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Sues first time, mfm

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I had been talking to Joe online for awhile before we transitioned to talking on the phone as well. My days were busy, and while transitioning between one thing and another, Joe and I would talk on the phone when we weren’t on the computer. After about a month or so of daily, sometimes almost constant contact, we decided we should take a shot at meeting to see if things went as well in person as they had gone so far, between the talking on the phone and the time spent online together. He lived an 8 hour drive away from me, so he thought it would be better to bring a friend with him to share in the driving. If things went well, they would crash at my place, and if they didn’t, the two of them would get a room at a nearby hotel. I was excited, and I got my friend, Abby, as a date for Joe’s friend, so that we could have a date for Rene, and he wouldn’t be a “third wheel”.

The day of the trip, Joe called, making sure we were still on for dinner. Everything seemed fine, and I got to talk to Rene on the phone while the two were driving down to see me and Abby. I took a bath, and was shaving during one of the times they called, and decided to shave more than my legs “just in case” things got interesting. Both of them seemed interesting, and we were all happy and excited that we were going to get together and see each other in person. I decided to wear a pencil skirt, blouse and sling back heels for dinner. Even though Rene suggested I skip the panties, I couldn’t help but put them on anyway. I was almost ready to go when I got a call from Abby. She couldn’t find babysitting for her son, so can I go anyway and send my apologies while I’m there. Sure, I say, but I don’t know how Rene will react, being dateless, and a possible “third wheel”. I tried calling other girlfriends to see if they were free for the evening, but no luck. I called Joe and told him that Abby wouldn’t make it. At first, he was disappointed and insisted I made it up, but I insisted that I was telling the truth. He said not to worry, we’ll figure things out.

I excitedly got into my car and drove to the restaurant in the city we agreed to. Joe and Rene had arrived prior to me, so they went to another restaurant to wait for me until I got there. When I arrived, I was happy as they walked over to my car. I was still in my car trying to find a parking spot when I saw them. We spoke for a little while, when Joe leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was a good kiss: warm, gentle, nice. Rene said since I hadn’t brought a date for him, he also gets the opportunity to kiss me. I hadn’t expected this. Rene leaned down to me and kissed me this kiss that melted me into oblivion. I forgot where I was, and from the sound of Joe, so did Rene. Joe insisted we break it up and get me parked so I didn’t stop up traffic. I was a little embarrassed, but still happy. Rene and I looked at each other, and the three of us chuckled a little and I parked the car.

I got out of the car and kissed Joe again, a better kiss this time, leaning into him and enjoying the kiss. Of course, Rene wanted equal attention, and I kissed him again, trying to maintain myself, especially since my date was supposed to be Joe, not Rene. I was secretly happy that Abby couldn’t make the date, because I had the undivided attention of two handsome men to myself for the evening. It was a unique situation, and the three of us just went with it. We would take turns flirting with each other: a little flirting with Joe: kissing, touching, sliding hands here and there, and then a little with Rene. Both of them were focused on me as though I was their date and the other didn’t seem to mind sharing. There was a wait for our table, so the three of us ignored the onlookers as we continued flirting together. My hand would enjoy caressing either Joe or Rene: feeling their arm, patting them on the shoulder, sliding my hand on his thigh. It was, overall, a respectable time, no groping or overtly sexual behavior, just three people enjoying each other in public. We went to the bar in the restaurant, and sat while we continued our congenial visit. We talked about a variety of things, and Rene would slide his hand gently, softly up my thigh, make eye contact with me and smile. Joe copied Rene’s actions, but with a little different technique. He would also touch my forearm, or occasionally taking my hand in his. Our table ready, we moved to the dining area. The seating was at a table, with Joe on one side of me, and Rene on the other. The meal moved smoothly and the flirting continued. My shoe had a tendency to “fall off” and slide up the pant leg of either Joe’s or Rene’s slacks, playing with his sock, feeling the skin of his leg against my toes. I liked the reaction I got with this little gesture, and it encouraged me to continue. This, accompanied with a hand on the thigh kept their attention and hormones as high as mine were. At one point, Rene leaned over to me and asked if I had panties on under my skirt. I told him I decided to wear them after all. He informed me that there would be a consequence for that later, as he slid his hand up my thigh. I was personally happy that I did wear them because all the attention had me so wet that they were soaked! Joe would lean in here and there and kiss me, either on the lips or on the neck. I was thoroughly enjoying the attention I was receiving from both men. They were attentive, yet gentlemanlike at the same time. We talked more as we ate, and the meal went comfortably with the three of us talking and flirting. After dinner, Rene and I waited outside for Joe while he paid the bill. Rene was leaning against a pillar outside the restaurant, pulled me to him, and kissed me long and hard, pulling me close to him. Not entirely surprised at his action, but pleased, my hands slid over his chest without reaching into his shirt, exploring the area with my fingers, and his hands slid against my ass, spanking me a little because I had panties on. I moved closer to Rene to feel his hardness against my stomach when Joe came out and smiled at us. I smiled back and before we went anywhere, he put his arm around me. The three of us walked to the men’s van.

We talked for a little while about who would ride in which vehicle, and decided that I would lead the way to my place. I had secretly hoped that Rene would be in my car with me, and Rene offered to ride along in my car, but Joe jumped in and said it would be better if they stuck together for the drive. Disappointed, I drove my car, and they drove theirs. It felt like an eternity before we got there, the excitement was so high. Anticipation, with all the attention I’d been receiving, just made me wonder what Joe would be like. I was curious about Rene, but he wasn’t my date, Joe was. Rene was supposed to be for Abby. But Abby wasn’t with us. The minute the door to my place was closed, I found myself in the embrace of both men. Rene kissed me deep and hard as Joe took off my skirt. Joe noticed my panties and made a comment about it, but when he noticed my shaved pussy, he forgot all about the panties. His hand was rubbing my pussy and clit, amazed at how wet I was. Rene took off my blouse and bra as Joe undressed. Once undressed, Joe began to suck on my nipples while Rene undressed. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I didn’t have to choose, I would have both of them! My hands were full of hard juicy dick, stroking one in each hand and allowing both men to suck on my nipples as we stood there in the living room. We slowly made our way to the bedroom. The two men took turns kissing me all over: neck, chest, nipples, stomach, and thighs. Who was touching or sucking what at any given moment was hard to tell, though my entire body was being attended to by these two men. My hands were on both of their dicks and I got to stroke them as they touched me. Rene moved first, giving me his dick so I could suck on it. I started eagerly, sucking and licking Rene’s dick while Joe continued playing with my nipples, sucking on them and sliding his fingers in my pussy and rubbing my wetness on my clit. Joe became impatient and slid down my body to put his dick in my pussy while I continued sucking on Rene’s dick. The feeling of being able to suck a dick and get fucked by one was incredible! Joe’s dick moved rapidly inside me, fucking me with an impatient rhythm and making me wetter while Rene’s dick was in my mouth and I sucked and teased and licked his dick with my mouth, expressing my pleasure with Joe’s fucking on Rene’s dick. Joe asked Rene if he wanted to fuck me too. Rene said that he was happy with me sucking his dick. Joe stopped fucking me so he could get his dick sucked by me while Rene fucked me. Rene led me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide. He told me with this very aroused sensual voice that he’s going to fuck me in the ass. I got nervous, and I guess he sensed it, but he stared at me and told me to trust him. I relaxed and he stuck his finger in my pussy first, wetting it before rubbing my ass with it to get it wet and loosen it up before his dick would replace his finger. His dick soaked from my pussy juice, Rene slowly slid it into my ass. First he moved in a little, then a little more, then he moved out of my ass so that he could go deeper inside me. His strokes were perfect, and he was gentle, opening my ass for his dick. It was incredible the way he moved his dick inside my ass! I moved closer to him and sucked on Joe’s dick enthusiastically as I enjoyed Rene’s dick in my ass. Joe continued to play with my nipples as Rene fucked my ass and I sucked Joe’s dick. Joe commented that he could understand why Rene didn’t want my mouth off his dick. He said I give the best head he’d gotten in a long time. Joe came in my mouth and Rene came in my ass. I could feel the pulse of both men’s cum as I swallowed one and took in the other’s orgasm. I had been cumming a lot myself, given the amount of attention I had been getting and being filled by two men, both handsome and giving in their dicks and cum to me. There was always one of them playing with my clit or nipples while I was getting fucked and sucking the whole time.

We all snuggled together and took a break for a little while. Joe asked me to suck his dick again to work him back up, and Rene said that sounded like a good idea because he wanted to fuck my ass again, only doggie style this time. So I flipped over, and started sucking on Joe’s dick while Rene slid his hard dick back into my ass. I worked on Joe’s dick, sliding my mouth up and down, sucking here, licking there, grabbing his balls, and stroking the inside of his thighs as Rene worked on my ass, fucking it thoroughly. I squeezed his dick while it was in my ass, and Rene and I both laughed. Joe wanted to know what the joke was, and we just smiled and said, nothing. I continued sucking Joe until I was once again swallowing his load. Joe smiled and said that I give the best head he’d ever gotten. Joe continued playing with my nipples, his hand on my clit, as Rene came in my ass again, shooting a strong load. I could feel every pulse of his cum in my ass. After Rene came, Joe said he wasn’t feeling good and complained that the bed was too small. He went to the other room to sleep on the bed alone. Rene and I snuggled for a little while, taking a break from our play and talking some while touching each other gently. Joe slept the night away in the other room, but Rene and I continued fucking till morning, when we all had to leave.

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