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It was a family party with many of our vanilla friends in attendance. There was lots of drinking as usual at our parties. Well like many parties as the evening winds down, the crowd thins out and this night I found myself down stairs drinking and playing pool with Joni, my wife’s cute young friend and Kurt who is the son of one of our long time friend’s.

Kurt is in his mid twenties and is in his second year of collage so he tends to hang out with his younger collage buddies who are usually in their late teens, early twenties and this night was no different for he had brought his friends Adam and Brian to the party.

Now Joni is in her mid thirties a good ten years younger than my wife and I, she is married but her husband travels a lot and thus Joni came to the party alone. Joni is our vanilla friend yet she knows we swing and occasionally when alone with my wife, will express her curiosities. Also in private conversations with my wife she will complain how little sex she is getting at home and perhaps this adds to her already flirtatious nature.

It is a combination of this flirtatious behavior, her sexy little body and her cute young face that gets her lots of male attention. Well the night of this party things went a bit too far and that is where this story begins.

Joni comes into the party wearing a short little turquoise sun dress; it was strap less and made of a very light loose fitting material. Her tanned olive complexion along with her dark eyes and jet black hair produced a seductive look that commanded lots of male attention. Her cute little toes were painted with a bright red polish and in the flat little strappy sandals she was wearing added to her desirability and seemed to cast off an imaginary sent of just how fresh and cleans this young woman was. It was as if though one would want to lick her from head to toe with a serious focus in and around the mid region. Several times as the night went one of our male guest would whisper to me that someone needs to tap that little miss turquoise.

As the night went on, Joni was drinking white wine and the more she drank the looser and less guarded her flirtatious acts would become, eventually leaving her down stairs all alone drinking and playing pool with myself, Kurt and his two collage friends while the few remaining vanilla guest were upstairs hanging out with my wife.

Joni knew she was hot and knew that us guys were steeling peeks at her as she sauntered back and forth between the pool table and the bar. At one point Joni was leaning over making a shot and the three of us standing at the bar got a great shot of the back side of her lean tanned legs and could only imagine how sweet her little ass would look and feel.

What happened next shocked even me for I am not sure how or why I got the courage, but as Joni was leaning against the pool table with her hands resting on the railing I walked up behind her and leaned my body against hers causing her to fall forward onto the pool table. I reached down for her arms, grabbed them by the wrist and extended them across the table causing her chest to lay out flat on the felt surface. Adam who was on the other side of the table at the time, telling her what a flirt she was took immediate action and without a spoken word as though it were written in a script; he reached out for Joni’s wrist and held them from across the table.

As Joni was held bent over the table, I straightened back up and stepped slightly away, placing on display the sexy back side of little miss turquoise. Kurt, Brian and I took a brief moment from where we stood and absorbed the visual image of Joni’s short little sun dress hiked half way up on her sweet little butt, leaving only a thin pair of white cotton panties with turquoise stripes between us and Joni’s naked ass. I placed my hands on her buns and she began sputtering things like HEY, COME ON YOU GUYS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING but her voice fell on deaf ears for I guess us four guys had tuned out and were ready to finish what I had started.

I slid my hands the rest of the way up under her dress and pushed it up and around her waist and Joni offered more words of discouragement like OK YOU GUYS, THAT’S FAR ENOUGH but again falling on deaf ears as I continued by sliding her panties down off her smooth firm ass, squatting down and taking them all the way down to the floor with me. While kneeling down at the floor I slightly lifted her right leg by the ankle and slid her thin tanned foot with its sexy little red tipped toes through the leg of her panties, leaving her thin little cotton panties dr*ped from her left ankle onto the floor.

Kurt and Brian moved in beside us and watched as I ran my hands up the back side of Joni’s slim tan legs grabbing a handful of her ass when I reached the top. With a butt cheek in each hand I spread her open and stuck my face in her ass, stretching out my tongue as far as I could trying to lick her squeaky clean little pussy from behind. Again Joni displayed resistance as she slowly squirmed and muttered I CAN’T DO THIS, COME ON GUYS, WE HAVE TO STOP but her words only heightened our desires.

With my hands I spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could, but I was still having difficulty getting my face far enough up between her legs so that I could get my tongue into her pussy, so while still kneeling down behind her I wedged my knees between her calves and spread her legs open. I had now gained full access to all of Joni’s naked little bottom from behind. The taste was fantastic and the sight glorious as I probed around up between her legs with my mouth and tongue.

By now Kurt and Brian each had a handful of her ass and were spreading her wide enough that I could reach her tender little clit with the tip of my tongue and as I tickled her clit with my tongue and slid it back and forth through the slit of her pussy I felt her lower body relaxing and her voice went silent.

I licked and I sucked and soon Joni’s entire crack was slick and wet. I then opened my pants, stood up behind her and freed my cock which by now was busting out of its skin. Once fully upright I saw that Kurt and Brian had pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and were each fondling one of her breast as Joni’s tits laid in their hands while they rested on the pool table. Adam still had a hold of her wrist, but not very tight and the side of Joni’s face was laying on the felt with her eyes closed and she appeared to be lost in the sexual stimulation we were administering.

The scene was as hot as it could be as I slid my swollen cock up and down Joni’s tight wet crack while looking down on her nearly naked body bent over the pool table as the four of us proceeding in having our way with her.

I guided my dick down between Joni’s legs and let it slide back and forth between the tender wet lips of her pussy. Joni’s pussy was hairless and smooth and the sensation of her tender moist flesh slithering across the head of my penis and the top of my stiff shaft was almost more then I could take so I pulled my cock out from her crotch and began spanking her on the ass with it. After several whips across the cheeks of her ass with my throbbing cock I felt I had regained control of my ejaculation and inserted my penis it into her pussy from behind. The sensation was erotic as I continually rammed myself into my wife’s young friend pinning her against the side of the pool table until my cock bottomed out in her little pink pussy.

Adam had let go of Joni’s wrist and was now up on the pool table with his pants off and sitting in front of little miss turquoise’s face with a huge erection. He held Joni’s head by the hair and began rubbing the tip of his penis on her lips. It was only a matter of seconds and Joni opened up and allowed Adam to penetrate her sweet little mouth. I heard her moan and watched her soft red lips slither up and down the shaft of Adam’s long cock and I was soon filling her fresh little pussy with my thick gooey cum.

As I removed my cock from her tight pink hole the suction as it came out brought with it a healthy stream of sperm. The sight of my cum running down Joni’s inner thigh caused a frenzy with the collage boys and Brian quickly took my place and shoved his rock hard tool deep into her dripping wet cunt. This young collage stud was really giving it to her, thrusting into her so hard it was causing her to gag on Adams cock which was now reaching to the back of her throat.

Adam let go of Joni’s head and rested back on his arms and Joni took over and swallowed his entire cock until her lips touched the base of his shaft. She fucked his cock with her mouth until it erupted, shooting globs of semen down her throat. Joni was in sexual overload and quivered as she reached her first orgasm. Her tan little body shook as Brian was pumping her harder then she had probably ever been fucked before. The perk little nipples on Joni’s tits were rubbing back and forth on the felt top of the pool table with each massive thrust of Brian’s pounding cock.

I was as hard as could be again and wanted to take this to the next level. I first whispered my plan to Kurt and then into Brian’s ear as he continued to pump Joni’s hot little pussy from behind. With a nod of approval Brian removed his penis from Joni’s little pink hole and as Kurt and I stood her up; Brian went over one of the big chairs and sat down with his young hard erection still pointing straight to the ceiling. Once standing Joni took a hold of mine and Kurt’s cocks, slowly stroking one in each hand as she stared down at them in awe. We removed her clothes completely and walked her little naked body over to the chair where Brian sat milking his stiff glistening shaft. We hoisted Joni up and onto to Brian’s lap and as we set her down she was instantly impaled on Brian’s cock and she rode him like a champ. I came up behind Joni and straddled Brian’s legs then slowly started working the head of my cock in alongside Brian’s and up into Joni’s pussy. We were stretching her out good as Kurt climbed up on the chair straddling over Brian’s head and begin feeding is cock into Joni’s mouth. We got a nice rhythm going and Joni began screaming out an orgasm; well as much as she could scream with a fat cock in her mouth.

Kurt did not last long and was soon filling Joni’s mouth with his cum, it look like she got most of it but there was still some remnants around her mouth and on her chin. Once Kurt stepped off, Brian pulled Joni’s face down to his and began kissing her deeply in the mouth and of course Joni responded as the two of them shared Kurt’s semen. By now my cock was good and wet I slid it out of her pussy and began pressing it into Joni’s squeaky clean little butt hole. Joni got real still and a couple of times I even had to hold her hands away from trying to push me out. She would attempt to climb upward onto Brian chest in an effort to escape from the anal penetration, but Brian did a good job at holding her down on his shaft with his arms wrapped around her neck and his tongue down her throat as he continued to kissing her deeply as he impaled her with his cock. With a little more pressure by me and a few more deep moans of pleasure pain from Joni my cock was now half way in Joni’s sweet little ass.

The three of us fell into sync and we soon again had Joni convulsing with a massive orgasm. The sensation of her tight little internal muscles contracting on our cocks caused Brian to let out a deep throated groaning sound as he filled her little shaved pussy with large load of cum. Brian helped me lift Joni up by pushing her up with his hands while I remained up her ass, I then spun around and sat down in Brian’s spot in the chair with Joni now riding my cock with her ass while facing out toward the guys. Adam did not waste any time as he stepped up between our legs holding out his young hard cock and inserting it into Joni’s sloppy little pussy. He fucked her hard and fast as Joni bounced up and down on my cock until it was up deep in her ass. She had another orgasm which flooded the chair and once again her inner muscles contracted on my cock and this time I could not hold back. I held her down on my shaft until her tight little ass milked my ball dry, then I laid there with her on my lap and played with her breast until Adam filled her sloppy little pussy with yet another load of jiz.

It took the four of us a little over an hour to give little miss turquoise the fucking of her life, but I bet our little vanilla friend would be dripping cum from her ass and her pussy long into the next day.

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