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The Ride Home

I was heading home from college in Denver on Christmas vacation and was sitting on my suitcase on the entrance ramp to I-80 with a sign saying "need a ride to Chicago". I didn't have a lot of money, so I thought I'd try my luck at hitching a ride. I was cold and wet after sitting out in a heavy sleet/snow storm for over 2 hours, when finally a couple stopped and after looking me over, asked if they could give me a ride.

I said sure, as I was nearly frozen. Turned out that they were headed all the way to Chicago, so that was great. By the time we got to North Platte NE. the roads were terrible and the highway Dept. closed the roads. As we pulled off the highway, the couple asked if I wanted to spend the night with them. Since they seemed like a nice couple of about 35 years of age, I said that would be great--little did I know just how great!

Bill and Ann got a room with a king bed and it also had a hide-a-bed in the couch for me. They took me to dinner with them and we all had quite a few drinks ( I never bothered to tell then I was only 20 ). By the time we got back to their room, none us were feeling any pain. Once in the room Ann said that she was going to get a shower before bed, and headed off to the bathroom.

As Bill and I started getting ready for bed ourselves, he said "why don't we surprise Ann" and suggested that the two of us wait for her in their king bed. Hay, why not-- free ride, free dinner, free drinks, and now unexpected sex-- as they say--Priceless!! Bill and I both stripped and got into bed and waited for Ann to return from her shower.

You can't help but look, and I noticed that Bill had a great looking cock of about 5" limp and mine was just over 6 1/2" limp. I could tell that Bill was checking me out too as we lay there on the bed waiting for Ann.

As we laid there waiting for Ann to return, we were both stroking our cocks and within but a few seconds, we both had raging hard-ons. As Ann entered the room, there we were in the dim light of the porn movie Bill had put on laptop computer that he had left on the dresser.

Decisions,decisions, decisions, she said as she crawled onto the bed. She took bills cock in one hand and without saying another word lowered her mouth onto my erect cock. By now my cock was at it's full 9"' length and she was amazingly letting the entire length of it disappear into her mouth and down her throat. She worked it good for about a minute and then leaned over and did the same to Bills now 7" long slender cock.

For about 5 minutes Ann kept going back and forth between our two cocks. Then she turned to Bill and told him that she wanted to see him suck my cock. Next thing I know, Bill is sucking on my cock. I never had this happen before, but it felt good and since I was half in the bag anyway, I watched as Bill stroked and sucked my cock. As he was doing this, Ann was directing the action and occasionally licking and sucking on my balls as Bill sucked on my cock.

Then I could feel bill moving over me and Ann guided his cock into my mouth. Not knowing exactly what to do, I figured what the hell and started sucking my first cock. We continued sucking each others cocks for a while as Ann moved back and forth sucking and licking our balls.

Then Ann said that it was her turn and laid down on the bed on her stomach and said that she wanted me to do her doggy style and that Bill had to watch and follow her instructions. I proceeded to straddle her legs and slid my hard cock into her pussy from behind. Ann was sloppy wet, and I pounded her pussy hard and she squirmed with delight. Ok Bill, Ann said, I want you to take that cock out of my pussy and suck it.

To my amazement, Bill laid down on top of Ann and rested his chin on her ass. Then he guided my cock out of Ann's ass and into his mouth. Pussy juice dripped from my cock as Bill sucked my cock into his mouth and it ran down his chin and down into Ann's ass and then all over the opening to her ass. As Bill sucked on the head of my cock he started teasing Ann's ass with one of his fingers. I could not believe it, there I was, watching someone I had known for only a few hours, sucking on my cock and fingering his wife's ass hole right there in front of me. I knew that I couldn't last much longer and I think that Bill sensed this too.

As he eased my cock out of his mouth, he licked at the pre cum that dripped onto his toung and then placed the head of my hard cock right in the center of Ann's ass . Ann squirmed and protested a little, but Bill said that he wanted to watch me fuck his wife's ass and licked both the head of my cock and her opening at the same time.

Ann moaned and the head of my cock disappeared into her ass. It was warm and it expanded and the entire length of my cock slid into her. I knew that I would not last long now as I pounded her ass with my swollen cock. It only lasted a minute or two, and then I shot my load into her.

Just as I shot my load, I felt a hand applying a slippery liquid to my virgin ass! Then there was a sharp pain as the head of Bills cock entered my ass. He paused and let me recover and then he slowly worked his cock into my ass. As I expanded, Bill picked up the pace till he was rapidly pounding my ass. Then I felt this huge surge of cum expanding inside me and I had to admit it felt good.

Later after all showering together, we all fell asleep together. In the morning after breakfast we continued our journey to Chicago. We spent the next night in Omaha, but that's another part of the adventure that I haven't time to wright about now

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