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The Chevy Suburban was for more than work!

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Let me start out by describing my hot vixen of a wife to you. She is a natural blonde, 5'6 and 128 pounds and now a complete slut. However, it wasn't always that way! She was a virgin when we met and during our 13 years together things have changed, BIGTIME. I (hubby) have also changed, I would never have thought that I would love seeing other men fuck the hell out of my hot little wife, but like I said, things change.

My wife looks very similar to Britney Spears, especially in body type. You know how some girls are built for certain things? Well, my wife was built to fuck and she does it quite well.

It all started by me talking dirty to her during sex. I would whisper in her ear and ask her what her fantasies were. I finally got it out of her that she had fantasized about 2 guys at once, but according to her "fantasies are fantasies" they "aren't supposed to come true"! I explained to my then 23 year old wife that the lotto was a fantasy, HERS CAN COME TRUE and that’s how it all started! As of today she is 33 years old and preparing for her first full blown gangbang. We have become so kinky that we don't even consider MMMF a gangbang anymore. She now wants to satisfy 6+ at once! But that’s a story for another day, now onto our craziest fantasy.

We own a nice big Chevy Suburban that easily holds a futon mattress in the rear with room to spare. One night during sex, I mentioned to my little slut that I wanted to drive around and invite hot young athletic type guys in for a "ride". Being such the slut that she is, she was all for it, anything to get a cock stuffed in her orifice! I have created a nymphomaniac, I never realized that they can be "created" but it's true, it CAN be done! My wife craves men who will treat her like a whore and she is not 100% happy unless they do. That is why we no longer invite single guys over for fun. The gangbang/multiple man situation makes it easier for the guys to treat her like a total slut-so be it! The best part of all of this is that my wife knows she's a whore and has no problem with it. She wants to be totally dominated; basically she wants to be "gang-r*ped". So we got her dressed one Saturday afternoon and began the "sexcapade" as it has become to be known. We have a couple of local colleges and that was our target!

We drove around on a beautifully comfortable sunny day until she found "Alex" and "Josh". My wife (Terri) called the two studs over to the car, I'm sure they figured we were simply looking for directions. Terri was dressed in a very tiny brown suede mini skirt with a pale yellow top, the kind that ties under her breasts exposing her tight tummy. Alex was very tall at about 6'5 and maybe 225 pounds. He was quite good looking but VERY young. He ended up being 19 (thank god my wife loves young guys). Josh, as it turned out, was 21 years old and weighed maybe 180 pounds and was close to 6' tall. When they approached our vehicle my wife asked them if they knew where the best clubs were in the area for night time fun. They began to give us directions that quickly confused my wife (myself included) because there were about 8 different turns and 8 different streets so she just asked them to jump in and show us. They agreed as long as we brought them back. It’s amazing to watch; guys do ANYTHING this girl asks them to do! Alex then asked where we wanted them to sit since we had no backseat because of the mattress! I mentioned we had gone camping and still had not cleared out everything. My wife told Alex he could sit in the front seat because he was so tall and that she would be kind enough to sit in the back with Josh! Terri didn’t even bother to get out of the truck to switch seats instead opting for just diving over the back of the seat totally exposing her panty less clean shaven box to both men. They looked at me to gauge my response and I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. I told the guys she was just a “friend” of mine. So now it was myself and Alex in the front and Josh and my wife in the back. As I was getting directions (that I didn’t even care about) from Alex, my wife and Josh were making small talk in the back. I heard Josh tell her that she looked totally HOT and then Terri told him that he wasn’t “bad himself”. My wife is a total sub type personality but she can drift to the aggressive side if need be to get what she wants. There was not a seat in the back so Terri and Josh were laying on the futon as we drove. When I went into the next turn the truck turned a little sharp causing Josh to roll over onto my wife for whom he politely muttered “sorry about that” as his hand accidentally brushed up against her ass and thigh. Terri looked right into his eyes, licked her lips and told him that she really didn’t mind, she had guys put their hands on her ass before! At that point, Josh said “interesting” and placed his right hand onto her ass directly under her skirt and Terri jumped a mile! Josh was stunned and he pulled his hand away quickly as he thought he had read her ‘cues” incorrectly! Terri grabbed his hand and placed it right back where it was and said “damn Josh, your hands are freezing”! Josh must have thought to himself “THANK GOD” because he knew that he wanted to fuck this whore right here and NOW!

Alex still didn’t really know what was going on because he didn’t have the rearview mirror like I had, yet you could tell that he was dying to just turn around to monitor what he might be missing. I turned the music up in the back and down in the front as the two of them made out so that I could talk to Alex. I whispered to him what Terri really wanted and that we didn’t care about directions. He said that he kind of figured that out already! I told him that this chick was fulfilling a longtime fantasy and that he was part of it. He didn’t look disappointed as he shifted his ever growing log in his pants. I told him what really turns her on is to be instructed and totally dominated and treated like a whore. I decided to give him an example. I turned the music down and looked back to see my wife already engulfing Josh’s cock in her mouth. That didn’t take long I thought to myself! Once the music was turned down I yelled “Terri, fuck yourself for the guys”. She muttered that she was “busy” and I firmly yelled “DO IT NOW TERRI, DON’T ARGUE WITH ME”. She knew she had to listen because she is so addicted to being dominated that she knew her most powerful orgasms lie in the realm of domination and she couldn’t refuse that! So she opened up her version of a “tool box” and brought out “Black Thunder” which is a 12 inch black dildo complete with balls. By this time both of the guys were in the back with their pants down. My hot little slut of a wife somehow was still dressed. She began their show by going down on the dildo and deep throating the entire thing with relative ease while staring into their eyes the entire time. She flicked the massive head with her silky tongue and worked it as if she were getting paid per lick. I never wanted to be a dildo more in my life I thought. She worked that shaft up and down with her mouth and her hands as if it were real. At that point I heard Alex follow my advice and began to bark out commands to her. Alex said, “Terri, didn’t I hear your friend up there instruct you to fuck yourself for us”? Terri submissively held her head down and muttered “yes Sir-I’m sorry”. With that being said, she placed the 12 inch black monster on the futon mattress and impaled herself upon it like she was riding a black stud from the top position. She was doing squats on it and you could see that the two young studs could get a bird’s eye view of the dildo as it repeatedly disappeared into her wet pussy over and over. She then began moaning and bucking until she couldn’t take it anymore. She rolled off of the dildo and then she began fucking herself senseless and these guys were going wild. It was obvious that they had never been in the company of such a whore in their lives! She fucked herself so impressively that these two guys who wanted nothing more than to put their cocks in her, could not interrupt her. This little cock craving whore fucked herself for these strange men over and over again as she came repeatedly. He body trembled and I told the stunned onlookers that what they just saw was nothing, wait until she has you both in her at once. I then yelled back, “Terri, go to work now and be VOCAL-GOT IT”. The little slut assured me by responding “Yes master, I will fuck them good and hard as instructed”. Then I yelled back “What are you going to do with their loads Terri”? Terri responded that she will lick up every drop no matter where it was. I said “good girl, now back to work”. The guys were pumped as they realized that this whore was at there beckon call. She was there to be used by them in any way, shape, and form and they were not going to blow this once in a lifetime opportunity! Alex seemed a little more dominant than Josh in the beginning and he told Terri straight out that he was going to fuck her silly and that he was also going to fuck her ass. Terri murmured that she couldn’t take his 10+ inch cock in her ass but she would be happy to have Josh fuck her ass since he was about 8 inches. Alex grabbed her by the throat and said “what did you say whore”? Terri quickly responded “I’m sorry master Alex, you can fuck my ass too if that’s what you request of me”. This Alex guy was really catching onto the game and I thought Terri was going to cum right there because she loves being dominated and this young guy was really enjoying this. At that point Alex rammed his 10 inches all the way to the base of his cock in one big move. Terri was split in half and loved every second of this young stud’s virility! Josh beginning to get comfortable went to the rear of the sluts head, faced Alex and grabbed both of her ankles, making it easy for Alex to ream her wet clean shaven pussy into submission. Stroke after stroke after stroke Alex fucked the hell out of my wife while she screamed and begged for more. She was climaxing repeatedly and begging for Josh to fuck her ass at the same time. They were in for a surprise because she doesn’t go totally off until something penetrates her ass. Alex looked her straight in the eyes while his pole was still buried in her wet box and said “you want Josh’s cock now Terri”! Alex than instructed Josh to let go of her ankles so he could take his turn fucking the little whore for a while too. Alex didn’t want to cum in her until Josh had his turn. She didn’t realize what was in store for her. Josh now into the whole role playing thing commanded my little horny bride to ride him like he was a bucking bronco. She had no problem as she scrambled up top to get into position. Once she was there Josh reached up and lightly cuffed her face instructing her to fuck him faster! Terri started to listen while yelling faster, faster, FASTER as her pace quickened. By this time Alex was smacking her ass from the back as she fucked Josh and every time he slapped her ass she would moan her approval louder and louder! It was blatantly obvious that she liked a little bit of pain! Slap after slap my little previously innocent wife sent waves of passion through her body to a point where Josh couldn’t stand it anymore and proclaimed that he was going to cum. With that, Terri jumped to her knees as if not catching every drop of cum would result in the end of the world. She latched onto his beautiful member like a suction cup to glass. She grabbed the back of his ass cheeks and pulled him inches from her face as he pumped his load all over her face! She began to finger her twat with one hand as the other hand fed all the cum to her eagerly awaiting lips. She licked them clean while looking at Alex for more. Alex looked right at her and said “are you ready Terri”? She knew what he was talking about. It was time for her ass to be fucked by the biggest cock she’d ever seen. She didn’t say a word because she knew she didn’t have much of a choice. They were going to fuck her ass regardless of her wishes and this totally turned her on. She then positioned herself on all fours and awaited her master’s cock. She only hoped that he would be gentler than when he shoved his cock in her pussy the first time. Alex then grabbed her hair, yanking her head up and told her to look at Josh while he fucked her. Terri then obliged and said “yes sir, your whore is ready now”. Alex then told her that he’ll fuck her ass in due time. Alex then gently slid his cock into my wife’s pussy, with his right hand still full of my wife’s hair his left hand wrapped around to grab her throat. In this position she was totally at his mercy and she fucking LOVED IT. I could hear her screaming “Oh god, fuck me Alex, fuck me-I love being your toy”. Alex began pounding her once again while asking her a series of questions. “Are you a slut Terri” he asked. Yes she responded I AM a slut and I can’t help it! Whose slut are you right now Terri? “I’m Alex’s and Joshs slut” she responded through his tightening grip on her throat. Josh then instructed the whore to beg Alex to fuck her ass. “Please fuck my ASS Alex… PLEASE”? “What do I have to do to get you to fuck my ass Alex, I want it so bad, and I can’t control it anymore”. “I want you both to fuck my ass-please do it now”. At that point Alex pulled out of her love next and positioned his tree at the point of no return. “Are you ready you little tramp”? “Yes master Alex, please fuck my ass PLEASE”. Alex then gently put the head of his throbbing member in her ass and then removed it. “Oh god ALEX FUCK MY ASS- FUCK YOUR LITTLE WHORES ASS RIGHT NOW”! Again Alex entered her inner sanctum but still only an inch of his manhood was given to the cock craving whore. Terri couldn’t take anymore (she can’t control herself when you play with her ass) and she began fucking herself with the black dildo while Alex was teasing her ass! Inch by inch, pump by pump Alex sank his log deep into her forest until she smiled at Josh and said “let the fun begin”. Alex fucked my wifes hot little ass repeatedly for what seemed like 30 minutes and then Josh wanted in. So Alex pulled out and had Terri ride Josh as he re-entered her ass. She went wild as she came over and over again. She was screaming for them to never stop and thanking me for allowing her to have them. Terri screamed to them that she do anything they wanted if only they would never stop fucking her like this. Having both her holes filled was overwhelming to her. They told her that they would continue but only if she would fuck ALL of their friends next week. She couldn’t say no at that point and replied that she’d fuck whoever they told her to fuck. Alex was ready to cum and Terri begged him to cum on her face. Alex pulled out and rolled her over and literally ripped her shirt right off her body just in time to dump his load on her. Josh was so excited by this that he instinctively jumped back onto my wife and began fucking the shit out of her while licking Alex’s load off of her tits. They lay there fucking and kissing and wallowing in the massive load that Alex had just given up for the next 5 minutes. Josh then said he’s going to cum and Terri begged me to let him cum in her. How could I refuse that request! Josh then reeled up and dumped his load inside of my beautiful wife’s pussy and she yelled how good it felt to have a load in her.

It was now time to drop off the guys and we talked about how they had more friends interested in participating. We exchanged phone numbers and said to get them together for next weekend. It was gangbang time and we look forward to sharing this next story with you! Now It’s MY turn to fuck the little slut!

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