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Submissive Wife

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I met Bill and Jan on Craig's List. They were local, early 40's and advertising for someone to fuck Jan. According to the ad she was prim and proper 95% of the time but the other 5%, she was out of control (whatever that meant). After some exchange of emails, I met Bill for a quick beer to just chat before I met Jan. When I saw him I didn’t care if I ever met her. He was handsome and gentle and exactly the kind of guy that drove me sexually crazy. We hit it off right away. He said she liked older, handsome guys and that he thought she would "love me". He told me there was one more thing he had to check out, my cock, "just to be sure she would be happy".

With that request we headed to the bar restroom and he asked me to get into a stall. I obliged opening my pants as I entered. He put his hand down it and as he stared into my eyes he began to massage it getting me hard instantly. He had a strong grip and while he jerked me off I could hear a guy enter the room. Bill immediately moved to stand up on the john so only my feet were on the floor. He lowered my pants a bit more; enough to get my cock exposed which he began to suck quietly. I was surprised, pleasantly; by this since he never told me he sucked cock. I let him have it and with his expert tongue action and suction I squirted a good amount into his mouth rather quickly. He swallowed every drop I had and let go only after a quiet moan and a seeming regret in letting my cock escape his warm mouth. We walked out and back to the bar. His hand patted my ass once as we returned to our drinks. "Yeah, your cock will do" he said.

He had me meet him the next day at his house around noon. He didn’t tell her his plan but instead was going to surprise her. I asked him what I should do for her and he told me that she liked to be dominated and talked dirty to during hardcore sex. That's not my style but told him I would do my best. "You'll get the hang of it rather quickly, deep down she is a fucking whore and wants it all". He had me knock on the door first and introduce myself as a friend of Bill's. She was perplexed but told me to come inside. She didn't seem nervous but definitely confused. On the TV was the Catholic channel and the woman in front of me was plain, and in clothing better fit of a nun rather then the women Bill described. It didn't feel right.

I then had to do the hardest part of all of this and that was to tell her these exact words. "Bill told me to tell you to 'get dressed' and get ready to be fucked like the cheap whore you are'." She looked shocked as if she were going to strike me but that look turned to a nervous smile as she disappeared into her bedroom. Five minutes later she was back wearing the sexiest outfit you can imagine. I could now see her breasts in a tight leather bra, her tits pushed up to form a perfect cleavage. She was likely 40D or larger. Her panties was a crotchless leather thong her ass as perfect as they come with a roundness that sent my cock to a new level of stiffness. She then got on her knees and with her head bowed she presented a riding crop to me. "Tell me how I may serve you." she said to me. I looked for Bill for some direction but he was still outside. I paused for a moment and then because I knew of nothing else, "suck my cock bitch". She immediately went to my pants and after removing all my clothes, went for my cock like her husband had done the day before. "Thank you" she said.

She took direction very well. Her conservative roots were all let go as she was forced to suck my cock. With the riding crop I began to run it over her ass lightly. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I finally noticed Bill watching from the kitchen having come through the garage door. His eyes were on fire and his cock was bulging as he rubbed himself. “Do you like it girl? Do you like my cock size? How do like sucking strange cock?” With each question she moaned louder.

Jan was probably 5’5” with great curves. Not overweight at all but full-bodied. I picked her straight up and carried her to the bedroom. There were crosses and other artifacts that told me she was more then just casually religious. I put her on the bed and told her “I am going to fuck you in the ass!” I heard a whisper of “yes please” from her. I looked through her nightstand to find some lube and lathered up my cock and her ass. She moved her ass up and down to my finger as I began to probe her. Her ass moved deeper onto my fingers back and forth. My little Catholic schoolgirl was letting go now. She was disappointed when I pulled my finger out; at least until she knew the head of my cock was about to pop her ass.

I got in gentle at first she reached behind me with her hands though to pull me closer. I asked her how she wanted it but she didn’t answer. Bill told me she doesn’t talk much, rather she just wants it to happen to her. I poked in and she cried out for a moment. She opened her legs wider and I saw her reach over to the nightstand and grab her rosary and bible and pull them closer. I needed to be sure, “is this ok with you? Is this what you like?” She turned her head for just a moment with a faint smile and a whisper, “please, yes, don’t stop and don’t be easy. This is my only release”. And with that she grabbed her ass cheeks apart and begged me to fuck her hard. I plowed into her then as she screamed “fuck my ass” and she then turned to the good book and began to read passages out loud.

Bill then walked in, “you fucking bitch, fucking around on me again”. He was naked now and walked towards her face. He dangled his cock in front of her as he told her how bad she was. He rubbed his cock across her face in a mock slapping. She cried how sorry she was and how bad she was and asked would he forgive her. It was then he put his stiff cock to her lips and she devoured it. This was the final for me and I began to press my body against her pumping into her fine ass as fast as possible. She gagged on her husband’s tool and my weight on her seem to push her into the mattress. She was filled and smothered between us. “Take my cum, bitch”. She rose her ass off the bed and her arm reached back and grabbed me by the neck to pull me closer to her. She whispered me to bite her neck. I did as she wanted and I grunted in her ear when I came, my cock jerking violently in her tight ass, filling it with warm cum. I looked up to see cum dripping from her mouth as Bill filled it with his own sweet cum.

When I saw it I leaned in and licked the cum off the corner of her mouth. I fucked her ass for a while longer even as I got softer. She moved with me until she realized I was slipping out. Bill placed his balls on her face and she licked them too. After a few moments of rest she then got up and dutifully cleaned my cock, after which she placed both of our cocks into her mouth until we came on her again. This time when we came it was on her face and she squealed with delight, swirling it around her cheeks and lips. She had no complaints. This is obviously what she loved to do! Or was it?

She lay back on the bed now, taking a moment to savor the ravaging she had just received. I lay on top of her for a while, Bill by our side. I stayed there for a while but soon sensed her body language changing. I then rolled off her as she begged Bill for forgiveness still playing the role as if she had cheated on him. He accepted her “apology” as I am sure he had done dozens of times before. She dressed and grabbed her bible and rosary and went to the TV to watch her programming. “Did she cum?” I asked. He answered, “She will later, by herself, with her collections of dildos and vibrators”. She usually makes a video for me so I can jerk off to it later. She has the most powerful orgasm you can imagine. He then pulled me next to him as we both fell asleep on the bed in each other’s arms, our hands resting on each other’s cocks.

I am not sure how long I had been asleep but obviously needed it after three orgasms. Bill was still next to me sleeping when I took his cock into my mouth. I could see Jan was in the other room, still praying. My cock sucking was making noise and she noticed enough to look our way and see my head bobbing up on Bill’s cock. She looked away and seemed to pray harder. I returned to the growing cock in my mouth and could hear Bill groaning out of his deep sleep. Jan kept peering around the corner to see what I was doing. This religious voyeur watching from the other room was turning me on more and more. My cock was stiff again and I could feel the need deep down to have her again. I looked at Bill, now awake, he nodded and I went to the living room to be with Jan.

I kneeled down next to her, her eyes never departing from the TV. I grabbed her blouse that was buttoned to the neck and slowly unbuttoned the top three. Her breathing got more pronounced as she got more nervous. My hand reached down her shirt to feel her large nipples and breasts at first slowly massaging them, and then grabbing them harder. I pulled my hands out and sat on the floor right in front of her. There was no fear in her eyes but in fact a look of, ‘take me again’. One more time I needed to know, “You are ok, right?” She nodded ‘yes” and with that approval, I ripped the blouse, the buttons flying across the room. Her breasts, held back by her bra, gently were released as I unhooked it. They were beautiful tits, large and soft with large nipples aching to be sucked on. She had her hair in a bun and when I undid it, it flowed around her shoulders. I moved closer my cock between her tits now. Her nervous sweat had made her cleavage moist and allowed my cock to slip and slide between her tits easily. It was an awkward position so I picked her up and put her on the sofa so I could fuck her tits right. She pushed her tits together wrapping my cock in them as I tittie-fucked her. My cock head popped out with each thrust. Her hands were now grabbing my balls and squeezing them. Bill now joined in placing his cock next to her face. She took it into her mouth and got him stiff again. He started calling her names that in most cases someone would think was abusive. But Jan didn’t think so, and with each name she was called by Bill, she nodded or moaned or whispered, “Yes I am”.

When I was close to cumming I pulled off and started to jerk off in front of her face. She wanted it again on her face but I needed something different. I then moved to the couch myself and sat down and then moved her to where she sat her pussy on my cock facing away from me. Bill got the message and moved to fuck her pussy as well from the front. “Here comes two cocks for your pussy baby”. As he entered her joining his fat cock with mine she gasped. He moved slowly at first and then got the rhythm she liked. Jan seemed to float in ecstasy as her pussy was filled with two very stiff cocks. She began to tell Bill what a dirty girl she was, how she deserved to be taken by two men for their pleasure and finally how she was sorry she was such a whore. I personally never use those words and struggled to merge what to me is over the top aggression vs fulfilling her desires. Deep seeded in her mind this was satisfying her sexual cravings. I returned to the moment and Bill yelled, “take my cum”, and then he yelled, “NOW”, and I could see her grip his hanging balls from between her legs and he screamed bloody murder. And I could feel the warm cum splattering my own cock inside her pussy. It was then I realized that she knew what to do for Bill - just as Bill knew what she wanted and needed to have done to her. Bill climbed off her and fell to the floor. She squeezed my balls next and said “cum”. I took her direction and deposited my own set of cum in her pussy. She rubbed all the sexual organs between our legs especially her clit and my balls. I suspected she was close to reaching her intended orgasm when her sensation seemed to subside.

I lifted her off me and I pushed her back on the floor. I was finally going to get what I wanted which was to taste her pussy our combined cum. I raised up her legs and started to run my fingers inside her pussy. She seemed to shudder with excitement as I began to probe her pussy first with two fingers and then more. Her legs opened wider as I put my mouth down to her open pussy. With my first taste I was able to distinguish which was Bill’s cum and which was mine (having tasted my own so many times before) and which was Jan’s sweet taste. All three together was such a thrill for me and it seemed for Jan too.

I moved to probe her pussy with my fingers as I licked and nibbled at her clit. Her clit was long and hard already and responded quickly to my licking. She grabbed my head and pulled me closer. I was licking her when I heard her say “bite my clit harder”. I did as she asked, her very first request of the day and as my teeth met, her clit between them, she screamed out, not of pain but of pleasure. She shook like a break-dancer and grabbed my hair with both hands. She begged me not to stop and I could feel a gush of liquid fill my mouth and chin. I didn’t stop, wanting so much to give her back the pleasure she had already given me. Her orgasm went on for several minutes. Her thighs now wrapped tightly around my face and head. I didn’t notice that Bill had moved behind me now. He lay down, his cock now between my own ass cheeks slipping and sliding.. Jan noticed him and with one sentence from her. “Fuck him now honey”. He entered me and I bit down on her clit as I felt my own pain. She gushed some more onto me, thanking me as she came. I could see that she was into mild pain. I sucked on her for a while letting Bill have my ass. Only occasionally did I stop sucking to adjust to Bill’s rapid thrusts.

Bill nailed my ass for several minutes. “Cum in his ass now baby” Jan said and Bill did. The warm gush felt fantastic. Jan clamped my head between her thighs again and yelled at me to continue licking her. This was what Jan was waiting for. To know that instead of her being ravaged, it was me. When her orgasm came she grabbed my head and all the flavors of cum, pussy and her orgasm flowed to my face. She screamed so loud that I suspect the neighbors could have heard. Her orgasm lasted for several minutes and her body never stopped shaking. She rubbed my face and tongue across her pussy the whole time and her thighs only spread apart in order to pull my face closer by her grabbing my hair. I had never experienced a women have a more passionate orgasm then this one.

I was still on the floor when they both stood up smiling. “That was fun” she said and it was at that moment I realized, her puritanical style was just an act. A game they played and they were good at it.

They were laughing as I stood up, my ass sore and feeling like Bill’s cock was still in it as his cum oozed out of me. Jan walked up and kissed me, smacked my ass and said, “Next time I’m an Indian”.

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