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Swing Set- First Time Full Swap Part 2

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Part 2:

Swing Set First Tim Full Swap

We all laid around for a bit. Till i got up for a smoke and a drink. I brought everyone a drink. I sat down on the sofa next to Mandi and Rick and Shannon where still laying on the floor. We talked for a bit, mostly about what just happend. Mandi and Shannon went to the bathroom to go freshen. When the girls came back out they said that they wanted to go again after a little break...................

Mandi and Shannon decided that they wanted to make things more interesting!! Mandi went to our room and brought back some of her toys and gels! Mandi and Shannon where off sitting on the love seat, Mandi was showing her the toys and gels. Rick and I just sat back and chatted for awhile. We both kept looking over at the girls to see whats up. That's when i noticed Mandi was showing Shannon a bottle of gel that we like to use once in a while. Its a tingle gel( makes the area its on tingle.) So Mandi told Rick to come by her and she rubbed a little on his dick and it sure did its job. He was standing there with a smile. Shannon then leans in and licks it, gave her a little tingle.. and was shocked that a gel could do that.

They looked at the other toys. Mandi decided that they didn't want to use the dildos, but the lady's decided that they both wanted to use the tingle gel and handcuffs, and anal beads. I went to the kitchen to grab more drinks and when i got back i noticed the girls where laying blankets and pillows on the floor. Shannon told Rick and I to come sit with them. So as we sat there talking. I started to rub the anal beads along the crack of her ass as i kiss her neck, wich she loves. Shannon laid down in front of Mandi playing with her tits and Rick was laying behind her kissing and rubbing her. I went back to the kitchen and grabbed ready whip and some chocolate syrup.! Had Mandi lay on her back and i started to play with her applying some whip cream and chocolate on her tits and her pussy. Rick went and did the same, so as the lady's laid there with the whip cream and choco syrup on there most intimate areas we decide to go for it. I went right for Mandi's tits and started to slowly lick her clean and working my way down to her clit. Stopped and started to lick around her pussy teasing her a little til she grabbed me by the hair and directed my face right to where she wanted it! As i did what i was made to do i could hear her getting loud with her breathing. shoved my fingers in her pussy still eating and licking away till she started to cum when she had me insert my tongue right in her hole as she came all over me.. I sat up and watched Rick and Shannon and i noticed that she still had a lot of whip cream and choco syrup on her tits and belly so I went over to her and started to lick her nipples as Rick was eating away. Mandi came over and went for the other tit and worked her good for awhile.

Mandi decided to put some more whip cream on her pussy and stood up over Shannon's face. lowering herself down onto her face and having her eat Mandi's pussy. Something that i have fantasized about. I moved out of the way so the lady's could do what they wanted. Rick had to stop since he was confused at what to do. So he was kneeling between Shannon's legs rubbing himself and I was on the side of the girls doing the same. Mandi leaned down and started to eat Shannon in 69 position. Not sure how long they where going at it. I wanted some more play instead of just man handleing my self. I stopped and just watched. Rick got up and went behind Mandi and started to rub some choco syrup on her ass and spreading it down her crack of her ass. I noticed what he was doing so i grabbed the anal beads and hand them to Rick and with a big smile he took them lubed them up with the tingle gel and slowly started to rub the first bead up and down her crack of her ass, then slowly inserting the first bead into her ass Mandi grunted a little but didn't stop what she was doing. Rick then started to insert the rest of the beads all 5 inside her. After that was done he just sat back and started to rub him self again. Shannon reached up and started to pull the string to the anal beads a little till it just started to come out. stopped and went back to licking her clit. Rick reached over and told Shannon that he would pull them out the rest of the way and for her to keep going at her clit. I made a comment about f**king her with the beads still in her. Rick looked and Shannon and said watch your head. lol. So Mandi lifted her self up a little and Rick got in position with Shannon's head right between his legs. Rick went for it and started f**king her from behind while Shannon would lift her head up a little to lick Mandi's clit area and Ricks nuts. I just sat back and watched how hot Mandi looked getting f**ked by our friends. Hearing her moan and watching her was so hot I sat down in front of her watching her trying to lick away at Shannon's clit. Mandi must of felt that Rick was getting close to blowing his load that she told him to start pulling the beads out one at a time.So he did, Rick then stopped and pulled out of her and tried to put it in her ass but Mandi said not so fast.There is time for that later.

The lady's played for a little longer as we watched. Mandi sat back up on Shannon's face grinding away. I decided to grab some ice from one of the drinks and started to rub the ice around Shannon's pussy then putting it in Mandi's mouth letting it melt down a bit. I then put in side of her as i did this her legs started to tense and she was i think shocked by that not having that done to her before.i grabbed a couple more and insert them in her after about 3 of them i back up so Mandi could get back to what she was doing. You could see the water coming out running down her lips and on to the blanket .Looked like she was squirting but not. Man those girls can go for a long time. IT's true what they say. Women Lick Pussy Better.!!! Won't bother with the rest of the details. They both cam good and hard.

When they where done Mandi came to me Shannon went to Rick got into a good lip lock and groping .Mandi told me to lay down so I do what i'm told. Kissing and rubbing my cock for awhile till she went down and put my cock in her mouth. I was waiting for that. Licking my balls and sucking taking it all the way in Working her tongue all over my shaft. Laying there getting a really great blow job. Then Shannon moved closer to me and had pussy like right by my face looked over and she was giving Rick a blow job and he was playing with Mandi's ass. I then started to finger Shannon rubbing my index finger up and down her clit then down to her ass. Mandi then said she wanted to try something and got on her back and told Shannon to go down on her and Rick to kneel next to Mandi's face and for me to kneel behind Shannon. I started to f**k Shannon from behind and watched Mandi give Rick a blow job again, then we switched and Shannon was giving me head and Rick was doing Mandi from behind. Rick got up and grabbed Mandi's hand and took her to the couch and started to fuck her. I watched as Shannon was sucking away and i would reach down and run my fingers on her clit.

I pulled away and got Shannon to turn over and i started to kiss her ass spreading her checks apart and running my tongue up and down her crack till i got to her ass. I then grabbed the tingle gel and rubbed it all over her ass and her clit playing with her till it started to work i then lowered my self down and slowly put my cock in her as i did it started to tingle I put it in the rest of the way till my abdomen was pressed against her ass. It felt so good. Going at it for awhile I asked her if she would like to try it in her ass. Shannon said" just take it slow, I'm a anal virgin." So I pumped a few more times in her very tight and warm pussy before pulling out. Slowly started to rub the head of my cock against her ass I slowly pushed in little at a time. The tingle gel really was doing its job. I got in about 2inches and rest it there till Shannon said she was ready to take it the rest of the way. Slowly pumping her tight virgin ass she started to push back as i pushed in. Feeling her hand rubbing my nuts I couldn't wait any longer and she felt my cock starting to swell and told me to cum in her ass. I pumped maybe 5 more times then letting out a big grunt i shot my load in her ass still thrusting trying to get every last drop of my cum in her. I laid down next to her. Notice that Rick and Mandi where still going at it.

Rick was on top of Mandi pumping slow on her and sucking on her tits. Mandi held her legs up pointing toward the ceiling. Rick was taking his time with her this time. after about 20mins Mandi told Rick to get up. Mandi got up on her knees leaning over the back of the couch Rick stood behind her and started to shove his cock in her pussy when she shook her ass and so that she wants to take him in her ass. Rick asked for the gel, Shannon got up and applied the gel on his dick and some on Mandi's ass. Rick went and shoved his dick right into Mandi's ass not going slow at it Mandi let out what sounded like a cry and whimper and told him to take it slow. So Rick stopped and slowly pushed his way into her ass. Rick pumped her slow then started to pick up pace . as Mandi was rubbing her clit. Shannon then started to rub Mandi's tits while Rick was f**king Mandi's ass. after about like 10 min's or so the lady's said that they wanted him to blow his load on there face's. Rick pumped till he was ready then pulled out told them he was ready and they got down on there knees in front of him. Rick jerked his cock till it started to shoot all over there face and titt's. Mandi took a good shot to the eye and Shannon got a shot in her mouth.. Shannon then leans in and started to suck him clean and then Mandi did the same///.

We all got cleaned up and sat around talking till we thought it would be about time to get some sleep. It was like 3am and so we crashed on the floor. The next morning we talked about what happened and made plans to continue. We still get together every week or so to hang out and some times we do get to play.Not like the first time. Mostly swapping partners and the women play.

We have had some other couples play but mostly soft swap.. Still trying to find more couples for full swap. Not just sex but friends to.

This part of the story was done by both parts. Neither one of us are writers so its not the best. but if you where the ones with us you would know what it was like!!!.

starreyes84 comment if you would like

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