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Second time around, (the adventures continues)

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The first section tells of me meeting Emma and the changer it made in my personal and sex life. Now the adventures continues.

I was very busy with collage plus I was working with two other friends, Earl and Dam, on designing a software program for industrial use, (we call it the wigget program?lol). If we can get it worked out we knew it could mean big buck for the three of us after collage. The rest of my time was spent with Emma and some of our play mates. We were also spending some private time together and she told me the our relationship had moved beyond just sex for her. We talked about marriage after collage and both agreed if it did happen that we would continue to include other people in our sex lives. Emma had an apartment off campus and we agreed to move in together. Both of us were very busy finishing our last year of collage, working with my two friends/partners on our wigget program. Emma was very helpful with keeping things going in the right direction. Of course we made time to play. I was very open to anything she wanted to try. One example, Emma and I were playing around in the bedroom, kissing and feeling each the up. We were naked and Emma was on top of me kissing me with lots of tongue as usual. She turn and we started a 69 with both covering clit, pussy and ass. We both started concentrating on each others ass, licking and tonguing. Emma told me, I?m ready for you to fuck me. She move off the top of and was beside me on her hands and knees. I got behind her and started to push my hard wet cock in her hot, wet pussy. She laughed and said WRONG HOLE. I looked down and made sure I had dead aim on her pussy and I started to push again. She pulled a little forward , laughing and said WRONG HOLE, I want you in my ass. We had fingered each other in the ass in the past but until now I had never fucked Emma or anyone else in the ass. I ask, are you sure to which she replied, Of course I am. Then she told me to hold on and she reached in the bedside table and got the bottle of lube that we sometimes us with the toys. She poured a little on her fingers, reached back between her legs and with me watching she rubbed her fingers over her ass hole. Then she pushed first one finger, then a second finger in her ass. Man, that was hot, my cock was so hard I thought the head was going to bust. She removed her fingers, put more lube in her hand, put her hand back between her legs and simply said GIVE ME. I moved back up close to her ass and she reached up and spread the lube on my cock making it very wet and slick. She then lay her head down on the bed and said Take my ASS lover. This time I placed my cock at the RIGHT hold, her ass and started pushing forward. As the head of my cock slipped into her ass Emma groaned and I was afraid I was hurting her so I stopped. She ask, why are you stopping, I want all of you dick in my ass. I started pushing again and was watching as my cock slid deeper and deeper in her ass. When my balls had hit against her pussy she pushed back against me harder and told me, fuck me lover, fuck my ass hard. Her ass was very tight but with all the lube I started moving in and out, slowly, with short strokes at first. Then I was pulling out further and slamming in harder with Emma encouraging me to fuck her hard. Then I felt something rubbing against my cock from inside her pussy and I realized she was using one of her dildos at the same time I was fucking her ass. She was having one orgasm after the other and at times was screaming, Fuck me, Fuck me hard. By now I was showing no mercy banging hard into her ass. With the toy in her pussy adding to the feeling on my cock it was not long before I started filling her ass full of cum. It was not unusual for me to cum a lot but this time it seem like it was at least a cup full. Each time I pulled back the cum was coming out of her ass and running down across her pussy, around the dildo and down her inner thigh. She collapsed on the bed with me on top of her. We lay there catching our breath and cuddling for a while, My cock had softened and was about to slide out of her ass. I pulled out and lay down beside her. She looked over at me and started smiling. I knew she had something freaky on her mind. She got up on her knees and I noticed she still had the dildo in her pussy. I started to reach to pull it out but she beat me to it, looking at me, grinning the whole time. She pick up the bottle of lube and told me to roll over on my back. I did as she told me and she moved down between my legs pulling them up and placing them on her shoulders. She then poured some of the lube over my balls and used both hands to massage it around my balls and ass. She placed a finger at the entrance of my ass and slipped her finger into the first joint, give me a minute to adjust then pushed up my ass until I could feel her other fingers pushing against my cheeks. She finger fucked my ass with her finger for a short while and just when it started feeling good. She pulled her finger out and almost immediately replaced it with two fingers. It took me a little time to get comfortable with this but it soon started feeling good and I started pulling my legs down on her shoulders, raising up to giving Emma better access to my ass. She pulled the two fingers out and I knew what was coming next. Emma moved back a little and I felt the dildo against my ass hole. Emma started pushing and it was very uncomfortable as it went in, Emma sound like a doctor telling me to breath deep. I did as she told me but laughing at her comment. She pushed the toy deeper and deeper up my ass until it was as far as she could get and still hold on. After she moved in and out a few times I relaxed at little and she started fucking me faster and faster. It was really starting to feel good and she was able to touch that special little spot that made me feel like I was going to cum every time she touched it. I was so into the ass fucking I didn?t realize my cock was hard again. Emma using her lubed up hand and started pumping my cock. She got a rhythm, when she pulled back on the toy her hand would slide down on my cock, then as the toy went in her hand would come up. It didn?t take long of this action before I could feel the cum making the trip again. I didn?t think I had any cum left in me but here it was squirting out the head of my cock and Emma lean forward and took it in her mouth. There was not as much cum this time but I had never experienced such a sensation in my life. My head was spinning and I almost blacked out. As I lay there trying to clear my head Emma moved from under my legs and moved up beside me. I felt her lips on mine and I open my mouth wide knowing that I was about to get a mouth full of my own cum. When Emma pulled away she smiled and ask did you like you little ass fucking. I thought a minute the told her yes I did.. Good she said because I loved fucking you, guess we will have go shopping for a good strap-on or just find the real thing. I didn?t make any comment, just smiled.

It took me a couple of days to get over my ass fucking and Emma was very busy with her classes so I had a little break. About three days later Emma come home and told me she had talked with Christy that day and she wanted us to come over on Friday night that she had a surprise for us. On Friday we got to Christy and Jim?s a little early, we had not been with them in a while and we were both very curious about the surprise. Christy answered the door wearing only a thin see-through long pullover. She was smiling from ear to ear. She give us both a hot, wet kiss then turned and we follower her back to the den where Jim was standing, waiting for us with nothing on but a tray of drinks for each of us. I noticed at the time that there were two other drinks on the tray but didn?t think much about it. We all set on the large rug in front of the fire place. Christy and Jim were just looking at us smiling. OK, Emma said, what the hell is going on. What is the big surprise. Christy blurted out WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. WHAT, Emma said, you can?t do that, you are brother and sister. That both laughed and Jim said not to each other. Then he called out David, Jill come on in here. We turned toward the hallway just as the naked young couple walked into the den. First time ever Emma?s mouth just dropped open and she look at a loss for words. Robert, Emma this is David and his sister Jill. We all stood and Emma and I hugged both David and Jill. I was a little surprised when Jill pulled me close and give me a hot kiss on the lips. I noticed David was doing the same to Emma. Then David and Jill got their drinks from the tray and we all set back down on the rug. Emma finally spoke and said OK fill us in and tell us what all is going on here. Christy did most of the talking explaining the four had met at a party about two months earlier while they were out of town visiting some old hi school friends. They all hit it off from the start then felt a real bonding when they all found out they were each not boy friend/girl friend but brother and sister. Christy said they all spent the nigh together and everybody was fucking and sucking everyone else. She told us that Jill had her first DP while eating Christy?s pussy. She said they had spent as much time together as possible and not only had done about every sexually four people could do but had talked a lot also. They all had admitted that they all had strong feelings for each other aside for the sex they enjoyed. All of them admitted that they were concerned about the time when either wanted get married and what they would do about children in the future. This seem like a win, win for all involved so they had agreed they would get married in the spring and all live there at least until Christy finished she collage, Then decide where they want to go from there. Christy said they wanted to celebrate and we were the first ones they though of. They all wanted to know what we had been up to so Emma quickly filled them in including my recent ass fucking and how much I had enjoyed it. While she was going through all this she and I were busy removing our clothes. I already had an erection for all the talking and looking at all the naked people around us. I stood, unbuckled my belt and dropped my paints to the floor. Before I could step out of them Jill had reached up wrap her small hand around my cock and guided it to her mouth and in one quick move took my cock all the way down the throat and I almost cum right then. Jill was a small well proportioned young lady with short sandy hair, and dark brown eyes. She looked so small you would think she could not be able to even get the head of a cock in her mouth but here I was with my cock ball deep down her throat. I looked over at Emma and she was standing with her legs wide apart and Christy?s mouth was locked onto her pussy. Jim was behind her pulling her ass cheeks apart and tonguing the hell out of her ass. About this same time I felt my own cheeks being pulled apart and a tongue being pushed up and licking across my ass hole. I knew it could only be David. At the risk of pulling away from Jill I pushed back a little to give David better access to my ass. Jill followed me when I moved back and she took hold of my hips and started pulling me back and forth a little. David took a quick break for licking my ass to tell me she wants you to fuck her face and fuck it hard, she loves it and she can take all you got. He said don?t worry I?ll keep up with you, and not miss a thing back here. I started a little slow moving my cock in and out of her mouth and David said harder, harder. Well who am I not to comply with a request like that so I started pulling my cock almost all the way out of her mouth then slamming it back down her throat as hard and fast as I could go. I kept thinking she would stop me but instead she was pushing and pulling on my hips and moaning and groining with each thrust. David was as good as his word and kept his tongue licking and poking at my ass. I could feel the pressure building and told Jill I was about to cum. Her only reaction was a GGGRRRRR and dug her little hands into my hips and tried to pull more of me into her mouth. When I started shooting stream after stream of cum down her throat she went ballistic. She just kept ramming my cock down her throat and David was still licking away. I started getting so weak in the legs that I told them I had to set down or I was going to fall down. Jill and David both pulled back and started laughing. Jill said that?s the way we like it. Then you know we have been here and done well. As I slipped to the floor I looked over to see that the other three had changed around some. Emma was on her knees with her face between Christy?s legs eating her pussy while Jim was behind her and I thought he was fucking her pussy. When Emma saw us setting down she told David to come over that she had a place for him. When he stood and started walking over to the other group was the first time I got a good look at him. He was about 6? tall, and looked in great shape but what I noticed most of all was the 8?+ cock and almost as big around as a beer can sticking out in front of him. I wondered what Emma was planning to do with it. David walked up and Emma told Christy to move back for just a minute. She told David to lay down and slide up under her. To my surprise she told Jim to hold still and stay where he was in her ass. David slipped his way up under Emma and she raised up a little to give him more room. Jim moved right along with her and when David was in place Emma took his cock and place it at the mouth of her pussy. She started easing down on his cock telling him that he was so big it may take a little time to get him all the way in. David said no problem, I?m all yours, just do as you please. Slowly but surely she kept going down taking him deeper and deeper until she had him all the way in her pussy. She told Jim to start fucking her ass again and give her a little time to get adjusted to David?s size. Jim started fucking away and Emma started moving her hips back and forth a little at first then started increasing until she was humping both cocks at a good steady pace. She told Christy to bring that pussy back to her mount. Christy did as she was told while Jill and I set there on the floor watching this amazing sight.

Jill and I just set and watched of a short while then she reached over and started rubbing my cock. I thought you are just wasting your time you have got all you are going to get out of this poor cock. Then she leaned over and took it in her mouth and started sucking on it. No way I thought , this cock of mine was responding, getting harder and harder. When I had a full erection Jill pulled her mouth away, set up and whispered in my ear, will you help make one of my fantasies come true. Without even thinking I said yes I sure will. Jill said will you get lubed up and fuck my husband-to-be in the ass while he is fucking your sweet Emma?s ass. Not what I was thinking and I told Jill he may not want that. She give me a big grin and said OH YES he does. We have already talked about it before you guys got here. Well, what the hell, if he was willing and it was what Jill wanted why not go for it. I told her to get the lube. She grinned and jumped up clapping her hands with joy. She grabbed the lube of the table and returned, grabbing my hand and pulled me over behind Jim. She give him a light slap on the ass and said get ready sweetie your great ass is about to get fucked. Jim looked back at me, he didn?t say a word just smiled. I got on my knees behind Jim and he pushed his cock all the way into Emma?s ass and held it there while Jill pulled his cheeks apart, poured lube in her hand and rubbed it around his ass then slid one then two fingers into his ass. Jim moaned and pushed back just a little, Jill pulled her fingers out, turned to me and taking my cock in her hand and covered it with lube. She looked up at me and ask do you mind if I guide it to his hole. I said it will be my pleasure. I moved forward and Jill guided my cock to Jim?s little pucker. She held it there and I started pushing forward. With Jill holding my cock in place and all the lube I pushed into Jim?s ass with very little resistance. Jill moved her hand and I pushed until I could feel my balls slapping against Jim?s balls, Jill set right there beside me watching every move we made. When I started pulling out a little Jill put her hand on my stomach and told me to hold it right there. When I stopped Jim started moving back and forth. When he was sliding into Emma he was pulling out on me then when he was pushing back on me he would be pulling on Emma. Jill was looking at every move and as she did she started pulling and pinching on her nipples. She had small breast but really ling nipples. I could not believe had hard she was pinching herself and then she started moaning and moving her hips back and forth, she was having an orgasm without even touching her pussy. Another first for me?lol, Emma brought Christy to several orgasms and was now it Emma was consecrating on the two cocks insider her, The sounds they were making sound like some king of wild animal. Dave was raising his ass up to meet every thrust Emma made and Jim was on and alternate , holding on to her hips for balance and banging the hell out of her ass. I thought, what and amazing woman she is. I could tell the three of them were about to cum and it was one hell of sight and sound with all the moaning and gowning and the slapping of flesh against flesh. Then Jim fell back on the floor behind Emma, She fell forward on David then rolled off him onto the floor near where I was setting. She was breathing hard and her eyes were closed. I could see the cum running out of her pussy and ass onto the floor. I looked around the room and everyone else was just laying out trying to recoup a little. I looked back at Emma and she had opened her eyes looking at me, smiling. I smile back and lay down and took her in my arms. We were still looking in each others eyes and I leaned down and gently kissed her on the lips and ask, Will You Merry Me, She smiled and said Of Course I Will, I was just wondering when you were ever going to ask me. We kissed again and she said I love you Robert. Christy chimed in saying, we heard that so I guess we are all going to have a weddings to go to and everyone laughed.

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