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She was a slow starter but Susan got HOT

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In my last episode, I told you how my wife Susan and I took on Lilly, the gorgeous model mom while her husband passed out drunker than a skunk. This time I will tell you how Susan and I got started.

Susan had been feeling down about herself and was self-conscious about some weight she had put on after having two children. While she was away for her work for a week, I decided to put to rest the myth about her not being attractive. I admit I was a bad boy and placed a personals ad on a national website telling the world what she looked like, what her sexual talents were and even posted a picture.

Thursday night she called to see how things were going and to tell me what time she would be home Friday. She was driving into town with a friend but the friend wanted me to pick her up on the other end of town. I admitted to Susan that I had been a bad boy. "How so?" she asked. I reminded her of her fantasy of being with another guy. She stressed back that it was merely a fantasy and nothing more. "Well," I admitted, "I pushed the fantasy a bit." I explained that over 300 guys and several couples had responded to "her" ad. She was livid and the phone went dead. Later that night she had calmed down a bit and then asked about some of the responses. "Bring them with you tomorrow," she insisted.

The next afternoon I picked her up as instructed. As we drove home she noticed the manila envelope full of emails. She reached down, and again expressed how upset she was with me, but she opened the envelope and started reading them to herself. Soon she was quite flushed and asked her what she was reading. I had placed the emails in the order that I thought she would enjoy. Obviously, it was working.

By the time, we arrived home, Susan was nearly panting. She got me inside the door and immediately chucked her clothes and pull my pants off. In all of our years of marriage she had never been this wet before. All that was about to change.

In the next three weeks, sex was unbelievable, to the point I was begging for some time to sleep. She finally admitted to me that she wanted to follow through on her fantasy and meet with another guy. We already had the emails and we agreed to meet with three of the guys at an Iowa hotel in a tourist area about equal distance for all three of them.

On the weekend in question, we arrived at the hotel about 2:30. We again talked it over. We set up some rules for both of us to follow. Let's just say they all went out the door when the first guy arrived, a doctor at a near-by research hospital. The young Swede was single, tall and attractive. The tension in the room was unbelievable as we talked about the weather and mundane topics. No one knew how to proceed. It was Susan who got us going. "Look, I want both of you inside me now. If you aren't going to help me out, I am going to do it myself."

Susan grabbed both our hands and led us to the king size bed. Her lips immediately locked on our friend and it appeared both were doing tonsillectomies on each other. One of his hands found her breast and mine found the other. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and undid her bra. For the first time in 10 years of marriage another man was feeling up my 29-year-old wife. I was hard as a rock. Our guest slowly unzipped her pants and slid them and had panties off of her. His finger spread her pussy and for the first time, I saw fingers other than mine slide deep inside her.

I stood and undressed as she came all over his surgically trained fingers. She then turned to undressing him. In seconds her lips went to work on his 9 inches. She quickly showed him what she was famous for. Her lips were soon around the base of his dick and her tongue was working over the length of his shaft, the head buried deep in her throat. It didn't take long before he unloaded down that throat, something she seldom liked to do with me.

She quickly mouthed, "I love you Mike" and kissed me. For the first time I tasted another man's sperm and there seemed to be lots of it that she shoved into my mouth. I looked and the doc was now licking her pussy with abandon and Susan was arching to meet his tongue. His fingers again were roaming deep inside her and this time one of those lubed digits worked deep into her ass as well, something she loves.

Soon she grabbed him and pulled her up to her chest. She spread her legs wide and offered her most private parts to the only other man she had allowed there. As he slowly entered her, she kissed me deeply and shouted, "Oh my god, that feels so good. Thank you honey!" For several minutes I watched my wife get pounded deep and hard. Susan came 3-4 times before the doctor filled her up fully with white goo. He quickly apologized for not pulling out. "No," she said, "that is just where I wanted you to come."

The doctor quickly left and I quickly slid into Susan's slippery pussy. Gad it felt so full of juice. I quickly added my load to her womb. Then she insisted I go down and lick both of our loads from her.

The second guy we lined up assured us he was on his way. He never showed and when we called him back, he never answered. The guy never knew what he missed out on.

We slept like babies that night. We were up early the next day and I quickly added another load to her pussy, a load she was going to need, as it turns out. Our next guest was to arrive shortly.

Zack was 21, a college student and was quite arrogant. He professed to be at least 12" in length. We knew he was fibbing. We learned quickly that Zack wasn't lying. Things with Zack processed quickly. There wasn't the nervousness of the first time. Susan quickly disrobed and I sat back to watch the two of them. She had her back to me as he removed her clothes and she then did the same for him. I saw her hand drop to stroke him and her surprised, "Wow" as he swelled in her hand. She quickly dropped to her knees and went to work on him. Soon her head was bobbing she was grabbing his ass and pulling him closer. "Wow, no one has ever been able to get even half in," he exclaimed. His hands were on the back of her head and every inch of him was now down her throat. His surprise soon led to Susan's second load of sperm down her throat.

"Do you have any other talents?" he asked. Susan admitted to loving anal. "No way," he said. "No one has even tried to get this in there."

Susan turned onto all fours and told him to lube himself in her pussy. Feeling all 12 " hitting the back of her womb was enough for her to come several times and added a lot of lubrication to her next act. She aimed her ass at the tip of his log and she pushed back onto the end. Once the massive head slid in, Susan wasted no opportunity back down the rest of those 12 inches. Soon he was hammering her harder and deeper than I deemed possible. Susan love it in the ass and swears it is a better and deeper orgasm. She quickly began to squirt onto the bed and Zack started to come in her ass.

He left and she puckered her ass and I dumped my own load there. We deemed the first weekend a success and only the beginning.

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