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Summer heat

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We had just moved into a new home. It was in a rather nice subdivision and our new neighbors all seemed to be of the rather stuffy,professional variety. Except for the couple behind us. They seemed closer to our age and more easy going than the other yuppie folks in the neighborhood. We would chat over the fence occasionally and I grew rather fond of the wife,Sharon. We was very bubbly and always smiling. She was also very attractive. A short,blonde woman with beautiful legs a great ass and nice C cup tits. She always wore skirts,even while out working in the yard and I was always trying to catch a glimpse of her cute,heart-shaped ass. Her husband Mark was also a good looking guy and my wife Carrie talked about him often and joked with me that she wondered if he had a cock as big as mine. I knew she found him as attractive as I found his wife.

On a hot day in August,I found myself at home,having the day off. So I decided to take the dog for a walk and check out the rest of the neighborhood. Five minutes into our walk,my dog got spooked by a passing car and pulled free from his collar. I tried franticly to chase him but he just kept running. I followed him back towards our back yard and walked past Mark and Sharon's house. To my surprise,there layed Sharon on the deck by the pool wearing nothing but a smile. She sat up and covered herself with a towel. I apologized for interrupting her tanning and she said,"Oh,it's ok. Why don't you put your dog in the yard and come join me for a drink". Stunned,I nervously accepted the invitation. By the time I had returned she had covered herself with a one of her husband's white linen dress shirts and was pouring the two of us a couple of margaritas. We sat and chatted and I was still a little shaken and aroused from seeing her nude,but she seemed fine,even glad that it had happened. She began to inquire about my wife and admitted that she had been wanting to invite us over to swim because she thought that Carrie might want to get rid of her tan lines too. I kept getting distracted from the conversation because Sharon's piercing nipples were clearly visible through her shirt and every time she crossed her legs I would catch a glimpse of her crotch. It looked to be clean shaven but I really couldn't get a good look at it without being obvious.

Sharon really seemed curious about my wife as she asked question after question when finally she blurted out,"Carrie wouldn't happen to be bi,would she"? I was flabbergasted. But in actuality Carried had told me in the heat of a few kinky sex sessions of ours that she had always wanted to be with another woman. I replied,"Well,she is curious,I guess". Sharon's beautiful blue eyes lit up. "Well,I have to tell you",she said,"I've always wanted to try it too,and Carrie looks like she'd be a lot of fun to experiment with". By now my heart was racing and I could feel my cock bulging in my shorts. She asked me if we had ever considered swinging and confided in me again that she and Mark had often discussed the possibility. We had,in fact,talked about it but it never went anywhere because we didn't know how to go about it. I said,"We've tossed around the idea a few times". I had always wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by someone else and Carrie told me that she had the same fantasy.

Sharon stood up from her patio chair,her tan oily legs glistening in the sun and said,"Why don't you come in and I'll make us some lunch". I again nervously agreed and followed her through the doorwall and into the kitchen. I was fixated on Sharon's ass and watched it sway as she walked to the sink and put our glasses down. "Do you like our new kitchen?",she inquired,"We just had it re-done". I didn't really hear what she had said because as she had turned around one of her beautiful tits had spilled out of her shirt. She saw me staring at it and in a totally different yet sexy voice she asked,"Would you like to see the other one too?". I said,"Well,um,sure", and with that this beautiful neighbor of mine slowly unbuttoned her husband's shirt and let it fall to the floor. My testosterone took over and I grabbed her head with one hand and began kissing her. Down her neck to her sleek shoulders and ending up at her glorious pink nipple,that had become hard and puffy. She was a vision to behold and I couldn't restrain myself. I grabbed her deliciously firm ass with both hands and picked her up. Gently I set her down on the glossy marble counter and she spread those muscular legs with an open invitation. She was completely clean shaven,not a hair to be found anywhere. Even her tasty asshole was smooth and now wet from her juices. "Do you like what you see?",Sharon asked, but all I could do was slightly nod as I has already started licking and kissing her wonderful pussy. It was extremely wet and I could taste her womanly musk with every kiss. Her lips were long,which I love,and her clit was enormous. It looked fully engorged and I just wanted to suck it forever. Her breathing increased and her hips began to thrust and grind with every lick. At one point she whispered,"Put your fingers in me",and I eagerly obliged her,sliding two fingers into her warm wet hole. She grabbed my wrist and began fucking my fingers. She let out a short breath and whispered again. "More",she said in a panting voice,and I slid my other two fingers in. Finally she screamed,"PUT YOUR WHOLE HAND IN...FIST FUCK ME PLEASE"! I had seen this before in a porn movie but never had the guts to try it on my wife. I slid my thumb into Sharon's welcoming pussy and curled my fingers over it. As I did she let out a loud moan and started rocking on my hand. I watched feverishly and her long pink lips slid up a down my wrist. Sharon nearly out of breath sighed,"I forgot to mention that I'm a squirter...". Again I had seen this in porn before but never actually experienced it with a woman. She took a deep breath and with that began to cum. The clear sweet juice flowed from pussy as she convulsed on the counter. Her pussy constricted around my hand and she came again,this time soaking my face and chest. I could taste her sweetness and my cock,now harder than steel, twitched in my moist shorts. She grabbed my wrist again and slowly pulled it from inside her. Another sigh snuck out of her hot red lips.

Now it was my turn. She slithered off the slick counter and dropped to her knees. She removed my shorts to reveal my raging dick. I had never been so hard and long and she had a look in her eye like she was really going to enjoy what she was about to do. She smiled a huge smile with her pearly white teeth just before taking my cock in her mouth. I could feel her hot lips caress my shaft as she took me deep into her mouth. It must have been longer than she was used to because she gagged a little as it first hit the back of her throat. She sucked me harder than I had ever felt before,and believe me my wife is no slouch either. My heart jumped in my chest as she sucked and licked my cock,fondling my hefty balls the whole time. At one point she stopped sucking and squeezed it like she was milking a cow licking all of the precum from the swollen tip. Right back at it she went sucking,stroking and licking. My body was ablaze and I pulled her from my crotch because if she kept on I would have launched a huge load down her throat,and I HAD to fuck her.

Sharon stood up,wiping the wetness from her mouth and I picked her up off the ground cupping her hot tight ass. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we kissed a deep fiery kiss. I could still taste her sweet juices on my lips and she could now taste herself too. She began to kiss my face and neck as I carried her over to the kitchen table. I laid her down,ever so gently and watched as she spread her luscious legs to again reveal her dripping swollen cunt. It looked so hot as I guided my pulsating dick into her dangling lips that still felt tight even after the fisting it had just received. My cock was really hitting her g-spot and she moaned in time with my thrusting. Harder and harder I fucked her and I watched her beautiful tits rock and the fucking got to an almost inhuman pace. Sharon was a fucking animal. She writhed and twisted making every push feel better than the one before it. Her back arched as she came again,soaking the table and it ran onto the floor. She screamed,?YES! YES!?,as I pounded her pussy with all I had. I could see her legs flailing out of the corner of my eye and her face tightened as she came over and over.

Sharon pushed me off of her and took a few deep breaths just before rolling over and putting her feet on the floor. She was face down on the huge oak table and she reached around with both hands and spread her tight cheeks. Her asshole gleamed with wetness and she slid two fingers into it,I guess to make sure it was going to feel right. I asked,?Is that where you want it?? and she replied,?Mark won?t ever fuck my ass,please fuck me there?. I took aim and slowly pushed the head of my dick into her asshole. It was so tight and she kind of jumped as I watched the rest of my shaft disappear into the wet,pink hole. I restrained myself at first but soon had a hold of her hips and was slamming her as hard as I could. She whimpered as my balls slapped her hot pussy and I reveled in it,watching her ass cheeks ripple withevery thrust. I felt a wave of heat come over me and I pulled my cock from her ass and shot my biggest load ever,into her asshole and down onto her hot pussy. Sharon reached under her crotch and cupped it,rubbing my cum all over her hot,red slit. I collapsed into one of the big oak chairs and caught my breath. What an afternoon !

My wife and I began swinging quite frequently with Mark and Sharon but the sex was never as good as that hot August day in the kitchen. And we never spoke of it afterwards.

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