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Stud Truckers

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It has to be that they are on the road and get to look down into cars that so many people are flashing them or something but truckers are the hottest horniest men I have found. I went to the truck stop to get a drink and then ride to find a trucker to satisify and was taken by a guy, 6'2", light beard, salt and pepper hair and a nice build. He was watching me and I was watching the snake grow down his pants leg. He finally came over and asked what ws going on? I told him that if something didn't happne soon I was heading home. Well, I am heading to the showers he told me, join me? Then he reached out and pinched my nipple thru my t shirt. Sure I told him. He got the shower and towels and stuff and left the door open just a little. I went in and locked it behind me. He (Rob) was sitting on the bench his snake still growing and told me, go ahead and take off the clothes. I did and was standing naked in front of him. He stood up and came over and suddenly was sucking my nipples, making me hard too, then he began biting them, harder, this was making me crazy and I reached for the snake in his pants. He stood and them backed to the wall and sat on the bench again. Go ahead he told smiling, explore all you want to. Well, I was on my knees in a second and his snake was in my hands. It was still swelling and pre cum leaked from the head of the swollen monster. His hands guided my mouth to the head and it sank into my mouth, slowly I worked it in until it was in my throat and he was relaxing while I massaged his cock with my throat. His balls hung down so low and they had to have a few days worth oc cum in them. I massaged them gentley and sucked his cock the same way, savoring every inch of it. After a while his hips were moving with the rythum of my mouth and his hands were moving my head up and down on the magic snake..he was moaning and telling me how good my throat was and that he was going to fill it with his cum. Something I wa waiting for all along. His hips were moving faster now and I was hard asa rock and then he swelled and pushed it down my throat and cum filled my throat..My cock shot a load on the floor and his kept pulsing for a while filling my mouth. He sat up, That was really hot, what else do you do? I spread out the towels on the floor and asked him to lay down, he did and then I went back to the half hard snake and began massaging it, waking it up again...Rob was moaning and enjoying the massage as his cock grew...when it was hard as it would get I gave it a good good tongue bath, making it nice and wet and then squated down over it, He was watching as I lowered my ass on to it slowly. He was moaning as it sank into my ass. Then, with it half way in I reached around and spread my ass a little more and let my weight take me all the way onto his cock, he let out a groan as it sank into me. I sat there, squeezing it inside of me for a while and leaned down kissing and biting his nipples. His hips began moving up into my ass, I moved with him, making sure my ass was tight around his cock, making sure he felt everything.As he would get close to cumming I stopped and buried it in me, putting off the explosion he wanted as much as I did. Then his hands took my hips and he began humping upwards and he still could not make me help him cum. What kind of torture is this he begged. It is the kind where I make you so fucking hot that you explode and never want to stop. He moved around and managed to turn me around so that I was in frint of him on all four, my ass still impaled by his marvoulous cock, then he began going in and out. Oh yes he was moaning, yeh, this is a sweet ass he told me over and over. He began slapping my ass to the rythum of his penetrations and this made my cock jump back to life. His hands on my hips made me hotter making me take his skane faster and faster then suddenly he drove into me and there was the cum load I wanted. It shot in me for ages and then he laid on top of me his cock still pulsing inside my ass. After a while he turned me over, legs spread and his cock still in my ass...he began kissing my nipples again then his cock grew back to its full length..he put my legs over his shoulders and began agian feeding my ass the cock that I was enjoying so much. It seemed an hour before he began to really hump hard and deep but again he filled my ass...He slipped out this time and sat on the bench. I was on my kess in front of him cleaning his cock with my mouth...We showered and he allowed me to massage his rod to life and suck it off again and then we dressed. He then asked me, YOu still ready for action maybe with someone else? I told him that it was possible. He got on his cell and called someone, okay, shower number 4, he will be here waiting. He leaned down and kissed me, Might as well take off the clothes he said, got a couple friends coming to enjoy your services. I stoood and undressed again. He left and closed the door. Soon and knock on the door told me they were here. I opened the door and there were two hard burly men there, beards and chest hair and one was a fucking ape. They took off their clothes and grabbed me, one in front and the other behind. Hard cocks were pressing against my ass and front of my hips. These two wanted to be a little rougher so I took it in strid. Bend over one told me and as soon as I did a cock was rammed into me. He humped fast and filled my in no time. Then the other pushed me to my knees and a cock was there, suck it slut he told me. I took it in and began a nice slow sucking, He took my head and began raping my motuh, faster he demanded. Just suck the thing off. I did and he filled my mouth...then they changed places, one in front and the other in back. Filling me again with half hard cocks that grew to full staff quickly. Humping fast they both filled me again. Thanks slut. Just needed to get off a couple times for the road. They dressed and left and I showered and left too. The whole time with Rob was making love but a good raw fuck is great too.

see ya. Anyone driving on I-85 between Commerce and the GA/SC state line email me...on yahoo.

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