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Steam room sex with 2guys and a newbie

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My wife and some friends always used to go out to Montauk and stay at the Surf Club which is a beautiful facility that has men?s and ladies steam rooms in the beach house. There is a very sensual lady I know named Gail who owns a place there and spends all summer in her condo. She is gorgeous and has a huge chest, small waist and curvy hips. I think she is a nymphomaniac. Every year she always keeps track of what week I will arrive. Her little trick is to usually meet me in the men?s steam room about 8:00 every morning.

Well this one morning in 1997 I got to the steam room and started it going. After 15 minutes it was real steamy to the point where you really couldn?t see the other wall. I was lying on the tile bench in the nude stroking my rock hard cock with anticipation. I?m about 6? long and 7? around and Gail calls me ?Girthman?. I heard the door to the locker room open and someone coming in. I was now pumping my shaft furiously in anticipation. The steam room door opened and in walked this 35 year old guy in a Speedo bathing suit. I thought it was Gail and here I am stroking myself. He sat down and looked at me a little weird. I explained that I was waiting for a sexy woman and I think he thought I was full of it. I raised my leg up to conceal my now limp dick so he wouldn?t think I was gay.

We both heard the locker room door open and someone else walked in. He looked at me like maybe I was telling the truth. The steam room door opened and in walked Gail in a skimpy white bikini ? the kind with little bows at the hips and between her tits. She saw we had company and introduced herself. His name was Gary and I could tell he was now intrigued. She said she usually met me in here in the mornings because it was usually empty but he could stay if he wanted but he would have to be naked too. By now we were all starting to bead up. Gail stood up and faced me with her back to Gary and told me to stand up. She put out her hand and grabbed my cock hard and stroked me. I was going to bust out of my foreskin. I untied the bow between her tits and those huge boobs sprang towards me. I put both my hands on her lovely mounds and fondled them. I let my hands slide down her waist and untied both sides of her bikini. Her bottom fell off and her bushy mons was already wet from the anticipation and the steam. I was looking at her huge 36DD tits, her skinny waist and her hairy cunt (this is before the days of shaved pussies). All Gary saw was her ass which she stuck out to reveal her cute butthole. We both laid on the bench and got into the 69 position with her on top. My tip slid into her mouth and she tongued it in earnest. Her pussy was smothering my face and I was biting her clit very hard while I was sticking two fingers up her ass which she was loving. I felt my groin about to explode and she told me to ?CUM BABY? as she slurped my love juice until I went soft. She is an incredible cocksucker. Then she began to shudder and came for about one minute.

She walked to the shower head and turned it on. Gary now got a full frontal of Gail in all her nakedness. Because it?s a steam room the water is cold. She got under the shower head and got totally wet and her nipples just went BOING. She faced Gary and massaged her tits and put her hands between her legs and spread her lips and played with her clit. She turned around and bent over and spread her ass cheeks and washed her crack with cold water and her middle finger. She told Gary to stick his middle finger up her ass. He stuck his finger all the way in as she groaned for more. She told Gary he was going to rim her ass soon and he looked a little wary. We found out later that he never did anything oral or anal let alone ever rimming a woman. Gail looked at Gary and told him to stand up. She could see the bulge in his Speedo and grabbed his crotch and squeezed. She put her hand down his Speedo and nodded with approval. She got on her knees and ripped his Speedo around his ankles and gasped at his manhood. He was about 7? inches long with a huge tip and huge balls. Gail was very impressed and said she couldn?t wait to suck him. She kissed the tip of his cock and licked his balls while stroking him hard. She told him to continue to stroke himself while she was going to blow me.

Gail walked across the steam room and dropped to her knees and swallowed me up to my balls and stroked me up and down and stopped before I came. She then sat on the seat in the corner and raised her legs up to the seat and spread her legs and told Gary to come to her and kneel down and eat her. Gary said he really didn?t like to eat pussy and Gail said very matter of factly ?no lickee no suckee? and the only sex he was going to get here was by jerking himself off. He knew she was serious so he got on his knees and started to lick like a champion as she held his head in place until she shuddered for about a minute. He told Gail that was the first time he went down on a girl and Gail told him he did a fine job but wait until he was going to tongue her butthole. She then stood up and sat Gary in the corner and bent over and proceeded to deep throat him. I stood behind her and spread her cheeks and stuck my tongue up her butthole and jammed four fingers into her dripping pussy. Gary saw me tongueing her ass and he was grabbing her huge tits and began to shoot his load into Gail?s eager mouth. We also found out this was the first time Gary had ever cum in a woman?s mouth. Gail then turned around, bent over and spread her curvy ass cheeks and told Gary to lick her ass which he began to do in earnest and Gail bent me over and tongued my asshole while she stroked my cock. She then turned me around and put my bulbous tip in her mouth and proceeded to suck me very hard until I started to gush my jism into her mouth for about 20 seconds. We then all sat side by side as we played with her tits and cunt and she stroked both of us. Gail wanted to do double penetration and she thought Gary would fit better in her ass so I laid on the seat and she impaled her quivering cunt on my dick. Gary had never fucked an ass before so Gail told him what to do. She told him to stick a few fingers in as she moaned with pleasure. Then she told him to wet his dick and push it in slowly. It took him a few minutes to get her ass muscles to relax and then he was pumping like crazy. She was screaming with pleasure and begging for more. We could feel our cocks rubbing inside her. We were all groaning and then we came together and collapsed.

We were all spent and just sitting together after having been at it for an hour. All of a sudden the door opened and in walked an older guy about 60 in the nude. When he saw us sitting there buck naked with Gail lying on her side propped on her elbow with one leg up. He admired Gail?s gorgeous tits and hairy pussy as she lied there spreadeagled. His cock rose to attention and had to be about 9 inches. This did not go unnoticed to Gail. He said ?Hi Gail? and she said ?Hi Dick?. He obviously had been in the steam room before with Gail. He asked if it was all right if he could stay. Gail smiled, got up and walked across the steam room and stood inches from this guy so his cock almost touched her pussy put out her open hand as if to shake his hand and then began to stroke his huge dick she then dropped to her knees opened her mouth and took him completely in her mouth. He was moaning as he played with her tits. Gary and I walked over and she began to stroke both of us and told us she wanted me and Gary to cum on her face while she swallowed Dick?s cum. She was slurping very loudly and Dick was the first one to cum and she sucked him dry. Gary and I came together and spewed our juices all over her face and hair. We then went into the locker room and took a hot shower while she tried to get us all hard again. She is a master cocksucker.

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