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Reliving our college days

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During the years my husband and I have been married, we have had a varied and spicy sex life.

Recently we became reacquainted with college friends we haven't seen on a frequent basis for some time.

Connie is a slender brunette with beautiful sexy legs and long fingers. Greg, her husband, is a James Dean type who, according to Connie, never wears underwear. He and John, my husband, were college roommates. In my opinion John is a handsome man, older for sure but still in excellent shape. I am a tall blond with long legs and strong features that are a product of my mother with her huge tits.

Greg and Connie invited us for an intimate dinner at an out-of-the-way restaurant with a reputation for adventure, secluded with dark and private tables. Although we had no plans for a wild sexual encounter, or anything out of the ordinary, for some reason I felt heightened anticipation the whole week leading up to Saturday I visited the spa for a bikini wax, manicure and pedicure.

In college John and I had once been involved with Greg and Connie in a passionate night of sex, but it had been some time, and we had no way of knowing if they were interested in a repeat performance.

Memories of this definitely played in my mind during that week. That was Connie's first womanto-

woman experience, and it left me dreaming about the possibilities.

Before going out, I shaved my pussy, leaving only a short, thin line of blonde hair. It felt exposed and very sensitive as I slipped on a short skirt and tight white body shirt with a sheer jacket over the top.

The tension was high when John and I arrived at the restaurant and found Greg and Connie waiting at our table. Connie stood up and gave me a kiss hello. It was innocent enough, but the heat from her cheek sent a shiver through me. Her short black mini dress showed off her long arms and slender legs. Greg kissed me on the mouth, and I had a warm feeling in this cozy place.

Connie and I faced each other at the table. As the evening progressed and the free-flowing wine took away inhibitions, I felt open to any and all opportunities with this beautiful couple. Sure enough, during the first course, Connie's bare foot brushed my legs. I looked up, hoping for some sign that it was intentional. I caught Greg eyeing us with a smile. John too seemed aware of what was happening under the table.

Connie looked right at me as she moved her foot inside my thigh toward my crotch. Although I was wearing underwear, it was thin and no doubt noticeably damp to Connie's foot pressing against me. I looked over to John for his reaction and saw him carefully watching the developments. I reached under the table and felt he was hard. I knew he knew what was going on! He always loved fucking Connie, as well as, watching the two of us going at it.

Connie, her foot still in my crotch, moved the conversation smoothly to a more sensual tone, all the while looking right at me. She started to relive our past experience, and I was aroused by her directness and clear memory of our very hot previous encounter. Meanwhile, her foot never left me. In fact, her toe made its way around the edge of my panties, with my fidgeting help, and then in my wet and receptive cunt.

Suddenly Connie excused herself to use the bathroom. John also got up and found his way to the back of the restaurant. Greg and I resumed our conversation. I learned later that John followed Connie into the ladies' room and slipped his hand under her dress and up in her panties.

They soon returned without saying anything, though I could tell John was worked up. Connie promptly returned her foot to my crotch, and the sexually oriented conversation resumed. John, still without saying a word, held his hand under my lips. I smelled the unmistakable scent of another woman and went flush. I wanted this! Greg, working in partnership with Connie, had his hand on my leg. John saw this and was aroused by it, and did the same to Connie. Soon the scene looked like a fully clothed orgy. After a dessert of cherries jubilee, during which I spoonfed Connie cherries across the table, bewildering some other diners, we agreed to go to our house. Only when we were about to get up did Connie move her foot. The drive home was thankfully short. John and I hardly spoke, though my hand was on his cock the entire trip. As soon as we got home, I headed for the bathroom to remove my panties so I would be ready when Greg and Connie arrived. When I came out of the bathroom, they were there, and John had already ushered them into the bedroom. Connie's panties were in a ball on the floor, and John and Greg had their hands up her dress, caressing her ass and feeling the edges of her pussy.

I came out, Connie moved away from them and embraced me with a long, lusty kiss and asked if I had something she could fuck me with. My husband volunteered that I had a strap-on and went to retrieve it. In a blur, Connie had the cock strapped on with help from John and Greg. Nearly as fast, she turned me around and bent me over the edge of my bed. She penetrated me with swift authority, far more developed than our last encounter. She knew what she was doing and what she wanted, showing some perfection in the art of making love to a woman. I was wildly aroused by her forcefulness as she fucked me from behind and took my breath away. My husband took the opportunity, got behind her and just started fucking Connie in turn.

As much as I liked her forcefulness, I still wanted her to feel my passion, and maneuvered her beneath me so I could be on top of her. As I straddled her, I slowly took the strap-on cock deep in my pussy. With bodies sliding together and apart as we all fucked one another, we grabbed each other and ground our bodies together in a passionate fucking rhythm. Connie brought my nipple to her mouth, and heat built up deep inside me. We both started to sweat. Connie was panting. Greg now used this opportunity to fuck my ass in unison. To this day I still don't know where he got the lube from so fast.

Soon I came hard and collapsed on top of her in a sweaty heap. Far from satisfying us, orgasm in fact increased the tension level. Greg just kept on fucking my ass until he grunted and dumped what was a monster load into my ass.

John had been sitting across the room, watching the proceedings with an incredulous look that Connie and I noticed only when we looked around behind us. John has always enjoyed watching me get fucked, but he was speechless seeing me get fucked by a woman with a strap-on.

We invited him over to join us, and in a matter of seconds he was both naked and hard beside us. We took the strap-on off Connie and placed it on me. John knew that I would want to fuck Connie, and she seemed very willing. I asked her to stand and bend over for me. I inserted my dildo slowly, and then shoved it in hard and deep. She began moaning, and begged me to fuck her harder.

I am hardly an expert in fucking women with strap-on cocks, so I struggled to control myself and please her. Soon she was on her back underneath me with her beautiful legs in the air, talking dirty, urging me harder and deeper in her. As I pumped and thrust the huge dildo, she took it all and leaned back and begged me for more. Grabbing her nipples, with John and Greg fondling and kissing her, she drew closer to orgasm.

I put my hand around the dildo between my legs and imagined I was a man fucking Connie. The power was awesome. I steered the cock up to her G-spot and drove her over the edge in a violent spasm. Her pussy squirted on "my shaft" as we fell again into a sweaty heap.

I wasn't done. I had this beautiful woman underneath me and continued rocking gently inside her. Connie, sensing my desire, reached out for me and stroked my crotch from behind, marveling openly at my wetness. She slid her finger from one end of my crack to the other, and soon found and was playing with my ass. I whimpered while still fucking her.

She asked if I liked what she was doing. I moaned yes. She asked, "Do you want your ass fucked, baby?"

Still stroking her, I moaned yes again.

Before I knew it, Greg was behind me on his knees, and John handed him a bottle of lube. Greg pulled closer to me, and I was sandwiched between him and Connie, still on her back with "my cock" in her. Connie's long, slender fingers spread my ass, and one dipped deep inside, preparing me for her husband's cock, then withdrew.

Greg penetrated me with his long, hard shaft, and I moaned. The sensation of his cock in my ass took my breath away. I can't describe the feeling of a woman's hands guiding another man's dick in my ass. I looked over to my husband and saw that he was completely thrilled. He came over and kissed me. Together, we began licking Connie's nipples.

Greg fucked my ass in earnest again. John lifted Connie's shoulders to give her a better view.

She unbuckled my strap-on and took it off me while Greg continued fucking my ass. John and Connie, wildly aroused, crawled around beside us and urged Greg and me on.

My fingers found my swollen clit, and I stroked it rhythmically as Greg pulsed in and out. On each stroke his hips hit the back of my ass-he was in as deep as he could go. My finger became a blur, and I let loose with a screaming orgasm. Greg, still postponing my ass, collapsed on my back. When I came to my senses, Greg had gone to wash up and Connie was rolling me over and kissing my waist and thighs, dragging her long dark hair around the inside of my legs and stomach. She teased me like a pro, kissing everything but my pussy while keeping hers out of reach.

Aroused by the touch of Connie's hair and kisses, I wiggled to get her mouth on my pussy.

Finally John pulled her between my legs, showing her how to eat me so I would come without any effort. He guided her tongue, and she began with light, swift licks as he suggested. Soon her mouth was in close touch with my cunt, and the licks became firmer, the strokes longer.

John directed Connie's long red-nailed finger inside, without interrupting her hot mouth. He knew this was all it would take, and soon she also knew how to get me off. With her soft hair and warm mouth between my legs, her lips, tongue and finger working together, I arched into a fantastic orgasm. Her face stayed between my legs as I gently worked back down.

Greg, back from washing up, had watched the whole scene and was ready again. John, beside himself with what Connie had done, rolled her on her back beside me and started fucking her missionary-style like a crazed man. The poor guy had fallen behind in getting his rocks off.

As I watched them, I was soon ready for more. I begged Greg to fuck me. His cock invaded my pussy as John pounded away at Connie. She and I lay shoulder to shoulder, each being fucked hard by the other's husband. John, like Greg earlier, didn't last long and dropped a massive load of cum into her cunt.

A night like that had to end in a hard fuck. Greg, still worked up from fucking my ass, pulled out of my pussy and came wildly. John stroked Connie to a dripping orgasm. The four of us lay together in a pile, spent, stroking one another.

We slowly gathered ourselves and went out to the pool for a cool midnight swim. Floating in the refreshing water, we relived the pleasures of the evening and planned our next dinner date.

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