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Room 123

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Room 123

It was about a half hour after dark when I pulled into a small town in Nevada on I-80. I had left Eugene, Oregon the morning before heading home in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I should have been home in two days but I had run into one hell of a blizzard that slowed me down to 20 to 30 mph for many miles. I was tired, hungry and horny and I planned on taking care of all of these tonight. I had pushed to get here because I knew of a Whore house in town.

Driving by myself I had plenty of time to think and when I talked to my wife last night to tell her I was running late she assure me that was OK as she would call her lover to come over and keep her company. I knew how that would be as I had watched them fuck many times. Just thinking about all the good times I had watched them had me horny now.

As I pulled into town I stopped to gas up so I would be ready to leave early the next morning. While there I asked a local guy about the Whore house and it's location. After pointing out the way to it he also told me of an old hotel in town that had inexpensive rooms. I thanked him and paid for his coffee.

The lobby of the hotel was empty and I ring the bell on the desk. A lady with black hair and big tits came out of the back room and about the same time a guy came in the front door. As she registered me we chatted a little about the gambling in town. Then she hollered over to the guy and asked him if room 123 was still open. He looked at me a second before answering her when a "yes, put him in there."

The first thing I did was take me a good hot shower and then I stretched out on the bed nude just to relax a minute. I thought first I would go get something to eat and then I'd take a power nap before going to get laid. Things didn't go as planned as I drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly I awoke with a start, I had a feeling someone was in my room, in fact I could hear the breathing Slowly I turned and looked over my shoulder and I thought I was in heaven. There was a door between my room and the next room that I hadn?t seen when I came in and standing next to it just inside my room was the lady for the front desk, she was completely nude. "I hope you don't mind but I thought you may want some company for awhile." I held my hand out to her and she came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

The next minute I just looked her over and admired her nice body. She was in her late 30s and had a nice figure with a few extra pounds. She must have had 38 or 40D's with big nipples. She had a black bush that was neatly trimmed to about a half inch. She was cute and sexy but not beautiful. I reached out and started to pull at her left nipple and roll it between my fingers.

My name is Julie, she said, and I should tell you the mirror behind me is a two-way mirror and my husband is on the other side watching us. He is the man that was in the lobby when you checked in. When I asked him if anyone was in this room yet that was a code to him that I want to fuck you and his answer meant he wanted to see it. He gets his jollies watching and filming if it's OK with you. This room is also wired for sound so he can hear everything we say and the great sounds of sex. He enjoys seeing men ravish my body in every possible way. I will be yours for as long as you want me to be. Are you up for it?"

Her nipple had gotten nice and hard and she had reached down and taken my soft cock into her warm hand, it was now growing in size. I pulled her to me and we kissed. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it. As I pulled away I replied, "You can call me Jack and I share my wife with others too. I'd love to fuck you but first I'd like to get some dinner so we can go all night. I am a writer of short erotic stories and maybe you will tell me your's while we eat. Your husband is welcome to join us."

"OK that sounds good to me," she answered.

He entered the room and introduced himself as Jim.

They came to town about 10 years ago and took the job of managing the hotel. It didn't pay much so she started working at the whore house one day a week. That was enough to pay the bills and give them a little extra and at first Jim didn't like it.

As time passed she would come home and talk about her day which was a full 24 hour shift. She got to telling him all the details and the more she told to more he liked it. Some days she would have 6 or 7 men and other days she may fuck a dozen. Most of these men were long haul truckers and some started making planned stops just to see her.

One day a trucker checked into the hotel and was put in room 123. She recognized him from a couple of weeks before when he had stopped at the whore house. This trip he didn't have the extra cash to spend so he asked if she would come to his room and give him a quickie free. She said she would be happy too if her husband could watch. This is how room 123 became her playground. It was also the first time Jim watched. Later he would modify the room with the mirror and sound for his pleasure.

At the "House" the Madam requires the ladies wear condoms for all sexual contact but over the years Jim had come to love her riding bareback so he can clean her up when she comes back to him. About twice a week they check someone into 123 and she fucks all of them. Some are black and some are white but they don't check in any Asians.

She sees them only at the House. Jim stays in the other room most of the time; he only comes into 123 if requested. Julie always tells the men that Jim watches so they can chose not to fuck her if they desire, so far no one has turned her down. Some time Jim is invited in to clean both of them up. Julie said she gets as nasty as a man wants to get.

They were both telling me the story as we sit eating. We were in a U shape booth with her between us. As we talked I casually rubbed her thigh and her pussy. There were a few others in the room and I think most were locals. Most also knew she was a whore at the whore house. When dinner and the story was over I was so horny and ready to fuck that it didn't take long to get back to 123.

I didn't know it but I would cum 3 times that night. She was a funny person, she could be really aggressive and the next minute she would be submissive to my every desire. I think she learned the aggression from working at the house and she was naturally submissive to men. Jim had disappeared and I'm sure he was already in the other room.

We quickly got undressed and laid nude on the bed with her cuddled in my arms and locked in a kiss. My hands were all over her body exploring every crack and hole. "Don't you think we should take a shower first," she asked. "I took one when I got here and I like my ladies a little dirty." "OK but I should at least go pee before we get to involved."

"GO ahead, I'll me a favor and don't wipe your pussy after, I like to lick it wet."

She came back and set on the bed leaning over to kiss the head of my cock. Soon her tongue was running up and down the shaft and then she would suck the knob into her lips. I patted her ass and she moved over me so I could get to her. As she relaxed her cunt over my face I could feel the wetness of her pee. I opened my mouth taking all of her I could get inside before I licked the full way from her clit to her ass. As I tongued her ass hole she pressed back against me and I knew she wanted some ass play.

She was creaming like a whore I'd only heard about, now I knew what they meant. She got so hot and wet. My cock was so hard and she knew how to suck it. Every once in a while she would run her bare teeth up and down it just letting me know she was in control at any given moment and then she would get submissive again. Her clit was long enough for me to suck it into my mouth and nibble on. Then she started having orgasm after orgasm of the mini variety. When I pressed my tongue into her asshole she let go with the big "O". I couldn't last any longer and let go myself flooding her hot mouth with my hot load.

As she pulled away my cum was still running from the corners of her hot sexy lips. She leaned forward and we kissed. I thought to myself, "I'll bet her hubby is really stroking now."

It wasn't long before she was playful again. She was holding my cock in one hand and the other hand was cupping my balls. The center finger of that hand was fingering my ass. Every so often she would lick the knob as she slowly stroked it back to life. Soon she asked me to turn over so I did. I felt her tongue run up the crack of my ass so I pulled up on my knees to give her better access to me. Taking her hand she spread my cheeks apart and proceeded to lick my ass, Ummm that felt so good. She spent a few minutes enjoying herself there while giving pleasure to me before saying, "Will you fuck my butt now?" I have never been a lover of butt fucking but sometimes I do it for the ladies.

She said "You can use me anyway you want for your pleasure. I rolled her over on her back and got between her legs and started licking, first her cunt then her ass. As I did I rolled her up on her shoulders and stuck a pillow under her ass. With her feet up by her head she was now ready for my big cock. I laid the knob to her and slowly pushed. I watched as it's disappeared into her body. Then I started pumping, pushing in deeper with every stroke. I could see the tears in her eyes from the pain but I could also see the bliss. She didn't want me to stop until I had filled her ass with cum.

We washed each other good while we kissed and played more. Then we went in to sit and have a drink. Jim was serving. The three of us talked as we refreshed ourselves. They told me more of their stories; Julie was also the lady that did the "Special Assignments" for the house. She serviced the counties law enforcement. Not because a house is illegal but sometimes they need the law to handle some of the men and it's good to be on the side of law enforcement.

When Julie started getting playful again Jim got up to leave but I asked him to stay. She was so sexy and the fact that she was a real Whore made her more exciting to me. She had my cock out and was making it hard. She was flicking her tongue over and around the knob as she tried to stick the tip into the pee hole. As I looked down at her eyes they were inviting me to explore more of her.

She got up pulling me with her as she went into the bathroom and when we came back we were both nude. She sat on the stool as she sucked on me. I had fingered her ass and pussy. Again I had not let her wipe the wetness away as I wanted to lick this beautiful whore dry. After a few minutes of 69 I pulled her into a doggy position and entered her from the rear. I buried my hard thick cock deep into her body. I fucked hard and fast and when I started feeling the urge I slowed the pace then laid on my back. She sat on my cock as she faced me. Leaning forward she lightly kissed my lips before she thanked me for a good fuck. As I looked over her shoulder I saw Jim licking her ass crack and I wondered if he was going to butt fuck her.

My attention was drawn back to her as she kissed me again, deeply this time. She was moving her cunt slowly up and down on my cock and it felt great. Then I felt Jim's tongue lapping at our connection. His tongue was swapping around between my cock and her cunt. This was a feeling I'd never experienced before. Then he left the connection and moved down to licking my ass. I didn't think I had any cum left but I was wrong because soon it was oozing from her cunt and running down my ass for Jim to lick up. After this he left the room.

Her body was nice and warm as she cuddled in my arms before we dozed off to sleep. When I awoke the next morning she was gone and I didn't see them again. I had been a guest in Room 123.

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