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Steamy Seconds

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Once we were able to move again, we made our way to the bathroom and enjoyed the feel of the hot water beating down on us together. Though we'd enjoyed a deliciously pleasant several hours pleasuring each other, our hands still craved each other's skin. We took our time soaping each other as we caressed and massaged each other squeaky-clean. As we stood under the hot water, I pressed as much of my body to her savoring the feel of so much of our bodies in contact with each other. I nibbled that part of her neck that calls out to me and said, "Did I hear mention of a special surprise you had for me?"

She let out a throaty chuckle and pressed herself back into me. "My, now that's a evil laugh. Does this squeaky clean woman need to get herself dirty again?" I exclaimed, hoping that maybe she wasn't finished with me just yet. After the activity that just happened, I was unsure she could manage a surprise the likes of what I could imagine.

"I think I just haven't sated some of my hungers yet. Don't let the smell of our shower lead you to believe otherwise. You're still holding a very filthy girl. Would you like to hear of my evil plans, my special surprise or do you trust that you'll enjoy my surprise without any preparation?" she teased.

"I would have thought you couldn't possibly be hungry what with the tasty treat you swallowed and slurped down a few minute ago," I said. "Oh, but there's still some place that's been neglected, someplace hot, tight and very very hungry. Now that my throat has had the honor of being filled and very well lubricated, care to see how deeply you can fill and lubricate my ass?" she questioned.

"Oh, I think we can work on that," I answered as I slowly lowered myself to my knees in the shower and bit and nibbled my way down her back, to her cheeks and then buried my face. My tongue found her asshole after kissing it and giving it a hard long suck, I ran my tongue around outside working in smaller and smaller circles. She pushed back into my face and a moan escaped her. The water flowed down her back as I continued my exploration. The water rapidly grew much cooler though and she reached to turn the water off. This allowed my even greater access and I took advantage of the opportunity take my hand and, palm up, inserted my thumb in her pussy using my middle finger to stroke circles around her clit.

"Oh, God. That's really nice," she exclaimed as she leaned up against the shower wall, face pressed against the wetness. "Let's dry my filthy girl up and find out what nasty desires have kept you up at night," I said. Without removing my thumb nor stopping the movement of my fingers on her clit, I directed her toward me. I stepped out of the shower backwards and steered her to come forward with my hand still between her legs. She had no choice but to follow. Only when I had lead her all the way back to the bed did I remove my hand to begin to dry her soft skin of the beads of water that clung to her.

I asked her to lie back on the bed so I could be sure I had done the job right. As she did, I quickly dried off myself, staring at her freshly washed body lying there. Her legs were slightly spread and I took the opportunity to spread them further, burying my face in her warm, moist lips. I had to taste the 'before' again. She was still engorged from our early festivities and, even though we'd showered, the faint earthy odor of our raw sex still clung to her. It filled my nose and my cock awoke from its brief slumber.

i reached my left arm forward and wrapped it around her thigh and with my fingers, I made slow circles on her clit. My nose was inches from her pussy and I breathed deeply of her scent. After enjoying her aroma, I started enjoying her taste, bringing my mouth upward slowly, savoring my way up to her clit. She knew that I would really enjoy eating her pussy, just as I knew that I would really enjoy eating her, and she was already breathing more unevenly and grinding upward into the air, partly from anticipation and partly from the pleasure of knowing I would allow her to give me her special surprise.

After my tongue had sampled all the available nectar, I started licking the outside of her outer lips. Although she is less sensitive there than in other places, her pussy is so beautiful that all of it is deserving of my attentions, and I enjoyed the feel of her soft legs next to my head and shoulders. After licking my way back up to her clit, I licked her down the other lip the same way. More fresh juices ha accumulated and I enjoyed them as she began grinding into my face. My tongue made its way to the top of the hood that protected her engorged clit and I flicked the tip of my tongue firmly against it. Her hips jerked upward in response. Even a gentle touch on her clit drives her crazy and my slightly less than gentle approach caused her to moan and quiver beneath my skilled mouth. My tongue again insinuated itself under her clit hood, caressing the button sheltered there and, after the hood was clear of the little button, I clamped my lips tightly and began sucking hard. While I sucked, she thrashed on the bed, hips fucking up into face. Her legs scissored my head, alternatingly squeezing and releasing me. She began to climax, arching her back, squeezing me with her legs and jamming her pussy against my face one last time before becoming still, save for small twitches in her arms and legs.

I looked at her face then, a smile curling her lips upward. She sighed heavily and raised herself up on her elbows. "My turn to taste you," she said as she moved to her left and pulled me onto the bed. I rolled over onto my back, grinning at the myschievious look in her eyes. With my legs still hanging part of the way off the bed, she took up residence between my thighs and trailed her tongue upward on my thigh. My cock started once again to grow and thicken, thinking of how my head would feel as the heat of her mouth surrounded it. She didn't immediately take me into her mouth though and my anticipation continued to grow as did my cock. Her hair brushed against my thighs and goose bumps appeared on my skin. She smoothed her face and her nose along my shaft and, only when she reached the head of my cock did she allow her soft lips to linger ever so slightly at the ridge of my head. her head bent then and with deliberate slowness, she tantalized me with her tongue from my balls all the way up to my head. She did this several more times before abruptly stopping to wrap her hand firmly around the base of my cock and grinned up at me before sliding the entire length of me into her waiting mouth.

I knew she loved the feeling of me growing in her throat and gave her what she longed for. After several minutes, my cock became just the right length to begin to cause her to gag. Normally, she'd continue pushing her face down onto me, seemingly enjoying the contractions of her throat around the base of my cock, but this time she removed her mouth from me at the first gag. My head lifted up from the bed already missing her mouth around me. She was moving away from and now had her back to me. Thankfully her hand still held my cock and her head was turned back to look at me. "No worries. I'm not finished with you," she said.

She strattled both of my legs, still with her back to me and reached between her legs to switch hands that held my cock. She smoothed the head of my cock against all the wetness that had built up in the fold of her lips and I knew then what her surprise would be. I threw my head back briefly as she directed my head, now coated with her juices, toward her inviting asshole. She slapped my head against her cheeks first and then leaned forward to slap it against her clit before taking both hands and steering my head to her asshole again. My head was snuggled up firmly against her wetness there and then she began to work my cock to spread her ass open just enough for my head to be trapped in its warmth.

She slowly began to push herself down onto me and I felt my entire head just slip past her tightness to an amazing heat beyond. Her muscles locked onto my head at that moment and, once again, I threw my head back relishing the force with which her muscle kept me captive in her ass. With one deliberate grind, she pushed down onto me, more forcibly. With one push from me, my cock was halfway inside and with a slight change in the angle of her hips, she slammed the rest of her ass down onto the full length of my cock. I was buried in her well lubricated ass all the way to my balls. We both let out cries of pleasure simultaneously and, again, her muscles clenched onto me and a ripple of squeezing began to work my cock from the base to the rim of the head of my cock. I cried out again, moaning and beginning to feel an intense need to move inside her ass. She grabbed my hips to prevent me from moving and I grabbed her wrists to do just that. I had to move and feel all of the delicious ass that was wrapped around my cock.

I held her wrists tightly against my hips and when she struggled to pull her arms free, I rocked my hips back and then ground my cock even further into her ass. She ground her ass right back to meet my thrust. So this is how we were going to play this game, I thought. She kept her legs pinned on either side of my thighs and continued to increase the pleasure for both of us by grinding and swiveling her hips like a nasty little fuck toy. She did not come off of my cock more than an inch or two before she slowly ground herself back down on me and my cock was so hard that the grinding caused it to push first to one side and then to the other as it explored deeper and deeper into her ass.

We were both getting very vocal now. Her moans and cries told me that she'd been waiting to feel me fill and stretch her wonderful ass. I matched her moan for moan and cry for cry as I, too, had been waiting to see how much of my cock her ass could hold. I knew she got even more aroused hearing my vocalizations just as I did when hearing her's. Believe me, there was no way I could keep quiet as she performed her nasty dance with my cock deep inside her ass. Every time she lifted ever so briefly off of me a few inches, I was able to see the wetness that covered my base and clung to my sparce amount of pubic hair. That made me swell even more, which in turn made each of us moan even louder. We continued to move slowly like that with occasionaly animal thrusts, me moving under her and her grinding fiercely on top of me. I loved fucking her ass slowly like this and wanted to prolong the fucking as much as we could. We fucked like it was the last time we'd ever get to.

It was so hard to move slow and my legs were shaking from the intensity. Just when I thought I could not bear the slowness any longer, she leaned her body forward, moved her legs so they were together between my knees, changing the angle of penetration. Sweet Jesus! I still held her wrists and grabbed them more firmly to prevent her from falling forward. I was able to inch a bit closer to the edge of the bed so I could get some traction and began to forcefully pull down on her wrists and hips at the same time, slamming her down hard onto my cock. As I knew she would, her thrusts equaled mine. This position allowed much more of my cock to slide in and out of her sweet tightness. It also contributed to a considerable amount of increased juices and our liquid thrusts were music to my ears. She was enjoying the full length of me pounding her juicy ass. Her head was at one moment thrown forward, hair flying around madly, and the next, her head was thrown back in what was becoming a nearly continuous scream of purely animal levels of pleasure.

She was starting to rock side to side ever so slightly as our bodies slammed against each other. We were both bucking wildly. I knew neither of us could hold on much longer. The pitch of her screams suddenly intensified, her ass squeezing in frenetic waves around my cock. She was cumming and cumming for what seemed like minutes. The squeezing and her screams pushed me too far and I felt a powerful orgasm coming from deep within me. I held her tightly onto me and felt an explosive burst of incredible proportions shoot from me into the deepest reaches of her ass again and again and again as she kept cumming and squeezing and milking me dry.

Dry was certainly not what I felt as my jerking slowed and her body became less rigid. Instead, I felt our juices running down the length of me, still buried to the hilt in her spasming ass, and running over and around my balls to puddle under my ass. She wiggled her right wrist to signal me to release it and, as she brought herself to a more upright position, still with my cock buried in her, she reached a hand to my balls, grabbed as much juice as she could onto her fingers and hand and, turning her head slightly so I could see her face, slurped at her fingers and hand to clean them of their fragrant juices. And then again, for seconds. I could feel her ass lips open then squeeze, open then squueze as she licked off her hands and then, for good measure, reached into her pussy for some icing on the cake. When her hand returned to her pussy, it cam away dripping again and she let the delicious wetness trail up and over her stomach and tits, stopping briefly at each nipple to be sure they were well covered in her juices too.

She abruptly stood then, causing my cock to come out of her ass with a sudden "pop." The air rushed quickly out of my lungs in a gasp and my head fell back onto the bed. I felt her slide to the floor but instead of collapsing in a heap, she began to clean me off, licking and slurping our combined ass juices and cum from my inner thighs, my now softening cock, and my balls. Only when she finished did she crawl slowly up on to the bed to curl on her side next to me. Our bodies wet with sweat and sticky with the nastiness still there in spite of her attempt to lick us clean, we lied together, or breathing in unison and slowly drifted to sleep totally and completely sated.

submitted by kiwi

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