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Short Weekend

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We were planning a long weekend get away in Wilmington NC for some much needed rest when the wife suggested finding a friend. About a week before we were to arrive, I started looking for some playmates on various adult sites. I also put an ad on craigslist to see who was available. I received many interests, some young, some older, some couples and some that just didn?t appeal to us at all. We chatted with the ones that interested us the most and sent a nice reply to those that didn?t. I soon had three or four that we felt comfortable with and started setting up some times. I?ve found out that you always have plenty that say they will meet until the time comes, then, they will back out at the last minute with the same old excuses. That?s why I had picked the four so at least one or two would be serious enough to show. The day before we left, two suddenly had something come up which didn?t surprise us. We made it to the hotel on Thurs. night and got settled in. I brought my laptop so we could finalize the times and give out our location. Friday morning I started chatting with the last two, they suddenly had other plans come up and couldn?t get away. I figured at lest one would show up but what can you do. I searched the sites again but couldn?t get any responses. I figured it was a lost cause but we could still have plenty of fun. About noon, I received an IM form a guy named John, I had chatted with him earlier in the week but hadn?t heard from him since. John had sent us a few pictures when he first responded to our ad, we looked at them again. He was clean cut about seven inches and looked fairly thick. He wanted to know if we were still looking and I told him we were. He said he was going out of town to work later in the evening and wanted to know if we were staying into the following week which we weren?t. After a few minutes he asked if we were interested in meeting in the hour. I gave him out hotel number and asked that he call so we could talk a little and see if we were into the same things. He called and asked the usual questions, once we were both satisfied that we wanted the same things, we decided it was time to meet. I told him to meet us at the pool, he said he would be there in twenty minutes since he didn?t live far from us. We went to the pool and waited. After about thirty minutes he arrived. John was polite, well dressed and was honest about his wife not understanding his desires to play bi or experiment with new people. I suggested we go up to our room for a drink and relax and talk some more. The hotel room had a few chairs and a king size bed. Me and John sat on the bed and my wife sat in a chair by the bed. After talking awhile, I suggested we remove our cloths and get comfortable on the bed. As John removed his pants, I noticed a nice thick outline that was already getting hard. He pulled down his briefs to reveal a rock hard cock that was about seven inches long but was very thick. We lay on the bed and I immediately reached over to stroke his hard cock. He was so thick my hand would barely reach around his cock. He was well trimmed with large balls hanging down. His shaft was smooth with a large swollen head that oozed a little pre-cum. I stroked him as I admired his hardness, rubbing his pre-cum all around his head and shaft. My wife had stripped of her cloths and brought out the camera and her toys. She sat in the chair and spread her legs wide to give us a good look at her shaved wet pussy. While I stroked his hard cock, she started to play with her vibrator and said she was ready for us to give her a show. Johns cock got super hard as he watched her tease her clit and slowly push the vibrator deep into her tight wet pussy. I positioned myself over his cock and slowly swirled my tongue around his swollen head. I could taste his salty pre-cum as he slowly raised his hips wanting me to take his cock down my throat. I pulled his head in between my lips and gave him a long hard suck which made him moan out. I teased his head with light swirling licks of my tongue, then slowly ran my tongue down his shaft as I fondled his balls. I took my time as I gently licked and sucked each ball in my mouth. Johns breathing was getting heavy and I knew I didn?t want him to cum yet so I backed off and asked him if he liked watching my wife?s wet pussy. He said he loved hearing the wet sucking sound of the vibrator when she pulled it out and that he would love to suck on her hard round nipples. She told him maybe she would let him some other time but today was about the men. I started sucking his head again but this time after a few light sucks, I went down hard on his thick cock taking it deep into my mouth. He let out a loud groan and grabbed my head while pushing his hips up hard. I held his cock deep as I let his head rub the back side of my throat. I could feel his cock start to pulsate so I grabbed his balls and gave them a firm squeeze. I pulled his cock out slowly giving him a firm suck until his cock made a pop sound out of my mouth. I was enjoying his reaction to my teasing and deep throating when I felt my wife behind me. She had strapped on her favorite toy which was a thick eight inch dildo. She asked John if he would like to see her warm my tight ass up for him, John said he wanted to see her fuck me with it while I continued to suck his cock. She lubed it up and slowly pushed the big head into my ass. She slowly worked the head back and forth as she pushed deeper and deeper until I could feel my ass stretched out and taking all eight inches. As she started working my ass harder and harder, I matched her thrusts sucking Johns cock. I was taking all seven inches of his thick cock down my throat. His cock completely filled my mouth and I loved feeling his thick head in the back of my throat. His cock was a least two inches in diameter if not more. After about ten minutes of her pounding my ass, she pulled out and said my ass was ready for a good hard fucking from a real cock. I pulled out a condom and slowly stretched in over his hard cock. He needed an x-large but he said we would make the regular size fit. Once I had stretched it over his cock, she poured the lube out as I worked it on. I got up and straddled his hard cock and slowly worked his head into my ass. His thickness was stretching my ass out to the point of it being painful but I had to have it all because I wanted to feel him cum inside me. It took me a few long minutes before I had worked his cock deep into me. I slowly started to fuck him while my wife started filming us. I worked his cock in and out for awhile but couldn?t get completely comfortable with it so we changed positions. I leaned over the side of the bed and John got behind me. He started slowly at first but was soon pounding my ass so hard his balls were slapping against my thighs. I was moaning with each thrust as my wife was coaching him to fuck me harder. I could feel my ass pucker with each thrust and my legs getting weak from trying to stay on the side of the bed. John noticed that I was having trouble staying in one place and had me lay on my back. I spread my legs wide as he mounted me and pushed his cock deep into me. I lifted my hips up while wrapping my legs around him. He started to rock his cock back and forth giving my prostrate a good workout. My wife filmed us for awhile until she went back to teasing us with her toy. Her pussy was really wet by now and you could her juices flowing as she worked the big dildo in and out of her pussy. Now that my ass had loosened up some, I was really enjoying his cock sliding in and out. I liked feeling his balls slapping back and forth as his cock was going deeper and deeper into me. His head was rubbing my prostrate to where I felt like I could cum at any time but I wanted to feel him cum. The speed of his thrusts were getting faster and his thrust were really rocking me as I spread my legs wider for him. I moaned out to him that I really wanted to feel him cum inside my ass and feel his cock pulsating with each squirt. He gave two or three really hard thrusts as he filled the condom up with his hot sperm. I could feel his head jerking and twitching as he unloaded his cum inside me. He came so much the condom couldn?t hold it all and when he finally lifted off me, my ass had cum running down my cheeks. We lay there for a few minutes until he said he needed to get back home to finish his packing for work. He thanked us for great time and wanted to know when we would be back in town. He said he was sorry for having to rush off but that next time we were in town, he would make sure to have plenty of free time to spend with us and gave us his phone number. After he left, I took a quick shower and we watched the video my wife had filmed. I told her how great his cock felt and how he stretched my ass out by being so thick. She said she loved watching him fuck me, how hot she got watching me suck his cock and the sound of him cumming up my ass. Needless to say we spent the rest of the afternoon talking about our adventure and fucking like rabbits. We tired to find another friend for Saturday but didn?t have any luck. We ended up going to the local strip club that night and had a great time. My wife got a couch dance with a pretty blond that had nice big firm tits and ended up with them both topless and rubbing tits together. We left Sunday morning already planning for the next trip, we will be seeing John again and hopefully my wife will get to spend some more time with her new friend from the strip club.


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