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It was a few days after my friend and I had gone to that West Hollywood mansion and been part of that rich whore's anal fuck fest. Just like my friend had said. It was an experience I would never forget. I still smile every time I think about it. Besides I really needed the grand I made that night by fucking that rich slut and spraying her asshole with cum. The money helped but I was still having some money trouble, Aren't we all? Then one night I got a call from that same friend. Answering the phone he yelled, "Ya Hoooo!!" "Guess what?!" I said, "Hell I don't know?" "What's up?" He said, "I just got a call, and you know that rich whore we fucked the other night at that mansion." I said, "Yeah?" He said, "She wants you to come back!" "What ever you did to her she must have liked it because she's asking for you!" "What did you do?" "I don't know." I said. My friend said he told them I'd be ready to go in an hour. I said, "You told them what?" "I have to leave for work in a minute." My friend said, "Do you have any idea how much you'll make just from this alone?!" "She's not asking for everyone, Just You!" I though oh shit, what'd I do now? He said, "Let me know what happens, OK?" I told him thanks and called in sick to work. I was ready to go when the limo came to pick me up. I was taken back to the mansion and received the same treatment. Doors opened for me, and taken to wait in a conference room this time. This room had at least twenty chairs around a huge table. I thought this is where big money meetings take place. The rich, it figures. Soon the door opened and in walked the rich whore. Her hair was still done up in a platinum blonde 60's hair due. She had a very nice evening dress on which showed off her huge tits. When she came over to me I noticed her huge tits swaying and giggling as she walked. When she got to me she had a very serious expression on her face. She eyed me up & down, then said, "I'm glad you've come." "Do you know way I've called you here tonight." I said, "No." She continued in a shitty tone. "You did something to me that no one does!" "I wanted to bring it to your attention!" "Nobody's ever done that to me before!" looking down her nose at me! I said, "Look, I don't know what I did to piss you off." "I haven?t done anything to you except what I was paid and instructed to do when you had all those people here fucking you!" "I don't have to take this from you!" "I don't care how much money you have!" "I don't need to be brought here to be talked down to!" "Shit!, I'm just a working man who's trying to make it!" "And you know what?!" "One day I'm going be somebody, and when I am, I won't ack like this to anybody!" "I'm out of here!" She raised her voice in an apologetic tone, "Wait,, Don't go!" "I'm sorry." "You've just shown me what you're made out of." "I love a man like that!" "If you'd acted any other way I'd have been very disappointed!" "I'm glad you're a man who stands up for himself!" "I want you." I was blown away by her head games. I started to say something but she gently put a finger over my lips and said, "SSHHHH" Don't you want me?" She said in a pleading tone, "Please stay with me tonight!" "I'll make it worth your while!" "I'll triple your pay, if you'll just stay." I looked her over, I loved her huge tits and wide ass and thighs & I knew she was as nasty as they come. It would be fun to fuck her without everyone else around. I thought she looked sexy the first night I saw her naked, fucking, sucking, all covered with cum. I wanted her all to myself. I knew she was very nasty minded and would be an experience. I remembered her bent over and me drilling her asshole, nails dug deep into the back of the chair. I wanted the rich bitch's asshole again. I asked her how much I was getting if I stayed. I had no idea how much I was to be paid. She said, "I'll triple your pay of ten thousand." "Will that be enough?" I thought, 30 thousand. I almost shit! But I don't know what made me say this, I told her, "Double it again and I'll stay and do whatever you like." She said, "Done!" She summoned a maid and had her take me to her private play room, or so she called it. When I got there, I was surprised at what I saw. Maybe I'd made a mistake saying I'd do anything she wanted! There was a chair that was custom built, it had a big dildo sticking straight up in the middle of the seat, it could be changed to different sizes and removed for cleaning. There was also a large table and a very large video screen in front of the chair. I though this must be the whore's private room for masturbating and watching porn flicks or something! I just couldn't get past that chair with the dildo sticking up on the seat. After looking closer I could see cum stains on the leather all around the dildo. I thought she must sit here with that dildo shoved up her cunt or ass and get off while she masturbates. Soon she came walking in and caught me looking at her chair. She asked me what I thought of it. I said it looks like you have a lot of fun in it. She smiled a very nasty smile saying, "Yes, I've had some of my best climaxes in that chair. She came walking over to me, I loved how her huge tits giggled and swayed as she walked. She came up and kissed me deeply as she wrapped her arms around me. She said, "At last a real man, It's been so long." She continued that she gets so tired of "Yes Maam," & "Yes Miss" It makes her sick! She can't get away from it, money has it's problems. Except she can indulge in any fantasy she wishes to. Like this room. She started to take off her dress unzipping it down the side. As I watched, I asked her what made her want me over the other men that she had fucked. What made me stand out? She said it was when I fucked her in her ass. I said so. She said, "Nobody has ever taken their cock and slapped my butthole after fucking it." "I get the usual, "Yes Maam!" "Not a slap to the asshole, and even though you followed orders, you had a certain way of standing out." "I thought about you for a few days and decided I wanted you for a private meeting." She slid her dress straps off her shoulders and down her arms. Then the dress slid free of her beautifully huge tits, exposing them as they jiggled & swayed. I loved those huge titties. The dress continued to slid off over her large hips and thighs, then it dropped to the floor. She was standing there naked except for a garder belt and sheer nylons with heels. She was so sexy with her huge tits hanging down the front of her, she just looked hot & nasty. Like a voluptuous over sexed nymph. I looked her over again, I loved her body, the way it was shaped. From her platinum hair & full lips, down past her huge mellon tits, and slight belly that ran out into her large hips and thighs. She wasn't a model, but she was sexy in every since of the word. She was built for nasty sex! I wanted to fuck her anyway she wanted me to. She went over to the large table and sat on the edge of it. She asked me to come closer. As I walk up to her she spread her legs wide and I stepped between them. I started kissing her soft full lips. I reached up and held one of her big tits as I held her close kissing her. She soon leaned back and said, "Fuck me." I took my hard cock and put it in her hot wet pussy. As she leaned back she raised her legs as I fucked her. I took my arms and hooked her legs under her knees as I drove my cock deep. I fucked her like that for a long time, watching her huge tits jiggle and bounce as I fucked her good. I knew she liked cum and anal sex from the first time at her cum & anal fuck fest. As she leaned back on the table I took my cock out of her cunt and lined it up with her asshole. She smiled a nasty smile and said, "Yes,, Give it to me." I drove it straight up her ass hard. She let out a slight moan, but she loved it. I fucked her butthole long, hard & deep. As I shoved it in & out if her asshole I could smell her butthole as I fucked her. Then she said, "Wait, I want it from behind, doggie style." I pulled my cock out of her shitty ass and she turned around bending over the table. She looked back over her shoulder as she reached back spreading her big ass wide for me. I love a whore that likes her well used butthole fucked. I shoved my dick hard up her ass. Her legs were pressed up against the table so as I fucked her butthole she couldn't get away. She had to stay right there and take the anal abuse. As I shoved it up her ass as hard as I could, she said talk nasty to her! I told her, ?Take it up your ass you nasty whore!" "I love to fuck whore's in their buttholes until I dump my load!" "I love to mak'em eat it!" "Or I dump my load in their bowels!" She just said, "Yes honey, fuck my ass good, I want your load." "Give it to me in my ass, or give it to me in my mouth." "I just need your sweet cum." "Your hot sticky cum." I continued to fuck her nasty ass hard as I remembered all the nasty things I had seen when she had her fuck fest. I looked down and she was getting an anal glaze around her butthole from the hard fucking. It was her anal juice lubing her own ass. As I reamed her butthole She was thoroughly enjoying having her butthole worked over. Then she said through her heavy breathing, "I want you to fuck my face." "Let me sit in my fuck chair while you fuck my face." I have to admit, the thought of having this rich whore sit in her chair with her butthole stuffed and fucking her slutty face with my cock after it had been in her butthole really turned me on. I told her to sit on that big dildo and be ready to take my dirty cock in her mouth. She quickly went over to the chair, lined her butthole up with the dildo and sank down on it. I watched the look on her nasty face as it went up her ass. She looked so hot & nasty sitting in that chair. Her big ass in that chair, knowing her butthole was stuffed & those huge tits hanging out. She looked at me and said, "Come feed me." I stepped in front of her with my cock fresh out of her butthole. She took hold of it and shoved it into her mouth, enjoying the taste of her own butthole. I started to shove my cock in & out of her mouth fucking her face with butthole on my cock. I was shoving it down her throat as she just put her hands on the cheeks of my ass pulling me closer. I put my hands on the back of her head and fucked her face. I could see her grinding her hips and working her ass on the dildo as she sucked me. She sucked my cock clean, it turned her on eating her own butthole. I could tell she was building up to a climax. I started talking really nasty to her. Telling her what a nasty whore she was, taking it up her ass while getting face fucked. I told her, "I love whore who eat their own ass off my cock!" "You need a load of sperm in your mouth." "Like a good little slut." The nastier I talked the more turned on she became. Until she just exploded in climax. I think she would have come off the chair as her body heaved and shuttered but that big dildo shoved up her ass kept her from moving anywhere. When she was done cumming, she looked up at me with a slutty grin and said, "See what I mean, It just feels so good to have this up your ass when you cum. The more you move the better it is, the harder you cum." She lifted herself up off the dildo and it smelled of her ass with a big puddle of her cum all around the dildo. She said, "I want you to try it." I said, "No way!, My ass is a virgin!" She laughed and said what are you making tonight, 60 thousand. I'll double it again if you'll just indulge me this one time. I thought oh shit! 120 grand to be fucked in the ass by a rich whore. And it's not even her, it's a dildo. Without a word I nodded ok. But I said, "I can't take that, it's too big." She said ok and changed it to a smaller one. She said, "I'll have to get you ready though." "I want you to get on your knees on the chair with your butt sticking out towards me. For 120 grand I did it. She got on her knees on the floor behind me. To my surprise, she parted my asscheeks with her hands and began to tongue my asshole. I shouldn't have been surprised, I knew how much she loved anal sex. As I hung onto the back of the chair, It started to feel good. Her hot wet tongue licking my butthole in slow wet licks. I had licked women?s asses before but never had mine licked. She stopped and asked if it felt good. I told her yes and she giggled and started to kiss & lick my butthole more. I moaned a slight, "Oh yes." And the rich whore stuck her tongue up my butthole and began to tongue fuck me. It felt good having her hot tongue working my butthole. I started to push my ass into her face. I loved the nastiness of her eating & tasting my ass. This nasty anal whore was enjoying eating my dirty butthole & I was enjoying her eating it. After a long while of her eating my butthole she said I was ready. She told me to turn around. She took some KY and lubed up the small dildo on the chair. She told me to slowly sit down on it. I could tell she was really enjoying this. I thought whatever she wants to pay for. I sat on the dildo and it went up my ass. It was deep in my ass as I Sat there. It was almost like I was nailed to the chair. I couldn't move anyway but up & down. Then the nasty whore turned around and said for me to eat her asshole as she spread her large ass and pushed it back into my face. I licked & kissed her nasty butthole until she was satisfied and then she turned around. Through her heavy breathing she said, I've wanted to do this for a long time, but never had a man to do it with. She reached over and turned on a video as she dropped down to her knees and took a hold on my cock. She started to jack me off as I sat there with that dildo up my ass. I watched her as her face was just inches away from my dick as she jacked me. I liked watching her huge titties jiggle while she jacked my cock. In fact watching her big tits was really turning me on. I started murmuring, "Eat me, please eat me." Over and over I asked her to eat me. She started to kiss my cock as she jacked it. It was feeling really good even with that dildo in my ass. I looked up at the big screen for the first time. The video was of her! She was getting fucked in her ass train style by a group of black men. They would take turns fucking her ass as she was on her knees reaching back spreading her butthole wide for them, then after fucking her asshole to almost climax, they'd step around in front of her and she'd wrap her red lips around their black dicks sucking & jacking their big black fuck poles until dumping their big gooey loads into her open waiting mouth. All of the men gave her a sloppy messy cum facial. After one would cum, the one in her ass would move up to her mouth and another big black dick would go into her ass. She knew I was watching the video of her with the black men and put the tip of my dick in her mouth and sucked me, just the tip as she jacked me. Teasing me badly! Almost like she was kissing it and sucking it at the same time, just the tip. The more she did it the better it felt. I was telling her, "Eat me and suck me, Eat me and suck me." "Yes jack my cock and eat me." "I want to cum in your hot mouth." "On your hot lips!" "Just like those black men" "Yes jack me and suck me, jack me and suck me." I couldn't help it. The more she did it to me the better it felt and I had to start pumping her mouth. The teasing of her lips just on the tip of my cock was driving me wild. But every time I'd start to pump her mouth, I'd fuck myself in the ass with that dildo. It was too much, I couldn't take it anymore. I was so turned on by the way she was sucking just the tip of my dick, I had to fuck her mouth. I wanted her to suck me off. I told her, "I want to cum in your mouth, on your hot lips." "I need to cum on your hot lips!" I had to pump her lips and get my dick further into her hot wet mouth. I started pumping her mouth and that dildo was fucking my ass. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. She was an anal fanatic and she wanted me to take it up my ass, while I was cumming in her mouth. Again it was her whole thing, Anal sex & cum. That's what she loved. I couldn't help it, I had to cum in her mouth no matter what it took. And she knew it! She knew that a man will do anything to cum in a woman's mouth! Soon it even started to feel good, having that dildo going in & out of my butthole as I fucked the tip of my dick in & out of her lips. It was adding to the climax that I was building up to. As I was pumping her mouth, nearing my climax she was getting excited because she knew I was working my own ass on the dildo as I was getting ready to cum. She took the tip of my cock out of her mouth and said, "Yeeees,,, Yeeeees,,,,, Take it in your ass while you cum in my mouth, I want to taste it spurt, I want to taste it in my mouth." I looked up at the screen again. I saw her lips wrapped around a big black cock. I looked down and she had her lips wrapped around my dick. I looked up seeing the same women sucking black cocks, I'd look down and see her sucking me! I looked back up seeing her suck black men, I'd look down and see her sucking me! That was it, I was going to cum and cum Big Time! She had the tip of my dick in her mouth sucking it hard. I could feel the dildo working my ass as I fucked her lips. As I felt the sperm coming up to shoot, I said, "Here whore, here, I'm going to cum in your mouth!" I felt my asshole tighten around the dildo as I started shooting big thick waves of sperm into her mouth. It actually felt good in my butt and added to my climax as her lips were pursed tightly around the tip of my dick sucking. I could feel gush after gush of sperm going into her mouth as my butthole tightened around the dildo. Some of my cum spurted out the sides of her mouth and ran down my shaft. I was cumming so hard I filled her mouth full of jizz and some oozed from her lips and ran out down to my balls. When I was finally done she came up off my dick. She looked at me with lusty, loving eyes as my sperm hung from her lips. I loved seeing her like that, big tits hanging with my jizz stringing off her lips. I heard her swallow my load and then she started breathing heavy out of her mouth saying, "Yes, that was so good." "I just love sperm, I needed your cum." "Ever since you sprayed my asshole with cum and slapped my butt, I've wanted to eat your load." "Thank you, thank you so much." I stood up and got off that chair. It was the first time I'd ever done anything like that. It was a turn on though as my butthole tightened around that dildo while I filled her mouth with sperm. Again my friend was right, I would never forget the night with this rich anal whore...............

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