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Sailors Delight (MFM)

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Sailors delight

This is the true story of my wife and I spreading a little good cheer at our local port of call? of course she did a little more spreading than I did. but that?s the story We are here to tell?.

We got started on this adventure in the simplest way. One day while cleaning out the closest Jill found a small shoebox of old pics I had from when I was single. Most of them were just women I had dated some who posed nude for me at different times, but then in the bottom of the box was a separate pack of pictures of me and a married couple from down the street. Most of them were of my neighbors? wife posing nude, but three or four of them were of all of us in various MFM situations.

As she was looking at those three or four I thought I saw a small glimmer in her eye. So I held my breath and waited for what she would say?. ?Wow you look like you were enjoying that? was what she said. And then she went on to ask me about how it got started and what it was like to share a woman with another guy. So as we looked through all the pics again we talked about all the possible MFM things we did.

Well as a few weeks went by I noticed a increase in our sex lives and when talk turned to MFM things I noticed Jill getting extra wet and really horny. So I rented a few DVD?s of girls doing MFM which led to some amazing ?no holes? barred sex. On the last did Jill was laying on the bed with her head hanging off the end watching upside down porn while I was giving her a nice slow titty fuck. As she rolled out from under me into a doggie style position, head down ass up she reached back and spread her ass cheeks and took two well lubed fingers from her pussy and started to fuck her ass with them So as I moved up and replaced her fingers with my cock she turned and caught the seen on the tube which by now was of a nice curvy redhead receiving a dick from both ends. Jill started pushing back into me and working her way up to a big climax, so as the fucking got faster and deeper she says ?I want to try that, I want two dicks to fuck? Now we?re both about to cum. Jill starts rubbing her clit which leads to her pussy getting soaking wet and her cumming really hard. I can?t hold back no more as I?m thinking of Jill with a cock in her ass and one in her mouth. Just as she feels me about to cum she turns and lets me cum all over her tits?So as she?s rubbing my cock and cum over her tits, I ask her, were you serious?

Jill said as long as you are ok with sharing me with someone, then yes I would love to try it sometime. I told her I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. And we should give it some thought and see what happens. Well Monday, work and life cranked up and we never did get to a definite yes or no on the MFM thing.

Now Jill is the manager of a small resort of cottages here on the beach, Jill is a very smart, attractive blonde 5? 7? 125#?s very nice 36 c?s (with Big pink nipples) 24 35 shape, great smile playful fun loving woman, which leads to a lotta guys flirting with her at the front desk of the resort. Which was going to work out great for what we were up to. During a latter session with Jill I had told her that if she found ?mister right? I?d be game to play.

A couple weeks latter Jill came home with a sly grin and acting all mysterious during dinner. So finally after dinner laying around playing with her nice pink nipples, watching some TV I ask her ?ok what?s up, what?s got you all smiling and horny? And she tells me she has met a really nice young man at work today, he?s a sailor in the coast guard and he leased one of there cabins on the back lots for 30 days while his stuff is shipped in. While she was signing him in she caught him a couple times stealing glances at her tits So with her new freedom in hand she flirted some with him, turning just right and teasing him with some nice cleavage shots. And during the course of all this Jill sets it up so we can stop by his cabin latter and help him get settled in cook some burgers on the grill and hang out some.

Wow I?m starting to like the sound of this, I? ve always secretly wanted to see Jill being double fucked, but was afraid to ask. Whats even more I love to photograph Jill. We have done private nude pics, pornographic and exhibitionist pics at local parks and such. But now I?m thinking this could be great, I get to photograph Jill with a dick in both ends. Wow!

As we?re getting ready to go meet ?Steve? at his cabin Jill was asking me what she ought to wear. With what we?re up to in mind I suggest her little blue summer dress that has buttons all the way up the front and a really low cut neckline and her white 6? heels. As she started to get dressed she held up her panties and looked at me ?I just shook my head and said nahhh no need for those?. and if your not warring panties you probably want need a bra?.

On the way out the door I picked up our camera/tripod, a couple of our photo albums of Jill nude and one of her fucking me, I thought Steve might like looking through? em during the night.

On the drive over I can hardly keep my hands off Jill She has her skirt hiked up to her waist and we were taking turns playing with her pussy as we went. As we pull up in the sandy drive to the cabin we got all adjusted and ready to go in, Steve comes out to meet us on the porch. He?s a nice looking man about 6? tall 185#?s dark hair and eyes, I can see Jill?s nipples getting hard already. She jumps out gives Steve a big ole titty-squeezing hug that makes him blush. We make some small talk, move inside, Jill volunteers to go make some burgers for the grill, and heads off for the kitchen

Dinner went smooth. Jill was being a little extra flirty with Steve and I noticed when she came back out on the patio from the bathroom her dress was unbuttoned two buttons farther up with lots of leg and thigh showing and two buttons father down with lots of cleavage showing. I saw Steve working his way around trying to get a good view. Jill noticed too, And with a wink to me she leaned waaaaayyy over and let Steve refill her wine glass and to top it off, as she sat back in her chair she re-crossed her legs rather slowly and widely and gave Steve a great view of her freshly shaven pussy. Steve squirmed around in his seat adjusted his shorts and started to tell us about his training days in the keys. I laughed to myself knowing he was trying to cover his growing hard on for Jill. He?s digging around in a box looking for his training pics to show us and comes up with a photo album so we all moved to the picnic table to check em out. Jill moves around the table and puts her knees on the bench and her elbows on the tabletop and there?s another button undone and Steve now has a great view of almost all of Jill?s tits. The photo album was standard stuff, academy guys running and jumping.. But then about half way thru we came across a set of pics of a trip to south beach the guys had made on weekend pass. Lots of T & A topless spring breakers and one girl topless playing in the surf?that?s when Jill says ?Oooooo we have some like those Steve?. That was my Q. I spoke up telling Steve that we had a set of one of our beach trips in the car if he wanted, I?d run get?em and we could check out Jill in her white mesh swim suite.

With a big smile Steve said he?d really like to see those. I ask him to get Jill a refill please and I?d be right back, I knew Jill had a good buzz and seemed quite content with everything so far. I took my time wondered out to the car put the camera stuff and photo albums all into a gym bag and headed back in. When I got back in Jill was down to one button buttoned about mid tummy high sitting cross-legged on the table top and Steve was sitting across from her looking right at her pussy. Jill told me latter that while I was gone, she had went over and gave Steve a really sexy hug rubbing her pussy on his thigh as she kissed him deeply, that?s when Steve unhooked the rest of her buttons and reached down and cupped Jill?s pussy in his hand. After a long embrace like that, Jill hopped up on the table and started to tell Steve everything was cool that she and I had a agreement that we like to fuck around with each other not on each other and if everything went right tonight he could fuck her latter if he wanted to.

And that?s when I came back in, we all moved to the table and Jill was leaning over Steve?s shoulder. The pictures were off Jill in the surf lots of T & A, nipples showing nicely through the mesh, about the sixth page in I flipped to one of Jill nude just out of the surf all sandy, wet hair, legs spread wide with one hand holding her pussy lips apart. Jill has nice thick lips shaped like a heart when you spread? em, beautiful pink pussy. Steve said ?Wow! Jill you look better than those girls in the magazines we keep onboard? At that point Jill bent over a little off to Steve?s side and reached down and rubbed his cock through his shorts And as I reached across to change photo albums I noticed Steve had reached around with his left hand and was massaging Jill?s pussy. So with a quick glance to Jill for a last ? go or no go sign?, she licked her lips and nodded. I opened the second book to a page of Jill in the same heels she had then, on the deck of our boat, squatting down on my hard cock holding both her tits in her hands. Steve now went from massaging Jill?s pussy to finger fucking her from behind, her tits are swinging free in her open dress as she moves with him. The next pic shows Jill, doggie style sucking my cock while I knelt in front of her. Jill now has Steve?s cock out and is circling the head with her fingers and giving him slow strokes.

At this point Steve looks to me as if to say, ?Is this all good with you ? I tell? em just go with the flow, this all Jill?s show, and I?m happy. So Jill now pops up and says ?He?s always had a fantasy of photographing me with two guys Steve, we could do it tonight if you like?.

Steve now looked like he had just won the lottery. And Jill reached down to undo his shorts all the way. Steve stood up and turned around and sat on the bench facing out and leaning back against the tabletop, he lifted his ass so Jill could slide his shorts down. Jill squatted down in front of him and took Steve?s cock in one hand and balls in the other, stroking his shaft while fondling his balls, Jill was pleased to see what had seemed a nice bulge earlier had turned into a nice thick 9 or 10 inch cock with a bulging rim around the head, Which Jill was now trying to fit into her mouth. I reach for our camera and got some great shots of Jill licking his shaft up and down its length. Steve reached down and slid Jill?s dress down off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist, her large nipples were now hard and standing out, which Steve now had between his thumbs and fingers rolling them back and forth as Jill sucked him in deeper. Jill came up for air and leaned forward to massaged Steve?s cock with her tits. Steve is really hard and leaking pre cum which he rubs around Jill?s nipples, As Jill is licking her nipples cover in pre cum Steve reached out and guided her back to his cock, and proceeds to fuck Jill?s face nice and slow and deep.

I have the camera on a tri pod with a remote ten-foot cord. Moving quickly, I kicked my shorts off and slide under Jill as she is still squatting and face fucking Steve rather sloppy now. Her pussy is flowing; her lips are wet and swollen. I start to lick her clit and finger her hole Steve took the remote button and told Jill to hold still with just the head of his dick in her mouth We got some great shots of Jill squatting on my face With most of Steve?s thick 10 inch shaft showing. I now have two fingers in Jill?s pussy and spreading her wetness to her asshole for thing s to come later. This sets Jill off and she starts to slowly grind her pussy into my face, I have my thumb in her pussy and my finger in her ass and she has Steve?s cock buried in her mouth. I feel Jill?s pussy close on my fingers and her asshole tightened. As she starts to cum she kinda shutters and sits hard on my face and lets the juices flow. Steve is pinching her nipples, which is making Jill cum even harder. Jill sat back with her knees around my chest with a look of bliss on her face and announced that, now she was ready for some cock. She had Steve lay on the tabletop with that 10-inch cock standing like a mast pole on a cutter ship, and told me to get the camera ready. As she straddles Steve on the table with her back to him she squatted down over his cock with just his cock-head rubbing her pussy lips, after a few nice shots of Jill?s pussy lips wrapped around Steve?s cock I set the camera back on the tri pod and stepped to the end of the table and fed Jill my 7 & ½ inch cock into her mouth. Jill went to her knees and started to rock back on Steve?s cock while bobbing on my cock. As she leaned forward to take more of me, Steve worked his finger into Jill?s ass and as he would pull his finger back he would slip his cock farther in, after some nice easy strokes like that Steve now had his cock buried to his balls in Jill?s wet pussy. Now Jill let go of me completely and started to stoke Steve?s cock with her pussy, making long deep strokes saying? yes yesss ? yeeesss! Jill moved back to her squatting position and starts to really fuck Steve deeply with her head thrown back, her tits bouncing as she moves, she bangs Steve?s 10 inch?s in and out of her stretched pussy. Now as she leans way back with Steve holding her by the shoulders, He starts pumping Jill with long deep strokes as she?s moaning ?I?m cumming! I?m cumming!! Don?t stop now?! Steve picks up the pace, fucking Jill faster and faster and then with Jill?s cum flowing around his shaft he pulls Jill down hard and erupts in her pussy with a thick jet of cum deep inside her.

Jill now turns and starts to lick Steve?s shaft clean, her round ass is to me and I can see her fresh fucked pussy leaking juices and cum.

With one quick move I grabbed the nearest wind glass and pour a good shot right on Jill?s asshole and watch it run down between her lips covering her pussy, then dive in face first and gave her a quick licking. After a few minutes of this we put Jill on her back on the table top and slid her ass out to the edge we put the camera facing the end of table and stood one on each side We got some great shots of Steve eating Jill with her legs straight up We each took a leg and with her heels pointing at the ceiling, we spread her legs wide with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other. Jill was loving have two fingers in her, one from each of us exploring her pussy as deeply as we could. I noticed Steve had a nice hard going again now and I nodded to him ?help your self? So he stepped up took both of Jill?s ankles in his hands and spread her wide and entered her and with one long slow stroke went balls deep in my wife?s wine stained pussy. Steve ended up with Jill?s ankles around his neck, and with every stroke he was bringing Jill?s ass up off the table. That looked to good to pass up, so like a rival at a dance, I moved up and tapped Steve on the shoulder and slid right in his place. Jill?s pussy was hot wet and sloppy. I fucked her fast and hard, her pussy, full of her cum, his cum and a little red wine was enough to make me shoot a fountain of cum as deep inside her well fucked pussy. There?s nothing like fucking a woman who has a great pussy and is willing to share :) As I backed off to catch my breath Steve kept giving Jill?s tits a nice working over sucking massaging pinching her nipples up nice and hard. Which I figured was a great time to get some more shots of Jill with her nipples hard as marbles and her pussy leaking streaks down her thighs. She smiles at me and ask are you ready? ?Hell yes? lol, for what I didn?t know, but I couldn?t wait to see. Jill moved around till she was on her side with her ass on the edge of the table top and she motioned for Steve to move around. As Steve moved up to have another go at that fresh fucked pussy Jill reached back and pulled one ass check open and guided Steve?s swollen hard on straight for her asshole. Steve stroked her pussy to lube his dick and then put the head up to Jill?s ass and started to push. Jill kept her hand on his cock till he was past her inner ass ring. Steve paused and let Jill get ready for the biggest dick she has ever had in her ass before. After a slight pause Steve went in ? ¼ then ½ then ¾?s of the way in. Then with his cock pulled all the way out till just his head was inside he gave Jill all he had straight in the ass. Jill was saying ?O wow ! O wow! O wow?! After some nice ass fucking shots were taken Steve moved out and motioned to me.

As I moved in to take my place behind Jill I motioned for Steve to knock the cushions off the wicker sofa on to floor, I took this chance to use my hands on Jill?s pussy and ass to spread the wetness all around her ass and pussy to lube her up again. After finger fucking her like that for a minute I stepped back to move the camera over, Jill hopped down off the table so we could move the action to floor level while I set up the tri pod Jill moved down with Steve onto the cushions on the floor. Which led to some great shots of Steve lying on his back while Jill on her hands and knees sucked him deeply in her mouth Jill kept her ass up high and in perfect way for me to now try out my turn on her ass. The smooth wet tightness of Jill?s ass was incredible I could only fuck her slowly for a short time without cumming. When I pulled out Jill moved around and sat on Steve?s cock taking him all the way and started to slowly grind on Steve?s nice thick cock I moved up and offered Jill my cock to suck which she swallowed to my balls.. Click? click ? click some really nice pics?. Jill purring like a kitty as we all moved together, that?s when I pulled out of her mouth and motioned for her to lean forward? Jill knew my fantasy and puckered up her lips ? oooooo ? was all she said. Now as she was sitting on Steve?s cock buried in her pussy She learned forward ready to receive the DP she knew was coming. I moved up and ran the head of my cock around her pussy stroking her from asshole to her clit with my cock Then I placed my cock at her ass and started to push slowly?Jill took me easily in her ass Steve had prepped her well, So as I slid all the way in We began to work up a rhythm, one in stroke and one outstroke Jill begins to push back in rhythm with us moaning, ? one in my ass and one in my pussy ?, ? one in my ass and one in my pussy ? ?O fuck me, O fuck me, I?m gonna cum?!!! And that was making Steve and I hornier than hell and we began to pound on Jill?s holes for all we could. Steve took his free hand and started to pinch Jill?s nipples hard and pull on them, That put Jill over the top she pushed back hard on our cocks and while her orgasms flooded our cocks with her cum I pushed deeply as I could and sprayed the inside of Jill?s ass with my cum. Jill now motionless between us lifted one quivering leg over Steve and rolled onto her back. As Steve move to kneel beside her and feed her his cock to her mouth, I pushed one of her legs up for Steve to hold up while I got the camera. Jill now flat on her back with her legs spread wide, sucking a rather large cock with cum running from her asshole and her pussy?.. Click? click? click ? Steve is now jacking off over Jill?s wide open mouth as she waits for the hot burst of cum that will top it all off. Steve doesn?t disappoint He aim?s his cock and lets fly a massive cum shot right on my wife?s lips and cheeks Jill is licking and swallowing all she can and still her face is covered in thick white goo, Steve places? his cock close for Jill to clean?.


As we all lay on the patio floor having some refreshment, we noticed a tourist fishing down on the beach we laughed and wondered what he might have saw. We joked next time we?ll have to check for spectators better.

On the ride home Jill told me her pussy was sore and Steve had stretched her asshole, but she wouldn?t have missed that fat cock in the ass for the world, and maybe we should go see him when he gets back from his first offshore patrol. I smiled and pulled her top down so I could massage her tits the rest of the way home and said, ?You got a deal?


*NOTE: There is a part 2 to this tale. If part 1 is well received we will post part 2.*

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