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Tessa arrived at the Tampa Airport very excited to see her Johnny and greeted him as such. With a huge hug and a deep kiss the magic continued to flow out the door to my truck. She was smiles from ear to ear at being in my company once again. She would enjoy four days of my company before heading back to the northeast to our future home together. It was late Thursday night and we were heading back to my place via the interstate, and she couldn?t wait until we got back to my place. She lifted the armrest in the console and immediately started rubbing my crotch; I was already hard with anticipation. Tessa demanded I take off my shorts and free myself for her pleasure, I was not going to resist, I had waited as long as she had for this mutual gratification.

We arrived at my place and proceeded to rip each other?s clothes off and tear into each other?s bodies like starved animals in lust. I was kissing her so hard, because I love her so much and she reciprocated with the same lust that had awaited us for some time now. On the couch I removed that thong to get right down to business, I wanted to taste Tessa now without any further waiting. My tongue darted in and out with her hands grasping my head and enjoying the expert action I was giving this wonderful twat. She came within minutes and was enduring the sensitivity of my continued action while she was coming down from the previous orgasm. After another earth shattering climax, Tessa wanted me now to move to the couch for her suckling techniques on my tool. I was leaking a large amount of juice and she teased me with her tongue licking the cum from the tip of my member. Tessa licked the base and my balls, taking each into her mouth lavering them up with her saliva. The warmth was intense and the feeling very exotic. The rest of the night was as pleasurable as always between Tessa and I, but what was to happen the next night would be very much a surprise to her by nights end.

Next morning we did some fooling around in the shower and had a wonderful day at the beach and a good dinner. We retired to the apartment and had some drinks and watched a little XXX action on the tube. Tessa was getting hot and started to play with herself for my amusement outside of her clothing, looking at me and teasing. I asked her if she wanted to play a game tonight, she looked at me with that coy smile. Tessa walked with me to the other room and I blindfolded her and told I wouldn?t be saying anything else but directing her with my hands. I removed her clothing afterward and handcuffed her standing up to the power rack. I started kissing her and enjoying her with my tongue in all the right places and then just stopped.

My plan had arrived and I went to the door to check and see if the guests had arrived and sure enough right on time as I opened the door. It was some candidates I had contacted on SLS that one of whom Tessa knew, Sara. Sara, Jill, Evan, and Tom were the guests for the evening and would be pleasuring Tessa in every way imaginable to them while I filmed the whole thing. We moved into the room with their clothes having been removed before we entered and no one said a word. Jill was 28, Sara was 27, and Tom was 30, while Evan was 26.

Jill and Sara were two very beautiful young women with very voluptuous bodies complete with shaved pussies. They both saw Teresa in the room and very silently went over to her and started kissing her body. Sara kissed her lips and Teresa reciprocated at the soft touch of them, knowing they were women?s. Jill was kissing Teresa?s tits and stomach working her way down quickly to her shaved cooter. She was completely aroused and engorged with the excitement of not knowing her sexual assailants. Jill began licking her lips and Sara stopped kissing long enough to mount Teresa?s face and coaxes her into licking her now wet pussy. The guys and I were watching this action and I could see from the growing tools in their hands it was something they were very happy to be a part of. Tom was a handsome young man with a 9 inch thick cock, he moved behind Jill and started giving her some tongue in her ass, and she wiggled back with approval. Evan was a slim man with some huge meat of his own at 7 inches and thick too. He moved in position to kiss Sara and suck on her tits while she was being pleasured by Teresa?s tongue in her twat. He positioned his cock in Teresa?s empty hand and she eagerly grabbed it and started stroking the thick member. She was rubbing the precum all over and getting him very hard. Teresa?s tongue was working feverishly on Sara?s clit and she was coming for the first time, her body was shaking from the intensity. She moved off and kiss her juice from Teresa?s lips, Evan moved forward with his cock just inches from Teresa?s lips. The cock touched her cheek and she instantly opened her mouth, she was hungry and could taste that sweet salty pre cum, Sara joined her in licking him and his balls while Teresa had him in her warm mouth. Tom had moved up and was entering Jill with his huge tool and thrust into her with one swift motion causing her to moan loudly. Teresa now had an idea how many were in the room and was enthralled with the excitement of being pleasured from all angles. She was getting loud with her slurping and moaning as Jill worked her tongue in her pussy with fingers too. I was capturing this action on video and it was almost too much to bear watching instead of participating, but I wanted this to be something she and I could enjoy later on. The moments passed by like hours videoing this scene and everyone was starting to moan and nearing that point of release. Evan was thrusting hard into Jill from behind and soon let loose balls deep into her quim, she was meeting him with her own orgasm and the sound set free a chain of reactions. Teresa was next losing herself to Jill while she was getting licked and squirted in her face. Jill was thirsting on the juice when Evan watching let out a moan and release his own jizz on the faces of Teresa and Sara. Sara licked and kissed Teresa?s lips to clean her of all the cum spurts from Tom?s throbbing cock. Sara then moved away from Teresa to clean up Tom and his relaxing penis in his hand as his breath normalized.

The group got up and we moved to the other room to discuss the next action to be done and what limits were not to be exceeded, we agreed and went back into the room. Teresa was dying to be touched again, breathing hard, and not knowing what was going to happen next. Her head swayed side to side and the group cracked a smile knowing her anxiously awaiting more sex.

Tom placed a rubber on his now hard again monster and started teasing Teresa?s pussy and clit. Jill was kissing Teresa hard and passionately with Sara moving under her quim to start licking her pussy from underneath. Evan kneeled down to lick Sara?s pussy, what a chain had started again and I was getting all on video. Tom eased into Teresa and she gasped at his thickness, he proceeded slowly, moving in and out to enjoy that sweet honey hole of hers. Teresa was engaged in heavy kissing with Jill, licking each other and teasing for the moment until Jill would have her tongue against her own pussy. Sara was working hard against Jill?s snatch and ass. Evan was fucking Sara with his tongue in and out, switching between fingers and tongue. I was moving around catching the different views to keep it interesting when watching. Close-ups of Tom?s cock plunging deep in my Tessa, Evan?s expert licking of Sara, and now Jill as she moved to mount Teresa?s wet mouth. Oh, I got a great shot of Sara?s tongue fucking Jill?s ass and the saliva running down her crack as Sara rubbed that into her pussy with her fingers. The moaning once again grew very loud and carried on for at least 20 minutes. Tom started pumping a little faster and was getting very worked up, massaging Teresa?s clit and fucking her wildly. It wasn?t long before her next orgasm was exploding and her warm squirt all over his cock and balls set him into never never land and burst into the condom with a massive amount of cum. Evan was working Sara?s clit very hard, sucking until she came loudly and wiggled all around his face, Jill surprised Teresa with a squirt of her own from the expert lashing she received and couldn?t stop quivering, squeezing her own nipples. The separate scenes began to unfold again quickly as Evan needed to put his hard-on somewhere wet and moved up to fuck Sara, while she licked Teresa?s juicy pussy. Tom moved out of the way and up to Teresa?s mouth to be cleaned and she willingly accepted his cock in her mouth again, licking and sucking like a newborn baby with its first tit. I was still filming and Jill noticed my huge cock and how I hadn?t had any action yet and knelt down to take me in her mouth. She worked my cock long stroking every inch and savoring the enormous amount of leakage I had built watching this scene unfold. Sara was feasting on Teresa and Evan found Sara?s ass to be very inviting and licked it to prepare her for his assault. He inched his way in and was met with loud moan and Sara opening her cheeks to accept him. He made his way half way in and she was bouncing back to take him all into her little love bud. That prompted her to lick even more hungrily on that sweet well fucked pussy of Teresa?s, very receptive by the moans and gurgling from her mouth as she continued to pleasure Tom?s big cock in her mouth. I had my own build up going and I took the opportunity to pull out and not waste this time to not enjoy some of my own pleasure and laid Jill back to savor her sweetness for a bit. Her lips were red and waiting for expert tongue to lick all over that swollen clit. I sucked hard and she bucked up to meet my tongue and held my head, grinding her pussy into me. It wasn?t long with all the excitement being had that she was cumming loudly into my wet mouth. She was looking at me and I held her arms down and continued to suck harder and harder pushing her into another orgasm. I got up and released her as she recovered from her mind-blowing blast of quakes and moved over to Teresa so she could enjoy the taste of me. She took my cock in her mouth as I slapped her cheek to let her know another was present, releasing Tom and switching to me. Lick by lick, suck by suck, she switched back and forth suckling the juicy cocks; she was completely lost in erotic sensation of having to massive tools to enjoy. Tom and I pulled back and I motioned for him to stroke and we would cum all over her face and tits. It didn?t take long for me and put my fingers in her mouth, motioning her to open wide, she did and I let loose rope after rope of cum down her throat and chin, Tom couldn?t withhold any longer and squirted all over her tits and chest. I let my cock dangle over her mouth to drip the last of what seemed like never ending convulsions from my tool into her throat. She gobbled it up and I put my cock in her mouth to get every drop and clean me up. Tom was ending his orgasm and rubbed his cock on her nipples. I knelt down and kissed her passionately, not letting her know by sound who it was, but she knew my kisses and forcefully kissed my back sending into an earth shattering, quivering, quake of an orgasm; squirting all over Sara?s face more so than I had ever witnessed alone with her. Evan then rammed his cock into Sara and unloaded his load into her ass and remained there until he collapsed and went limp.

My guests got up and we moved to the other room. The nights events had concluded and I thanked them all and said my good-byes. Teresa would never know the guests faces, voices, or names. It was a blind treat and when I returned she was still waiting for more. I didn?t waste anytime or let her know they were gone. I went down on her and licked her pussy for a complete hour and after many intense orgasms I fucked her really good and exploded with the last of what remained in my balls that night.

I got up and kissed her and ran the water in the tub with some scented candle lit with muscle soak in the tub. I went back to the room and released Teresa from her bonds and she quickly gives me a hug and a deep kiss, speechless from what had just transpired. She uttered that was completely erotic and unbelievable honey, thank you. I kissed her softly, picking her up; her arms wrapped around my neck and brought to the tub. I told her to enjoy her bath while I retrieved some Gatorade to replenish the energy she had so energetically used just a bit ago.

I made love to her so passionately that night after her bath, slowly and gently caring for every inch of my sweet lovely Tessa. I vowed that I would never let another man touch her again, it was a once in a lifetime thing we would enjoy on film, never to be repeated again.

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