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The Babysitter Aniversery Present

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I am 18, about 5/7, 120 lbs. I have been babysitting for Tammy and Travis, for about 5 years. Tammy called me on Thursday and asks me to baby-sit on Friday because she was planning a surprise for Travis on their anniversary. They were going to spend the night somewhere and they wanted me to stay the night. Like always I agreed, because I loved seeing Travis. He is about 5'9, 180lbs, dark Hair, what most attracted me to him was his baby face. It always has been a fantasy of mine that one Night when Travis takes me home that he would pull over. Lean over towards me, kiss me, and we would fuck. I thought about it every time he would take me, and my pussy would always be wet.

Friday morning came and Tammy called me to make sure of the time I was coming over. Before she hung up, she said that she couldn't wait for the fun to start tonight. Not sure of what she meant I hung up the phone. My mind wondered all day, what if she had something planned, that involved me. No, she couldn't, it was their anniversary. But I still couldn't help it. My pussy throbbed all day, with the thought of what MIGHT be planned for that night. I convinced myself that nothing was going to happen, and got ready to go over.

I left my house at 4 and arrived there a little early. Travis and I sat and talked while he waited for Tammy to get ready. Although I wasn't sure if Tammy's plans for that night evolved me, I was still going wild thinking of the sex they both were in for. I could feel my pussy get wet as I thought about Travis?s hands touching Tammy?s beautiful breasts. Tammy was a gorgeous women, about 5?7 short blonde hair, about 140 lbs. I could see why Travis was so attracted to her.

Tammy come out from their room and she was wearing a very showy pink tank top. Her breast looked absolutely perfect in it. As I glanced over I noticed Travis admiring her beauty. Tammy looked at me and winked, I wasn?t sure if she noticed me staring as well, but either way I was incredibly turned on. She gave me the run down of all the things I needed to do while she was gone. While Travis walked out the door she than told me that the kids were down for a nap and would need to be woken up in an hour. As soon as she saw Travis get into the truck she pulled me away from the door. I?m guessing so that Travis couldn?t see. She pushed me against the sink and got very close to me so our breasts met. She asked me if around 11 I could run the kids to her mothers house, and they would be back at 11:30. She asked if I wouldn?t mind spending the night. At that very moment I knew what she was asking of me, Sure I told her. I would love to stay. She leaned closer to me ear and said that Travis has been wanting this forever, and he has no idea of what?s in store for him.

After she left my heart was racing. What did she mean by Travis had been wanting this forever? Wanting another women, or has he been wanting me?? By then my pussy was throbbing from all the excitement. I had an hour, so I fingered myself, thinking about Trav?s hard cock deep inside my pussy. I came in minutes. When 10:45 came around I was so incredibly eager to take the kids to their grandmas. I dropped them off, and drove back. I pulled into the driveway and a sudden fear came over me. Did I really want to do this? Would it makes things weird later on? I wasn?t sure, but the thrill of fucking Travis consumed me, and I walked inside.

Not long after they pulled up, my heart began beating faster and faster. Travis walked inside first, took her shoes off, and sat on the sofa. Tammy came in minutes later, took her shoes off and asked me to help her in the other room. She closed the door after we entered and asked If I was still up for it. Definitely, I said. We walked out of the bedroom and sat on either side of Travis. Tammy asked me how the kids were, and I replied that they were angels. Both of us laughing we leaned over in front of Travis and passionately kissed each other. Trav was completely stunned, and quickly asked what was going on. Tammy looked into his eyes and told him that I was his anniversary present. He looked over at me, and I have him a tiny grin, and I kisses him softly. My heart sunk, I had dreamed of this forever. Every doubt in my mind was gone, and all could think about was pleasing him. I stood up in front of trav and I took his shirt off. I leaned over and kissed his chest and his nipples. Than I moved over to Tammy, she turned around and I unhooked her shirt, she turned around again and I watched her sexy 34c?s fall from her shirt. I leaned down and I kissed Tammy?s neck, than I moved down and I kissed her breast, sucking on tone he nipple and twirling the other between my fingers. As I stood up to take trav pants off I noticed that he already had them off and was rubbing his cock. I asked trav to take Tammy?s pants off as well. Still standing I moved back a few feet. With the attention of both of them, I started to unbutton my shirt. Very slow, revealing my breasts in a lacy black bra. I dropped the shirt behind me. Than I started to unbutton my jeans, I unzipped them, and let them slide off my legs. I was wearing a matching black lace Thong. I moved back to Tammy and asked her to fallow me into the bedroom. We help hands as she fallowed me, She sat on the edge of the bed, and I kissed her, more passionately than I have anyone in my life. My hand wondered down her breasts, past her stomach, and my fingers massaged her mound over top her panties. I told her I would be right back, and I went back to the living room, where Travis was sitting there cock in hand, breathing incredibly heavy. I straddled trav?s cock, with my panties still on, and I asked him to unhook my bra. He reveled my breasts, and he began to suck on them? ohh his tongue felt so good on my hard nipples. We kissed and Travis told me that he wanted to make me cum right then. I asked him if he ever thought about fucking me before this night, and he quickly answered while kissing my neck, every time you came over here. I nearly came, when we told me that. I stood up from him, and I asked him to take my panties off. He sat on the edge of the sofa, he kissed my stomach, my hips, and he ran his fingers around the inside of my thigh. He put his thumbs on either side of my hips and he slowly pulled down my panties. Once my entire pussy was revealed Travis stared into my eyes while he pulled them down the rest of the way. He than turned his attention to my noticeably wet and throbbing pussy. He kissed the top of my slit, and than slipped the tip of his tongue into my pussy, licking the tip of my clit. It sent chills up my spine. I pulled him up and I asked him if he wanted to join Tammy in the bedroom. When we walked in Tammy was laying on the bed naked with her legs spread. Rubbing her clit. I got onto the bed and asked trav if It was okay If I tasted his wife. He told me that he didn?t and soon I had my tongue licking Tammy?s pussy. She laid on her back, and I had my hands under her ass. Lifting her pussy to my face. My ass was high in the air, after I had Tammy moaning I felt Travis behind me. His finger slowly reached my pussy, and he circles my clit a few times with his fingers. Than I felt him got onto his knees. His hands grabbed my ass, and for the first time Travis?s cock was deep inside my pussy. He slowly pushed it in my pussy in a slow motion, grinding me. Than his cock pumped my pussy faster and faster. I loved having his 8inch cock so deep inside my pussy. He was thick too. I continued licking Tammy?s pussy. While fucking her with two fingers. Tammy and I were both moaning together, Tammy?s hips rapidly shot up to my face, and I knew that she would be Cumming soon. Her pussy tightened up around my finger, I licked her clit harder, flicking it and finger fucking her pussy. All while Travis was fucking me like I never had been before. I knew I was going to cum, and I told Tammy that we were going to cum together. Travis pumped me harder and harder. He rammed my pussy onto his cock, and it felt amazing. My pussy was contracting and I screamed that I was Cumming, I flicked Tammy?s clit while I moaned, and she came with me. Not long after? Travis was Cumming inside my pussy. I felt wave after wave, the cum was dripping out of my pussy. But it felt so good.

I turned around and I kisses Travis, I whispered that his cock felt so nice in my pussy that I wanted it in my mouth. I asked Tammy if she wanted to help, she quickly said yes. Travis?s cock was hard and ready to go again . I took the head of his cock in my mouth and I twirled my tongue around it. Than I pushed my head down onto his cock, bringing it back up, I sucked the tip of his cock like a lolly pop. Than Tammy took his cock in her mouth, she sucked him like a champ. Up and down licking his shaft, it drove me crazy seeing her fucking his cock with her mouth so skillfully. I was jealous, I wanted his cock in my mouth with her. We took turns, fucking his cock, she would suck him while I licked his balls and like wise. While I was sucking him off I felt his orgasm coming, and jerked him off while he came in my mouth. Before swallowing, Tammy and I kissed exchanging his cum from her mouth to mine.

Tammy had yet to have Travis?s cock inside her yet, so I suggested that Travis fucked her while I licked her cunt. Completely turned on by the thought of getting an up close view I began to rub myself. Tammy asked Travis if he would be willing to fuck her in the ass. He was all for it, and so was I, to watch. Tammy?s Pussy was soaking wet I took some of her juices and I rubbed it on her ass. While Travis lubed up his cock for a great ride. He placed the head of his cock right on the outside of her ass.. He than slowly pushed his cock inside her ass? She moaned from the pain and the pure pleasure. I eased my way under Tammy in the 69 position and I began to eat her pussy. Trav was going slow at first but his speed increases and so did my pussy licking. Than I felt Tammy?s tounge licking my pussy lips. She was the first woman that ever touched my pussy. She slowly toyed with my lips that slowly slid her tounge inside my pussy? She licked, sucked, and kisses every part of my pussy. I have had guys go down on me, but Tammy knew just what she was doing. I quickly came to orgasm, and than another, she made me cum like no other. Soon I felt her pussy tighten again, as Travis fucked her harder and faster. She screamed in pure pleasure and she came all over my face. I loved the taste of her juices.

Tammy asked Travis if there was anything that he particularly wanted, he wasn?t shy. He knew what he wanted. He laid on the bed, and he began to stroke his cock. Till it was hard again. He motioned for me to come over. He told me to straddle him, that he wanted me to ride him. I had no complaints and Moved over to him. I stood up a little and I slowly lowered my Incredibly wet pussy down onto his cock. This was the position I had been wanting to fuck Travis with forever. I slowly moved my hips around, with my hands on his chest. I closed my eyes, and grinded his cock. I was rubbing my clit now with one hand and touching my breasts with the other. I than picked up the pace, I starting sliding my pussy up and down on his cock, slow at first than faster, I fucked him. I closed my eyes, and threw my head back, his hands were grabbing my tits and I fucked him? faster and faster. I screamed that I was going to cum, My pussy contracted again and again, as wave after wave came. Travis and I came together, his cum was again dripping out of my pussy. Still onto of Travis I reached down, got a little on my finger and I sucked on it moaning.

Once I got off of Travis. Tammy, Travis and I made love for the rest of the night. We feel asleep in each other arms. I woke up the next morning to Travis and Tammy fucking. I joined them for about an hour, and I left. When Travis takes me home sometimes, We stop on a quiet dirt road, and we fuck?..

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