked with him to the car with his buddies. It was then I noticed they had rented a stretch limo and there were almost 20 guys inside of this limo. Not one of them were sober. I walked over and started chatting with a few of them outside the limo. All of the guys were black and it looked more like a basketball team. The smallest guy had to be no less than 6?3? and probably all in their 20?s. The guy who was getting married the next day stood around 6?7? or more. Even their limo driver, another black guy, towered over me. I had a smaller frame, wore a medium t-shirt, stood 5?7?, 145lbs, and a 29 inch waist.

I casually mentioned that whatever girl they did end up with would probably not be able to walk the next day after these guys got done with her. One of the guys, who was already pretty buzzed, said he was so horny he?d be even willing to let a guy suck him off and even fuck a guy?s ass. Before I even realized it, I told him, ?well, you?re at an adult bookstore and we?ve got two theatres in the back and several guys are back there.? Another guy asked if people actually had sex back in the theatres. I told him a lot of people would have sex back there and mostly guys, but a lot of sucking and fucking.

This got their attention and decided since the odds were against them finding a girl for the night they might as well take the party inside. I led them inside, and even the limo driver decided to come in. The guy at the counter asked what was going on and I let him know the situation. My co-worker, since it was a bachelor party, let them go in for free.

I took them all to the back and went into the theatre which showed straight movies. There were plenty of seats and most went right to the front row and even a few others got on the floor between the front seats and the screen, which had plenty of room. No sooner than they had sat down that every one of them pulled out their cock. The stereotype that black men have huge dicks is true. Seeing all those big black cocks in person made my cock get hard and already had some pre-cum on my dick. I had to figure some way to get my mouth on those dicks and even try to get fucked by one of these guys.

One guy asked me where all the action was. I decided this was my cue. I told him to go ahead and sit down and I?d be glad to get things started. He sat down and knelt down in front of him and took his cock in my hand. I could barely get my mouth around his thick cock. He laid his head back as I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I didn?t have much experience sucking cock and had only been fucked once before but I was not going to let this opportunity slip away. Several of the other guys came over and stood around me and started stroking their cocks. I reached up with one hand and grabbed another one of these huge black cocks and started stroking.

Soon I felt some hands reach around my waist feeling around to undo my pants. Another guy lifted up my shirt around my neck and started rubbing my nipples. I turned around, finished taking off my shirt, and let the guys finish taking off my pants. I didn?t even care that my 7? hard cock was about half the size of these guys? dicks. I just kicked off my pants and got back on my knees and started sucking each dick one at a time. Those guys who I wasn?t sucking were either rubbing my nipples, stroking my dick, or rubbing my ass. A couple of guys mentioned how smooth my ass was and was just right for fucking. I looked up and said if they could get plenty of lube then I?d be willing to try.

Two guys zipped up their pants and went out to the front and got two tubes of lube. In a couple of minutes they were back with the lube out and rubbing my hole with lube. One guy slowly slid his finger in my ass and it felt as big as a guy?s dick. I took a deep breath, put another cock in my mouth, and concentrated on relaxing my hole. The guy had used plenty of lube as I felt his finger go deeper. I felt some hands spreading open my ass cheeks revealing my pink hole with that dark black finger inside of me. All of a sudden I felt another finger go inside of me as I arched my back and let the cock slide out of my mouth. I let out a deep moan as my head shook. I could feel my ass being stretched as he was preparing my ass for a good pounding. His started finger fucking me harder as I took another cock in my mouth while still moaning. I started taking breaths in rythem of the guy finger fucking me. I felt more of my pre-cum dripping off the tip of my dick as I eagerly awaited the first dick in my ass.

I heard one guy tell the guy who was getting married to be the first to fuck me. Two guys lifted me up and bent me over the back of one of the couches in the theatre. The back of the couch was just right where I could bend over with no problem and keep my feet on the floor. Some of the guys walked around to sit on the couch and grabbed my arms. Another guy put his cock in front of me and I took his dark meat in my mouth. I felt some other guys grab my legs and ankles. I could feel the tip of the guy?s lubed dick being rubbed against my ass as he continued to rub my hole with lube. I held the cock in my mouth and took a deep breath. I didn?t know if I?d be able to handle getting fucked by a cock this size.

I felt the tip of his cock slowly penetrate my hole. I could feel my ass being stretched as he slowly applied more pressure. I could almost hear a ?pop? noise as the head of his dick penetrated my ass. The guys were encouraging him to shove it all the way into my ass. His dick kept going in deeper and deeper as I tried to catch my breath and relax my ass to accommodate his cock. I could tell he had not put his cock all the way in me when he started sliding his dick slowly out. I could feel the pressure subside and could feel the lube in me. He kept the head of his cock in me and started to slowly fuck me but never putting his cock in all the way. I was able to relax a lot more and concentrate more on sucking the cock in front of me. With more encouragement from his buddies, the guy, with one hard thrust, shoved his dick all the way in. I yanked the cock out of my mouth and with one loud moan yelled ?Fuck!? The guy kept it in as all the other guys called out to fuck my ass. He pulled his cock all the way out and in a split second shoved it all the way in again. I couldn?t even catch my breath and it felt like his cock was going to come right out of my mouth as it was in so deep. Another guy grabbed the back of my head and put my mouth on his cock. I could feel my ass loosen up a little more as the guy started fucking me faster. His hands grabbed on to my hips as he drove his massive cock inside of me. My dick was slapping the back of the couch as the other guys held on to my ankles, legs, and shoulders. His fucking kept on getting faster and harder as I wondered where he was going to shoot his load.

I tried to keep my concentration on the cock I was sucking while trying to relax my hole as it was being pounded. A few second later I could tell he was about to shoot his load. With one last thrust he shoved his dick all they way in me as I felt his balls against mine and I felt the warmth of his cum shoot deep inside of me. He bent over my back with his dick still in me and grabbed me around my chest. I felt his cock pulsating more cum inside of me and my ass getting full of his cum. I heard one of the guys say that the ?Best Man? was next. I felt the guy?s cock pull out of my ass with another ?pop? noise and before I had time to relax the next guy?s cock was in me. This guy?s cock was not as thick but felt a lot longer. Another guy came over and put his cock in my mouth as now the ?Best Man? started to pound my ass. Another guy led the guy who was getting married, and had just finished fucking me, over in front of me and told me to lick the rest of his cum off his cock. He shoved his cock in my mouth and I could feel the last of the cum on his dick on the back of my mouth. I could feel him getting hard again as he thrust his dick in my mouth. I was getting hang of deep throating these huge cocks as my ass began to relax more with the pounding I was getting. I felt another load of warm cum shoot up inside of me as I started sucking on another cock.

My legs were beginning to shake by now and could feel my ass full of cum. As soon as the ?Best Man? took his dick out, another guy shoved his cock inside of me. It didn?t take long for this guy to shoot his load in me and add his cum to the other two loads already deep inside of me. One by one each of the guys took their turn fucking my ass. After each one shot their load inside of me they would walk around and shove their cum covered dick in my mouth. I noticed the guy who was getting married walk over in front of me, started stroking his cock, then leaned over to shoot another load of cum all over my back. Just as he was shooting his load on my back the guy fucking me at that time also shot his load deep inside of me. I could tell a few of the other guys who had already had their turn fucking me and shooting their loads inside of me were now jacking off and beginning to shoot their loads on my back. I felt all those warm loads of cum starting to drip off my sides and on my shoulders.

One guy then got in front of me and put his cock in front of my face. There was no way I was going to be able to even get this guy?s cock in my mouth. I couldn?t even get my hand around the girth of his cock. My legs, ankles, and shoulders were still being held in place but I managed to get both my hands on this guy?s cock. I had both my hands wrapped around this guy?s cock as much as they could and his cock still stuck out at least another six inches. I had seen big cocks in some of the videos but nothing like this cock that was in front of me. This guy had to be no less than 16? long and 5? around. I glanced up and noticed it was the limo driver. He grinned and told me to get it nice and wet. I was hoping that I could get him to shoot his load in my mouth as I knew there was no way he was going to be able to fuck me, even after getting my ass stretched out with all these other huge black dicks fucking me.

I felt another load being shot deep inside my ass and could feel all the cum now dripping down my thighs and even around my ankles. A couple more guys were now jacking off getting ready to shoot another of their loads onto my back. The limo driver took my hands off his dick and walked around behind me. The guys said they saved the best for last. The limo driver lubed up his cock and said that no woman had ever been able to take his cock all the way in and that this time he was bound and determined to shove his cock all the way inside of me till his balls were slapping against mine. I felt the other guys take a firm hold of my ankles and legs. A couple of other guys grabbed my shoulders and one grabbed the back of my head. I felt the head of the limo driver?s cock rub against my well fucked hole. I knew my hole was wide open from being stretched out by these huge black cocks as I tried to relax even more to accommodate this horse cock. One of the guys told the limo driver that on the count of ?three? to shove his cock all the way in my ass and hold it there as they wanted to see his balls against mine.

The guys started to count very slowly??.One??..Two??.Three!! With one thrust I felt I was being split in half. All the feeling in my legs left and my head began to swirl. I tried to moan but I didn?t seem to have any breath. I felt his hips against my ass and could feel all those loads of come go deeper inside of me. Two of the guys shot their loads over my back as the limo driver kept his horse sized dick inside of me. Just as quick as he shoved his dick inside of me he pulled it all the way out. More cum started coming out of my ass as I was able to catch my breath. No sooner had I caught my breath that the limo driver shoved his cock all the way back inside and held it there. All the air left my lungs as I tried to gasp for air. Slowly he began sliding his cock in and out, never taking it more than half way out. His thrusts became harder as I could feel he had been able to get his cock all the way inside of me and have his balls slap against mine.

I could feel him getting ready to cum and got myself ready to have his load shot deep inside of me. My ass was throbbing now from being stretched so much and he finally let his load go. He shoved his cock all the way in but still kept fucking me. I felt his cock pulsate with every load he was shooting inside of me. I felt the guys let go of my ankles, legs, and shoulders as my legs almost gave way. The limo driver held me up by my hips as he kept his cock inside of me. Just as quick as he had shoved his cock inside of me, he took his cock out of my ass and I could feel more cum gush out of my ass. I could tell my hole was wide open as one of the guys spread open my ass cheeks. One of the guys mentioned how wide open my hole was and jokingly said he could see my tonsils be looking up my ass. The limo driver walked back over in front of me as I licked the remaining cum off his cock.

The rest of the guys got dressed, thanked me for a good time, and headed back out to the limo. I stayed there, bent over the back of the couch, dripping with cum. I could still feel the warm cum over my back and still dripping down my legs. I could feel my hole slowly close and could feel the remaining cum still deep inside of me. Three guys who had come in later and had watched a lot of the activity came over and told me how hot they had gotten by watching me get fucked. Each of these three guys then jacked off and added their loads of cum onto my back. I stayed in the same position enjoying the feeling of all that cum all over me and inside of me.

After the warmth of the cum faded I gathered enough strength to stand up and go over to pick up my clothes. I decided to just put on my boxers as they looked like shorts anyway and just head home. I didn?t bother putting my t-shirt, pants, socks, or shoes back on. I wanted to enjoy the feel of all this cum for as long as I could. I walked back to the front and just went straight to the door. My co-worker caught my eye and he just gave me a big grin. He could tell by the way I was walking that I had gotten the pounding of my life. I opened the door and my eyes had to adjust to the morning sun. I got in my car, being careful not to put my back against the seat, and drove the 4 miles to my apartment. I opened the door and went straight to bed. I knew my co-worker was working a long shift and he would still be there when my shift started. When I woke up I could feel all the dry cum all over my body. My boxers were wet from where more of the cum had oozed out of my ass while I slept. I got up and took a nice hot shower which helped my aching body while reliving the previous night.

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