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Salt Lake City Tryst

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Salt Lake City Weekend Tryst

?Oh my god!? She thought. ?Please, please, please slide it in deeper.?

But her unvoiced pleading went unanswered. He wasn?t doing this for her pleasure ? this was for him.

Since her eyes were blindfolded and her limbs were effectively immobilized, all she could do was silently plead for her lover to do more, faster, deeper. He was taking his time, and all she could do was wait?and want. Her mind drifted to earlier in the afternoon?

She was so happy to have such a wonderful husband. She was jetting off to Salt Lake City for a business conference. She was also meeting her lover, K. They met periodically for weekends together. Both were happily married. Both enjoyed the love and security of an open marriage. K said he was meeting her at the airport.

?Wear a sundress, with nothing underneath,? he had emailed her. ?I want to taste you on your fingers.? On the plane, she was wet with anticipation. As the flight went on, she got wetter, and wetter. It would have been a simple matter to remain in her seat with a blanket over her lap and just slip two fingers into her pussy. But he had asked ? no, he didn?t ask, he had told her to slip into the bathroom and masturbate ? no, she again reminded herself, he had told her to finger fuck herself. He hadn?t said whether or not she could cum, but she decided she?d wait. Although she desperately wanted to, she thought K would appreciate her restraint. When she left the tiny vestibule, she was sure all of her fellow airplane passengers could sense her anticipation. Her embarrassment at what she had done ? what she was doing ? caused her pussy to spasm. She felt her thighs become wet as her excitement gushed.

As she walked down the ramp from the plane, her eyes scanned the crowd, searching for K. She almost walked right past him, she was so nervous. But there he was, leaning against one of the pillars that support that wing of the airport.

She stopped her forward progress and turned to him. K didn?t say a word, but a slight raise of his eyebrow spoke volumes.

-- Did she do as I asked?

-- Did she do what she was told?

-- On a base, animalistic level, was her body ready to receive him?

And, perhaps the only real question: -- Was she prepared to relinquish control and give herself to him for the weekend ? completely, utterly and without reservation?

She saw all of that in his eyes, in his posture, but most of all, it was all there in that little eyebrow movement.

Her pussy flooded and overflowed, signifying its own answer. ?Yes ? Yes ? Yes,? she wanted to scream, but she struggled to remain composed in the airport. Instead, for an answer, she turned to him and melted into his arms. Their strong embrace enfolded her, making her feel small, feminine, cherished like a delicate flower.

Before he could say a word, she answered his questions by slipping two fingers past his lips ? the same two fingers that had so recently been tormenting her pussy, bringing her close to orgasm, but withdrawn before she reached that plateau of ecstasy. His lips closed around her fingers. His tongue swirled around and sampled what she was offering. She felt the corners of his mouth curl into a slight smile. She knew her answer had been received ? and accepted.

Later that afternoon, in their hotel room, they had fucked. No ? that simply didn?t begin to describe their day ? they had fucked in countless different positions, they had used almost every piece of furniture for support ? his cock had been in her pussy, her mouth, her hands, between her tits, between her feet, and deep in her ass. She had had so many orgasms that she had lost count long ago. She had cum on his cock, on his tongue, from his fingers, and from hers. The purple vibrator she?d brought had been used on her, much to her enjoyment. She?d even cum from the arm of the chair she?d straddled while sucking his cock deep into her throat. She wasn?t sure he knew about that one. She was pretty confident that her mouth on his cock had him too distracted to notice. After all ? that was when he had finally cum for the first time today, filling her mouth with each spurt. Mmmm, how she loved the feel and taste of him in her mouth and throat. She wasn?t even aware she had been rubbing her clit against the padded arm of the chair; so intent was she on giving him the best blowjob she could. When she felt his cock swell in her mouth, signaling his impending release; followed by that first splash against the back of her throat, her orgasm took her completely by surprise, almost as if she had a clit in the back of her throat instead of between her thighs. He took her head in his hands and fucked her throat as thoroughly as he had already fucked her pussy.

When they returned to the room after a light lunch and altogether too much wine, he threw her one of his long-sleeved, cotton shirts. It was blue, and soft, and smelled like him.

?Put this on,? he told her without further explanation.

Somehow the tone of the afternoon changed. Somehow she knew she was going to have to make good on her unspoken promise at the airport. Even though they knew each other more intimately than some married couples, regardless of the Olympic-level sex they had shared all day, she felt compelled to step into the bathroom to change. Suddenly she was nervous; suddenly she was a little frightened. Both feelings increased her already heightened level of arousal. As she slowly undressed, she felt embarrassed by the butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

?I trust him -- I want this -- I trust him ? I want this??she repeated to herself in a silent mantra intended to keep her composed and to keep her hands moving to do as he had asked.

When she had finished removing her clothing, she paused to examine herself in the mirror that dominated one wall. She enjoyed how her red, curly hair framed her face in a leonine fashion. Although she usually felt like ?mother? to her two darling children, and ?companion? to her husband of many years, sometimes she liked to consider herself a predator. She tended to take the lead when it came to her other lovers. She knew what she wanted, and she knew how to get it. Even though she and her husband sometimes played dominance/submission games (with herself as the submissive), she still retained some modicum of control. ?Topping from the bottom,? was how she had heard it phrased somewhere. Somehow with K though, she felt herself relinquishing that control naturally and easily. He frequently had her on the edge of begging (sometimes far beyond that edge).

She went back to her mantra, ?I trust him ? I want this ? I trust him ? I want this?? while she slipped K?s blue, long-sleeved shirt on. It was almost like having his arms wrapped around her. The sleeves were long and she felt almost child-like wearing the shirt. ?I feel like I?m playing ?dress up? with my daddy?s clothes,? she thought to herself as she nervously walked out to the main room. Her eyes remained lowered; she couldn?t meet his eyes no matter how hard she tried. ?How does he do this to me?? she asked herself for the umpteenth time.

He had left the shirt buttoned, which confused her a bit. ?I thought he liked my breasts?? she wondered briefly, but she didn?t think she should say anything. Pulling her arms behind her back, he quickly tied her wrists together with one end of a long rope. He ran the long ends around her chest, just above her breasts, then back to her wrists. She couldn?t tell what he did with the rope behind her back, but next he ran it around her chest in the opposite direction ? this time just below her breasts. Again, he did something with the rope behind her back that she couldn?t understand, then ran the rope from behind, over her right shoulder, through and around the ropes between her tits, then back over her left shoulder to her back again. She felt him tug on the loose ends of the rope and the entire harness that surrounded her arms, chest, and tits tightened all at once.

?Whew,? a breath escaped from between her lips as she felt the ropes contract. Her eyes closed, almost of their own accord, as she started to slip into that mental state of receptiveness she often felt with K when they played these kinds of games. With her eyes closed, she concentrated on how her body was feeling, how it was responding to the bondage. Initially, she had thought that her arms tied behind her back would quickly become uncomfortable. She was surprised to discover that the way the rope harness was tied; the ropes supported her arms. Her tits were feeling constricted, yet the constriction made them feel more sensitive.

?Very nice,? K muttered, bringing B out of her self-examination. He started unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing. She couldn?t understand why he would bother since the ropes effectively prevented the shirt from coming off. Nevertheless, he continued to unbutton the front of the shirt until it was opened completely. It made her aware of the fact that she was still standing bare-footed and ? except for the shirt and rope ? essentially naked. He tugged at the shirt, sliding it between the tight ropes and her now extremely sensitive skin. Her tits were now exposed, but not blatantly or openly. It was almost as if she were reluctant to show him her flesh, yet he forced her to. She felt ashamed, embarrassed. Again, just like on the airplane, her shame and embarrassment increased her excitement.

Although B thought the position she was in was comfortable, exciting, restricting, and ?nice?, K didn?t leave her like that very long. Instead, he untied her completely, and had her remove the shirt she was wearing. He tied her into a few other positions, some ?nice,? others, not so nice. No matter what he was doing, though, she could see the concentration in his eyes as he worked. He worked carefully and frequently asked her how this position or that particular tie felt.

She currently had her wrists tied to her ankles, with her knees wide apart. To increase her immobility, K had started wrapping a second set of ropes around her knees and elbows. The end result was that her forearms were firmly bound to her shin/lower legs. Because of the way the ropes confined her, she couldn?t close her legs or do much of anything except accept whatever else K had in mind.

Her mental ramblings abruptly halted when she felt his cock drive home deep in her pussy?just like she?d been silently begging for.

?Nnnngg,? she grunted through clenched teeth. She was on her knees with her ass high in the air. K?s cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. With her shoulders on the bed and her head turned to one side, she couldn?t do much more than grunt and prepare for the powerful orgasm she knew was just around the corner.

?Are you going to cum?? he asked. The question barely registered through her muddled mind, there was so much going on that she found it hard to concentrate on anything else but her pleasure.

?Huh? Wha?? she asked.

?I said, ?Are you going to cum??? he repeated; only this time he accented the final word with a stinging slap on her upturned ass. As he expected, the sudden pain/pleasure caused her pussy to clamp down tightly on his hard cock.

?Yesssss,? she hissed.

?Thought so,? he said as it quickly pulled his cock from her clenching hole. The sudden absence made her feel empty. Her pussy clenched and spasmed, trying to reach that final plateau. Alas, it wasn?t about to happen without some further stimulus.

She gasped in surprise (and pleasure) as he suddenly drove his cock deep into her pussy?and just as suddenly, he pulled it back out again. It was just enough to keep her on that edge without pushing her over. The frustration was almost intolerable, but she had no choice but to tolerate it.

Again and again, K drove his cock deep into her increasingly sensitive pussy. Again and again, he withdrew completely. Again and again, he paused from a few seconds to over a minute before he plunged back into her depths.

?Do you know why I?m doing this?? he asked her during one of his pauses.

?What? ? Why?? she couldn?t form complete sentences, but she hoped he understood her response.

He thrust into her a few more times before he answered her. ?It?s because this pussy is Mine and for My pleasure, not yours.?

He resumed his plunge ? withdrawal ? pause ? plunge cycle again.

?Do you want to?? he stopped to ask her, just as she was building again to that edge.

?Wha?? her addled mind had trouble trying to understand what he was asking.

The flat of his palm came down hard on her beautiful ass?one slap punctuated each word.

?Do,? SMACK ?You,? SMACK ?Want,? SMACK ?To,? SMACK ?Cum?? SMACK ?Yessss?pleassssse,? she wailed. She desperately wanted to cum. She hadn?t yet reached orgasm ever since they started playing the Dominance/submission games today. ?Please fuck me some more,? she pleaded.

?You can?t cum if my cock?s in your pussy,? went the explanation. ?Only if I?m buried deep in your ass may you cum. You?re pussy is for my pleasure. You can only cum if I?m fucking your ass. Now, do you want to cum?? he repeated the question just as he plunged back into her needy pussy.

?Yesss?please fuck me, please let me cum, please, please?.? her voice turned into an animalistic growl as she approached the edge once again.

Just then, the telephone on the bedside rang. He pulled his cock out (leaving her even more frustrated than before) and answered the phone.

She didn?t hear what was being said on the phone, but the next thing she knew, K put the phone next to her ear and mouth and propped it up with a small pillow.

?It?s for you,? he said and stepped away.

?H-h-hel-lo?? she managed to ask.

?Hi honey, are you having fun?? It was her husband calling from home.

?Huh? Wha?? Oh, hello baby,? she said as the realization of who she was speaking with finally crystallized in her mind.

?Sounds like you?re busy. Are you having fun?? he asked again.

K?s cock slid once again into her pussy?slower and without hurry. This time he didn?t pull it out, but continued to fuck her slowly and deeply.

?Yessssss,? she hissed into the phone, more in response to what K was doing than to her husband?s question.

B?s husband could tell his wife was in the throes of passion. This excited him terribly. ?Is he fucking you right now??

?Yessss,? again, her hiss was more in response to the pleasure from the cock in her pussy than her husband?s question.

Of course, B?s husband didn?t know what was going on in that far away hotel room. All he knew was that his wife was extremely excited, that she was currently having sex, and that the thought of it all had him instantly erect. He enjoyed phone sex, so he decided to stroke himself in time to his wife?s cries.

In a quiet but insistent voice he asked, ?Does he feel good inside you??

?Yessss,? B hissed again.

?Are you going to cum soon?? her husband asked. He knew his wife well enough to know what the answer would be; he just wanted to hear her say it. He was a bit surprised when she wailed ?Noooo ?..?

As before, the comment was more in response to what K was doing, and less an answer to her husband. K had pulled his cock out until just the head was past her pussy lips. He could feel her clenching, trying to suck him back inside her.

?Cum for me, baby,? the husband asked. ?I?m stroking my cock and I?m almost there?cum with me.?

Since K had stopped fucking her, B was able to understand what her husband was asking. She struggled to answer him. ?C-can?t cum?.won?t let me?,? she explained, hoping her spouse would understand.

He didn?t quite comprehend what she was trying to say so he asked again, ?Cum with me, baby?I?m gonna cum soon.?

?Won?t let me,? she said again.

By this time, K had figured out what B?s mate must be asking on the phone.

?You can cum; I told you how you can cum.? He pushed his cock into her pussy again. ?Do you want to cum??

?YES,? she shouted at K.

?Tell him what has to happen for you to cum.?

?What?? K?s cock was once again distracting her by slowly sliding in and out of her.

?Tell you husband what has to happen for you to cum,? K explained patiently, never ceasing the slow, , pleasurable, torture he was inflicting on her pussy.

?Do you want to cum?? He slowly slid his cock deeper into her.


?What needs to happen? He asked her.

?Is he fucking you good? Are you going to cum?? her husband?s voice in the phone added to her confusion.

?I said,? K slammed his hard cock back into her pussy, ??what needs to happen???

?What? The combination of conflicting messages and sensations crowded out any choice of rational thought.

K?s cock continued to torment B?s pussy. Her husband?s voice from the phone kept encouraging her to cum. Suddenly she knew what she needed. She needed a cock in her ass to cum.

?What do you need?? K asked her again.

This time her mind, her thoughts, every fiber of her being knew what she needed. She needed ??a cock in my ass! I need a cock in my ass! Please fuck my ass!? she shouted into the phone, but it was K that was smiling. His cock surged insider her.

But he wasn?t ready to just let her have her way.

?What happens when I fuck your ass?? K asked. He kept his cock buried in her pussy.

?I get to cuummmm?.? Her voice ended in a wail.

K asked again, ?What happens when I fuck your ass?? This time he pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed the tip against her puckered anus.

?I get to cuu?.? Her voice trailed off as she tried to push herself back onto his cock.

K let just the head of his cock push past her sphincter, but he moved with her to keep from slipping in deeper.

A third time K asked, ?What happens if I bury my cock in your ass??

?I CUM!? she shouted.


?I CUM!!!?

K?s cock slid deep in her ass and he whispered, ?Cum for me??

And cum she did.

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