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Sherri Loose at the Drive In

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We used to go to the drive in a lot (long ago) and we enjoyed some good times there. All you needed was a little wine and a few joints and friends were always to be found. Sherri always liked to dress in cut off shorts that had the crotch cut out except for the seam and a very small siring tank top and sandals were usually all she wore. I wore shorts and a t shirt and we sat in the van and parked barkwards and opened up the rear doors to lay in the back and sometimes we watched the movie. Well, we went to the drive in and Sherri and I went to get snacks and while we were there she struck up conversations with a few people inviting some back to the van, always showing her titties by bending over which also showed the fact that her pussy was not covered either. A couple came up, both looking a little stoned and talked to her, sure, we are in a white ford supervan back towards the back. Then Sherri kissed the guy deep and asked them to come see us. They said they would. We got to the van and smoked a joint and sherri shed her top and the thing is that anyone walking by, which were not too many could see she was topless. Then the couple showed up and both smiled as Sherri invited them in. At first the hesitated and then Sherri took the lady by the hand and almost pulled her in, the guy followed. So is this how you dress all the time she said, No sherri said, I am way over dressed, and she took her shorts off, throwing them to the side and she laid back spreading her legs. My pussy is burning up in fact, wanna put out the fire she said reaching her hand to the guy. He looked at his g/f and she told him to enjoy as she pulled off her sun dress and closed the doors behind her. Sherri almost tore off his pants and shirt and then she let out a gasp, I looked around and his cock, not even hard was hanging well down his legs, large balls full of cum too that were hanging low. Oh give that to me Sherri said as she took it in her hands and slide her mouth around the head, making it slowly cum to life, getting harder and bigger. She pushed him onto his back and burined her face in his crotch...sucking him in deep he was watching as if he was surprised but smiling as his g/f reached into my shorts and pulled out my cock, sucking it into her mouth. THen Sherri sat on his rod, crying out as she did, Oh yes, this is the dream cock, oh yeh, fuck me tonight baby, and she bagan riding it like she was on a hobby hourse. The girlfriend was sucking me and then I was laying down with her pussy over my face, my mouth found her clit and began to do what I love doing best. eating hot dripping pussy. Sherri was having orgasms one after another and still riding the dream cock when he turned her on her back and drove into her, making her cry out loud, Oh shit, that is so fucking good, fuck this cunt she was all but yelling. Then he began to cum, her cunt convulsing around his cock, making her cry out more...he filled her up then pulled it out to finish cumming on her tummy and chest. She sat up sucking it into her muth and swallowing all she could. Then pushed him back again sitting on his still half hard cock...riding it till it drove into her pussy. The girlfriend was slowly massaging my cock with her mouth..then I filled her mouth with my cum...she licked it from her lips and began kissing my balls and cock, making it come back to life. I began to push her to her back but she objected, Not a good time baby, might get prego, eat all you want to, but I want his kid not anyone elses. Not a problem and I got under her so we could 69 and she did a great job of fucking my face as I did hers. Sherri was now on all fours and his cock was deep in her ass, streaching it out more than it had ever been. Another load of cum filled her and she collapsed on her belly. The girlfriend and I gave each other another cum and she sat up watching Sherri writh under her boyfriend's cock. He opened the doors and there were a couple other people outside the van listening to the obvious fun inside. Sherri wasted no time pulling in two men that were there with girlfrinds, pulling out their cocks and planted one in each end, mouth and pussy...Sherri told me she was going to be busy and if I wanted to go play it was good, just send more cocks to the van. I went with the first coupld back to their van and we got in, the girlfriend sucking us both slowly taking tunrs, Then she sat on his cock, give me a baby now, it is the time, fuck me. I watched as he filled her with a seeming unlimited supply of cum. I went to my van and Sherri was being fucked by three guys that I had not seen...sucking cock and bathing in cum as they used her holes for their cum and what did not go into a hole was on her body. After the movie was over, two finished her and I closed the doors and we drove home.She went in, took a shower and came to bed, grabbing my cock she sucked it dry and we fell asleep. See you.

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