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The Adventures of James & Marie vol.1 - mfmf bicouple

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The Adventures of James & Marie vol. 1

James and Marie are your normal, average couple, by day that is. They both have professional careers that keep them quite busy during the week and a household of kids that keep them even busier at night. What most people don?t know is that on the weekends they become party animals. They also have their dark sexual secrets that they only share to a select few lucky people. On the weekends they love to open up their bedroom to other men, women, and couples who share their interests in sexual adventures. The following is an exploit from one of those weekends.

James and Marie have spent a lot of those weekday nights talking to other couples and singles on the Internet through various websites geared for swingers. Sometimes nothing comes out of those conversations and other times they lead to some hot weekends. Mike and Kim turned out to be one of those hot connections. After talking for a while online, they decided it was time to meet. Saturday night at the local swing club became the first date. The four of them started the night off with dinner and they could tell right away that this was going to be a night to remember. Dinner was filled with sexual innuendo, teasing, and flirting between everyone at the table. Hands were rarely seen above the edge of the table. James? hands were often on Marie and Kim?s thighs as were Mike?s.

Once at the club the couples found a table in the corner and started on some drinks while the DJ played some 80?s music. A few times the girls would run out to the dance floor for a song or two, but the guys pretty much stayed at the table. When the DJ started playing some slow songs, James took Marie out to the floor. As they moved to the music he gave her a hot, passionate kiss. In no time the music just faded away and there was nobody else in the room. When it was time come up for air, Mike stepped in and asked if he could try some of that kind of dancing with Marie. They switched partners and continued dancing to the music. Mike wasted no time in taking over where James had left off with Marie. The two of them were locked in a kiss before they even started moving to the music. Kim grabbed James by the neck and brought his lips to hers and the next thing he knew the music was gone again. Kim really knew how to kiss.

After the dance the four found their way back to the table to cool off. James sat next to Kim and Marie jumped onto Mike?s lap. The DJ came on the mic and announced it was time for the ladies-only dance. Marie grabbed Kim and they ran for the dance floor again. Prince?s Pussy Control was the song of choice and the women started dancing very provocatively with each other. The first thing Marie did was to take off Kim?s top and bra. Kim has a wonderful body, as does Marie, but she has the most perfect breasts you have ever seen. You would think they were fake, but they are 100% all natural. Some of the women dancing near the girls would come over and play with Kim?s nipples and cup her breasts from behind during the dance. Kim then took Marie?s top off and undid her skirt exposing her thong to everyone. They moved closer and started kissing and running their hands all over each other?s bodies.

The song changed to Nelly?s Getting Hot in Here and Kim moved her kisses down Marie?s neck and then to each nipple. Once they were hard and wet, she continued down until she was kneeling in front of Marie. She grabbed her thong and pulled it to the floor. Before Marie had a chance to step out of them, Kim had buried her face into her pussy. Kim reached around and held onto Marie?s ass and pulled her even more into her mouth. Needless to say this drew a chorus of cheers and whistles from the guys standing around the dance floor watching all of the action. Some of the women dancing also stopped to watch and a few joined in on the licking. Marie was in another world at this point and loving every second. Just as she was about to cum, Marie pulled Kim up to her feet and gave her a hot, wet kiss tasting her own juices on her lips and tongue. The two girls found their husbands and they all went to the party rooms to have even more fun.

They found a room with a king bed that nobody else was in and closed the door behind them. Marie threw Kim onto the bed and dove in-between her legs to give her back what she had enjoyed on the dance floor. Marie started by licking and sucking on her clit and putting her finger inside Kim. In no time Kim was squirming around the bed from the pleasure she was receiving. James and Mike used this time to get more comfortable and climbed onto the bed to join their wives in lust. James got in behind his wife and started playing with her pussy while she was licking Kim?s pussy. Mike went up and gave Kim a kiss and then knelt down next to her and fed his cock into her mouth. She started by licking his shaft and balls and then he lowered himself so that he could slide right into her mouth. She got Mike hard in seconds and swallowed as much of his cock as she could, as Mike is a good 7 inches when he is hard. He looked down the bed and saw Marie rubbing her pussy in James? face and riding his tongue. You could tell she was moaning, but you couldn?t hear it because her mouth was full of Kim?s hot pussy. Every once in a while she would lift her head to catch a breath and let out a little scream from the pleasure she was getting from her man.

Mike motioned for James to come join him at the head of the bed on the other side of Kim. As he did, Kim reached out and grabbed hold of James? cock and started stroking him. Then she took Mike?s cock out of her mouth and replaced it with James?. James is not quite as big as Mike, but he is still every bit of 6 ½ inches and thick when he is hard. Kim found that out as he grew in her mouth. Before long she was taking turns sucking each guy?s dick all the way up to his balls. Marie looked up and saw the fun Kim was having and decided she needed to join in. So she crawled up Kim?s body, leaving kisses and licks all along the way. When she made it up to her lips she gave her a hot wet kiss and then turned towards James and took his dick into her mouth. Kim did the same with Mike. Just when the guys thought they were going to cum, the girls stopped and swapped cocks. The changeover from one mouth to another almost sent them over the edge. The girls were really going to town on the guys? cocks and bringing them to the edge of climax and back. Kim let James? dick slide out and she took Mike?s out of Marie?s mouth. With both of them in her hands she started rubbing them against each other. She played with the cocks in front of her mouth by swirling the heads of the guy?s dicks around each other and then rubbing them together at the tip. Marie put her tongue in the middle so she could taste both dicks at once, and Kim did the same on the other side. This was more than the guys could take and in a matter of seconds they were shooting their loads all over each other. Mike?s cum landed on James? shaft and on each of the girls? faces and tongues. James? load hit Mike on his balls and Kim?s chin. Marie made sure lick Kim?s chin clean for her. Once the guys were done shooting, the girls got up and gave their husbands a big kiss making sure they taste the cum they had just sprayed them with.

Once the guys are done, Kim and Marie returned their attention to each other and licked the remaining cum off each other?s faces. The guys get out of their way and move over to one side of the bed as the girls move around into the 69 position with Kim on top. Kim now has Marie?s pussy back where she has wanted it since they left the dance floor, in her mouth. While she opens her lips with her fingertips, she plunges her tongue as deep as she can into Marie?s pussy. She tastes even sweeter than she did earlier. As she pulls her tongue back out, she replaces it with her index finger and begins to stroke her finger in and out of Marie?s pussy. Kim then begins to flick her tongue ever so lightly over Marie?s hardened and exposed clit sending her into another orgasmic convulsion. A loud moan can be heard coming out of Marie as she pulls on Kim?s hips to dive deeper into her pussy with her tongue. The juices are just flowing out of Kim and into Marie?s mouth. Her lips are glistening with the sweetness from Kim?s many orgasms.

James is leaning on his elbow watching the show and feels that he is already beginning to harden up again. He reaches down and starts to massage his cock and it springs back to life as if on cue. After only a few strokes he feels a hand grab onto his and pull it away from his dick. Kim moves his hand so that he could play with Marie?s clitoris while she inserts another finger inside her pussy. Just then, James feels another hand grab his cock and starts stroking it right where he left off. He looks down to see who it is and a grin comes across his face as he realizes that it is Mike who is massaging his now rock hard cock. The discussion of bisexuality between the men had never come up before, but he was pleased to find out that Mike shared the same thoughts as himself. He begins to feel Mikes hardening dick rub against his back and ass. James rolls onto his back and reaches down to find Mike?s hot cock waiting for his attention. First he runs a finger over the tip and smears Mike?s pre-cum up and down the shaft and then he takes Mike?s cock in his hand and strokes it slowly and deliberately. James can feel his dick grow harder and longer in his hand. He looks back and resumes watching the girls eating each other out with a frenzy.

Mike gets up for a second and then changes his position so that he can be in a sideways 69 with James. He now had James? hard cock right in front of his face. He grabs onto it and guides it to his awaiting mouth. First he reaches out his tongue and tastes the pre-cum oozing out of the tip. Then he swirls his tongue around the head catching the edge of the head and sending James into a shudder. Mike moves his head a little closer and takes James dick into his mouth. He starts to suck on just the head at first and then pushes the rest of him into his mouth. He can almost take the entire length of James cock into his mouth. Slowly he begins to stroke James dick in and out of his mouth making sure to run his tongue along the shaft each time he pulls out. James grabs onto Mike?s ass and pulls his cock closer. Without hesitation he plunges Mike?s cock right into his mouth and against the back of his throat. He almost gags from the size of Mike?s huge dick, but gains control over the reflex and pull him back out until just the head is in his mouth. Mike pulls James? cock out of his mouth and starts to lick his balls. With his index finger he begins playing with James? asshole and the area of skin just below his balls. He is not inserting it yet, but James can feel it coming soon. James lets Mike?s dick fall out of his mouth and puts his own finger back into his mouth to get it good and wet. He then sucks Mike?s cock back into his mouth and puts his finger right at the entrance to Mike?s ass. Mike moves his ass up against James?s finger and taking the hint inserts his finger as far as possible. Mike then does the same to James and they both begin to stroke their fingers in and out of each other?s ass in unison with their cocks in their mouths.

Kim now has Marie at the edge of climaxing. Marie is shaking underneath her as she starts to scream, ?I?m cumming! I?m cumming! Oh God I?m cumming!? She sucks Marie?s clitoris into her mouth and tickles it with her tongue at the same time. One more scream comes out of Marie before a flood of cum flows over Kim?s tongue and down her throat. She almost can?t drink her sweet nectar fast enough to catch it all, but she doesn?t want to waste a single drop of Marie?s love juice. As soon as she comes down from her high, Marie returns her attention to Kim?s sweet pussy above her. She plunges her tongue deep into Kim and rubs her finger over her ass. Now Kim can feel her own orgasm building up inside. She starts to grind her pussy into Marie?s tongue and rubs it all over her mouth. She is riding her tongue for all it?s worth. Marie?s nose is now rubbing on her pussy lips and adding even more to the sensation. Marie slaps her on each ass cheek and Kim screams out ?More, more, more!? So, she gives her even more swats. She increases the rhythm as Kim rubs her pussy harder and fast on her mouth and tongue. After what feels like hours, Kim releases her orgasm and cums all over Marie?s tongue, mouth, nose, face, you name it. You would think she had never climaxed before in her life. Marie is drenched from the love juices streaming out of Kim?s very hot pussy. With that, she collapses onto Marie and rolls off to her side to catch her breath. Marie moves down and cuddles up to Kim and gives her a sweet kiss and whispers thank you into her ear.

The girls look over and start to watch the guys suck each other?s cocks. James is fucking Mike?s mouth while sucking Mike?s cock into his mouth over and over. Kim reaches out and fondles James? balls and the mere touch sends him over the edge and he shoots stream after stream of cum down Mike?s throat. Mike swallows every drop and sucks on James to make sure there isn?t any left. James pulls his finger out of Mike?s ass and gently grabs onto his balls as if to milk them into his awaiting mouth. Mike can feel his own orgasm coming and he thrusts his cock deep into James? mouth and unloads his cum right into his throat. After a couple bursts he pulls out and shoots the rest all over his face. Marie comes to his aid and licks the cum off and cleans him up good. They both lick Mike?s dick clean and share a hot, passionate kiss. James can taste Kim?s juices as well as Mike?s cum on her lips.

Once everyone settles back down and lies out on the bed, Kim says, ?You guys aren?t down yet. We have some dick riding to do yet and my pussy desperately wants to feel each of you deep inside.? With that, she takes her husband?s cock into her mouth and does her best to bring him back to life once again. Marie takes her cue and does the same with James? dick. Surprisingly, it takes very little effort to get both men back rock hard and ready for more action. Kim pulls Mike?s cock out of her mouth and tells him, ?Fuck me now!? Once on her back, he enters her and starts to slam all 7 inches of his dick into his wife. Marie let?s go of James? cock and jumps on top to ride her cowboy. He thrusts his hips up to meet with his wife?s movements. In no time she is cumming again all over James? dick and balls. The wetness makes him speed up his thrusts to completely send her over the edge. Kim is screaming out her orgasm as Mike is ramming his cock in and out of his wife. The sound of his balls slapping against Kim?s ass is all that you can hear besides her screams of passion. He stops when Kim clenches down on his cock with her inner muscles and fights back his urge to cum while she is convulsing from her orgasm. Once she releases her grip on him, he pulls out his dick and switches places with James.

James moves over to Kim and rolls her over into the doggie position to take her sweet pussy from behind. Mike lies down and Marie immediately jumps on top of his love pole. In no time she is riding his hot cock at full gallop. James rubs his dick against Kim?s pussy lips and before he knew it she moves back against him and lets his cock slide right into her hot, wet, wanting pussy. Once inside, James takes over the rhythm and grabs hold of Kim?s hips and give her the fucking that she has wanted from him all night. Mike and Marie are doing their share of bed rocking along side of James & Kim. As Mike reaches up to massage her breasts, Marie comes to full climax and screams out her pleasure for everyone in the club to hear. After she comes back to her senses, Marie leans down and gives Mike a hot, wet kiss and then licks and nibbles his ear as she tells him what she wants. ?Love, I want to see you fuck my husband?s ass.? He looks up at her to verify what she said and she gives him a reassuring nod.

She slowly pulls off of his hard cock and Mike gets up from the bed. Marie goes and whispers something in Kim?s ear and a big smile comes over her face. Mike grabs some lube from the nightstand and moves in behind James as he is still pounding Kim doggie style. Mike gets his dick nice and wet and puts his hand on James? back to direct him to lean forward over Kim more. Marie moves around and grabs onto his cock and she positions it right against her husband?s asshole and Mike thrusts forward just enough to get the head past the entrance. With that, James pushes back onto Mike?s cock and lets it sink right into his ass. His cock continues to slide deeper into his ass until Mike?s balls rest against James? balls. Kim looks back at James and says, ?Don?t stop fucking me. I need your hot cock all the way inside me. Ride that big cock of his and give me yours!? He then plunges his dick deep into Kim?s pussy again as Mike pulls out of his ass. Mike slams his cock back into James? ass and starts a rhythm with James to keep both him and Kim filled with dick. Marie puts her hand on Mike?s ass and pushes him deeper into her husband. With her other hand she begins fingering her pussy as she is overcome with lust for the scene in front of her. Kim also lends a helping finger to Marie?s pussy and between the two of them they bring her to yet another cum-flowing orgasm. James gives Kim a long, passionate kiss and as he pulls away she tells him to cum. ?Cum for me baby! Cum deep in my pussy! Give it to me. I want to feel your cum now!? James speeds up his thrusts and Mike speeds up his banging of James? ass. As James nears his climax he slams hard into Kim and clinches up his butt cheeks. This immediately pushes Mike into his orgasm and he shoots load after load of cum into James? ass. Feeling Mike throbbing inside of him, James loses control and unloads his cum inside Kim. The two guys keep cumming and cumming inside of their lovers until there is nothing left. Mike slowly pulls out of James and James falls onto Kim in exhaustion. Mike falls into Marie and the two of them share a kiss while he tries to regain his breath.

Moments go by before anyone has the power to speak. Marie says, ?Wow, that was incredible. This is the best night of sex I have ever even imagine, let alone experienced.? The others just nod their heads in agreement, as they still can?t muster up words. Finally Kim looks at Mike and says, ?Honey, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I can?t wait to see what?s next for the four of us.?

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