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Taking my bi side to the next level

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This is a true story about how I took my bi side to the next level....the level I had fantasized about for so long. Let me begin by disclosing I am a closet bi...continuing to enjoy the virtues of a beautiful woman but having grown to appreciate the dynamics a man can add to the equation. My journey has been long and rewarding....beginning when I was a much younger man when I awoke one night with an older acquaintance in bed with his warm hand stroking my then erect cock. He had me pretty loose from a few too many drinks that night and not in total control of my facalties. He continued to massage my cock while removing my shorts and slowly working his hungry mouth down to take me in. I was initially startled and wanted to pull away. Try as I might, I could not force myself to free myself from his felt so good. We carried on a relationship for years as I would gravitate back from more "normal" pleasures with women to my friend for pleasures. It took me some time to get comfortable with the idea of taking his cock in my mouth but found I enjoyed the feel and taste of his warm hard cock. I was also reluctant to kiss another man until I realized it was no big deal - especially considering I was going to have his cock in my mouth (and maybe more). I guess it is safe to say I enjoy oral from head to "head". We ultimately parted ways as I was compelled to move on to continue my sexual exploration and journey. While he was comfortable with oral pleasures I yearned for know how it felt to have a man fill my ass with his cock. I had my share of selfish men looking for me to serve as a stud....orally pleasuring each other until they could coyly maneuver around to sit on my cock and fuck themselves into oblivion. Was I ever going to fulfill my wildest dream and fantasy? It sure didn't seem like it. One day I met up with this guy who made it painfully clear he wanted to get to know me in a more intimate way. Call it "gaydar" or whatever you wish but I have somehow attracted men my whole life. He invited me over to his place and there was very little doubt what we both had in mind. We sat and talked on his couch enjoying a cocktail to take the edge off the moment. He got up to refresh our drinks and returned to sit right next to me. He began to stroke my thigh and gently put his arm around my shoulder. He must have felt my intrepidation because he whispered we would do nothing more than I chose and felt comfortable with. That was about all I needed as I found myself returning his advances and stroking his hard cock through his pants. He got up and pulled me with him and we walked down the short hall to his bedroom...there was no turning back now. He turned to me and gently kissed me awaiting to see if I would be receptive. It seemed so natural to kiss him back and suck his tongue into mine. He began the slow and deliberate removal of my clothes....all along caressing and kissing all the right spots before dropping to his knees and taking my rock hard cock in his mouth. His hands were up and down my torso before they found that sweet spot between my balls and ass. He lubed his finger with his mouth and massaged around my hole before gently slipping one in to gauge my reaction. I had prepped before arriving and he must have felt I was cleansed and gutteral moan was all he needed to confirm my interest as he proceeded to gradually massage me to a point of relaxation I never thought possible. It was at that point I thought my dream might come true - that was until he let my cock free from his lips and pulled his finger from my bottom. He laid me on his bed and began to slowly remove his clothes to stand before me - naked as the day he was born and his cock standing before me at attention. He joined me on the bed and we kissed before he returned to sucking my cock. He spun around and we lay side by side with his cock in my mouth and mine in his...enjoying a great 69 connected together. His hand continued to massage my hole with one and then two fingers....taking his time to advance as my hole relaxed to his probing. To this day I do not recall how things unfolded from that moment.....sort of caught up in the moment I guess. The next thing I remember he had somehow transitioned behind me and was stroking my cock while continuing to work my hole with his now well lubed fingers. He was kissing my neck and behind my ears and then there it was - he had removed his fingers and gently placed the head of his cock at my hole. He waited there for a moment....not pressing forward and not pulling back - waiting to see what I would do. I slowly pushed back on his rock hard cock and felt the head as it stretched my hole farther than ever before. I waited there for a bit to get comfortable with the foreign object in my hole before pushing back to take on more. While feeling a little pain I now understood for myself the phrase "it hurts so good". He must have felt my new found comfort as he began to slowly go in and out of my virgin hole. He would go in all the way to his balls before pulling out just short of all the way.....the fullness he gave me was more than I had ever expected and the feeling was incredible - I was hooked! He rolled me over on my stomach without missing a stroke and continued to fill my ass. He brought me to my knees and continued to ride me for all he was worth before placing me on my back and draping my legs over his. He entered me from below and continuing glilding in and out of my ass while he stroked my cock - alternating between his hands and mouth to bring me to the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. I collapsed on the bed with my body tingling from head to toe. To this day I doubt this man had any idea what he did for me that day and how much I will forever appreciate the eye opening experience he gave me. It has been my pleasure to open other's eyes since that day and I have strived to make it as memorable for others as it was for me. Maybe someday I can share the feeling with you I had that day....

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