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Tails from the Deep-1

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I met Dan on-line. He was very shy and lived alone. It took several weeks to line up our meeting, but when it happened fireworks went off.

Dan told me that he was a Car Wash Manager with a local chain. He said that sometimes older men would hit on him while they waited for their cars. It turned him on, but he was very careful not to start anything at work that he would have to explain later on.

Chance would have it that I had a free afternoon one day, so I made arrangements to meet at his place and drove over. I parked down the street as he instructed. He lived in a small single family home on a residential street about 15 miles away.

His place was a bachelor pad, with overstuffed couches and chairs. He asked me if I wanted anything to drink, but I declined. So, we sat on a large sectional couch and chatted a while. I could see he was getting real horny. He got up to check the windows to make sure that no-one could see us. Then he came back and asked me to take my clothes off. He watched me take off my shirt and pants. But he stopped be before I took off my tightie whities.

He took off his clothes, and I was hot for that young, muscular body. He slid his boxers off and a large 7 inch cock sprang out. I almost passed out from the gorgeous vision that was in front of me.

Dan came over and gave me a long, warm, wet kiss. He rubbed my crotch, and eventually began to strip off my briefs. As he did so, he licked my nipples, and began to work his way down. He said that it had been a while since he had a man like this, and he seemed a little nervous.

He took my knob in his mouth and worked it real good while I fingered his butt. He had shaved his ass as I had asked him to in preparation for what I was going to do next. I moved him so that his butt was over my face in 69. Him working on my rigid tool, and me beginning to rim him like he never had been before.

His anus was musky but clean. It had all the little red welts of a recent shave and then the rubbing of unfamiliar hairs in the crack. I suspected that he might have been in a little discomfort for the past day or so from it. Neverthe less, I chowed down on the best piece of young ass I'd ever had. The tip of my tongue darted in and out of his little pink hole and I could tell it was making him hotter and hotter. He rotated his hips every time I dove in.

Soon, he could not take it any longer, and turned to face me on his knees. He said "I want you to fuck me." Nodding, I gestured toward the rubbers, and he shook his head. Oh boy! Bareback! He had told me that he was clean, and had no diseases to worry about. I felt a sense of trust, so I let him have his way.

He hovered in a squat over my rigid cock, and began a slow descent. When my cock touched his pink hole, it twitched a little. Then he pressed his asshole against my staff and began to work it in. Millimeter by millimeter, I watched my cock dissappear into that young ass. I am 7.5 inches x 5.5 as I mentioned in my Toronto story earlier. Dan was loving and savoring every moment.

Soon, Dan was down to my pubic hair. All of me was inside of him, and he bent down to plant a wet kiss on me. I sucked his tongue into my hot mouth and shoved it in around his tongue and his teeth. We engaged that way for an eternity.

Soon Dan began to hump up and down. He was very good at it despite his apprehensions. I watched as my cock began to glisten with his man juices. I put a little lube on my shaft to help Dan along. His pink hole was hot, and his movements were even hotter. He began to moan and talk to me. "Oh man, that is a hot cock. I love how you fuck me. Harder, harder. Jam that thing in me man." Soon he was telling me to cum inside of him.

When I shot my load, it sprayed his insides real good. I withdrew to watch my cum juice ooze out of his crack. He bent over on his knees and I had a great view. As the first dribbles began to show, I leaned over and began to lick it. What a slick feeling having my cum on my tongue all over a young man's ass.

I gathered a small mouthful and worked my way up to Dan's hot mouth. We exchanged the wet cum load in a deep french kiss. He moaned in appreciation.

Dan rolled over on his back, and I slipped his hot cock into my mouth. I deep throated Dan's manhood and worked him into a lather. Soon he was rocking and rolling to my rhythm and began to jerk in spasms. As he did so, I could feel his load jetting into my hungry mouth. I sucked and swallowed the entire thing. I don't go into that detail with every guy. Some just can't be trusted. But with Dan, it was a different story.

When we were done, Dan and I slipped into the shower and worked the soap up into a lather. My new fried had a wonderful time, and we parted good friends. I see him about once or twice a year, and every meeting is real HOT!

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