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Sherry's First DP

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My ex wife and I always had a great sex life. We just made a lousy married couple. We agreed that it was best for both of us to separate and divorce. Problem was, we had such a good time in bed, we couldn?t make a completely clean break! We continued to get together and have sex for several months, all the while dating other people and having sex with them too. We found it exciting to tell each other in great detail what we had done with others when we got together and it always led to really hot sex.

I took a roommate to help me with the cost of the house. He and I became friends and ran bars together. Sometimes, we?d pick up a woman and bring her home and share her. This led to all kinds of good sex as you can imagine. After doing this with several women, we pretty much had it down. We did everything from simple swapping to both of us screwing the woman at the same time giving her a double penetration.

I told my ex during sex play one night about us both having women together. It made her hot as hell! She wanted to know every detail. I knew she thought Jerry was good looking and I asked her if she wanted to try it with both of us. She said she wasn?t ready for that.

A few weeks later, she showed up at my door unexpectedly on a Saturday afternoon. Both Jerry and I were at home watching a ball game. She said she was just in the neighborhood and thought she would stop by. We gave her a beer and she sat down beside me on the couch. After a while, Jerry announced he was going to take a shower before we went out to the bar.

As he walked away, Sherry reached down and rubbed my cock and whispered that she was in need of a little relief. I asked her if she wanted just me or both me and Jerry. She smiled and said, ?Surprise me?. I let her rub my dick a little longer and eventually got up and went to Jerry?s room. I asked him if he was game to gang-bang my ex. He hesitated at first and eventually said if I was okay with it then he was too.

We made a plan and I went back into the living room and rejoined Sherry. Jerry took his shower and I made out with her on the couch with my hand in her jeans getting things warmed up. Within a few minutes, Jerry walked in the room in his bathrobe and sat down on the couch across from us.

Jerry positioned himself so that it was possible to look up his robe and see his cock from where we were seated. I hadn?t told sherry that Jerry?s cock was much larger than mine, fully eight inches long and twice as thick. He caught her looking a couple of times and asked if she saw something she was interested in. Sherry blushed red and told Jerry she wasn?t sure. She couldn?t see clearly. With that, Jerry got up, walked over to her and opened his robe exposing his long flaccid dick to my pretty ex-wife.

Sherry?s mouth dropped open in a combination of surprise at his boldness and amazement at what was hanging before her. She finally managed to say, ?My, that?s impressive!? I spoke up and suggested she see if it was real or some other stupid remark like that to get her to reach out and touch it. She put her hand around my friend?s cock and stroked it gently. Then she leaned forward and took the head into her mouth and began sucking him as she stroked his dick.

Jerry?s cock soon grew to it?s full potential. Sherry?s fingers no longer touched as she wrapped her hand around his throbbing dick. Jerry pulled his cock out of Sherry?s mouth and picked her up and carried her to my room. He placed her on my big King size bed. He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her panties down together exposing her from the waist down. I started to work on her top and bra as Jerry pushed her legs apart and began to eagerly eat her wet pussy.

I got undressed and climbed up next to her face and let her put my already hard dick in her mouth. I made sure I had a good view of what Jerry was doing on the other end. I remember being so turned watching him eat my ex-wife that I was afraid I was going to cum before we got started good. Sherry moaned and arched her hips as Jerry licked her swollen clit. I noticed he had slipped a finger in her pussy and she later told me he was rubbing her g-spot. He stopped licking her clit long enough to work his way down to her anus and started teasing it with his tongue, slipping the tip occasionally into her ass. She moaned louder when he did this and it was obvious that she liked it. Sherry?s loves to have a man tease her ass and she also likes anal sex.

Jerry moved back up to Sherry?s clit and kept working on it while he slipped a finger in her ass. Sherry didn?t last too long with him licking her and probing her ass and pussy at the same time. Within a few minutes, she began to moan loudly and came all over his face. Jerry kept his tongue on her until she finished and then gave her a gentle kiss on her clit and lay down beside her. I could no longer take the excitement and filled her sweet mouth with my hot cum. Sherry gave great head and always swallowed every drop.

Jerry quickly replaced my limp dick with his and Sherry lovingly sucked on the head while she stroked his massive cock. He gave her a few minutes to recover from her orgasm and then got between her long thin legs. Sherry instinctively pulled her knees up and exposed her soaked pussy to him. Jerry knelt between her knees and placed the head of his thick cock between the lips of her pussy. He started to lean forward and the head began to stretch her open. She moaned softly at first and as the head began to fully enter, stretching her pussy open past what she was used to, she began to moan louder. Jerry expertly worked his big hard cock into her pussy and she cried out as he took her past her comfort level.

He continued pushing his dick into her pussy until his balls were resting against her soft ass. Jerry?s dick was longer than Sherry could comfortably take and he made her cry out each time he pushed it all the way in. I got off the bed and took up a position that allowed me to see his dick in her pussy. Sherry?s pussy was stretched tight around my friend?s hard dick and it turned me on to watch as he pulled it almost all the way out and pushed it all the way back inside. Sherry had her knees pulled up as far as she could to give him as much room as possible. They screwed for about 15 minutes with Jerry picking up the pace occasionally and taking Sherry almost to the point of another climax only to stop and hold her still until she regained control. He pulled his rigid cock out of her pussy. I was amazed to see her gaping open. He rolled Sherry on her side, got behind her and slipped his dick back into her. Jerry fucked my former wife in this position for several minutes and then made her get on top and ride him.

Sherry climbed on top and used her hand to position his dick. She settled onto it until it was fully in her soaked pussy. She rode Jerry for several minutes and then asked him if he would screw her from behind. I knew from experience that Sherry liked to get it from behind when she came so the end was near for her. She climbed to the side of the bed and got onto her hands and knees. Jerry stepped behind her and quickly pushed his dick all the way to the bottom. Sherry shrieked and he held her tightly around the hips to keep her from escaping. Jerry began to fuck her hard from behind and Sherry was loud and encouraged him to make it hurt. In a couple of minutes, she began to cry out that she was cumming and Jerry kept up the pace while she creamed all over his dick. Sherry tried to collapse on the bed but Jerry held her up and fucked her hard until he finally let go and filled her with his sperm. He fell on top of her and they lay there for several minutes breathing heavily.

When Jerry finally pulled his now flaccid dick from her pussy, it was laid open like I had seen it before. His cum ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her butt onto the sheets making a big wet spot. I was stroking my hard dick and desperately wanted to fuck her but I knew she needed some time to recover and that I wasn?t going to do her any good with my dick after what he had just done to her pussy. I waited, for what seemed like forever until Sherry rolled over and looked me in the eyes. She had an absolute look of love as she smiled and asked me if I was ready to make her cum again.

We both knew I couldn?t touch the sides of her pussy so she climbed on top of me and lay on her back. This put my dick right at her anus, which was covered in Jerry?s cum so no lube was necessary. I reached around her and began to rub her clit as I slipped my hard dick into her tight ass. Sherry loved doing it this way and she cooed as it went in all the way. She began to hump against me and we screwed for a minute or two. I knew she really wanted to have two men in her at the same time so I motioned to Jerry with my hand to join us.

Jerry was sporting a fresh hard on watching me screw Sherry in her butt. He climbed between our legs and Sherry told him it was too big to fit with me already in her ass. He didn?t listen and began pushing his big swollen cock into her pussy. Sherry screamed out and I felt as though he was going to force me out of her ass as he slowly pushed his cock into her. Sherry cried out in pain and for a moment, I was afraid we might hurt her but I remembered that a number of other women had managed to take both of us before. Jerry didn?t let up and I kept rubbing Sherry?s swollen clit. Eventually, Sherry had Jerry?s entire big dick in her pussy and mine in her ass at the same time. She very quickly began to enjoy the fucking as Jerry and I worked into a rhythm. We fucked, she cried out in disbelief and ecstasy and everybody was in a zone. I was turned on feeling Jerry?s dick rub against mine and before long, I felt myself getting ready to cum. I rubbed Sherry?s clit furiously hoping she would cum before I lost it and went soft. Sherry talked dirty stuff to us about fucking her like she was a whore and began her own wild orgasm. I couldn?t stop myself and filled her tight ass with my load and as we were about to finish, Jerry filled her pussy with his cum.

We separated and all lay there on the bed for a long time saying nothing. Jerry got up and went in the bathroom. We heard the shower running. Sherry told me that this was the hottest sex she had ever had. I admitted that it was the most erotic experience of my life as well. Jerry finished his shower, dressed and left us there alone. We cuddled in the bed for a long time and talked about what we had just experienced. Sherry spent the night and the next morning gave me a goodbye blowjob.

We have repeated our sex session with Jerry two times and several with other men. Sometimes, Sherry would call me out of the blue and tell me she has a friend over and asked if I?d like to join them. I never refused. Even though it has been years and we are both remarried, we still occasionally talk about the night Jerry and I gave her, her first DP.

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