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Saras Unwakening

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Ricky couldn’t believe how well things were working out for him. It seemed like a blessing from above. At not quite 25 years of age, he had accelerated and last month had received his MBA at one of the country’s leading universities. Now, one month later he had just been offered a position in his field that would in the next 12 months give him an income of 6 figures. More importantly, many perks and being in the right place at the right time.

It seemed that things had always come easy for Ricky. However, nobody knew how hard he worked to gain his successes. While gifted with an extremely high intelligence and great looks..6’3” 210 pounds, jet black hair, big baby blues and dimples that when he smiled lit up the world, Ricky was probably the least conceited man on the planet. It was rare these days to find a person with all these assets that still head a good head on his shoulders, but most of all a kind heart and tons of compassion for everyone that was fortunate enough to cross his path.

That night Ricky decided to reward himself with a nice dinner and a few (never more than 2) drinks at the beautiful Marriot on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. Ricky was born and raised there and with the warm weather and beaches that he so loved, he would never consider living any place else. While Ricky had many beautiful lady friends/lovers, (no one special at this time) and many close guy friends, he decided tonight to spend alone and relish his recent accomplishments.

After having a wonderful lobster dinner, his favorite, he headed to the hotel bar to just relax and ponder his future and current status. While sitting at the bar, he noticed this young couple, at least the female half was young. She was extremely beautiful, but oh so small. He would say about 5’2” on a good day and no more than 100 pounds. She had incredibly long silky, flowing long blonde hair down to the middle of her back. She couldn’t be more than 18, 19, 20 years of age at the most. Her male companion on the other hand looked to be at least twice her age. What Ricky noticed immediately and remarkably was he didn’t look to be the type of guy that this beautiful young lady would be with. He was very short, maybe 5’6” on his toes, very heavy.. at least 200+ pounds, but most remarkably while she was dressed very well, he had this slovenly appearance. His clothes looked ratty, hair unkempt and more. Definitely not a couple matched by GQ.

They proceed to a little coffee table in the bar area and sat down. Again, Rick couldn’t get over her beauty. Not the movie star model type, or the exotic type, but more like the ivory snow girl next door. Her attire was meticulous, not sexy or flashy, not conservative but just enough to make you look and hope to see more.

Rick, much to his astonishment kept on staring directly at her. This was so unlike him and he was never the type of guy that would be considered a “player.” It was always the beautiful women that flocked to him. However, this was different. After several times staring, Rick was totally embarrassed when she looked him directly in the eyes. However, all she did was flash a sweet smile his way. Her smile was her second best feature slightly behind her light green eyes. Eyes that when he stared at her, he could swear he could see right through her soul and see heaven.

After a few back and forth stares and smiles, the guy got up and walked towards Rick at the bar. Rick was silently praying that the guy didn’t see the little interlude between the two and was not hoping for any trouble. However, the guy just came to the bar to order a second drink and very politely introduced himself as Harry. They made small talk for a while, when Harry invited Ricky to join him and his fiancée Sara at the table. Fiancée? You had to be kidding me! He looked old enough to be her daddy and still have a few years left over. More so, he looked like a guy more out of Field and Stream than a GQ magazine. Ricky decided, what the heck and sat down to the right of Sara with Harry on her left. Up close, she was even more beautiful than from a far. Beautiful is a bad word to describe her, let’s just say pretty, angelic, sexy, and sweet all rolled together. As much as Rick was taken back by her appearance, it was her personality that attracted Rick the most. …bubbly, attentive, caring, outgoing, but specks of shyness, but most of all just and honest interest in everything that Rick had to say. She had an intelligence that far surpassed her years. Oh yes, he had found out that she was just barely 20. Harry on the other hand was 38.

As the night wore on the small talk became more personal. It was revealed that Sara’s parents had both died in an automobile accident when she was just 14. Sara went to live her mom’s younger sister and boyfriend until graduating high school. It was in Sara’s senior year that she met Harry. He was the guidance counselor at the school and he and Sara became friends and her confidante. Her life at home was horrible and she needed to get away from this situation. Eventually, Harry convinced Sara upon her graduation to move in with him. They went from friends to lovers to engagement. Still, Rick sat there in amazement and wondered…How? Not only were they so different in age, physical appearance, but also in manners and just plain general beliefs.

As the evening slowly progressed, Rick felt like he had known her for years. It seemed like they didn’t have to say a word to each other without knowing what the other was feeling.

After about 2 hours of wonderful conversation, mainly between Rick and Sara, and finding out that they all lived less than 10 miles from each other, she got up and excused herself to use the ladies room. This gave Rick and Harry a chance to be alone and talk. After a moment Harry turned to Rick and said, “she really seems to like you.” Rick responded, “ You are a very lucky man. She is lovely and sweet and seems to love you very much.”

Rick was than taken back when Harry asked him, “So would you like to come up to our room and fuck her all night?” Harry went on to say that he had been telling Sara that his biggest fantasy was to watch her having sex with another man. Simply, because he was so much older than her and she had only been with one other man before him (another story for another time) and to enjoy herself before they got married. Rick, lost for words, just nodded his head “yes” like a little schoolboy. Harry told Rick to let Sara and him go up to there room and give them about 15 minutes and than knock on their hotel door number 204. Rick just kept shaking his head in agreement.

When Sara returned, Harry informed that he had invited Rick to their room for a nightcap. Sara a little apprehensive agreed. They paid the bill, went to the elevator and got off an separate floors. As soon as the doors closed, Sara angrily and nervously turned to Harry and said, “Are you inviting him up to fuck me?” Harry told her that he would love to see that, but it was her decision. Sara admitted that she found him extremely attractive and nice, but assured Harry that nothing was going to happen.

When they got back into their room Harry suggested that she change into something sexy. Sara gave him that look and proceeded into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Sara stripped completely naked. Should took a few minutes to gaze upon herself in the full-length bathroom mirror. She must admit she looked “hot.” Small perky breasts a small B cup on her best days, and little pebble-like pink nipples that were now becoming completely erect thinking about Rick and what might happen. Slight wetness was forming in her pussy and what a pussy it was. Incredibly small and tight with just a slight trace a downy like light blond hair above her slit. But, her best feature was definitely her ass..round and firm and so sensitive to the touch. She found herself getting wetter and hotter. What to wear? Nothing to provocative, nothing too conservative. She decided just a pair of short shorts and a t-top with no bra. She admitted to herself that there was a definite sexual attraction to Rick, but she so loved Harry or did she? As she pulled the top over her taut breasts and saw the nipples poking through the thin fabric, there was a knock on the door. It was Rick. The sexual tension soon turned to complete fear. With every ounce of courage and strength she opened the bathroom door and entered the room.

Wow, she couldn’t believe it. Rick had changed from his preppy attire into a pair of tight denim shorts and a tank top. What a body he had! What a beautiful, handsome man was in front of her. After some small talk, Harry said, “Let’s all lay down on the king size bed and relax and just watch some T.V. What would you like to watch, Sara.” Sara said it was their choice. The all took off their shoes and reclined on the big bed. Harry scrolled through the channels before asking, “Is anybody to shy to view some porno?” When he got no objections, Harry switched over to a movie showing a beautiful young girl being pounded by a young guy with a huge cock. The silence between all of them was deafening, but as the continued viewing your could her Sara’s breathing becoming more ragged. She was enthralled by the action on the set and Rick and Harry were aghast when she blurted out, “I can’t believe how big that guy’s cock is. I never saw anything nearly that big before.” They all shared a low laugh and than Harry pulled her close to him and started kissing Sara. Slowly, he started rubbing her hard nipples through her shirt and eventually placed one hands under the shirt and started tweaking her rock hard nipples. Rick, not trying to be too aggressive, but not wanting to be a wimp, slowly started rubbing Sara’s shoulders. Even a long and passionate kiss between Harry and Sara, Harry whispered in her eyes to turn around and give Rick a little kiss also. Sara, scared but completed aroused turned a gave Rick a gentle kiss on his lips. The little kiss got stronger and deeper and more sensuous and soon both their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths’. Rick reached around and placed his arms around Sara and pulled her close. Her breathing now was one of complete surrender and arousal. Rick slowly rub her breasts through her shirt and than under the shirt. Her nipples were harder and more sensitive than ever before in her lifetime. Neither of them had even noticed when Harry had got up from the bed and proceeded to a chair across the room to watch and let the two of them enjoy each other.

Rick slowly pulled her shirt over her head and started gently sucking on her nipples over and over..left one right one and than ran one hand down between her legs to feel her pussy through her shorts. He couldn’t believe that he could feel her wetness right through the material. He proceeded to run his lips and tongue down to her stomach and lower. He moved down and slowly slid off her shorts. Sara’s breathing had now become long loud moans of pleasure, She laid before him completely naked and he couldn’t believe what a wonderful vision of loveliness. He slowly ran his fingers down to her clit and slowly started rubbing it gently. Sara at this point started lifting her hips and spreading her legs for him to gain access. She was literally humping his fingers and hands. All this while Rick had not yet made a single move to undress himself, just concentrated on her needs.. He tried putting a finger inside of herself and finally realized just how small and tight her pussy really was. The lubrication of her juices enabled him to get a finger deep inside her pussy. Now, she was starting to go wild, moaning, panting and a little screaming. Her orgasm hit her like a runaway freight train. She came so violently that the bed was shaking and the sheets were soaked. After a minute or two of relaxation, she started rubbing Rick’s cock through his shorts. She took off his shirt and she started licking all over from his chest or his firm stomach. She had him lay down, opened his pants and took them completely off. When he was completely naked, Sara’s mouth opened aghast. There beneath him was the most perfect body she could have ever imagined seeing or touching.. And his cock…at least 9 inches, probably 10 and thick as a coke can and hard as a rock. After just staring at it for a moment or two, she said loudly, “How the hell am I going to get that huge thing inside of me, it will never fit.” Rick just smiled at laughed lightly. Sara than proceeded to lift up his huge sack an tonguing him underneath his balls. Slowly, she ran her tongue and lips up that long beautiful shaft. She couldn’t believe, he was actually getting bigger and even harder. She spent some time with her lips just wrapped around the huge head of his cock before she started taking him into her mouth. Deeper and deeper she went taking over 6” down her little mouth and throat before reaching her limit. Rick felt he was in heaven. During the time of this incredible blowjob, Rick noticed Harry sitting on the chair completely nude. Rick couldn’t get over the sight of that man. Rolls of fat hung from his belly, his dick looked like a used rolled up stogie and his man-breasts were twice the size of Sara’s beautiful perky ones. How could Sara be with this slob he thought. But, that thought soon evaporated as he felt Sara pumping his cock with one hand, sucking hard and deep and with her other hand slipping a finger deep into his ass. The eruption sent globs of cum down Sara’s throat and running out of her mouth onto her face and down to her chest. He never remembered cumming so hard and so much and he was still hard.

Rick rolled Sara onto her back and slid down between her legs. His tongue felt her clit and he sucked up ever part of that pussy. She bucked up and screamed IM CUMMINGGGGGG. She squirted in his mouth and kept on cumming and he kept on licking. After another orgasm from his oral attack Sara told him to fuck her. How was he going to get that huge cock in that little pussy? He placed her on her back, spread her legs wide and entered slowly. To both of their amazement, his cock slid right up deep inside…all the way, She felt like there was a log inside her pussy splitting her open, the pain was so small compared to the pleasure. He placed her legs over his shoulder and what started off as slow tender lovemaking, turned into a hard bang fuck..deeper and deeper he went. Sara screaming and cumming so hard and loud that it surely woke the guests next door and probably on every floor. Since Rick had already cum once already, he was able to go a very long time before finally shooting another huge load deep into her pussy. When the cum shot up inside her Sara once again had the most intense orgasm imaginable. The rested, watched T.V. and of course fucked some ore in every imaginable position.her on top, side and from behind that his cock felt like it was coming out of her mouth. Never had she been so filled up, so satisfied.

All this time, Harry just sat there naked, played with himself and watched with this big shit-eaten grin on his face. Finally, it was getting very late and Rick told them he should be going. Sara wrapped her arms around him and said, “Fuck me just one more time, but this time I want it deep up my ass.” Sara proceeded to get on the bed on her knees and put her beautiful sweet little ass high up in the air. Rick took the wetness from her pussy and massaged her asshole and pushed his finger inside of her. She bucked backed like a wild bronco and begged for his cock to go up her ass. He gave her, her wish. He fucked that ass deeper and harder than her pussy and she kept screaming for more.. Even though Rick had already cam several times in that pussy and mouth her tight ass made him cum pretty quickly. Again, Rick looked over and saw Harry. However, this time that look had changed and he looked pissed because she gave him her ass.

Rick decided it was time to leave. He grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom. He had been wise enough to carry a pen in his pants pocket. He scrabbled a note to Sara and placed it inside her cosmetic bag. It read very simply:

If you ever need me for anything, please call 555-1212 Love Rick, I am sure your soul mate and mine.

As Rick left the room, he truly believed that at some point she was going to need him and something very bad was on the horizon

To be continued…..maybe

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