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The Beginning

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My first wife and I were in the swing lifestyle and loved every minute of it. Even though we are divorced now, after 3 years of marriage we wanted to pursue different careers and still remained good friends and even after our divorce attended parties together. What brought us together and still remain friends was our sexual desires. You could say we were sexual sluts. We weren?t into pain or anything extreme but we just loved to have as much sex as possible. I was 22 and she was 21 when we met. About a month into our relationship we began talking about some of the adult videos we would watch together. We talked about what it would be like to have group sex and have sex with others. The videos perked our interest in not only having sex in front of others but to also with others. She didn?t have any interest much in having sex with other women and I had, and of course still don?t have, no interest in having sex with other men.

We did some checking and decided to go to a local swingers bar. We had a great time and quickly met several couples there. The next weekend we went again and saw many of the same people and met even more couples. One couple invited us to an on premise party after the bar closed that night. We told them we hadn?t ever attended an on premise party and that we would wait until the next weekend.

The next weekend we went to the bar again and met the same couple who had invited us to the on premise party. They told us that every Friday and Saturday night there was an on premise party hosted by a couple they knew. We decided to give it a try and just check things out. After an evening of dancing and having a few drinks we were getting horny and figured we would see what went on at these on premise parties.

About midnight we asked the other couple where the on premise party was and they said they were going there and we could just follow them. It took only about 20 minutes to get there. We parked on the street and went up to a ranch style house that looked like all the others in a suburban neighborhood. We knocked and the host opened the door and invited us in. He knew the couple we were with and introduced himself and called his wife over. There were two other couples there as we all did the introductions. They offered us a couple of drinks and gave us a tour of the house. The kitchen was large with a table full of finger foods and drinks. The living room was large enough for four couches and end tables with a large screen television which was something very few people had at that time. Just behind the kitchen was an enclosed patio with a hot tub large enough for eight people. A man and his wife were already undressed and relaxing in the hot tub. That was the first time my girlfriend (my wife later) and I had seen another couple naked. We went back through the kitchen and headed towards the other rooms. There were three other rooms (bedrooms) on the other side of the house. The master bedroom had been converted to what they called the play room as it had no door and people were allowed to do whatever they wanted in view of others. A second room had a one way mirror where you could see into the room but could not see out. This was for people who wanted a little more privacy but didn?t mind if others watched. The third room was a private room where there would be total privacy for those who wanted to just play with certain people rather than a group or being watched.

After the tour we went to the living room and talked with the other couples. The other couples were older than us and were in their mid-thirties. Everyone was well dressed, groomed, and not bad looking at all. The couple we came with invited us to the hot tub and we decided to join them but probably not get in the hot tub. The other couple was still in the hot tub and caressing each other. The couple we came with undressed and got in the hot tub and the women kissed and caressed each other. We sat in a couple of lounge chairs next to the hot tub and quickly became aroused at the sight of four naked people in the hot tub.

We had never been naked in the presence of others but decided to give it a try. We undressed and climbed in the hot tub. The four others were on the other side and my girlfriend and I remained on the other. The other couples were courteous by not coming directly over as they knew it was our first time there. My girlfriend and I started kissing and she started rubbing my already hard cock. My girlfriend?s nipples were hard and noticed they seemed to be sticking out more than usual. Already being horny and seeing other people naked in person for the first time, we decided to head to one of the bedrooms. We decided we didn?t want to go in the play room as we weren?t ready for someone to join in but we also wanted to know what it would feel like if at least others watched us. We grabbed our clothes and carried them to the room with the one way mirror and locked the door. We knew the others would be watching and we both seemed to be turned on by the idea.

I had my girlfriend lay on her back as I climbed on top for some 69. After I had her nice and wet we fucked missionary style for awhile and then some more oral. After fucking her in several positions I decided to ask her if she was ready to be fucked in her ass. We had talked about it a lot before as we had seen it in the videos. She had always wanted to try but never quite was ready. She decided it would be really hot that her first anal experienced would be watched by people. She got on her knees and I used some lube that was on the nightstand. We both glanced towards the one way mirror and could see some shadows on the other side so we knew others were watching. I lubed up my cock and put some lube on my finger to lube up her asshole. She started rubbing her pussy as I put my finger on her asshole and slowly inserted my finger. Her ass was nice and relaxed and my finger went in nice and smooth.

I knew I would have to get her ass more prepared than with just one finger so I added some more lube and slowly inserted another finger. Her ass tighten and she started to curl up more and rub her pussy harder. I took my time to let her ass adjust to the pressure as she moaned but didn?t want me to take my fingers out. After I knew her ass was ready I slowly removed my fingers and she let out a long sigh of relief. I got on my knees behind her and rubbed the tip of my cock on her ass. I am not real hung, only 7? and fairly thick, but I was surprised that she told me to shove it all the way in at once and fuck her as hard as I could and not stop. She moved up towards the headboard and grabbed on to the railing of the headboard while still on her knees. I got behind her and made sure my cock was nice and lubed. She said she was ready and I took a firm grip on her small hips and put the head of my cock against her asshole. I knew it would be tight as she had never had anal sex before and she was petite. She was only about 5?3? and weighed 115lbs soaking wet. She had nice firm small B cup breasts which I loved as I prefer smaller breasts and not turned on with women with extra large breasts. I moved my cock around her asshole a couple of times to try to get it as lubed as possible. Then with one hard thrust I shoved my cock all the way into her ass all the way to my balls. She let out a scream and her knuckles turned white as she gripped the bar on the headboard. I grabbed as hard as I could on her hips and started thrusting my cock in her ass. Her entire body began to shake uncontrollably as I continued to fuck her ass as hard as I could. Her screams turned into screams of ?fuck me?.fuck me?. She stopped screaming only long enough to take a breath and telling me to keep in fucking her ass. After only about five minutes I knew I couldn?t last much longer as I had been horny to fuck her for hours and her ass was so tight around my cock. Sweat began dripping from my face, from my back, and around my neck. I felt her beginning to shove her ass against me to take my cock deep inside her ass with every thrust.

She never once touched her pussy while I was fucking her ass but I could feel her orgasm and release her juices against my balls as they slapped against her pussy. I couldn?t hold it any more and with one final thrust I kept my cock deep inside and shot my load. The feeling of her tight ass grabbing onto my cock while shooting my load was incredible. I collapsed onto her back while keeping my still hard cock inside her ass. We laid there for several minutes with her face down and me on her back with my arms wrapped around her holding onto her breasts while my cock was still implanted deep in her ass. My cock was as hard as when we started and I slowly started fucking her ass as we laid there. I could feel my cum inside her ass and started fucking her faster. I heard her breath in short gasps but no longer screaming. I knew I could shoot another load. She laid there face down with my arms wrapped around her and squeezed her small breasts. I licked the back of her neck and ears as I continued to fuck her ass and feel her move her ass in rhythm. I lasted much longer this time and shot a second load in her ass. After unloading the second time she said she wanted me to take it out fast. I took my arms out from around her and pulled my cock out of her ass. She let out a sigh of relief almost as loud as a scream as she moved her hand to her ass and put two of her fingers inside her ass to feel the cum inside her.

We went to the bathroom which was attached to the bedroom, showered, dressed, and went to the living room to meet the others. We were greeted with the largest grins I had ever seen on anyone. Neither of us were embarrassed and had grins just as large. While returning home my girlfriend suggested next time we should try having sex in the party room so we could watch the others having sex at the same time. We decided to take it one step further each time we went. We both knew at the time our sex lives would only get better. The entire next week we talked about what fantasies we had and of course any limits. To be continued??.

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